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  1. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Flaperons not lined up   

    I took some pictures of the Avid A model today, and while I was at it, I snapped a couple of pics of where the rear spar attaches to the wing carry through.  Notice that the tops of both of the verticle tubes that the rear wing spar attaches to.  When you were showing the picture of your flaperons being different heights, I wondered if one of your tubes is higher than the other.  That would lift the back of the wing and the flaperon if one side was higher than the other.   Anyway, something to look at.  JImChuk

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  2. zadwit added a post in a topic Pic request   

  3. EDMO added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Just to clarify my post about sanding the Hysol high spots with 100 grit - Although Kitfox says to sand out scratches on the spars with 100 grit, that is to be followed by finer sanding and polishing.  I didn't mean for you to sand close enough to scratch the spars - just to take off the high spots of Hysol.  Also, tightening fabric with a moving iron at 250F is not like holding the heat gun in one spot directly on the spars at that temperature.   EDMO
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  4. zadwit added a post in a topic Kitfox Sketch?   

    Joey did you try to straighten your bent "bush " gear or toss it in the dumpster?
    Im going to try to straighten mine but it might end up in the dumpster.....
    I goundlooped in a 35 mph cross  wind brakes so worn out they didnt work only to about 2500 rpm, the KF2 has marginal rudder and my throttle stuck at 3300 on landing so in the ditch I went Itwasnt that big of a ditch, amybe 18" deep but I did have 600-6 tires so not much cushion there......
    Tomorrow Ill take the gear off and try to straighten it, if it kinks I might weld in a new peice but keeping it all in align is the problem... at leastithas bolt on GROVE axles so I can shim it some what if I can get close....but the coil spring are going in the nearest lake I can find...

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  5. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    My brake pads are shot....I just got new ones in the mail today, HOWEVER, I installed a new set of Matco W62 wheels and single piston calipers and 800-6 tires and tried that and I had some brakes but not very good. THey were better than the 600-6   with the worn out pads so you are correct... WIth the wide landing gear and some braking it make a world of difference in trying to keep control in a strong cross wind.... If I waited til the wind died down, Id never fly. The only time Ive seen it calm is late at night in the dark and even then not always...daytime 15-25 mph all the time. I read Wyoming is the windiest state in the US...Around Fairbanks Alaska we had plenty of very calm days to fly which made it real nice... you could feel each little vibration in the plane....
    I had a earthstar gull with a 20 ft wing spand, 503 rotax, and I landed at 55-60 all the time in 25-30 mph cross winds, just come smoking in flaps up and being tricycle it tracked pretty straight, just a long roll out, crusied 100 at 6000rpm with a 3:1 "C" box and 66" 3 blade pusher prop... not exactly a stol plane. I would have kept it but no hangars here and I couldnt stand leaving it out in the wind all the time. Still I miss it. IT was a rocket compared to the kitfox.
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  6. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    WHat started all this was a groundloop a few days ago in a KF2 with very poor brakes......I was so upset I was going to just get rid of it... but now I have calmed down and realize I had too many things go wrong and I didnt handle the situation very well.. I should have just landed in a wheatfield but I was worried the tires would sink in and flip me because they are all wet and soggy right now. ANyway I have repairts the tail and have the fabric glues back on. Have to finish the coating process. Same with wing, it was dead easy to fix because all that happened was the droop tip came loose from the rear spar and got a 2" crack in the fibreglas.
    My  biggest challenge is the gear leg. TOmorrow I will take it off and make some form blocks (1") ID and cut in have to support the tube so at to not flatten it and then try to set it all up on a sheet of 3/4" plywood under my tractor and used a railroad jack and see if  I can straighten the tube. Even it it kinks I can cut it out and weld in new.
    THe rear tube is bent slightly at the axle attach point....I have no idea if this will work or not. I have the stock gear I could reinstall but I like the wide gear, it makes it easier to fly. I also ordered a pile of stuff from Matco and Grove today and will work on getting better brakes before I take to the air again..I still plan on selling it but I need to make sure the brakes are as good as I can make them so as to not set some poor fool up for a wreck like me....
    ANy ideas on how to straighten that damn tube. IT is stiff as hell. 1" OD and probably .058" wall guessing

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  7. C5Engineer added a post in a topic BIG NEWS: Avid is BACK IN BUSINESS!   

    I spoke with Mark today. He is working a full time job as well as doing this. He apologizes for any delays. I expressed to him that we are a patient bunch as long as people know up front it may be a few days for a response. He’s going to look into a disclaimer statement or an auto reply set up. He said it’s pretty amazing at the amount of email traffic and questions he is getting. Please continue to be patient and know that he is really trying hard at this it’s not a matter of him blowing folks off at all. 
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  8. saskavid added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    So what model of kitfox are you trying to get line psi out of and can only get 250 psi? I did enough work with aircraft braking systems on my avid I can pretty much tell what works ( what isn't going to work) and what is needed to get most any toe brake system punching out line psi. would be interesting to see a pic of what you have. What limited  pics of kitfoxes I have seen usually illustrate enough leverage and structural integrity to make enough line psi. I know from experience of making a pressure gauge hookup can be maddening trying to get the air out of the gauge  and get reliable readings. I know if your pads are old and burnt out from abuse and can't be conditioned the brakes will suck no matter what you do.

     Here is a couple of other threads talking about leverage and brake issues stuff that may be of some help.
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  9. Goldendale-flyer added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Thank you everyone for your input on this. 
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  10. Goldendale-flyer added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Thank you Geoff.
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  11. EDMO added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    I think Leni may have the right attitude if you want to remain under the radar - Paint it like 10,000 others!  To the public, they are all Piper Cubs!  EDMO
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  12. EDMO added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    From what I have read, the inserts only give you about 10% more braking pressure - probably not worth the expense in your case.  I believe that 2.5:1 is the MC leverage that Matco showed on their drawings - check that out.  George at Matco is very helpful and you should try calling him if the better Pedal/MC ratio don't fix the problems.  EDMO
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  13. Jenki added a post in a topic Aircraft for backcountry from Europe ...   

    Dear friends,
    last week we had the biggest aviation exhibition in Europe (for general aviation) AERO Expo 2018 Friedrichshafen. Sort of celebration for me and my friends, we are traveling nearly 1000 kilometers by car to visit this event.
    This year sort of mixture appeared here as you can see. Maybe not really rational, but ...
    Look at it. It is Bristell (my current aircraft type) but on the real Beringer Alaskan landing gear. I don't know, how it will work, but definitely I will ask to try it.

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  14. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    OK thanks, I know somewhere in here is the answer and Ill have to mod the brake pedals and or maybe get new master cylinders, slimmer ones that us a remote reservoir but i have to get this solved before I try to fly again... Its just too windy and not eveytime but occasionally I have to get on a brake hard to keep from ground looping......The other day I didnt have hardly any brakes and my plane turned into a merry go round......
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  15. PW_SD added a post in a topic First Flight AVID Model C Rotax 912 ULS   

    Also - where did you get your engine mount ?
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  16. PW_SD added a post in a topic First Flight AVID Model C Rotax 912 ULS   

    Thanks ! 
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  17. Gfry added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Yay, 1/4-28 threaded rod end arrived,  1/4-28 with 3/16 bearing hole rod end arrived.  Now I need to submit a mod to install them and pray to god I am allowed to secure with 2x 1/8 rivets slightly staggered at right angles.  Else it would have to be welded and for that the CAA have to send a coded welder to do great expense.
    You guys in the US have it easy with your experimental system.  Saying that our "Experimental" system in the UK is still way easier than the normal C of A regime.
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  18. RDavidson added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    Thanks Chris!
    The downfall of a Bee schemed airplane is an absence of deniability.  Somebody called the cops on me, saying they thought an airplane was having trouble out in the desert.  When I got back to my home Airfield I got the tower asking me to call them!  Everything worked out, but a nice plain white airplane could be a benefit! 
    I don’t even want to think about having two projects hanging over my head!!!  Ha!  Keep plugging away...
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  19. THE MACHINIST added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    Chris my first post at the top of the page has the only picture I have received 
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  20. nlappos added a post in a topic Compression numbers ?   

    Just to report to the group, my 582 Blue Head had 119 psi on each cylinder with 160 hours, and the next year had exactly the same reading (119 psi) with about 80 hours more time. These numbers were recorded with an electric starter.
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  21. nlappos added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    It is likely that the problem starts at the brake master cylinder attachment to the pedal, where the arm that reaches out to the master cylinder is the same length as the pedal top, so the leverage of the brake pedal is 1:1  To make more pressure, the cylinder pivot should be moved closer to the pedal so the shorter arm makes the force applied to the cylinder much higher. I think Joey did this mod on his bird and made a major increase in brake effectiveness. Of course, fitting the cylinder so it can be moved inward is an issue, the old Matco large diameter cylinders don't fit very well, the newer small diameter cylinders allow a much closer position.
    Here is a thread that discusses this:

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  22. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    That is one good looking Magnum. Really makes me realize I need to double down on this Fat Avid project and start working to get my Magnum back in the air!
    But I already am doubling down on the Fat Avid and it is still only going as fast as it is going :-)
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  23. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    have you taken any pictures you can post?
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  24. lv2plyguitar added a post in a topic First Flight AVID Model C Rotax 912 ULS   

    No fuselage stretch.  The firewall forward weight with mounts and everything was about the same as the original 582 setup.  The CG is perfect.  I can pickup a 912 by myself.  Very light engine.  The 582 setup had a lot of steel for the mark Iv mount. 
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  25. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    poor braking action
    I talked for a while with the engineer at Matco and read all their tech notes. The master cylinders in a kitfox only put out 250 psi at the caliper end on a good day.
    THe brake caliper needs 450 psi to work properly. And to compound the problem, the more you push on the brake pedal, the worse the geometry angle becomes meaning less pressure... so there are several options... install "intensifiers". THese are steel sleeves that fit in the master cylinder and reduce the diameter from .625 to / .5" diameter so the pistion can produce more pressure.... (2) OPTION  is install dual calipers and a dual caliper torque plate at the wheel end. This will likely make the brake pedal travel farther before you feel brakes taking hold but I suspect it will do the trick. This is a common problem in ALaska when large tundra tires are installed...
    The 1st thing I will try is just install new brake linings, break them in and see how well that works... if not good enough, the install the intesifiers and try that, last resort is dual calipers.... I only run 600-6 tires or 800-6 tires or maybe 850x6 buffed smooth tires, no larger.....
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