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  1. akflyerbob added a post in a topic Replacing a Whelen strobe unit   

    Jim, if you haven't, take a look at
    They have some better stuff
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  2. birddog486 added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    FS 912ULS Avid 60HRS TT
    It's time to sell the Avid Bought by my father in 1990 and stored shortly after for 20 years. I bought the kit in 2011 and received A/W in 2014.  Serial number 846 which makes it a model C but has many MKIV upgrades including the baggage compartment and dual wingtanks.  I raised the roof during construction to give an additional 3" of headroom and extended the aerobatic speedwings.
    Painted with Stewart Systems Ekopoly
    mid 90's 912ULS with approx. 350HRS since new. Engine was inspected at LEAF when I bought it. (have log book entry)
    Ivo medium 3 blade prop
    Dynon D60 
    Garmin GTR 225 com.
    Garmin GTX327 Transponder
    EIS4000 engine monitor
    PS engineering intercom
    AeroLed Nav/strobe and LED landing light
    Cabin heat supplied by engine coolant
    Upgraded Matco master cylinders and brake pedal geometry
    ACK406 ELT
    Electric trim
    Full interior with sale (not installed) including fiberglass pan seat and sling seat.
    It's configured as a tri-gear currently but has a set of taildragger main gear with taller tires and a Matco 6" pneumatic tailwheel included that were installed and flown briefly.  The conversion also received FAA approval and has the proper logbook entry to switch the gear anytime. 
    Tow-bar for short distances and full set of wing braces included
    $29,500 I'm only posting here for a week or two, then on to Barnstormers. Best contact at

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  3. dholly added a post in a topic 912 install on KF4 prep/planning/pictures/advice   

    This was mine.

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  4. dholly added a post in a topic gray head pick up   

    PM sent.
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  5. Allen Sutphin added a topic in Kitfox II   

    Fuel Line Routing
    Anybody have a picture of how the fuel lines are routed from the wing tanks to the header tank. With the folding wings, the control rods rub them about any way I have positioned them. If not, I'll figure it out.
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  6. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Replacing a Whelen strobe unit   

    I have a few sets of them myself.  It's a shame when you look at the cost of these things, but I guess time passes by and technology improves and stuff gets left behind.  The thing is the light out on the wingtip is pretty good, and mainly it's the big power supply for the strobe that is the problem in my opinion, especially if you can go with LED light bulbs for the nav lights.   I have some fire alarm strobes like what you would see in a hospital or other type public building.  They run on 12 volts, as well, but have a smaller strobe light.  They weigh next to nothing though, just a circuit board, and some gizmos soldered into it. Would be nice if I knew if they would trigger the whelen strobes.  I'm very ignorant when it comes to electronics, (some would say "in many other fields as well"  but we wont listen to them at the moment.  JImChuk

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  7. rdooley79 added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    912 install on KF4 prep/planning/pictures/advice
    Hey guys, I could use some advice on installing a 912 on my KF4.
    I'm getting ready to upgrade to a 912 on my KF4-1200 and am getting all the parts and bits together to do the install. 
    I've got a brand new round cowl two piece, oversized aluminum radiator, motor mount, EMS and Luga 70" swept 3 blade.
    The 912 is being built by Hal and getting the zipper 105hp cylinders installed along with a slipper clutch. It's comming with a Kitfox oil cooler and oil reservoir tank. 
    The big thing that I'm missing is the exhaust. Prefer to not spend $1500 on a new one from KF so I've been looking around for a used exhaust. I've got a tig welder but am not very good at welding so I am hesitant to weld up my own as my first real welding project. Much rather get a used exhaust that needs repair but fits the KF4 round cowl properly. 
    Also looking for some pictures of other KF4's 912 installation and any advice that would help.
    Thanks guys, really looking forward to upgrading engines. 
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  8. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Replacing a Whelen strobe unit   

    This isn't answering the question, but I have both single and dual wehlan power supply trigger boxes and 4 strobe/position lights (2 red 2 green) that are free for paying the shipping to anyone who is trying to keep their system alive. This isn't an offer to just give them ALL away to one person to just collect them, but I will give what ever someone needs to fix their problem and keep their legacy system alive. 
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  9. NorthIdahoAvidflyer added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Some people need to leave carbs alone
    I got a call from a guy who bought a ridgerunner with a new 503. He said it would not run right and heard I knew how to tune Bing carbs. After a brief conversation it was determined that the carbs needed re-jetted because he bought the plane at sea level and took it to an airport in Montana (3300 agl). I flew the Magnum over to his place and took the carbs apart. What I found was shocking. 1. The needles were installed on top of the cup which is a pretty common mistake. 2. One needle was a 11K2 and the other was a 15K2. 3. One jet needle was a 2.72 and the other a 2.68. That engine was suppose to run 2.70 jet needles. 4. One slide had excessive wear where the idle screw hits the slides and had a pin whole in the side of the slide. 5. either carb had a sieve sleeve installed over the main jets, 6. wrong main jets for his altitude. 
    The carbs were obviously brand new with the engine but the tops and the slides looked to be off older carburetors. I'm kinda thinking someone bought a new engine and used the old throttle system including slides. One white cup looks old and one looks new.  Not sure why all the jetting was so far off unless they were chasing another problem or didn't know one set of jets or needles were not the same. The pin hole in the side of the slide is a mystery too. I've never seen so much wear on a slide. 
    I'm looking for  (1) 11k2 needle, (2)  2.70 jet needles, (2) 153 or 152 main jets and (1) slide for a newer style Bing 54. If you have any spare parts laying around let me know. 
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  10. akflyerbob added a post in a topic gray head pick up   

    Still need, PM me a price. The long lead is the right side in plugs up mounted motor
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  11. Buckchop added a post in a topic Why is this here??   

    A few more pic of this summers cut, down to bottom of pay and moving backwards across cut to the other side, ive hauled out a total of 148, 50yard loads so far. We had a serious rainstorm here for a week and now me and my son r pumpin water like mad men. Hahahhaaaaa
    by the way my son down in the hole is 6’1” at 17yrs old helps with reference of hole depth. Hahahaaaaaa

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  12. rdooley79 added a post in a topic Need Kitfox 4 912 rotax firewall pictures   

    I’m doing a 912 FWF upgrade on my bird. I could use some pics to see how the install looks.
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  13. Turbo added a post in a topic Dash redo and organize   

    Drag is a myth!
    Seriously, though, how about two flat screens: one is an efis with flt parameters and engine info, second is gps.  The second can be as simple as a tablet, as many have the gps chip built-in.
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  14. 72chevy added a post in a topic Making engine mount for phaser   

    I measured the thrust angles of the 582 on my model II before I removed it. 0 degree left to right, 1 degree up from perpendicular to the firewall. Moving the thrust line up or down can also effect flight characteristics, I plan to keep the same thrust line as the 582.
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  15. marksires added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Wicks 25% off sale 8/26/2019 - 8/30/2019
    Just got this email from Wicks.  Excludes anything Dynon however.
    25% Off OVERSTOCK SALE The entire store**excluding dynon* Get your list ready, fill you stock bins, buy up for future projects. Can't beat this sale.  MUST BE IN STOCK ITEMS!!! EXCLUDES DYNON The entire week of Aug 26-30 2019  In stock only, while supplies last. Tell your friends! Wicks Aircraft | 618-654-7447 | WicksAircraft.comSTAY CONNECTED:  Wicks Aircraft Supply, 410 Pine Street, Highland, IL 62249SafeUnsubscribe™ sires.mark@gmail.comForward this email | Update Profile | About our service providerSent by in collaboration withTry email marketing for free today!     
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  16. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Making engine mount for phaser   

    This is for a KF1 right?
    I thought I heard that the early model Kitfoxes had a built in angle on the firewall?   You should be able to detect it (if it is there) by measuring back to the airframe.
    Otherwise need to know which direction your prop turns.  Some people will angle about 2 to 4 degrees left for a left turning prop and opposite for a right.  That to counter P factor.
    Some people say they mount zero angle and shim the mount later if they need to.
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  17. skypics added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Gen 4 Jabiru 2200
    This new engine has improved and resolved all of the earlier issues with the top end of the engine.
    1) Smooth idle down to 600 RPM
    2) No added oil between il changes
    3) Larger cooling fins keep CHTs low
    4) Starts instantly without using the choke.
    5)  Oil stays cleaner longer.
    Finally: Why does clicking on some subjects on this forum take me to a pharmacy advertisement?
    John M
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  18. skypics added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Stuck lifter
    I think I have posted about this before, but it needs repeating.
    I have pulled the heads on my Jabiru 2200 several times and each time I have had this problem.
    The hydraulic lifters on the pulled head do not relax after reinstalling the head.
    This causes the valves, sometime only one, but many times both to be partially opened.
    You will be able to see this by comparing the position of the valves on the head you didn't work on. They will not be as far out and near the edge of the rocker box edge as the untouched head. 
    So when you turn the prop by hand you will find one cylinder with no compression. If the intake valve is held open too, you may see one of the other cylinders with no compression because of lack of vacuum.
    If this happens you have a couple choices:
    A) remove the head again and pull the lifters and soak them to get all the oil out. You should be able to compress them when they are clean.
    B) Start the engine and let it run roughly until the oil temperature builds. This can take 5-10 minutes. You should see the EGT start to build on the soft cylinder and then after the oil is heat soaked the hyd lifters will relax and the engine will smooth out.
    Flew it for an hour for check out. All is well now.
    John M
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  19. skypics added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Zenith 750
    A friend is dealing with lung cancer and is selling his Zenith 750 powered with 912 ULS. 
    Engine and airframe have 259 hours.
    Sharp looking paint scheme.
    Larger tires for the backcountry strips.
    He is asking $69K
    John M
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  20. skypics added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    2200 head
    This head will fit the #1 and #3 position according to the oil feed lines to the rocker box.
    This is the newer head with 21 smaller fins.
    Contact me for a photo.
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  21. FredStork added a post in a topic Done getting bit in the ASS by toe brakes   

    The Avid is good at crosswinds landings. If you would need both rudder and brakes to keep straight you could probably do a really short cross the runway landing instead. Being precise with rudder and differential brakes is very difficult. 
    The ideal theoretical solution is differential brakes on the pedals and master on the stick - I, however, never got it to work correctly due to the difficulty is getting a good geometry on the pedal/cylinder. 
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  22. Turbo added a post in a topic Done getting bit in the ASS by toe brakes   

    I'm not sure I have the skill to pull that off.  For this old man, things seem to happen faster.   I always land without braking, then try to apply them equally to slow the airplane down.  A single master cylinder would cure the issue of uneven braking and its negative effects under normal circumstances.  If the runway is sufficiently wide, one might consider landing diagonally on it to lessen the crossflow component.
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  23. Turbo added a post in a topic Conumdrum..............   

    I heard that the swept fin and rudder on the C-150 loses authority at high AoA, and that the TD mod really only works well on the older straight tail versions.  This loss of authority makes it hard to control on landing.
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  24. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Aileron attachment rib end repair   

    I inspected mine. Checked for rot and sanded on them. Painted them and put the flaperons back on. If it hasn't been out in the weather, it should be fine. I have heard of only two failures that resulted in an incident.
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  25. R Matt Doody added a post in a topic 26ft Enclosed Trailer for Sale   

    How much does it Weight?
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