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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic Finger Strainer BMAD   

    I guess I have been lucky! I cleaned my tanks out during the rebuild and have never had a problem, and there are no finger strainers on mine. I wonder if it has something to do with the real gas I get up here

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  2. fokkerc1 added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Catalina kit.   

    New Jersey garage, and it's a 582 mount. The barn it's in now is our's.
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  3. EDMO added a post in a topic Flapperon hinges?   

    KITFOX SITE had a mod with drawings of the reinforcement that the UK required. Might also be in some manuals?
    Believe it was .025 aluminum with several rivets, bent 90 and went full width of hanger and up into rib several inches. Think trailing edge was slit?
    Since I am going with BIG flaps and ailerons, I am adding 1/8 x 1 x 9 flat aluminum on each side of hanger, but I tend to overbuild.
    Somewhere in between might be a good compromise.
    ED in MO

    P.S. Added: BELIEVE this was in Service Bulletins.
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  4. dholly added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Catalina kit.   

    I've never had the opportunity to see an Avid Cat or Amphib up close so those are interesting pics, thanks for posting. Pretty weird looking engine mount, almost looks like an old flat plate style for a 582, but that can't be right?! Everything appears to be in relatively good condition for sitting so long, only minimal rust. Was that really stored in an unheated PA garage or barn for all these years? If so that's amazing given our weather and humidity.
    Should be a fun project with a unique ending so please do keep us up to date with your progress.
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  5. dholly added a post in a topic Finger Strainer BMAD   

    Well, I have seen enough crap come out of my tanks that I would never fly without finger strainers. Inspecting and cleaning them is also on my condition inspection list. I think it is a simple reality given the materials and way these tanks were manufactured, plus our propensity for auto gas with ethanol, you're gonna get the old adhesive chunks and fibers loosening up. That's why I won't use in-line filters between the wing and header tanks and prefer a header tank with sump and gascolator combo. I also eliminated the 90* degree elbow tank outlet fittings which a lot of folks claimed was a real junk trap without the screens. At least Avid owners didn't have to deal with the Kreem tank slosh issue too. Check the flaking Kreem pic in this thread and count your blessings! Fuel Strainers
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  6. TheDeltaFox added a post in a topic Cariboo Mountains B.C.   

    Great pictures! Looks like a heck of a good time. Us flat landers over here on the east side of Alberta only dream about being able to play in the mountains. Maybe this summer i'll have time to make a trip to BC. Have some relatives in Summerland that need visiting.

    Keep posting those pictures. Its great inspiration to the rest of us!

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  7. John_L_Seagull added a post in a topic Finger Strainer BMAD   

    Yes,I get that crap all the time in my fiberglass tanks on my MKIV
    I clean the finger screens regularly

    flying without finger screens seems ridiculous
    I can't believe they would even send kits out without finger screens

    cleaning them is a part of regular maintenance IMHO

    without finger screens,you would think anyone without them would definitely be using a filter just to add fuel to there aircraft
    just to keep any crap/bugs whatever, out of the system

    That ... is the main reason to have finger screens installed
    it is to keep bugs,and debris from your Gas out of the system more than removing shellac/residual from the fuel/fiberglass system of fuel tanks

    excellent post,it brings something up that should be of major concern to anyone not having or using finger screens

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  8. fokkerc1 added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Catalina kit.   

    So far, I have made and installed a wiring harness from the tail to the panel for the trim and strobe. I cut a section out of each sponson and removed the landing gear for proper drilling. Replacing the foam and glass should be easy, I rebuilt 3 Vettes years ago. My dad and I also fabricated and installed a new more streamlined front end for his motorhome. The original was damaged in an accident, and the original company was out of business. We used glass and foam purchased from Aircraft Spruce.
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  9. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Airdale Spring Gear   

    Going go to fire the motor next week and finish the paint and assembly work. It will fly the week of the 18th...
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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic Airdale Spring Gear   

    Looks good, but that step should be on the front gear leg for fueling!

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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic Kenai Air Fair   

    Just got back from a week n a half at the lodge. I will probly drive over for the breakfast, but I am still on floats so I wont be flying in.

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  12. EDMO added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    ED IN MO - RTS
    Appreciate all the kind comments - at least no one said, "Good riddence"!
    BAD NEWS: Insurance will not pay for cutter, rivets and stitches until I go thru 6 weeks of physical torture (they call it therapy).
    GOOD NEWS: Can still type while taking pain pills.
    BAD NEWS: Doc wants to stop pain pills which don't totally stop pain!!!! (But, with a Bud Lite or two, I feel better!)
    GOOD NEWS: I have Leading Edge plywood parts cut out, and now can sand and fit. Will post some photos when I get them glued in.
    Best wishes to all.
    ED in MO
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  13. BryceKat added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Finger Strainer BMAD
    Hey Gang,
    Look At this
    This is resin that sloughs off the original fglass tanks. This came out of my tanks as i was emptying from the filler neck. This is not the first debris I have removed. Fortunately, my MKIV has a finger strainer installed at the fuel fitting coming out of the tank, and it has obviously saved my fuel system from plugging up and stopping my engine. I only have the fuel filters past the Mikuni pump going to the carbs, and have never seen any debris in them.
    Talking with fellow Avid Flyer Stephen Haggerty, His C model did not have the finger strainer installed. Suspicion as to what caused his engine stoppage on take off MAY be do to this debris/resin plugging up his fuel system. So I'm putting out a BMAD, Bryce's MANDATORY Airworthiness Directive! Make sure you have a finger strainer installed on each fiberglass tank before your next flight! Stephen, can you tell us what the A/C Spruce pn is? Also, I am going to start emptying my tanks from the top or even removing the curtis quick drain and finger strainer fuel fitting on a regular basis, like every 3 mos. Please do this! Your all to valuable to lose over a $20 part! Bryce

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  14. High Country added a post in a topic Flapperon hinges?   

    did you just reinforce the tails or should i cut slits in the lower cap strip and continue them up into the web of the rib? what type and thickness of aluminum or how many layers of fiberglass was used? I'm now thinking of carbon fiber. hmmm the possibilities.

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  15. C5Engineer added a post in a topic 582 oil injection tank for Kitfox Model III   

    Paul good on you for making this work. That is what these airplanes are all about! Keep the costs down. Some people get way too wrapped up in it being an airplane. It tends the mess up the common sense view once in a while. I have a certified maintenance shop right next to my hangar and it kills me watching people drop off their Cessna 172 for a $1500 annual or $300 oil change.
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  16. Av8r_Sed added a topic in Technical tasks   

    582 oil injection tank for Kitfox Model III
    My original rectangular oil tank (20+ years old) cracked and was leaking. I found that the 64 oz Nalgene bottle with the same dimensions to fit my firewall mount is still available and stocked on Amazon and some camping supply stores. I got mine at REI for $11.50. I drilled a 1/2" hole with a brad point bit, added a rubber grommet from JB Industries, a push in elbow from a local power equipment store and I was back in business for less than $20.

    -- Paul S

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  17. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Post pics of your battery box behind the seat   

    Finished up this project tonight. Whew glad the gear and this one is done. I've put about 25 hours into my Avid in the past two weeks in preparation for my 1600 mile Idaho trip. Here's what I came up with for mounting. I used a box that was intended for a race car and then modified another piece as a backplate. I cranked the key and the starter spins about twice as fast as it did with my tired puny 4.4lb ATP battery. I removed everything off the firewall. The new battery is 11.1lbs. It didn't change my CG much but with my airplane anything behind the CG is a good thing as I'm way farther forward than I'd like to be.

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  18. fokkerc1 added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Catalina kit.   

    These are today's shots at my barn shop.

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  19. fokkerc1 added a post in a topic Bought an Avid Catalina kit.   

    These are moving day shots at Rumson NJ.

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  20. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Big Rocks Long Props 5 Just released   

    I just saw the email today too. I have all the previous vids guess I need to order this one too.
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  21. wildirishtime added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Big Rocks Long Props 5 Just released
    Hi guys, latest Big Rocks & Long Props DVD called "High Country"
    just came out on DVD! I think it's pretty good.... Here's the link, enjoy!:

    Big Rocks & Long Props 5 : High Country
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  22. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Post pics of your battery box behind the seat   

    I have a few ideas now. I am going to hopefully start this project this evening. I am running out of time before my big Idaho trip.
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  23. SuberAvid added a post in a topic SAFE SEALER FOR LEXAN?   


    I used the sealant that they use to glue in car windshields. I got it at NAPA and it comes in a roll of about 3/8" bead with a waxed paper separator between. The stuff is really tacky and remains very soft. I just stretched the beads to get the thickness I wanted and stuck it onto one face, then laid the other cap strip or whatever on it and riveted it in place. It sticks like a champ and lexan has so reaction to it.
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  24. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Cariboo Mountains B.C.   

    Most Excellent! We are going to have quite a group of Fat Avid and Sooby Runners soon.

    Nothing like an overnight out in the middle of bear scat. Reminds me of my first year in AK; I couldn't wait a year to get my residency to hunt so I bought an out of state caribou tag and bow hunted on the haul road north of the Brooks Range. I had never seen so many grizzlies just wandering around. It was always exciting walking down to the Sag River in the evening to pump water (not dark that time of year though), but the brush willows all around kept you on edge.
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  25. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Airdale wide bush gear installation   

    That looks great! And like Joey says, I think it makes the plane land and take off easier and better, including wheel landings, with the taller gear. There is probably a point where that doesn't apply though. Maybe that Cub with 30" extended gear found it
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