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  1. jackak added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    I can't tell you how this worked out because shortly after setting it up, I installed the conventional gear. The large hole below the rodend attach bolt on the cross-tube was drilled to allow access to the brake cylinder mount bolt.
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  2. jackak added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Or you could do something like this with your existing nose gear. I welded a pair of tabs onto the cross tube for the left rudder pedal, lowered the attach point for the push-pull tube and eliminated the sharp angle that existed originally on the stock setup. I believe I got the info from a builder in the UK.

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  3. C5Engineer added a post in a topic ellison throttle body for 582   

    I have some of the original documentation that came with my kit. Beings there are thousands of 582s out there and I’ve yet to see anyone flying with one I’m guessing it was not very popular. 
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  4. EDMO added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Here is photo of my nose gear - As I said, "Not Finished' - The side brace tubes are not welded on it - they bolt to fuselage at lower front corners, and the spring probably has to be changed to a heavier one, and the pivot tube shortened.  The angle of the pivot tube to the ground is 5 degrees.   It may need a shimmy dampener?   It has to be clear of your engine.  Buying one is a lot easier.  EDMO

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  5. Steveirving added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Thanks EDMO.  Sounds good.
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  6. EDMO added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Steve,  I don't think the RV - Kitfox nose gear will fit anything you now have on the Avid - There were two types of these - one attached to fittings welded to the front frame, and the other attached to the engine mount.   I will look for a photo or two of my homemade gear, but as I said it is unfinished and untested.  You might have a better idea.  EDMO
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  7. Steveirving added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Chris,  Thanks for the questions.  I haven't noticed any issues getting the nose wheel off the ground.  It seems to rise and fall easily with about 15-20 mph of forward movement.  I tend to treat every takeoff or landing like a soft field just out of habit. My W&B is 491 lbs and 11.69 empty and 878lbs / 13.19 with full fuel and me on board.
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  8. Steveirving added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Cool.  Could you send a pic or specs on your castering nosewheel design?  Think I'm gonna make one and try it too
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  9. Columbus added a post in a topic Document holder ideas   

    I use a clear “pencil pocket”- I think .50¢ at Dollar General. Added benefit is the grommets used to snap it into a 3 ring binder make dandy places to run some zip-strips!
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  10. Steveirving added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    Marcus,  Your nose-wheel is exactly the setup I'd like to get. I'll start looking for RV6A castering nose wheel assemblies.  Curious about the nose wheel tube and how it will fit into the existing nose wheel tube in the Avid frame.  Would you be able to provide some close up pics of your nose wheel assembly and the tube from the inside and out and perhaps some measurements?  Any issues with taxi or control on takeoff or landing?  Steve
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  11. Steveirving added a post in a topic Avid Nose Wheel Steering Push Pull Tube   

    I agree with you.  I really don't like the setup of this use wheel push-pull tube but this is exactly how it was designed in the Avid Builder manual. Seems to me a double push pull rod with the connecting points set lower on the nose wheel tube would have been better.
    Could you elaborate on the reinforced rudder for nose wheels?  Not sure I follow.  Steve
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  12. Avid90 added a post in a topic Avid Nose Wheel Steering Push Pull Tube   

    A couple of things strike me when looking at the pictures, one of which is that I can't believe the geometry of that push pull rod.  It seems to me that the ball end might have run out of swivel travel at the nose gear attachment end and that may have caused the tube to bow, breaking the threads of the An 490 threaded tube end.  I am suprised that the threads are 3/16 inch.  I would have thought them to be 1/4.
    I cringe when I see flight control system parts that are chrome plated.  I know they look nice, but hopefully whoever did the chrome plating baked the parts to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.  Does the rudder pedal reinforcement addition apply to the nose wheel airplanes, too?
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  13. james miller added a topic in Two Strokes   

    ellison throttle body for 582
    Does anyone know anything about the Ellison throttle body ??
    I understand they have discontinued the efs2 for the 582.
    Did this work?
    Would appreciate any info about this product.
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  14. EDMO added a post in a topic Lights   

    Position Lights = FAR 23.1389,   Strobe Lights = FAR 91.205c.   Whelen also has a chart in Spruce Catalog that is easy to understand.  Other instruments are required for night flight for all airplanes.  I guess Alaska still has its own requirements for lights, which included daytime flights.  EDMO
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  15. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    The paracord suggestion was a good one. I ordered a spool of 1,000 feet, and it arrived yesterday. We used it today.  It worked as well as the straps did for supporting the insulation to roll it out.  It isn't any faster to put up than the straps, but not having to take them out (especially if a screw goes through the strap - did that) and move them saves a ton of time.  By the time I get this hangar done, I'll know how to do this well.  I'll also know to let someone else do it next time   It has been a lot of fun though!
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  16. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Lights   

    From the EAA website:
    Am I required to have anti-collision lights on my homebuilt?
    No, if you are only going to using your aircraft for day, VFR flight. FAR 91.205 lists the instrument and equipment requirements for standard category aircraft. This FAR does not apply to Experimental-Amateur Built aircraft.
    If you intend to use your aircraft for either night VFR or IFR flight, you will have to comply with the requirements of FAR 91.205 because the operating limitations you receive as a part of your airworthiness certificate will include the following language:
    “After completion of phase I flight testing, unless appropriately equipped for night and/or instrument flight in accordance with § 91.205, this aircraft is to be operated under VFR, day only.”
    From FAR 91.205:
    (c)Visual flight rules (night). For VFR flight at night, the following instruments and equipment are required:
    (1) Instruments and equipment specified in paragraph (b) of this section.
    (2) Approved position lights.
    (3) An approved aviation red or aviation white anticollision light system on all U.S.-registered civil aircraft. Anticollision light systems initially installed after August 11, 1971, on aircraft for which a type certificate was issued or applied for before August 11, 1971, must at least meet the anticollision light standards of part 23, 25, 27, or 29 of this chapter, as applicable, that were in effect on August 10, 1971, except that the color may be either aviation red or aviation white. In the event of failure of any light of the anticollision light system, operations with the aircraft may be continued to a stop where repairs or replacement can be made.
    (4) If the aircraft is operated for hire, one electric landing light.
    (5) An adequate source of electrical energy for all installed electrical and radio equipment.
    (6) One spare set of fuses, or three spare fuses of each kind required, that are accessible to the pilot in flight.
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  17. Shipl14 added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Having a hard time finding the FAR requirements for lighting on planes of this type. Nav lights, strobe, etc. Anybody know where to look? 
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  18. Brodstol added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 Rebuild S/N 141   

    Just wanted to give a little update, this week I started on fixing the fuselage bent tubing, installed the exhaust and firewall seal, and started to prep the brand new Model 3 gear I bought from Ronin. Last week was the fuel system, battery tray, instrument panel and wiring. I also removed all the Lexan which I'll use as my away from school project at home. I'm still hoping to have it close to if not finished in a month which is also the end of my A&P schooling. My Kitfox will probably be the first logbook I put an entry in as an A&P. Welp back to the grind I go...

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  19. aventuraflyer added a post in a topic evolution of the old avid Catalina   

    I have an early Avid Amphib unfinished if anyone is interested.
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  20. EDMO added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    I keep going back to your original post before the RV type nose gear subject got started:  The bent tube must have been by a lot of excessive force on the pedals and was probably not bent that way by any normal external force on the nosewheel - Either there was some mis-handling or someone has strong legs!   Secondly,  the 3/16 threaded connector seems too light for that part - I would have used a 1/4-28 threaded tube connector like is used on the elevator push-pull tube which does not have that much pressure on it.  I think if you replace your bent & broken parts you should not have any more problems with the nose gear.  I would also inspect the rudder cables and attachments for too much force before flight.   EDMO
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  21. dholly added a post in a topic evolution of the old avid Catalina   

    ^ An excellent point, plus none with low wings or sponsons do well at the dock. That's why I went for Amphib floats on a high folding wing plane. Well, that and those other toy$ are well out of my zip code.
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  22. flywise added a post in a topic evolution of the old avid Catalina   

    There is one more important item to consider when choosing an amphib....
    The Catalina is easy to get out of water when a sandy beach is available (best place to be..).....not at all for the Icon nor the seamax. When you power up to get out the water on a high thrust line aircraft it gives a strong nose down moment...any nose wheel will dig into the sand and you'll be stuck. The Catalina with it's large low press tires and conventional gear is happy driving onto sand....
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  23. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Castering Nose Wheel   

    The castering nose wheels are really nice. I had one for years. However, the original milkstool wheel isn't bad. works real well with low tire pressure to absorb shock and it is the lightest of all options. Something is wrong for you to be breaking the stock setup. 
    1) How long can you hold the nosewheel off before it dropping to the ground?
    2) What is your weight and balance?
    3) Can you easily taxi around at jogging speed while holding the nosewheel up in balance? if you cannot do this you probably need 10 lb of lead in the tail.
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  24. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic evolution of the old avid Catalina   

    No offense to Joey who is hoping to work for them, I too think that Icom is nothing but a pyramid scam.
    I believe the owners of that company belong in prison.
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  25. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Bush gear failures   

    He has either changed the design or changed his mind on the subject in the year since we spoke.
    Your plane, your choice.  I wouldn't run this design gear with steel springs, that's my choice.
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