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  1. EDMO added a post in a topic Speed wing   

    IMO,  None of them are "bad" - extended speed wing is better than short wing, STOL may be a little better than ext. speedwing, and Kitfox has longest wings.  Look at "Some Avid Specs" I posted in Files and Forms section.   EDMO
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  2. jared payne added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Speed wing
    Looking at a speed wing, are they a bad short field performer?
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  3. allonsye added a post in a topic Easiest big wheels/tyres?   

    After much thought about going to an 8" wheel 21" plus set up vs keeping my 6" and going with the Desser Aero C, I've decided to go the most penny tech route (all things considered modifications and what have you) and go w/the Desser 21/800/.6 4 ply. 
    My question to the collective is what's best on the Mdl C, buffed or not buffed?  I operate a 50/50 turf and asphalt.
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  4. TJay added a post in a topic Germans are attacking !!!!   

    Boy that's gotta make your heart skip a beat trying to land in Atalanta.  The News lady is much better looking than the paint job.
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  5. ppilotmike added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Thanks tcj and Edmo. tcj, I would like to thank you for all the great informative post you have posted here and on the other forum, they have helped me greatly on my road to getting my KF1 back in the air. I wish the pictures from your for sale ad were still available, I referred to them many times. Mike
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  6. tcj added a post in a topic Want to buy   

     Mike, I worked in a ski Doo shop for a couple years and rode ski doos for 25 years before i bought my kitfox kit.  I knew the engines inside out.  The operation of a two stroke in an airplane is a lot different than in a snowmobile.  The best thing I did was order this Video. "Deep Inside your Rotax 2 Cycle Engine" 
    The Mike Stratman articles are a must for two stroke flyers too. "The proper care and feeding of the Rotax Motor" A lot of the articles are on line at the link, but not all of them.  He wrote 62 articles that were in the back of all CPS catalogs until 2009 when he sold the CPS company.  If you can find one of the old catalogs with the articles in it, grab it.  CPS is now owned by Aircraft Spruce.

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  7. BC-Quest-for-Flyers added a post in a topic Going over the Mark IV   

    Hello Vance,
    Have followed your progress on this forum with some interest.
    With apologies in advance for being somewhat off-topic allow me to introduce myself:
    Been reading this forum some 4 years.. really enjoy it!   Zero-timer (as a flyer) though I have had a few C172 and C35 Bonanza rides and am a rather serious airplane student.  Buildt several model airframes,  gas control line, gas bicycle and own a Kawasaki 340 with belt redrive I picked up at an estate sale.  Finally got around to joining EAA last year.  
    Don't know why, but several tuesdays before last John B, (Terrys brother) invited me to the EAA chapter 1554 meeting at Treeport  last Saturday- (July 22nd).  So after a bit of wrenching Saturday morning I rode my mountain bicycle the 20-odd miles and... NOBODY was there!   Hmm I thought- they must all be flying or maybe winging their way to the first weekend of Airventure?   No vehicles or planes in sight.. knocked on door of green delta-ribbed building (520 Skyhawk drive) a few times... Some time passed had just rehydrated in the shade and was getting ready to leave and Ken R (tot the owner) came out and greeted me.  He was aparently unaware of any meeting but graciously hosted a meeting anyway and we got pretty well acquainted in the subsequent hours.  Showed me the Protech, (I'd never seen one before) and his Amazing Amphibian.  The latter seemed to me a very high quality build- sort've like something out of the Grumman Ironworks!  20 miles later got home just before dark with one very sore butt and greatly relieved the growing anyerism on my rear tire had not exploded en-route.  Anyhow hope to meet you sometime and talk planes a bit,  hope I can afford to get some certificate and fix? build? something in next few years,  
    John Samuelson,  EAA 1225302
    P.S.  Went to the Cinderella car show again last night.  John B was there.  Turns out that they had a pretty good excuse for not being at Treeport Saturday:  a smok'ng hot deal had come up and they had spent the weekend trailering a Challenger parts plane with a 582 from Vancouver BC to Post Falls.  Terry is such a humble guy I'd never realized in our several prior meetings that he is an EXTREMELY  experienced USAF combat veteran!- his final MOS was refueler not unlike Joey M C5Engineer- of course there was much more which I enjoyed talking to John B.
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  8. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Germans are attacking !!!!   

    A news story, perhaps not THE news story
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  9. EDMO added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Trying to contact Joey C5Engineer
    I keep going to members list to send message to Joey, but it keeps coming up with "error" when I click on his name, so am posting PM here:
    Joey,  If you don't have a radiator yet, I just got a new 912 rad in the mail.  Also have new 912 exhausts, muffler.  And some other Kitfox parts that will be for sale later at less than Kitfox or Rotax prices.  PM me.  EDMO
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  10. EDMO added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Mike,  The 2-smoke flyers on here have lots of info - suggest you search on General Hanger or post question on there.  I cant keep chainsaw running!  ;<)  EDMO
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  11. ppilotmike added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Hey Ed, any suggestions on where to get that education? I am always striving to learn more, even at my age ;-) Mike
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  12. ppilotmike added a post in a topic Germans are attacking !!!!   

    I googled it. Looks like it happened in Georgia. The article I read indicated no one was hurt and the pictures made me believe the plane wasn't even damaged. Mike
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  13. TJay added a post in a topic Germans are attacking !!!!   

    Do you have a link to the news story?
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  14. EDMO added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Unless you are thoroughly educated and comfortable operating 2-strokes, like myself, you are better off with a Jab or some other 4-stroke, IMO.  EDMO
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  15. EDMO added a post in a topic Germans are attacking !!!!   

    AS a youngster of 19, I graduated from the Army communication schools and got on board a ship headed for Germany.  We docked for a day at South Hampton, England, in the English Channel - to my surprise, a black submarine went past us with the German Iron Cross markings - I wondered if we were at war again!  Ha!  Some German hotshot pilot buzzed our headquarters building twice, flying a plane that looked and sounded like an AT6 or SNJ with German markings on it.  I think the German headquarters got some calls from our Commander that day!  EDMO
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  16. nlappos added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Jared Payne,
    I have an Avid Mk IV and two years ago went through the same search that you have started. I learned a few things:
    1) The max gross weight of every Avid and early Kit Foxes is a jump ball. Ask what it is, and also get the empty weight. The difference between empty weight and MGW is useful load, and that is what you are buying.
    2)There is a serial number chart on this site that ID's every Avid as to type (A, B, C, Mark IV),  but of course the builders did what builders do and made them unique. That serial number chart is still a good guide.
    3) For an Avid Mark IV with a Rotax 582, the empty weight is probably about 550 to 600 lbs. The MGW is 1150, so you have at least 550 to 600 lbs of useful load. That is terrific and beats most Cubs! And the going price for a Mark IV with  a low time 582 is much less than $20 k these days, some perhaps $14 or 15K. I zeroed in on that airplane and haven't regretted it for a second.
    4) For an Avid with other engines, especially car engines, expect the empty weight to be far higher, so the useful load is crowded quite a bit. It is possible to find Avid Mk IVs that cannot carry two big-ish men. (This comment will get the most eye rolls I bet!)
    5) Some folks insist that 2 strokes do not belong in airplanes, but lots of folks fly them every day and love them. Folks like me.
    6) Inspecting an Avid is cake, the whole thing is simple and easily inspected. The controls are quality rods and bearings, and the fuselage is factory welded steel. They are strong as dirt, designed for about 4 G's so they are equal to most of Wichita's finest.
    7) For some reason, some people price Kitfoxs at 50% or 100% higher than Avids. I don't know why, but it just makes it easier to grab an Avid off Barnstormers and smile! 
    8) I have flown about 80 different flying machines, was a professional pilot for about 40 years, and I have as much fun in my Avid as in any other machine. It is honest, handles sweetly and can be flown with finger tips. Just use your feet on landing, because it will try to make you look bad on rollout if you don't know how to dance.
    9) This group is great, there are a lot of smart folks who like to share, and they helped me a bunch. 
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  17. chopndrag added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Germans are attacking !!!!
    Saw this in the news today . Looks like we're under attack and the Germans are now choosing the Sonex as there fighters

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  18. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    I flew behind a Jabiru for over 400 hrs.  Take off and climb were about the same as a 582 in the same plane, but cruise was better.   Serial # from around 450 to 1850 or so had solid lifters and were better than later ones when they went to hydraulic lifters.  Not sure what serial # are when they straightened things out with the different cams and lifters.  Find out what the serial # is, and maybe I can do some research.  Or join the yahoo jabiru engine group.  JImChuk
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  19. jared payne added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    What do you guys think of the jabiru 2200 85hp engine? A Mk4 just popped up in ca.
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  20. Ramos added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    This thread is turning into a pretty decent reminder for us less experienced individuals. As in: Know what you are looking at. Sellers, honestly or not, may not be accurately representing what they are selling.
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  21. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Is this the one you were wondering about?  It's in Lewiston Id. Actually a B model, not a MK IV like the add says.  Look at the last picture, FAA lists it's serial # as 244 which would make it a B model also.   JImChuk
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  22. jared payne added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    I just type in avid flyer. In Mosos lake WA
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  23. Richard Smith added a post in a topic Bmw powered avid   

    little clip from a flight 
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  24. Ramos added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    I got no problem trusting your experienced eyes! Would like to have seen the ad for the Avid but, I sure couldn't find it.
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  25. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Want to buy   

    Looking at the shape of the doors on that Kitfox, I would say it's a Kitfox 1.  I have a Kitfox 1 that I would let go for half that much and be happy to get more than I expected to list it for.  JImChuk
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