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  1. Turbo added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    Oh, and on noise:  don't expect it to be even tolerable without a headset.  Most of it is engine noise anyway.  But it's that way on most light planes.  What engine do you have?  I have  the Rotax 582 with a 3- blade IVO prop and yeah, they're ground adjustable.  Not having to fly formation with strangers all the time really takes the stress out of flying vs. driving.  It's way more fun!
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  2. Turbo added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    Being that it's a taildragger speedwing, it could prove exciting to land.  Mine's the STOL and it's exciting enough, even with its lower stall speed.  But I don't carry flap for landings.  With less span and the lower-cambered, essentially flat-bottomed airfoil, you may be able to carry more flap on final and into the landing flare wthout running short on elevator authority, which could help.  My advice is to just replace the LG bungees; the current ones are most likely more than 5 years old.  They get soft with age.  And validate that the safety cables allow more than 3" bungee stretch (5" if you want it to survive a 3-G plop-down!).  On mine, first flight, I misjudged height after the flare, and banged her in.  Too-short safety cable came up tight on the seat truss tube, crimping and bending it!  Next stop was the weld shop!  And hardware-store 3/8" bungees don't cut it; go with Aircraft Spruce's "type-1" bungee.  It's twice as stiff as the hardware-store stuff!  There are lots of posts on here on how to wrap the ends, do the installation, etc.  Good luck, and welcome to this forum!  I think we've got a great bunch of guys here, with a lot of valuable experience to share.
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  3. Matthewtanner added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Aluminum spar header tank
    have two of these, I typically weld up a larger capacity header tank to mount behind the seat so I don’t need these. Make an offer, whatever’s fair plus shipping.

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  4. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    5 grand a year? Man, I've been way too cheap at 400 for a conditional insp on an experimental. But then I don't do composite aircraft, just rag and tube types. Most A&P's that work for an FBO won't touch a E/AB because they are covered under the FBO's insurance and its not permitted outside of that coverage. Gotta love lawyers!  I guess I am lucky that my airstrip is a private farm and the only rental is mow the runway every couple of weeks. And we only have 2 other aircraft, T-crafts and they don't fly much. Usually I have the field and sky all to myself, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I did run over a big blacksnake on landing in my challenger and wrapped him around the gear leg. He was really pissed, too. BTW, a good way to keep mice out of the airframe is a few Wal-Mart rubber snakes laying aroung on the airframe. Cheap and works good, till you forget one and it falls out on short final, done every maneuver in the aerobatic handbook ten feet off the ground. Exlax doesn't have nothing on a dollar rubber snake. Took a dozen of the little pinetree air freshners before I could stand to fly again.
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  5. Willja67 added a post in a topic Early kitfox brake upgrade.   

    I got to tour the Matco factory recently and they had a demonstrator that showed the difference that proper pedal geometry has on brake pressure. It's eye opening. The right pedal has crappy geometry the left pedal has correct geometry. You get to sit in the seat push on each pedal and watch a pressure gauge and even though you may be applying the same force to each pedal what reaches the caliper is way different ( should have taken a pic, sorry). Anyway I have a kitfox 1 and measured the pedals on mine and the mechanical advantage of the stock pedals is only 2:1. George Happ of Matco recommends at least 2.5:1. So I designed some new pedals. Haven't finished them yet and it'll be awhile before my plane is actually able to use them but here is my design:I'm using 1/8" 6061T6 aluminum angle riveted together with bronze bushings and a 4130 axel. In the top pic the left aluminum piece attaches to the master cylinder.  The idea was to make something that was fairly easy to fabricate with simple tools and doesn't require welding, and be lightweight. I haven't pulled the original pedals off yet and weighed them but I will when i get around to it. 
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  6. cdreid added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    I have a dave clark h10-60. Prop im not certain about ill have to dig through the logs. Original was a gsc 57 3 blade but currently it has a 2 blade "ivoprop 2 blade med." which i THINK is adjustable on the ground. (which is why i think the spinner was actually off). The wires that literally broke appears to be a solid wire.. probably silver/steel. All easily fixed. It looks like someone decided to redo the wiring with good new wiring (and the fuel system as well) and got half done.  I think the owner  groundlooped and decided to get a tricycle (he's 70+). Plane wasnt damaged btw.  Ill check on the failsafe.  Ill check on warp drive.

    The reason i want the cabin sealed better isnt totally noise. Im a professional trucker and i know the toll noise/vibration/temp/atmosphere have on you. Believe it or not our job is FAR more dangerous than flying (or than the superbike i ride). Fatigue causes death. What kind of bush gear? Id love some giantass bush wheels but replacing $3000 tires every couple years sounds painful I literally chose the avid because a: kitfox's are laughably overpriced. b: ill be damned if i pay 5 grand a year to some scamming a&p and 100 a month to sit a cherokee on someones grass
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  7. 1avidflyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Want to buy: Jabiru cowl
    Hi all,  I'm kind of looking for an Avid or Kitfox Jabiru engine cowl.  I do have a new MK IV bottom, and a somewhat bruised top (but by no means ruined)   Trade or buy, what have you got?   JImChuk
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  8. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Jabiru to Avid Flyer Engine Mount.   

    Check your private messages John.   JImChuk
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  9. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    Pictures would be nice. :-)   Lots of planes flying without spinners, both of mine.....  If you replace the bungee cords, you are best off to buy the 3/8" shock cord from Aircraft spruce and make your own.  Part # 06-12400  JImChuk
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  10. Browning added a topic in Kitfox I   

    Early kitfox brake upgrade.
    Is there an easy or inexpensive brake caliper that can be used on the older foxes  All I'm see are complete swap outs and they are spendy  
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  11. Fly-n-Low added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    History is so cool!!!
    I am proud to have flown in a P51-D and a T6 Texan... L 21 also.
    This is SO cool. Radials are the coolest engines!
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  12. 3CW added a post in a topic Fiberglass and epoxy to reinforce flaperon hangers?   

    I just reinforced my rib tails. You can see that I removed the cap strip immediately above the web of the rib. The lamentations of the wood provided a great depth gauge. Dremel with a rotary file for the edges then a grinding blade did the trick. I then ground down one side of a 3/16” X 7” titanium rod, epoxied it in the gouge extending to the end. I had fabricated aluminum by bending it in a “U” shape. I used a brake to bend it past 90, then put a rod on the bend and completed the “U” in a vise. It was fairly thin, not real sure about the gauge. My buddy had it leftover from his Titan. Making it slightly oversized, after the glue dries I’ll profile it to match. If a truck hits it it’ll probably fail, otherwise it ought to be pretty stout.
    Hope the pictures show up, ain’t real good with this.

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  13. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice   

    What kind of wires? The standard white insulated aviation wires last a long time. Mine was built about in the same time frame. The bungies were fine when I bought mine. I cut them off to install the bush gear. Do your have the cables for a fail safe in case they break? What prop? My spinner came from Warp Drive. As for the noise, get a nice headset. I like a David Clark.
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  14. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    Turn it into a short approach. I used to do it for practice as a student when I flew out of a controlled airport. I would make one turn from downwind to final.
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  15. cdreid added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Bought an Avid Speedwing, need advice
    I found an avid speedwing not.. excessively far away for a really good price and bought it. Not a pilot yet (this is my motivation) but checked it out fairly well and i trust the guy who sold it to me for reasons. It was registered in 96 ad Mk iv or c (it gets confusing) . Engine starts. another 70 hours before rebuild. It has sat for probably 2 years . The guy who sold it to me said hed change out the fuel lines as he doesnt like the type on there. Its only flaws are someone was redoing the wiring and screwed some things up. Im honestly thinking of almost entirely rewiring it. (thats some old wiring folks). Replacing the fuel lines.. it has new fuel filters. Im kinda athinking i should replace the bungees though the guy told me (long after he sold it to me) they were fine but i could check them. One thing we forgot (i was tired) was the prop spinner? any suggestions? i have no desire to pay whatever kitfox charges for a carbon fiber spinner.
    Any thing else i should do? I want to seal it better to cut down wind noise.. any tips? products? im thinking some sort of fiberglass tape.
    They moved to a much bigger radiator located below the engine in front which means more air resistance but im thinking it should stay very cool. Id like to run a small heater inside. Any tips or links on this? I was thinking a heater core from some very small car with a cutoff switch.

    I want to get this all done before i finish my license which i expect to do in 6 months ( i work a LOT). I could use any suggestions on things to replace/check/upgrade. From those of you who fly an avid kitfox.. my cruise speeds is supposedly right around 90-100mph which is awesome. Would it be useful to eventually extend the wings/mod chassis for another 100 pounds and lower cruise speed? I plan on mostly using it to occasionally fly 240 miles to the beach on my one day off.. and to mess around locally away from airports maybe finding some remote fields?

    Im looking for any advice .


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  16. skypics added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Jabiru to Avid Flyer Engine Mount.
    I seem to have misplaced the drawing I had for the Avid Flyer to Jabiru 2200 engine mount.
    I am having my mount modified to raise the top two mounts 15 mm to accommodate the Gen 4 2200 engine.
    If you have one let me know.
    I believe it was made by SkyFox and would also fit the Kitfox 4.
    John M
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  17. Matthewtanner added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    Good thing about no doors is you can really feel when you’re not in trim

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  18. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    Sounds like you are well within the the envelope there.  But one lesson I learned along the way was that I had a bad habit of using a little skidding turn (extra rudder kicked into the turn) to get lined up when I would be overshooting final.
    I learned that was a bad technique because I was essentially dumping lift off that inside wing and setting myself up for a "flip on your back" stall if I would've gotten too slow at any point in the skid. Really what I was doing was what your instuctor did to force a plane into a demonstrated spin...  stall and kick hard inside rudder.
    Inverted Concepts had a great vid demonstrating it but I can't find it right now.
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  19. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Jabiru Engines   

    I have a never used one hanging on the wall, but never got around to trying it out yet.  Are you looking into buying one?   Mostly I've run a warp drive on my plane, and have been happy with it.  JImChuk
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  20. Sam Rutherford added a post in a topic Jabiru Engines   

    Anyone put a Sensenich ground adjustable prop on their Jabiru 2200?
    Would be great to hear direct, real-world feedback.
    Thanks, Sam.
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  21. Matthewtanner added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    It’s what conceptually made sense in my head regarding accelerated stall, glad I’m not being ignorantly wreckless....just ignorant.
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  22. nlappos added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    Mark is right on the money, just shape your base leg for the nice lineup on final. On windy days with a cross wind, I just curve around the whole base leg. That being said, 30 degrees of bank wont get you in too much trouble, the extra G for that bank is only .15 g, so stall speed is not affected very much. You did nicely by holding 60 mph in the turn.
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  23. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Mk IV - $18450   

    A wise man once told me a bit of advice and I use it on everything. "When you are faced with a decision to make, consider all the options based on the information available, make your decision and quit worrying about anything else."  That goes for aircraft, flying, or anything else in life. But then, if we are talking about women, all bets are off !
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  24. marksires added a post in a topic Base to final stall   

    30 degrees is more than I like on that turn, there is little chance of recovery if you stall there.  That said, as long as you were coordinated in the turn, depending on the stall speed of your plane you were probably not too close to the edge. If you want to be sure, get up to a decent altitude, and practice accelerated stalls until you know when it is too much.
    But then I've also never obsessed about a square base to final turn.  That is where I get my final read on the winds, and if I overshoot and need to spend some of my 'final' time getting back to the final course, that's just the way it is.  If there are obstacles, that changes things, but there are few times that's an issue.
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  25. Buckchop added a post in a topic Fiberglass and epoxy to reinforce flaperon hangers?   

    Light scuffing of the polytone paint, not thro to any silver but if u do still no big deal, sand enough to get a bite into original surface, and goto it.  Oratex would also work good for emergency fabric repair kit to carry in ur plane, u could stick it down with a hot rock out of a campfire, i think.  But u cant let the glue freeze in winter if u forget to remove it from ur survival pack in the plane, or 100 mile an hr tape works to. Hahahahahaaaa
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