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  1. zadwit added a post in a topic Avid Skis for sale on Ebay   

    Im glad you got them Vance....The one thing I used my lathe the most up in Alaska was fitting skis to planes...always had to make spacers, axles, sleeves m bushings the kind of thing you can spend days trying to find the right size when you can whip one out on the lathe in a few minutes....
    What kind of lathe do you have?
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  2. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    I think you guys are simply not correct, the age of the Avids below 20K is still with us. Kitfoxes are more, for sure, based on uninformed word of mouth, I think, but Avids are still reasonable in price.  I recall several 16K avids, including a Mark IV, in the last few months. Proof, you ask? Here is a listing on Barnstormers right now:
    AVID FLYER • FOR SALE • Avid flyer speedwing $16.500 or trade. for pictures call steve. currently at pmh. Minford oh. • Contact Steve Sexton, Owner - located South Shore, KY USA • Telephone: 7409816324 • Posted May 12, 2019 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad
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  3. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Where's Doug?   

    Hi Doug,  glad to hear things are turning around for you.  Hope all goes well with you and yours.  Don't be a stranger, we miss your posts.  Take care,  JImChuk
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  4. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    I liked the Ridge Runner 2 w/jump seat but Stace's kit price was more than I give for the model 2. And the Kitfox has a long standing reputation as a safe stable machine.  I built and flew a model 4 back in the early 90's. Of course all kits are expensive nowdays.
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  5. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    Probably a few get destroyed but I'd say most get bought and held onto. A lot of older pilots (including me) are going to them because of the Light Sport rule  and a lot of them are old tail dragger pilots so its the perfect aircraft for them. I really think the value of the older Avid/Foxes will go up in the time ahead. Even parts are hard to find for them and expensive. So if you've got one and don't have a crisis, better hang on to it.
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  6. zadwit added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    THe ridge runner 1 had no space to put any gear not even a jacket that was my main complaint and for whatever reason it was tail heavy. All up flying weight was always at the rear CG limit and I weighed it on scales and rechecked it several times....I never figured it out....
    The SKy raider /Ridge Runner 2 has a jump seat and while I never plan to carry anyone, its just enough space to put a small survival pak. Thats why I was looking for one. I also prefer tandem seating arrangement.  THere is a youtube video of a solid red SUper SKyraider 2 with a Jabiru on it and that seems to go ok...
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  7. anders.stenhammar84@gmail. added a post in a topic Dual radiator?   

    So great success! The belly radiator performed really good! Today's flight test had ambient temp at 16C/60F. climbing 1200fpm at 50mph and still only 75C/167F water temp! But, at cruise the temp went down to 60C/140F. I think that the next step would be to install a thermostat. 
    I am very happy about this. I managed to reduce the empty weight more than 5kg/11lb of radiators, hoses and water. I also got the CG further back. 
    I noticed a higher cruise and more efficient elevator and lower stall speed! This forum is great!
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  8. zadwit added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    I agree with your evaluation of the market... there are "X" number of these built and flying and no new ones being built (of the old Avid KF model4 or early type) and every year more of them get destroyed by weather or accidents. I sold my KF4 with a factory new 582, grove gear spare NEW Aerolux prop for 20K and had people fighting to get it,...I knew I screwed when the first guy called and bought it sight unseen, then 1/2 hr later someone else called I said sold already and he offer me $5000 more to sell to him and he would come that day to get it....!! My old man said I was a FU, guess he was right!!
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  9. zadwit added a post in a topic Avid Skis for sale on Ebay   

    I originally saw these skis on CL. I called and talked to the kid and he told me they were his dads Avid Flyer.. and had been in the garage for 7 yrs....He said his dad went out flying one evening and got trapped on top the fog along the coast and didnt have enough fuel to get inland away from the fog to let down... once the engine quit he came down thru the fog and crashed and was killed. THe kid wanted $200 for the skis and wheel pants. He called them "skeds" didnt even know what they were..I didnt have the heart to buy them so told the they were probably worth $500 and sent him some photos of that type ski used on Avids.... He thanked me and I guess he sold them. 
    I know if I bought those skis, every time I looked at them Id remember the kids story so passed on buying them...Mark
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    I question myself everydays whether or not I should have bought this wreck or big concern is time consuming items to make like the engine mount, thats gone. The fuselage also might be BER if any of the big load carrying members are severly damages. 2500 for plane 3000 for shipping might just all be scrap....I hear ya.!!!
    BUt I also found a flying Sky Raider 2 in oregon, but the engine is questionable, it was purchase with no record or history, just put and run OK. Thats not good enough for me to climb in it.. Needs to be low time or overhauled including a new crank and rods by someone who knows what they are doing,..I want the best shot at keeping it running.
    I probably should have kept looking..
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  11. Buckchop added a post in a topic Gluing to ribs   

    Look thro the back of ur poly fiber book, there is a section in there that discribes the instalation of the fabric to an undercambered wing.  I just did mine, follow the Avid manual and the part of undercambered wing section in poly book and it goes easy, just 111 stiches per wing (thats what i did) will take awhile. Hahahahahahaaa
    i have lots of pic on my cell phone also. 
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  12. Jaws136 added a post in a topic $1000 for a 582   

    Selling the motor mount too? Ill take it.
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  13. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    Was looking on Barnstormers this morning and wasn't any older Avid's/Foxes on there for sale. Seems like the older ones are being bought up as soon as they come up for sale. A few of the high dollar ones for sale but none below 30K. Could be good or bad depending on if you are selling or buying. I guess the days of 8-15K Avid/Foxes are gone. As I figured, a <20K bush/rough field aircraft is in demand. But then I have been wrong before, divorced both of them. Expensive too!
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  14. Shipl14 added a post in a topic Gluing to ribs   

    That's what I'm gonna do
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  15. Armilite added a post in a topic R&D Tuned Pipe   

    I Think, 1st Column = RPM, 2nd & 3rd = Fuel Flow/HR, 4th & 5th = B.S.F.C., 6th = CORR HP, 7th = Torque. I'm guessing 2&3 and 4&5 Metric/American.
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  16. dholly added a post in a topic Where's Doug?   

    I appreciate that Jim. The last couple years was rough sledding but we both continue to improve. I checked in about 6 months ago, mostly for news on Ed, hope all is well with him and everyone else. Catch you later.
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  17. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    That's one state away from me. Wonder if it includes water? Not many ponds or small lakes around here.
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  18. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    I seen the aircraft on barnstormers for sale. Considered it but might have been more work than I wanted to tackle. Came close to ordering a RidgeRunner Kit from Stace but found this model 2 locally. Turned out to be the same amount of work involved as building a new kit, just somewhat less money.
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  19. Bandit added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    I never had any problems with my SkyRaider 1. It was a blast to fly.
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  20. Bandit added a post in a topic Gluing to ribs   

    I did both.
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  21. 1avidflyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Avid Catalina on barnstormers
    Just saw this on barnstormers.  Maybe of interest to someone.  JImChuk
    AVID CATALINA • NEW TO MARKET • Amphibian kit. As delivered in original shipping container. Make Offer. • Contact Steven C. Weller, Owner - located Elizabethville, PA USA • Telephone: 717-773-0297 • Fax: 717-362-4193 • Posted May 25, 2019
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  22. zadwit added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    Wow! Thanks for the pics.. Yeah he says he has the build manual.He still has the paperwork which is good, I just need to fix it. Had a 582 on it that he said quit. I think it was rebuilt in Naples(rotax rick??? maybe dont now for sure.
    But he sold the engine mount and exhaust... I dont care about the engine... but the mount and exhaust might be hard...
    THere is a guy in Big Sandy MOntana who bought all the Sky Raider stuff and has it at his ranch. He has his current plane for sale on Barnstormers with an HKS onit, blue and white for 17K. He also has another pile of wings and fuselage parts covered but thats it, no glass , instruments any of it...
    Yeah I liked my KF4 with a new 582 but lost my vision and panicked when the docs could not tell me what was wrong , even the specialist. so I dumped everything Now I regret it... I had C gear boxes, one new 503 with 4 hrs since new...another with 150 since new. Anyway not sure I made the right move.... paid 2500 for wreck and will cost 3000 to get it hauled out here to washington ( Anyway catarct surgery both eye can see pretty good now 20/20 distant good enough for me.!!
    I had a Ridge RUnner 1 and it was a ground looping bitch... the only way to fly it was 3 point takeoff and full stall landing and only on gravel or grass no asphalt...
    I think the tail on the RR is too short and the main gear to far fwd but that is likely a result of the first Avid Dean built in an effort to keep weight down.. Dean was the engineer, everyone else was just rip off artist...I check in a couple of my engineering books and sure enough the gear on the RR is about 8" too far fwd and the weight of the pilot is way back behind the axle center line.. 
    I might end up with an Avid in the end. Dean told me to look for an Avid with long wings..... so Iv sorta been looking....
    Thanks for the photos man thats worth a million... to will be  a struggle to get it going but Im hoping a Sky raider/RIdge RUnner parts might fit it....
    Here is my RR1, I should have kept it  , paid 12k for it did  alot of work then sold for 8k to buy a KF4 which I ended up with 28k and sold for 20K, thats the way I like to do business, buy high sell low pay no income tax!!
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  23. sioux201 added a post in a topic Reality Easy Raider   

    plane was known as a Easey RAIDER,Just,s name for exported skyraider,yes  built per European specs, you should've gotten lots of paperwork from the fellow you bought it from because I gave him the building manual , receipts from all the purchases of materials etc. 
     Truthfully, it didn't fly near as good as my A model Avid!!!!
     If I can be any help, PM me

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  24. Cloud Dancer added a post in a topic 3D Printing carbon fiber wing struts and gear legs and spars?   

    I found an affordable way to make carbon fiber tubing. A guy I follow on YouTube builds flying wing sail planes. He's currently building a new version of his flying wing glider. Jim mentioned canoe paddles, this method would be great for the shaft of a paddle. It might work for gear legs too if you layer it.
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  25. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Volt regulator   

    I’m using a YAMAHA SHINDENGEN FH020AA regulator.  It’s designed for three phase stators but works fine with our single phase types. It uses MOSFET technology and wastes less power in heat than the traditional types used with rotax engines. It maximizes the output from the 165 watt coil on a 582. 
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