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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    Max attachement size is something like 24 MB. I have issues on a slow connection also at times. Try it again and let me know what happens!

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  2. BryceKat added a post in a topic Next mod=VG's   

    Hi Joey, she's flyin' better the more her ass weighs! She still exhibits the same stability. I had a Super Hots r/c airplane, which was a great flying plane. I wanted to see what an airplane with a WAY rearward cg flew like. So i kept adding tail weight. What i found was that yaw stability is not an issue, and at speed pitch was not that bad, of course i knew what was going on. But... when slowing down, power and down elevator had to be added as the tail would drop thus causing the nose to rise. So you wouldn't flair, you wold kind of push the nose on to the ground for landing. This was back when the 3d craze was starting. Ironically, now that i'm thinking about it, that super hots was set up with a forward cg per plans just like the Avid. Here's a video from this am. The trim will now hold 55 mph in the pattern, whereas before it could hold 67.
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  3. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    The picture (attachment) seems to load, but it just sits there with the scroll bar complete, but the "thinking" arrows still going. I left it go for almost an hour (!) last evening thinking it was just a slow connection...

    The first photo loaded fine, but the next ones didn't. Is there a max photo size (100KB or something)?
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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic An after work day of playing   

    Ya talked me into it.. I am going to get the VG's on my tail when I get home, hopefully this weekend!

    Nice pics! I did a couple hours of flying around with the doors open 2 weeks ago. Hell I was flying with them open this winter (had an exhaust leak on the way back from the lodge) 2 hrs with the doors open at -20 make you appreciate GOOD snowmachine gear

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  5. akflyer added a post in a topic Cal Neva Rockcrawling finals   

    Looks like a great daddy daughter time! Enjoy it while you can, they grow up way too fast... This was last week when I had to give my little girl away.

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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    I just looked at your settings.. Nothing that would prevent you from posting pics and nothing has been changed on this end since the last picture you posted. What kind of error message are you getting??

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  7. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    I was going to make this a how-to fix it thread...

    But now I can't upload photos anymore.

    (tried again after reboot still no good)
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  8. C5Engineer added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    Larry join
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  9. C5Engineer added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    An after work day of playing
    I went out today to do some more playing after installing my VG's on the tail. I'm sold on this mod. It helped alot with the slow speed handling. I spent over an hour flying around in terrain low and slow. My approaches are easily 5mph slower which makes a huge difference when trying to get in short. I set her down a couple times today and also flew around for a while with the doors open.

    Love flying with the doors open

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  10. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Next mod=VG's   

    Bryce good information!! I know on the big jets were directed to load our cargo/fuel in a manner which gives us the most aft CG within limits. This is for fuel savings. An airplane flies more efficient with an aft cg but it's also LESS STABLE.
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  11. C5Engineer added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    Cal Neva Rockcrawling finals
    I took my 22mos daughter up on Donner Summit in the Sierras on Saturday to watch the Cal Neva Rockcrawling finals. These guys are professional drivers with heavy sponsorship and a blast to watch. The pics don't do this stunning natural terrain justice. These guys drive on stuff you can't even walk up. It's impressive to watch the coordination between the driver and spotter. On to the pics.

    I took this pic to Thank Davez Offroad. I got my free ticket from him. He has done work to my rig in the past and is known as the Toyota Guru of California.

    Rockin the Tracker

    Looks on it's side but this was really some awesome driving/spotting and some collection of bonus points

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  12. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    ...and a bent Bungee Truss.

    (so why can't I add a pic of it?!)
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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

    very nice!

    But where is the rest of the pictures

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  14. Bandit added a post in a topic I went to Airventure 2011   

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  15. Av8r3400 added a topic in Kitfox IV   

    I went to Airventure 2011
    Honorable mention...

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  16. BryceKat added a post in a topic Next mod=VG's   

    Leni, you mentioned the vg's on your tail did more good than the ones on the wing. Where is your cg? My reason for asking is that i am also installing vgs from cci, which are about the same as stol speeeds. Art Biaconne, he is cci, has been helping with all of this. My cg started at about 14.5inches. I added the vgs to the horizontal and immediately noticed a difference in pitch authority. However, i still was unable to get a full stall, which Art said i need to do before adding them to my wings. Additionally, my minimum airspeed was roughly still the same, though i'm thinking it's position error at this point. I checked to make sure i was getting full up elevator of 30 degrees (i think), but i only had 25, so i fixed that, and still no full stall! So borrowing from my r/c experience, i added 5 pounds to the handles in front oh the horizontal stab. This provided more pitch authority, but still no full stall. So i added another 5# for a total of 10#. I get just barely a break, maybe a 5-10 foot stall/drop before i'm flying again. So i'm going to add 5# more to get more of a stall break that's more cessna like. Then i'm going to add vgs to the wing. Now here's the kicker, my cruise speed, same power setting/load etc, has gone from 85 mph indicated to 100 mph indicated! Which begs the question, whats the vne on a mkiv? Bryce
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  17. BryceKat added a post in a topic Airdale Wide Gear   

    Thanks you guys. That's ahellofagood idea adding stiffeners/gusssets to the longerons. Also preflighting the gear truss and gear leg makes alotofgood sense! Bryce
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  18. Bandit added a post in a topic Airventure   

    Congrats on your award Larry, great job.
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  19. Bandit added a post in a topic Tail wheel to trigear gear.   

    Don't give up yet Russ. Go to the thread I started on the Avids new Cabane spring gear. Read the last post on my flight Saturday evening, it is hard to believe, but true. The wide gear really seems to tame them down, and I have just about no brakes. I can't even hold my airplane at 4000rpm for run up. Once the airplane is done flying get that stick pulled back into your crotch and keep it there until your rollout is done. That tailwheel has to be held on the runway. If you need hard brakes to help yourself out on rollout you are to far behind the airplane already. I agree with AK make sure you check your tailwheel. My Maule was unlocking on rollout at first. Ground looped 3 or 4 times before I figured it out. If you have a Maule make sure you set it so it does not brake loose, or switch to the Matco. When you are flying in normal conditions you do not need a full swivel tailwheel anyway. I don't know if I ever broke mine loose.
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  20. saskavid added a post in a topic Tail wheel to trigear gear.   

    I'll make it X3.You can do so much more with a tail dragger avid than if you tri it out.there is lots of stuff you can do to your plane to get better control of it...alter the tail wheel pivot bolt geometry;get your brakes up to snuff so you can directional control mostly with differential brake and leave the tail wheel out of the picture as much as possible on rollout.
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  21. akflyer added a post in a topic Tail wheel to trigear gear.   

    X2 Dont give up on a damn good plane or make alot of extra work for yourself. Could be something as simple as tail wheel geometry (kicked my ass once before) or a tail wheel that needs to be rebuild so it wont unlock so easy. Or Or Or Or...

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  22. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Tail wheel to trigear gear.   

    Russ - Stop. Take a deep breath. How can we help you fix the problem without needing to do major surgery like a nose dragger conversion?

    Before you jump headlong into a major modification like this, what happened? Tell us the story.

    Do you have a simple toe-in/toe-out problem that's making the roll out unstable?
    Do you have a brake issue that makes them too sensitive or not sensitive enough?
    Do you have enough training with an instructor to give you the confidence to control the plane?
    Would the wider bush-gear work better to help your stability issues?

    These planes are not uncontrollable widow-makers. Lets help you fix the problem not mask it...
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  23. Russ. added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Tail wheel to trigear gear.
    Hi all,
    After a not so nice landing this past week, I have decided to convert to trigear as I repair the damaged parts.
    N844RS flys beautiful and takeoffs are o.k. The landings are crap. I have been told the main gear swapped left to right side will work. I need the weldment and nose gear setup. Any advice or help will be appreciated.

    Russ. former TD pilot.
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  24. Bandit added a post in a topic Cabane gear installed   

    Joey, Im going back over Sunday, I'll get you the measurements. Flew tonight again. I did something with my Avid that I had never done before the gear change. I started taxing from one end of the runway to the other and never once put my feet on the rudder pedals. My tach read 3000rpm, airspeed indicated about 32 mph, I could get directional control with the flaperons, left input turned right, right input turned left. I did this for 3600', with no wind conditions.
    The wheel base with my tundra tires is 82.5". The clearance with my IVO 3 bladed 66" prop is around 19".
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  25. akflyer added a post in a topic Airdale Wide Gear   

    Once again, Doug offers GREAT advise!

    I put stiffer plates of each side of my fuse from the firewall to the cluster behind the strut attach point. My fuse was a little bent in this area so after straightening, I added the plates on each side to keep this from happening again. I figured 2 pounds worth of plates was alot better than a gear leg shoved up my ass out in the sticks somewhere. Could be just me, but I thought it was a good trade off

    It would be very easy to add the ply gussets in this area also on a completed and covered flying ariframe. A little time spent with card board templates, 30 minutes transfering them and cutting them out of ply, and about an hour to glue them all in and you have a substatially tougher gear box area! Dont forget to let the glue cure for 24 hrs!

    That should show you the plates I did on the sides out of 4130 plate.

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