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  1. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    more photos...

    Parked at Lakeland

    The Gulf Coast

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  2. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    Okay, update time:

    Bill will be released from the University Hospital on Monday to return to his home town to a nursing home/rehab facility. He's not home yet, but he's well on the way, now.

    I must admit, that I didn't take many pictures on the trip. Sorry.

    Here's a few facts about the route we took and my fuel usage:



    My fuel stops added to 102.5 Gallons, at 31.7 hours. This averaged to 3.25 GPH.

    Total trip time was 35 hours.

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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic Buying my new Avid   

    I have the Arctic Sparrow Mixture for mine, but Mike is gone now so they are not available anymore... I would not think you will have any issues where you are talking about flying. kind of a toss up on the jetting, but if in doubt, run one size bigger if you have any issues with EGT's.

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  4. horsepower added a post in a topic Buying my new Avid   

    Leni, I see you use a in flight carb mixture control.Is it the one that Green Sky Adventures sell? I was wondering about getting it for my 582 but didnt know anyone that has it.We are at 2200 feet here but Lewiston is an hour away and it is about 900 feet so didnt know if jetting was going to be a problem if I go back and forth once in awhile.Im hoping to have mine in the air by Fall if all works out.Thanks Randy
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  5. Jezz added a post in a topic Buying my new Avid   


    Many thanks for all the info!

    I am really not too bothered about the over water section, it is only about 20nm so hardly out of gliding range of the shore, and its the busiest shipping lane in the world (so they tell me).

    The weather is still looking shitty as hell. At least the airspace is back open after being closed for nearly a week due the Icelandic volcano.

    I will be taking some pics en route and promise to post them here when i get back to Latvia.

    Really cant wait - I feel like a kid does the night before Christmas.

    Many thanks again ... and watch this space!

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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic Buying my new Avid   

    #1 allow the engine to warm up good before flying! with the water cooled engine, you should see the temp start to come up, then it will drop back down as the thermostat opens, then it will start coming back up. I let mine get to atleast 130 on the second swing before I take off or apply lots of power for taxi.

    #2 If the nose is pointed down hill, pull power! if you let the prop turn the engine it will go lean, you will get high EGT's and you can burn it down.

    #3 Use full power for take off even if you have lots of runway in front of you. Pulling the power on take off or climb out early will let the engine go leaner. Make sure you use that main jet on take off and climb out as the extra fuel will help cool and will keep your engine happy.

    #4 Make sure the prop is adjusted right or you will be chasing EGT's. With mine set for 6200 static it gives me about 6500 WOT straight and level and keeps the EGT's around 1150. I have in flight adjustable mixture but that never really comes into play until I hit around 3500' then I can start to lean it out. Anything under 3500 and I dont mess with it.

    #5 Make sure you keep an eye on the rotary valve oil reservoir. if it starts filling up, it means the seal on the rotary shaft is leaking and water is getting in. If it is going down, it means the inner seal is leaking and it is going into the crank case. Either way, the rotary valve is easy to replace and alot cheaper than letting the oil level run out. If it runs out, you will have about 15 minutes before the brass gear shreds and the engine stops running.... I learned that the hard way when I rebuilt mine and did not get it bled right.

    Other than these items to keep an eye on, I have no reservations flying my 2 stroke over open water, and over extreme mountain terrain with no areas to "land".

    Keep us posted on the progress of the trip and what you think of the new bird!

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  7. Jezz added a post in a topic Buying my new Avid   

    Sorry guys, I am doing a really bad job of keeping this thread going. I have just started a new project at work and so I have a new set of standard ops to learn for a different type, and all this on top of my regular desk job (oh the joy of flying a desk )

    Leni (and anyone else), YES PLEASE - any info you can give me on keeping the two stroke going would be great. Out of pistons, I have only flown behind Lycomings, Continentals and 912s so I am a bit of a virgin.

    The ferry flight is planned, leaving Latvia this Thursday afternoon. Spending some time with the baby on Friday am (getting to know her), and having a damn hard look at the met to decide if we set off on Friday pm or Sat am. At the moment, the long range forecast is looking REALLY good until Wednesday this week, and looking like it will get better again on Tuesday NEXT WEEK (the time frame we have is until next Monday afternoon when Vadim (co-owner) has to be back for a night flight). Really not looking forward to having to do that trip in marginal VFR, but thats the way it is looking at the moment

    Anyways, I have the 196 programmed with the route. Vadim has the flight planning program on his mini laptop. I have got all the clearances and permissions. Also, I have bought an ICOM A22 from a friend because neither Vadim nor myself would be completely at home without being able to fall back on VORs for reference (the airspace in Europe is about 1000 times more messy than in the US - best time of my life was flying over there).

    OK, will keep you guys posted (PROMISE)!

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  8. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Landing Gear Bolts   

    I plan to put new bolts in mine when I put my Kitfox Gear legs on here pretty soon. Mine are probably the original ones from the early 90's. I replaced a lot of stuff when I did the refurb but there's a still few things left to get to.
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  9. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Holy crap wing suit flying   

    Trip slipped a few days. I'm sitting in Spain now on my way over right now. Sure is a sweet place.
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  10. flattie45 added a post in a topic Landing Gear Bolts   

    It seems that a lot of pilots aren't aware of the stress involved with ski operations. On my Cessna 140 I have solid axles. I am not sure if they are legally required for skis, but it is a very good idea. There is no air pressure to soften the impacts while on skis. Keeping an eye on everything related to the landing gear is a good idea.
    On the Searey owners site somebody posted pictures of his Searey with wheel skis. It seems the Searey is notorious for landing gear failures, often referred to as, "painting a white stripe", the result of the fiberglass hull skidding down the runway. It has even happened just while taxiing around. I can't see skis on a Searey as a great idea. Oh well, more power to him.
    But yeah, to sum it up, keep on eye on yer landin' gear.
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  11. SuberAvid added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    Landing Gear Bolts
    I've probaby done more than my share of dumb stunts for the amount of time I have been flying; one of them was changing tanks while cruising along at 50' AGL, but that will be for another time. This topic is landing gear bolts. Everyone knows that the Avid only has one bolt holding the tail spring to the fusalage. Because of my poor piloting skills and willingness to put my plane into some rougher places, this takes a beating. A couple of years ago while a friend and I were out scouting some hunting areas I landed at a strip that has a few cabins on it. When I turned around to taxi back there was a pop and my tail hit the ground. It kind of messes up the rudder when that happens but not as bad as it could have been if it had happened while landing. The fortunate thing was there were a couple of guys there at the cabins and one of them had a can full of bolts. I found one that would work and we were back in business.

    Yesterday I finally had to give up the skis and put the Bushwheels back on (I just love the way the plane looks with those things . While doing a carefull inspection of things I noticed that the head of one of my landing gear bolts looked a little out of alignment. Knowing tht I had not changed these since I put on the airdale wide gear (pretty dumb) I decided I would try to be smart this time and replace all of the gear leg bolts before a disaster happened. It turned out that a couple of the bolts had some visible bending stress. I thought I would pass this on just in case there are others that that may want to watch for this as well. I plan to change mine on a regular basis now; probably every other year if not sooner, depending on how rough my landings had been. I think the skis landing on ice are probably some of the hardest on the gear and these bolts but I have landed on some gravel strips with some pretty big moguls.
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  12. akflyerbob added a topic in Jokes   

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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic Cargo Pod While On Floats   

    The searey wou;d not do so well with a cargo pod on the bottom

    The cowl should do just fine for me! Thanks

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  14. flattie45 added a post in a topic Cargo Pod While On Floats   

    No, but I've got a few people interested. I'm still sitting on skis, so once I get swapped to wheels I'll take some prospective buyers up. As for the Searey, I think a cargo pod strapped to the bottom would affect the water handling, if just a bit . Bummer on your other news. You think that cowl is going to work alright?
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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic Cargo Pod While On Floats   

    Did you sell your plane? hell, you have a float plane have you got her ready for flight yet? I did not even get out to look at my plane this time home. It was a whirl wind of divorce crap and bad weather so no flying for me.

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  16. akflyer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Parts are looking good Joey! Good luck in the sand box, get yer ass back here safe and get back to work on the toys... Some people need to learn to re-prioritize and put play time before work time ( I am one of them lately it seems)

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  17. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Holy crap wing suit flying   

    I thought you were supposed to be in the TrashCan-istan?
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  18. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Holy crap wing suit flying   

    Looks like they took the video down for some reason.
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  19. wingman added a post in a topic Holy crap wing suit flying   

    where's the video then?
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  20. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Made a little progress today. I decided to accent my white fuse a bit and paint my rudder bars and brake pedals dark blue which is my trim color.

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  21. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Got everything prepped for paint today. Of course our weather is total garbage today so I can't spray. I'm headed to the Middle East tomorrow so going to have yet another delay on this project. It should not take more than a couple days to assemble it all once it's painted though. I can't wait to fly again. This is the longest I've been on the ground since I got my her flying in September.
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  22. horsepower added a post in a topic Holy crap wing suit flying   

    If that shits for real then how would you like to be the first one to try that.I went skydiving once with my son but there is no way in hell I would try that.What happens when your arm strength goes away about half way down.WOW
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  23. C5Engineer added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Holy crap wing suit flying
    There are a few of these floating around but this is the most insane one I've seen yet. These guys are nuts
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  24. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    Wow. Very sorry to hear about your friend Bill; we will keep him in our prayers. It is like it happened to one of the family when something like that happens.
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  25. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Pi$$ing contest over at Kitfox forum......   

    I know the dentist personally and he seems to really know his shit. He did wrap his airplane up into a ball two years ago though so who knows.
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