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  1. EDMO added a post in a topic How to tell if it's a MKIV   

    Has the site gone nuts on this, showing 46,996 views?  Not really?  EDMO
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  2. C5Engineer added a post in a topic How to tell if it's a MKIV   

    Okay I retract my C statement also 
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  3. EDMO added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Anyone building want some new Kitfox Quarter windows in frames?  I tried one of them in Kitfox 2 fuselage and they look like they fit.  Also have some heavier quarter windows from a factory bird with mounting hinges and a old-style auto/truck smoking/vent window lock so you can pivot open & closed that could work.  Donno what new prices are from Kitfox - check it out if interested.  I couldn't get to the shop today for photo - maybe after Turkey Day?  EDMO
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  4. EDMO added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    No worry Doug, and I think maybe in Dustyland they measure in Kilos or some silly "moon-distance" measurement, which turned out to be incorrect?  How did descendants of King Artherland ever get so divided? (The Russians and Trump did it!) Ha!     EDMO
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  5. dholly added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    No biggie Ed, got a good chuckle out of that 15/16. I figured I better clarify as poor Dusty is probably already confused enough, lol.
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  6. EDMO added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    As usual, you are correct Doug - I guess I had a brain fart while typing, or wife must have said something to distract me, or dog barked?  What can I say?  18" rib centers for Avid STOL, and all Kitfoxes 1-4.    EDMO
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  7. dholly added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    15/16th rib spacing? Whaaaa... 
    STOL wing used 18" o.c. rib spacing.
    Please see:
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  8. dholly added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    Dusty - the term 'heavy hauler' is used very haphazardly, be careful. It originally was meant as a description for a particular wing construction and lift strut combination, not a particular model Avid, MTOW or gross. Even though it was introduced with the C model, that HH wing/strut combo could be placed on any Avid Flyer model A-E as each shared the same 27-1/2" wide f/r spar bushing spread and strut attach bracket location.
    Therefore, it is possible to have a Mk-IV Heavy Hauler, or an Avid C model Heavy Hauler, or an Avid B model Heavy Hauler etc. Although each may have different gross weight ratings due to model, and even due to wing/lift strut combination within the same model. So, just like you must check the Mk-IV characteristic check list to verify a fuse is a true Mk-IV 1159 lb. gross fuse, you must verify that each of the individual wing/ strut components that make up the HH wing designation are present to confirm the plane you are looking at is a true Avid Mk-IV HH.
    In addition to the 'How to tell if it's a true Mk-IV', I also posted a detailed description of the Avid HH/STOL/Speed/Aerobat wing/strut differences. Now here's some additional info from a trusted factory source necessary to understand the various Avid model history. Info copied from thread HERE.
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  9. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Just some thoughts from up north.  Maybe plan on going for an adventure this weekend and see is this dude will take you up for a few laps around the field, you may just get into this bird and say this plane is not for me.
     As far as your training time,  I think I had 4 hours in the log book when I purchased my first aircraft, best decision I made in regards to flight training.
    regards Joe
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  10. dholly added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    In my experience, insuring your experimental plane for training is the single biggest impediment to what you propose, assuming you want to protect either your assets or your aircraft investment. Can't do it if it's simply not available. Everything else is just writing a check.
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  11. dholly added a post in a topic Replacing windshield   

    Oh ye of little faith. If you check the FAQs on the polycarbonate manufacturerswebsites, they actually recommend the items I mention. Again, other solvents including those in Loctite, will cloud, craze or shatter poly sheet. I posted links somewhere here onsite about cleaning, cutting and bending both polycarbonate and Plexiglass sheet. It lists all the solvent do's/don'ts for each.
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  12. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Good point about the insurance! I need to check that out to see if it makes that much sense financially. 
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  13. dholly added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Lol, who said I could afford it? As a business owner I wanted/needed the liability coverage, didn't care so much about the hull. Pretty glad I had hull coverage though when I bent the KF3, the ins. co actually made me buy it. I bot the salvage and walked away making money on that one. I would still recommend a new student or very low time pilot insure for both hull and liability until they get some time with their plane. 
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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic Replacing windshield   

    I don't know if I would let anything petroleum based touch the lexan.  One drop of blue Loctite shattered my door in about 5 minutes.  I use plexus or pledge to clean my windows.

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  15. dholly added a post in a topic How to tell if it's a MKIV   

    Jim, I noticed that way back when and I agree it is odd to have one (?) C model in the middle of the D model Mk-IV s/n run. But then, I think the E model Bandits were like that, i.e. if someone wanted one during the D model production, Avid was all too happy to sell something, anything, as they neared the end of their corporate life. Similar to the mix 'n match fuse/wings/lift struts etc. philosophy they always pursued. That's why it is sooo dangerous for 'Mk-IV' buyers to assume based on seller assertions or s/n alone, gotta check the list!
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  16. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    insurance?  oh yeah, I forgot, you folks down south can actually afford it.  The premiums I was quoted made me shit my pants then I laughed.  I am not going to pay for a new plane every 5 yrs in premiums..

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  17. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    feel free to shoot me the pics as well and I will look them over.

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  18. EDMO added a post in a topic Wingtips discussion   

    If I remember from reading the Riblett letter long ago, I think he said the chord should be about 1.5" or 3" longer, but could be mistaken on that?  Thicker could give more lift, but slower cruise - maybe?  Look at Zenith.   
    I don't think that tips mean as much for STOL as they do for decreasing drag for cruise, although squared tips add more wing area / lift than rounded tips, such as Kitfox tips compared to Avid tips - the Short-wing Pipers have proved that with their aftermarket Hoerner style squared chord tips. 
    Not to sound at all like picking favorites, but I think that Dean made the rounded Avid tips like the Pipers as an economical way for the homebuilder to make them without having to buy fiberglass tips.  The Kitfox tips can be put on any Avid and should improve STOL a little by adding wing area and lift, but is it worth the expense and weight?  The droop tips are heavy - The Hoerner tips are lighter.
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  19. EDMO added a post in a topic "beefing up / modifying" structures a BAD idea???   

    Totally agree Jim - "it's MY ass"!  Not all of us are Aeronautical Engineers, or even Engineers, but most have enough common sense to see that something could be made stronger when it has failed so many times before. 
    On the more professional side, as an AMT/A&P, just look at how many ADs, STCs and changes have been made to factory and experimental planes.  If there was no dream or scheme, then how would the Stits Playmate have ever become the Van's RV - How would Avid become Kitfox and so many others that have been modified?  How would John Larsen ever made the Pursang and Airdale which brought the Fat Avids, Avid+, etc, and started the idea of me trying to put separate flaps and ailerons on my bird?  Keep on changing, IMO. 
    I am sure that Budd Davidson had some valid points, although I wrote this without reading his article, but after reading what Jim Chuk wrote - Got to be honest in writing this.  EDMO
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  20. RobS added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    Spot on Ed. The higher the wing loading, the less you'll be tossed around in rough air
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  21. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic "beefing up / modifying" structures a BAD idea???   

    If you look at how many seat trusses have folded up on Avids and Kitfoxes, using the factory bungee gear, you know it's a weak area.  At that point, it's asking for trouble if you don't beef it up.  Even Avid eventually recommended infilling with plywood.   As far as widening the fuselage at the doors, Lots have done that before me as well, Murhel  Williams comes to mind.  He sells a kit/add on you can do yourself.  And in the end, I'm the one taking the most risk.   JImChuk
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  22. EDMO added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    Some people use STOL for anything they want to sell - Some use it for undercambered wings - Avid used it for the .065 spars with 15/16" rib spacing compared to the HH with .083 and 12" - The HH could also be considered as a STOL by someone selling a plane, but not by Avid standards.  Check it closely - could also be a 1200 GW, but what difference does 50 lbs make?  These birds are built somewhere around 150% of GW for safety reasons. 
    As Leni said, "If you are in rough air, throttle back and slow down" - If you want to go into physics, then a heavier bird will take more turbulence than a light one - I know that don't make sense to the average person, but it has been shown to be true by those who can explain it better than me.  It has more to do with how fast the bird goes up and down in rough air.   EDMO
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  23. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic How to tell if it's a MKIV   

    Interesting comment by Jerry at Airdale, about # 1388C as the serial # on a C model plane.  I didn't realize they used other letters besides the D after the MK IV serial #.   Other good info about how to tell if it's a MK IV as well.  JImChuk
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  24. akflyer added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    I see the baggage door behind the seat.  I think I counted enough ribs to make it a HH but not sure, the eyes are crappy and my glasses are at home
    If the turbulence gets too bad pull the power back and slow her down a bit. 

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  25. akflyer added a post in a topic "beefing up / modifying" structures a BAD idea???   

    When a known failure point is under my ass you can bet I am going to beef it up.  These planes have evolved over the years and yes, one must think about the affects of changes to other areas of the structures.  We are in the world of experimentals and as such, we get to play around in areas that certified guys don't without tons of paperwork etc.  Lots of people build boats who are not marine architects etc.  

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