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  1. 84KF added a post in a topic inclineometer gauge installed....   

    Sometimes being "whitless" is the best protection program there is.  Being wifeless...., even better.

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  2. Torch added a post in a topic New member intro   

    Thanks for the reply. The Champ is a standard 7AC with A65 so it is no ball of fire with two. After I rebuilt it with a lot of care put in to keeping it light it ended up at 817 empty with a 404 usefull load. Gross is 1220. I covered it with Poly Fiber and polytone, I feel like that is about as light as you can get for a durable finish. As far as an Avid I want low and slow. I'm aware of the door on the early models and so far I'm agile enough to climb in. I know there is a lot of different engine options with as many opinions,lots for me to learn there. If I buy one with a C of A I can do the condition inspections myself but I'm not opposed to a project if it's all there.(engine optional) I'm in Indiana with the elev. averages 500 to 600 msl so usually don't have to deal with density problems. I haven't been around Avids much, just seen them around at a few fly ins. I remember seeing the prototype N99AF at OSH and when the demo pilot poured the coals to it it jumped in the air, that was impressive. If anybody reading this knows of a project for sale let me know. The folding wings are the deal maker in addition to the performance. I doubt that I would ever have a pax. in it, just looking for an evening flyer. Thanks again. Kevin
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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic inclineometer gauge installed....   

    take a look right under the turn coordinator.. the nose up nose down on the right side gives it away 

    I think steve went into the witless protection program... he has not been around for awhile

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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic New member intro   

    welcome to the dark side.  I think the CD from airdale is more on the MkIV. but I could be wrong.

    Few things to think about on the A and B model.  The fuse is narrower, and the door frame is different.  If you are used to crawling into a cub it is not to bad, but is is way easier to get in and out of a C model or Mk IV.  Are looking for low and slow, with the STOL wing or the speed wing?  The top speed difference is about 8-10 MPH flying side by side with my HH and a buddies Mk IV speed wing.  But I can land at 35 he lands at 45-50.

    There are some pretty damn good deals on Barnstormers right now.

    I can hook you up with the news letters from Avid if you want to read through them.  Lots of good info up till about 97.  I can break them down and email them if you would like.  hell I may as well break them up and post them here.  Iwill try and get that done tomorrow if it wont let me post the full file here tonight.

    What is the usefull on the champ?  85 or 90 hp, some where in there?  Only flew one champ but dont remember the specs.

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  5. Torch added a post in a topic New member intro   

    Hello, new guy here.(FNG) I have been looking at all I can on the internet to educate myself on the Avid models. I have a Champ but I'm going to retire from my job soon and I would like a new project. I will try and buy a fixer upper as I want to take it all apart to see what I have. Are the CD's offered by Airdale worth having? I just want to learn all I can about Avid models. I will probably never fly it two up so a lower powered "A" model or similar would probably do it. I drive 747's for a paycheck but as soon as I take that last first class physical I will be going sport pilot. I met Dean Wilson in the '80's when I was flying eagle ag planes and always liked his way of thinking. I have been searching the yahoo group but search engines for my questions aren't worth a shit. The ability to fold the wings and take it home will be used as hangar rent in my area is out of control. It would be about 28 mile round trip on the trailer so any comments on towing would be appreciated. Thanks. Kevin
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  6. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic inclineometer gauge installed....   


    I'm struggling a little.  I've scoured that picture several times and do not see an AOA or 'Inclinometer' on your panel.  Could you point out which gauge it is?
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  7. akflyer added a post in a topic 'Nother new Member   

    Log books etc, are not an issue.  You are not the original builder so you are not going to get a repairmans certificate for the plane.

    Mine did not have a single log book as they were destroyed in a house fire.  I just took lots of pics when I rebuilt mine, started a new set of log books and put appropriate entries into it.  Made a 3 ring binder with all a summary sheet of all work performed, materials used, methods of repairs, then put the pics in chronological order.  I had an A&P / AI buddy come look it over (took him about an hour).  He would not sign off the condition inspection as I did not have an "original" airworthiness certificate, just a photo copy.  I had sent to FAA for a CD of all records they had for the plane (costs ya 10 buck to get everything they have on file).  I went through the local FSDO to get the replacement airworthiness.  The FAA inspector wanted to come take a look at the plane before he would issue it.  It took a few tries to get him and I to hook up but he showed up at the house, spent about 10 minuted looking over the book I out together, maybe 5 minutes glancing at the plane, and he handed me the replacement airworthiness.

    It was not really nessicary for the FAA guy to come down and look at it, but I think he wanted to get out of the office .  He was GREAT to deal with and very helpful.

    If they are hassling you just tell them the records were destroyed in a fire and go from there....

    OK I will note, that when it was the 3rd time the inspector was spose to show and the date was canceled, I ccalled his bnoss, told them this was horse shit, and they were not going to hold my plane hostage.  I told them I would continue flying it but I really wanted to be legal and they were trying to make me an outlaw by not doing there part to help out.... Things went very smooth after that   <damn true story.

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  8. C5Engineer added a post in a topic 'Nother new Member   

    Welcome! I'm new myself. Don't let your flying dreams die off. You'll find there's never really a "good" time to get back into it. My only advice if you find a project is make sure you get good paperwork with it. Logs are worth a lot as I'm finding out the hard way. I've been working on just getting my registered for over a year. I still have the airworthiness issuance to deal with too. Having a complete set of logs and records will save alot of head aches. Watch out of other peoples hack jobs out there. Keep an eye on Nicely equipped 582 powered Avids are going for 12-20K right now. Kitfoxes tend to run a bit higher. I've been watching it everyday for 6 months now just to see what's out there and to get any idea of what mine will be worth when it's done. Have fun and good luck.
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  9. C5Engineer added a post in a topic S0... why DID Lowell Fitt crash????   

    I first flew in a Kitfox with a guy named Mark Ferkin when I lived in Spokane WA back in 2003. It appears him and Lowell may have went into business together. Mark had a stint with Skystar for a while.. guess it didn't work out.
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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic 'Nother new Member   

    Welcome aboard

    While life can get i the way and slow down a build, I would not sell yourself short on "not having what it takes" to build a kit, or rebuild one.  If you can follow shitty directions (and not be afraid to ask help form fellow builders/rebuilders) you can fix anything.  I have built more model airplanes than you can shake a stick at and I feel the avid or kitfox is easier than most models I have built.

    Dont be afraid to ask questions, bust balls, or just have a good time while looking for your new bird!

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  11. Av8r3400 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    'Nother new Member
    I came over from the Avid-Yahoo list (and for the record, that format sux).

    I'm "in between" airplanes now, but am looking to get into probably an Avid or 'Fox within the next 12-18 months.  I'd love a 1600 gross Sky Raider Frontier or Highlander, but the $$$ isn't there for that kind of project.  I live on enough property to give me about a 1000' grass strip in my front yard.  I have a pole barn, but it only has a 12 x 12 door, so folding wings are a must.

    I'm a 300 hour private/instrument pilot (mostly low wing Pipers) that's been out of the loop for most of the last 15 years.  I soloed at 16, licensed at 17, was about to get my commercial at 18 when I had some medical issues that precluded me from ever pursuing the 'career' that I wanted.  I never lost my medical, but they sure made it tough to get it renewed.  I've got it back now and plan to try and maintain it, but can always fall back to SP.

    My goal this summer is to regain currency and maybe see about that illusive tail wheel endorsement.

    I have hooked up with a new acquaintance who is an "Avid" fan (he owns the prototype).  He's offered to assist in getting me set up with something worth buying.  I am a little scared at this point of starting a kit completely on my own, worried a little of not having what it takes to finish it.  That's why I'm thinking of getting a flying plane to start then maybe adding a "project" later.

    (Sorry, that got a little long....)
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  12. akflyer added a post in a topic S0... why DID Lowell Fitt crash????   

    Lowell got banged up pretty good, and I think his wife has some broken bones too.  The plane was a total loss but he is now building another KF IV.  He was not posting for awhile during his recovery, but now he is back pretty darn active again!

      <fer his recovery and getting back on the horse
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  13. C5Engineer added a post in a topic New member intro   

    Thanks for the welcome!
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  14. C5Engineer added a post in a topic S0... why DID Lowell Fitt crash????   

    I've been to Lowells fly in twice as a visitor in a Cessna. I remember the night I was watching the local news and saw a plane crash. When they showed the picture I immediately recognized his paint scheme. I had not heard anything on this since. Is going to rebuild? Where they okay after the crash?? I only live about 40NM from O61.
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  15. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Snaps Super STOL   

    I discovered Brock a few months ago. He was my motocross hero when I was a kid. I was giggling like a school girl when I talked to him on the phone. I'm gonna have my 582 "upgraded" a bit next year after I recover from the rest of my rebuild costs. I almost bought an Avid IV brand new for 13K with a 583 on it about 6 months ago. The seller freaked out last minute about liability and yanked the 583 off it and dropped the price a hair. It is pretty sad that people have became that sue happy. Anyways it worked out in the end with mine and someone bought his with no motor for too much money.

    As far as 670's go the one Brock built is making over 120hp. Not sure how reliable it is but for showing off what one of these airplanes is capable of on floats it works great. The 583 and 670 have electronically timed ignition. They also have a thing called the RAVE valve that basically is a valve over the exhaust ports. They make their power at a much higher RPM and have a very inconsistent midrange. They were made for snowmobiles where your running wide open much of the time. The 582 is severely detuned for reliability. My motocross bike is only a 250cc single cylinder and it's making over 50hp. 65HP out of a 580cc twin is pretty weak. That would be like getting 150HP out of a big block chevy.  My cousins turboed 1000cc snowmobile is pushing 350HP!! That power to weight ratio is insane! Of course with airplanes reliablity is the name of the game. I won't tell you how many times I've blown up a modded dirt bike or snowmobile. 
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  16. akflyer added a post in a topic My heat Muff Installation   

    I am using the "low-e" insulation.  It is flame retardant and I may have added 1 pound.  It weighs next to nothing yet does wonders for keeping the cabin warm.
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  17. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic My heat Muff Installation   

    Not everyone is willing to share a photograph their "hot muff" so thanks. 

    What are you using for insulation in the cabin?  Do you use something flame retardant or what?  How much weight do you think you have with this insulation & (duct?) taping?
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  18. akflyer added a post in a topic My heat Muff Installation   

    just a larger heat sink area.  I figured if I need more heat, I would build a shroud just down stream of the Y pipe and pick up some of that heat.  They also have a paint that draws the heat out of the metal.  We tried it on snowmachines for the Irondog in 07.  We had the cans (muffler part) painted with it and the external tems went from about 450-500 to 750-800 on a wide open run.  It ended up putting too much heat in the cowling so we scrapped the idea.  I had thoughts of painting a stripe on where the heat muff goes to get some more heat out of it.

    I think the biggest thing you can do is seal up the air leaks in the cabin area.  These are pretty leaky planes by nature but a little insulation and taping here and there and some good weather stripping and you can seal them up pretty dang good.  Takes alot less to heat a sealed up area.
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  19. akflyer added a post in a topic Snaps Super STOL   

    Brock Sellards does the conversions and is the one that built "snaps" engine.  He has Plane Engine Performance.  He is getting around 90 HP out of a 583 also....  He does it pretty damn cheap too.
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  20. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Snaps Super STOL   

    I don't see or hear much of the 670's.

    Are there many installed on Avids, Foxes etc.?
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  21. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic My heat Muff Installation   

    So-- All of you heating comes off the Muffler?  Is that for convenience of installation (bigger component) or do you feel the muffler gives off more heat due to the baffling and restrictions in it?

    Thanks for the photos.
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  22. eskflyer added a post in a topic New member intro   

      oops should have started it with :beerchug:    . nice looking bird you will have lots of fun flying in her . Like my BRO said come on up he will get ya in his avid or ya can fly around in a pa 22/20-150  .  The work will be very rewarding .

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  23. eskflyer added a post in a topic Leni is missing...   

    I knew you had a streak of dumbass in ya ,lol
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  24. C5Engineer added a post in a topic New member intro   

    PM me your number and I will pass it along to him. He's a pretty popular guy and has requested his number not be posted online. He will more than likely call ya. He's a great guy!
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  25. akflyer added a post in a topic New member intro   

    Any chance you could put me in contact with Dean Wilson?  I would LOVE to pick his brain and run by him some thoughts on the Avid.  He would be the one that could tell me if I am totaly stupid or not LOL

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