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  1. 84KF added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    I made the trip from SW Fl. to Michigan once (last century) in my old 1948 PA-15 Vagabond. About 24 hrs flight time over 4 days ('cuz of weather). Quite a trip for a flat-lander like myself. Just a pile of maps, an E6B, a watch, and a compass that was off by about 20 degrees. I'm still amazed I made it home.

    On the first local flight after I was home, half the exhaust seperated from the engine.
    Someone was watching over me I believe.
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  2. flattie45 added a post in a topic Cargo Pod While On Floats   

    I guess there are a few things to consider, such as CG, distance between spreader bars, mounting, etc. But it might work. You see those Yakima or Thule cargo carriers all the time, mostly on Subarus.
    I don't see why it wouldn't be possible on a certified aircraft (oh yeah, starts with an F and ends with an AA). But seriously, I don't see why an external load approval wouldn't cover this. Now I just wish I had floats. And a plane to go with it!
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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    Holy crap, sounds like one hell of a trip! Hope Bill recovers quickly!
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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Looking good! Wish our weather would clear up. It has been blowing 25-45 since I have been home this time so no fun flying for me...

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  5. akflyer added a post in a topic Cargo Pod While On Floats   

    sounds like an idea that is really worth checking into! Will save me alot of time laying up a glass one!

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  6. flattie45 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Cargo Pod While On Floats
    On the Alaska Outdoors forum on bush flying, I ran across a response from akflyer, mentioning he was going to build a cargo pod for his Avid Flyer. I thought that maybe a cargo carrier for cars might work, mounted on the spreader bars of the floats. They are fairly aerodynamic, weatherproof and come in different sizes. I'm not sure what the weight penalty would be, but it would be simple. Of course it would only work while the floats are mounted. Some brackets for mounting might have to be fabbed up if a person was against strapping it down. I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on this, if it's feasible or not. I like simple things, and at first glance this seems reasonably simple (or maybe I'm simple ).
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  7. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Got the clamps off this afternoon after letting my JB weld set up for 24 hours. Going to brush the new wood in Polyurethane tomorrow to seal it up and then get the gear painted. We had a ton of ideas on how two shape the pieces. I think it came out pretty well. The aluminum step still has to go on later after paint but these pics give you an idea how it will look.

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  8. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    Knew something had happened after reading TKF. Bill will be in our prayers. How many hours did you log? Post pics when you can.
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  9. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Away We Go!   

    Well, I got home Friday morning at about 11 am. Quite a trip.

    The Avid with a 912 turned back for home, 3 hours in with an intermittent oil pressure problem. He made it home safe and sound, still has not figured out the problem.Over north Georgia, the Champ broke it's crankshaft and lost their prop. They went down to a safe landing in a hay-field. We all landed at a nearby airport after watching the safe emergency landing. After a few hour delay, the rest of us continued on to Lakeland. The owners of the Champ stayed there to disassemble the plane and move it to the airport for repairs, which are still under way.Lakeland was fun. Expensive in the extreme, but still fun. I bought a Garmin Aera 500, the only good deal of the show. Money well spent. One of our party, Avid with a Jabaroo, stayed in Florida to visit with family and planned to make his own way home.We picked up the owners of the Champ on the way back through Georgia. They left their plane in extremely competent hands of Carlus Gann. In a month or so we will go back down to get it.The trip home went well until we were almost home. A line of thunderstorms was crossing our path, so the remaining six planes diverted to wait it out. The line went a bit faster than we expected, so I was the last (#4 of 6) to make it to the intended airport. The last two planes diverted again to another near by airport to wait out the squall. The first of those two, a Rans, landed safely. The second, a Subaru powered Kitfox, did not.In spite of what the news reports read, I do not believe that the wind or the approaching storm was a factor. We had been flying in stronger winds all week than what was here.

    I'd have posted earlier, but Friday afternoon we had to go pick up what was left of the plane and didn't get home till well after midnight. Yesterday was the EAA Chapter meeting and post trip briefing. Today had to belong to my wife...

    So, if you could please, remember my friend Bill in your thoughts and prayers. He is still very critical, but slowly improving.

    I'll post more later.
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  10. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Got the fairings glued onto my front legs yesterday. Hoping to get the wood treated today and maybe get some paint on them tomorrow. I gave up the idea of covering the wood fairing with Century 21 fabric. It would be next to impossible to make it look decent and getting that fabric to stick to the wood and metal would be a huge PIA. I'm going to blend the wood real well, treat it with urethane and rattle can the shit out of it and call it good. Hopefully it'll look decent. I need to wrap this project up I missed out on some awesome flying weather this weekend. A person get's spoiled when you can flying anytime you want and then you don't have a flyable plane anymore.
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  11. m60vet added a post in a topic Performace   

    Will look into this, it is a true Mark IV. For a fact, the indicator doesn't work but the switch does and you can really tell when you set it in the air. Haven't gotten it back in the air yet to see what the flaperions are doing with the new setting but the weather here has been raining every day which is unusual here, we get about 15 to 17 inches a year but we get planty of wind. Maybe monday..... or tuesday, looking forward to seeing what difference it will make and yes, some was saying that they used a tape to seal the elevator. To put it on the bottom with the elevator up and then when it is in the down position, put it on and see what it will do. Will try about anything..... Thanks Needing all the help that I can get to solve what is going on.......................
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  12. saskavid added a post in a topic Performace   

    What we could be dealing with here is a case of elevator authority or a lack thereof.Gap seal the elevator horiziontal stab gap and put some vg's on the underside of the tail. Don't skimp on how many you put on.I went with cci vg's and used most of a full kit on the tail.If your plane has an elevator trim tab then you have a true mk 4 elevator size wise if not then your elevator is around 15% smaller.Of course, getting the cg back to 16 or more will help the elevator work more effectively.

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  13. Russ. added a post in a topic So whats up with the fat bastard builders???   

    Watch out I'am back!!! Hope all is ok with the family issues. Will call you soon Russ.
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  14. dholly added a post in a topic So whats up with the fat bastard builders???   

    Sorry guys, cancer diagnosis and emergency surgery in the family a few weeks back. College tours for youngest, tax time and biz s#!t all make for the perfect storm it seems. Stinks because we had a great stretch of weather, hit a record 90*, but was out of town dealing with life. Never had so many distractions at once, hope I don't grow old before I get back to work in the shop.

    And thanks for the laugh Leni... LOL!!!... Russ talks a good game but he's just another 6' 240# German PUSSYCAT in pink velvet lederhosen... in true German marital tradition, everyone knows dear Fräulein wears the trousers in his house!
    Hehe, that'll probably cost me more than a few beers!

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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic Where did you fly today ?   

    I hear you! As a Quality Control Manager it is my job to be the bad guy.... I try to be nice about it and make sure all players know it is just a job and nothing personal. But if some idiot does want to make it personal, I have no problem stepping up to the plate and help him see the error of his ways

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  16. akflyer added a post in a topic Performace   

    Dont knock it till ya fly it... I am guessing you did not read any of my posts. I can fly wagonmasters MK IV extended speed wing just as slow as my HH. If you dont think the flaps do much for you then you dont have them dropping all the way. They make a pretty damn big difference when used.

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  17. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Performace   

    8 with the flaps up or down? 8 positive or 8 negative? Don't get wrapped up on the flaps. They do very little on my airplane. I use them on takeoff to get the tail up faster but that's about it. I rarely touch them on final because it causes so much nose down pressure. I'm at 533lbs empty with STOL HH wings and I stall at 36. I fly around comfortably at 55-60 while yanking and banking through the trees. I think that unless you switch over to STOL wings your going to never get the type of performance your looking for. I've never talked to anyone yet who liked the speed wing.
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  18. Jezz added a post in a topic Where did you fly today ?   

    Hey Leni!

    Too right, but in my line of work I don't have a whole lot of choice in pissing people off - it's what I'm paid to do. At least I try to be fair about how I do it. The guy had a point - He wanted engine failure plans stated before take off and I didn't do it (the fact that I have a chart of all the surrounding fields next to the airfield, and a forced landing plan into each of them worked out doesn't count - If there are 2 pilots in the AC together then there's no excuse for not letting each other know what you will do in an emergency - my bad!!!).

    Going away now to lick my wounds!

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  19. m60vet added a post in a topic Performace   

    Ok, was flying this morning and the wind was 11 knots and gusting. Checked the degree of the flaperions and it was eight so will get a shorter bolt today I hope and will tell you what it does later in the week when I go again. Thanks
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  20. horsepower added a post in a topic ELT or PLB   

    I kind of remember reading something about that,I will probably bite the bullet and get a 406 ELT.Its kind of like insurance, you pay for it and hopefully never have to use it.Thanks Randy
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  21. akflyer added a post in a topic So whats up with the fat bastard builders???   

    Unleash the Kracken The boy needs a priority realignment Russ.

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  22. SuberAvid added a post in a topic So whats up with the fat bastard builders???   

    Just been messing with the little detail stuff for now. Hope to get all the pieces and parts built for one final paint session when the weather is warm enough.

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  23. SuberAvid added a post in a topic ELT or PLB   

    Hi Randy,

    You have to have an ELT if you want to fly more than 50 miles from your home airport; PLB's don't satisfy the requirement. It does not have to be a 406; the 121.5 is still legal even though it is not monitored except by another pilot if they happen to, so it is pretty much worthless, but those are the rules. Wherever you mount it, you need to be able to get to it so you can change the batteries. Some of the 406 units are made to directly replace the same brand 121.5's so you could install a cheap 121.5 for now and change it out to a 406 when you have the cash or hopefully the price continues to go down.

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  24. horsepower added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    ELT or PLB
    Im getting close to painting my fuselage but I have a question on ELT,s, if I have a Personal Locator Beacon, do I still have to have a ELT?I know that the 406 M/Hz ELT,s are spendy,the old system 121.5 are cheap on Ebay.I am going to have a PLB but not sure what to do on the ELT.If I have to have one I kind of want to get it mounted before I go much further on the Fuselage.The ELT will transmit on impact and PLB will not so maybe I have to have one anyway.
    Thanks Randy
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  25. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Savoring Winter   

    Hi Bob,

    The best pictures are from Brett at Airdale that he sent to Jackak, attached here.


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