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  1. EDMO added a post in a topic Wide Gear   

    Someone a while back talked about a (opposite?) brake being automatically applied by full rudder pedal from the way the MCs were installed.  I haven't figured that one out yet.   There are some posts about some Wide Gear makers currently making them lots of $$$$ cheaper than C5 Joey's, and also some spring changes and slot elongment needed on one set.   I haven't kept up with all of that because I have the Grove tri-gear.   EDMO
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  2. RFPhtmfxr added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Wide Gear
    Looking for somewhere that I can get a set of wide gear for Mk III. Like the looks of the set up on C5 Engineers acft.
    Had a bit of a ground loop last Saturday. A normal Nevada spring morning. Light winds from every which way and then changing 30 seconds later. Did a wheels landing on the asphalt, no problem. Powered up and took off and setup a down wind for the oiled dirt cross runway. Attempted a 3 point landing. Got the tail wheel planted, and it bounced back into the air. Replanted the tail wheel and mains at the same time. The aircraft started to drift to the left, corrected with rudder and the drift seemed to accelerate. Started to add right brake, but the acft went off onto the dirt shoulder and stopped, doing about 270 degrees of a 360. Taxied it back to the hanger, and did a good inspection of the landing gear. The fabric on the outside of the left main is wrinkled. Everything else looks OK. So I want to go with wider bush gear. Thought about the Grove setup, but like the looks of the tubing gear with springs. Anybody still making and selling them?
    Been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what I did wrong. Almost 400 hours flying time, with most of that in Champs, Luscombes, and Cessna 140s. The only other ground loop was while a student, learning to fly in a Champ. And that ground loop was attributed to a brake malfunction, d*m heel brakes. Read in the forum here, that there might be a design flaw when you have full rudder pedal deflection.
    Anyways, ground loops in tail draggers. Either you have had one, or you're going to have one. No choice, just a matter of the extent of it.
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  3. RobS added a post in a topic Anyone ever use a sea doo engine?   

    Found this in Boating Magazine. Looks like the engine was first used in a snowmobile, so I'm assuming it's a closed loop cooling system that includes a water pump.
    Rotax 900 ACE HO
    TECHNICAL DETAILS - ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency)
    4-Stroke - NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 3
    PERFORMANCE:  66,19 kW / 90 HP
    PERFORMANCE/ RPM: 66,19 kW @ 8000 rpm
    ENGINE TORQUE/ RPM: 84,3 Nm @ 6500 rpm
    WEIGHT (KG): 56,6 ~124lbs
    Introduced last year on a snowmobile, the Rotax 900 ACE that powers the Spark is a compact three-cylinder with dual overhead cams that pumps out 60 horsepower in its base configuration. An optional High Output (HO) version bumps that figure to 90. Sea-Doo also proclaims the ACE to be arguably the most fuel-efficient engine in the PWC market. Based on what the company presents as an average duty cycle, the 60 hp ACE burns only 1.94 gallons per hour, and the 90 hp only 2.4 gph. 

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  4. Teal added a post in a topic Anyone ever use a sea doo engine?   

    I'm sorry I miss read the original posting about this being a 4 stroke engine. This must be from a seadoo spark. I am unfamiliar with those engines. they may have a internal water pump but mounting a gearbox may be a choir. But if it is a good engine it just takes 1 person to do the homework then we can all benefit. lets us know what you find.
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  5. Teal added a post in a topic Anyone ever use a sea doo engine?   

    Those engine should be inline twins similar to the 582 or 618 series. They pose many challenges to convert them for aircraft use. For starters unless it is a newer 4 stroke seadoo they do not have internal water pumps, they instead use the pulpulsion jet to pump lake water through the cooling system. They do not have mounting provisions for a gearbox so a adapter arrangement would have to be made. The cost of trying to convert would far exceed the cost of just buying a 618 set up. I converted a HONDA aquatrax engine for use in a Long EZ aircraft that worked really well but it was a lot of work. The out come was not a 90 horse 2 stroke though. Its was a 120 horse inline 4 cyl. 4 stroke that  was turbo normalized. I could develop 120 hp past 18,000ft.

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  6. Neloner added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Picked up a bunch of powdercoated parts this morning! Had the panel done in crinkle bkack and the rest in gloss black. They are sandblasting a bunch for me as well to paint green like the plane. Paint should be starting soon too!

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  7. marksires added a post in a topic Anyone ever use a sea doo engine?   

    Those are Rotax engines, but are generally V-Twins, single ignition. I would agree there is probably a reason, since you can buy an entire Sea Doo for about 1/2 the price of a 90hp Rotax airplane engine.
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  8. Neloner added a post in a topic The value of avid mk IV kit   

    I used to be into fast cars too, until I realized flying is more fun and faster, and less tickets
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  9. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Hello from Fallon Nevada   

    Welcome to the forum! 19 years Active Duty here over at Travis. If you ever get a chance fly down to Austin and say hi to Joe Pops Dory. Great area to fly. Thank You for your service and keep posting about your flying adventures.
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  10. EDMO added a post in a topic New in town   

    Thomas,  I cant say this for a fact, but I think that Fred may speak languages other than French, and somehow both of you write English, or I might say, "American", because we use different words than our English cousins.
      Send him a PM (personal message) to find out.
    I have flown in and out from the Army Airfield there in Stuttgart.  I was also in the hospital there.
    Cheers,  EDMO
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  11. Spornradler added a post in a topic Flying 40 hours off in a 50nm radius   

    first of all: congrats for your Magnum finally flying! I was following your threads for some weeks now, and it seems, it's not long ago, since you started flying it. The area you are living in is gorgeous. Super aerial pictures!
    Here's my question to you: Just recently I bought a Magnum. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to spend the time for building it myself, so someone else did that years ago before it was sitting another couple of years. It seems "my" builder hadn't paid attention into every little detail. Now I find myself confronted with the question about the deflection of the ailerons. If I recall another thread correctly, you have your ailerons deflecting another 20 degrees in addition to the 15 degrees of the flaps (I know, we're talking about flaperons, but for better distinction, I distinguish between aileron and flaps, meaning the deflection). Do I remember that right? Or did you make adjustments?
    Are you comfortable with your settings? How sensitive is your bird on the ailerons?
    Have a good night,
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  12. Spornradler added a post in a topic New in town   

    I need to read that out loud to myself - but then: Ich verstehe das gut! I was born and raised in Hamburg, but had been living in Stuttgart area for the last almost 20 years. 
    I have seen some videos of Fred - assuming you mean Fred Stork. He does super nice aerial videos and pictures and I find it very entertaining. It's a pity I don't understand French. I will have to contact him one day.
    Read you again, soon,
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  13. chopndrag added a post in a topic Set of 5 or 6 gallon wing tanks   

    I sent a pm a couple weeks ago . Are you still interested? I found a electric trim system I want to buy and I promised the wife I wouldn't buy anymore parts I really don't need until I sell some of what I have. 
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  14. chopndrag added a post in a topic Flew with the new nose water temps up   

    Thats the plan along with adding some water to my mix. I have the piece made already to direct and seal the air so it can't get past the bottom of the radiator. Right now I have between a 3inch gap and half inch to cover on the bottom. I could also make one for the top but we'll see how it goes with the bottom piece first. The picture was just a quick fix at the airport and it helped . I have to extend out to the end of the radiator and it should be sealed off.

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  15. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic ADS-B   

    Looks like a nice solution.
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  16. ppilotmike added a post in a topic Hello from Fallon Nevada   

    Cool looking bird! Welcome to the forum. My project came with a gray head, glad to here your having good luck with one. Mike
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  17. 1avidflyer added a topic in 4-strokes   

    Anyone ever use a sea doo engine?
    Hi all,  was talking to a guy today, and he mentioned that he could get a near new 90 HP 4stroke engine from a Sea Doo fairly cheap.  He asked me my opinion.  Told him I would ask on here as I have no experience in that direction.  I'm guessing there's a reason I haven't heard of any being used.  Comments?  JImChuk
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  18. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Hello from Fallon Nevada   

    Couldn't open the link, it's easy to post pictures or links to youtube videos on this site.  (even I can do it :-)  JImChuk
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  19. PeterL added a post in a topic Garmin GPSCOM 190 wanted   

    G'day Jim
    Sorry about the delay getting back to you. A few family dramas.
    I'm really looking for a way to fix the GPSCOM 190, so that I can have a back up Com AND back up GPS without having to carry two separate units.
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  20. RFPhtmfxr added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Hello from Fallon Nevada
    Where to start. Bought a Kitfox Mk III last November. Trailed it from Washington to Fallon over Thanksgiving weekend. Has the grayhead 582 with the 3 blade Warp drive prop. Didn't fly it until January of this year.  I'm a 4 stroke guy (Harleys, VW, Continental, Chevys etc). But I 'll tell ya, this 582 really performs. Very impressive. Have about 15 hours in it now. 21 years in the Air force and Nevada Airguard (part time) as a crew chief. Worked F111s, and F4Ds in the Air force. RF4Cs, C130Es/Fs in the Airguard. Been working on airplanes seems like forever. Started when I was 12 years old, helping a family friend restore a Bellanca Cruiseair. It was grunt work, cleaning parts etc. But I was working on an airplane.
    Anyways looking forward to participating in this forum. I have atopic for another part of the forum.
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  21. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    And another 4 loads of fill to feather out the area in front of the apron so it looks less like a cliff diving location...... 
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  22. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    Mother nature is taking some pity on me this week.  We are getting some badly needed rain - 4 inches over the last 2 days so far.  It makes staring at the poured concrete easier while I wait the 2 weeks for it to cure enough to put a forklift on.
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  23. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Flew with the new nose water temps up   

    I was chasing high water temps on a plane once, and tried the water wetter stuff.  Didn't notice any real difference with it.  One person said that when he was able to get cool air instead of the hot air that just went through the radiator going into his carbs, it lowered his water temps quite a bit.  JImChuk
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  24. Copro added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    The radiator and female side of mold.

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  25. Neloner added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    DOH! Good thing I added ports to the header tank today so I can monitor the level in there as well as the wingtanks!

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