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  1. Twister added a post in a topic Opinions on fabric   

    What kind of tape did y'all use? My Viet Nam "conflict" buddy says they had some super-sticky, super-strong tape there then that was not authorized but kept a lot of shot-up planes in the air and saved a lot of lives.
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  2. Twister added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    Size, weight, effect, if any, on cg, and how much does it improve ground-handling?
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  3. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   


    I hope I haven't stretched the "Specifications and Modifications" thread too much and frayed your patience. On the other hand, I'm still trying to find out the dimensions/specifications of the various models of folding-wing aircraft, particularly the Kitfox, and gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of things like wing type and length, stretched fuselages (better handling as well as cg aft for heavier engines and any problems?), the type of engines, gear, etc. to help me in specifying "my" airplane. I must thank all who have answered some of my newbie questions, and if I have repeated myself it doesn't mean that I didn't read your answer, it means that I've been trying to absorb a lot and have simply forgotten some things. And then there's the matter of refining my fledgling "knowledge" of the subject. Most of y'all have forgotten more than I'll ever know, and I know how hard it is to believe that somebody like me could possibly be that ignorant.

    Anyway, thanks again to everybody!

    I'm gonna look for a topic on training, and if I can't find one, start one. I've decided that I'm going to seek out the best possible training, but I would like to buy "my" airplane first and get trained in it, but would like at least to get some dual in any LSA of the Kitfox type as soon as possible, as close to home as possible (I'm in San Diego CA; the official flight school for Kitfox is in Idaho, where I still plan to go for fully maturing my flying skills). (Hope to see you on that topic soon.)

    I'll try harder to keep my questions here closer to the topic!
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  4. EDMO added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    How much does this Bush gear cost, and what is the axle size?
    ED in MO
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  5. Bandit added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    Check my u-tube video on Brett's spring gear.
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  6. EDMO added a post in a topic Opinions on fabric   

    Give Stewart a call and get their opinion - I talked to them a while back when we warped the hell out of the root rib on the J3. They said that this new 2.7 shrinks so much more than the old, that there have been warpage problems on the Kitfoxes, and they recommend only 1.7 which is a finer weave and takes less paint to cover.
    In no circumstance with either, do not go over 300 shrink - 275 might do for the 2.7, and maybe for the 1.7.
    He also said to pull the big wrinkles out of the fabric when you first do the undercamber, and then glue front and back and every rib before shrinking at 250. work from middle bay and skip bays each way, then go back to the skipped bays.
    Do the topside and shrink to 250, same skipping method, before going to 275 on the bottom, and you work both top and bottom at the same time, skipping, as you continue to shrink.
    One option, and I'm not sure if this would work, (ask Stewart), would be to only use 2.7 on the horizontal tail and under the fuselage, if you plan on driving thru brush, or landing in 10 feet of snow covered with ice, or on glaciers,
    like the wild Alaskan bush pilots do?
    I have even wondered about fiberglassing, or sheet aluminum on the bottom of the fuselage, but that would add weight. Has anyone ever tried this?
    Hope this helps.
    ED in MO
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  7. wypaul added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    I am wondering about the Bush Gear, for those of you that have been using them for a while now, what do you think? Is this a great mod? Does the gear's wider stance make a big differance? Joey and any other users, what's the verdict? Anyone have Brett's cell number, I recall it being posted a while back but was unable to find it in a search.

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  8. larr added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    Makes sense, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
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  9. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    The front leg is stressed in tension for the most part and the rear leg is stressed in compression. Think of the rearward pushing load on the wheel and how it impacts the legs of the gear.

    A reinforcing strap on the rear would mostly be unnecessary weight.
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  10. larr added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Bush gear

    Just got my bush gear from Airdale. It looks very nice. I noticed that the front leg fuslage attach point has a stap over the bushing, as expected it, but the rear bushing does not. Is this normal not to have one at the rear? I don't know if loads are different there and not needed, or was the strap missed ad I should weld on on?


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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic Opinions on fabric   

    The actual weight gain or savings is not really that much in the long run.

    To me, it was more important on my mission. Are you planning on flying airport to airport and keeping it in the garage or hangar?? If so, the light fabric is all you will ever need.

    Are you planning on dragging the wing tips through the trees and the tail throught the brush on tiny little rock and gravel strips and keeping the plane out in the weather? If so, Meduim is the clear choice.

    I used medium on mine and dont regret it! 3 yrs ago when flying off skis, a buddy flying his MK IV that was covered in the light fabric landed next to me in some deep snow that had about 3/8" of nasty ice on top of the snow. His fuse and lower rudder got torn up pretty good and had to be taped up before we could fly out of there and mine only had a little bit of paint rubbed off it.

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  12. horsepower added a post in a topic Opinions on fabric   

    I would go with the medium,I think it is 2.7 oz,you can get it from Aircraft Spruce for under 5 bucks a yard for non certified.You will like the Stewart System.Randy
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  13. birddog486 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Opinions on fabric
    My plan is to go with the sterwart system but I'm wondering about what polyester fabric weight to go with. The kit I'm building came with the light uncertified fabric 1.7 or 1.8 oz and I still have it.(kept in a closet for 21 years) From what I've been reading the light wasn't recommended for planes over 65hp and I'm using the 912ULS 100hp. Maybe the reccomendation was due to the speed?

    I'd like to be cheap and use what I have but for a few hundred extra dollars this probably isn't the place to be trying to cut any corners if theres any risk of trouble.

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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic DC-9 WAS THAT THE SUPER CONSTELLATION?   

    Its such a shame that so much of our aviation history is all but lost. To think of the history that has succumed to the scrap yards for pennies on the dollar makes me sick. The few rides I got in a DC-3 have been the highlight of my passenger flights. A hand full of years ago when ERA branched off and had the DC3's flying nostalgia flights around the state I flew into Valdez a few times on it. I would much rather fly around this state in their old fleet of convairs and DC-3s than I would the Dash8's and 737s that I currently fly in.

    The connies were beautiful birds, born right on the edge of the jet age. One of the last of her kind.

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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic Watch it boys, she found us!   

    Well if all goes according to plan... yeah fn right... we will be seeing ya at OSH next year. You can tell me how she talks after that

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  16. EDMO added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I did not say "avoid the 2-cycles" - That might really get me in trouble on here!!!
    I am not a fan of the 2-cycle, but for the lighter planes that need to get in and out of tight places, they do a good job.
    I may have said that I would like the 912 better, but that is more weight and more money invested.
    I have invested in the Soob because it was cheap, and they run forever with little maintenance. I even have a spare engine which cost me $1000 in Alaska. if "they run forever", then why did I buy a spare? Shit happens!
    And, the EA-81 has been out of production for years. My "Reductions" has 75 hours SMOH, the spare 31,000 miles since new - just broke in good.
    But, now I have a heavier plane which requires lots of mods to make it what I want. But, I enjoy designing even more than building - it just takes both to get the job done to go flying.
    ED in MO
    P.S. Did you check the hours on the grayhead? The Rotax drivers on here can give you advise on it.
    Keep checking Barnstormers - Avids & Foxes are put on there sometimes.
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  17. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Ed, maybe I misinterpreted you, but I thought you said to avoid the 2-cycles. That one had a gray-head. I've had several interruptions to my life and travel plans; we had to take a very abbreviated trip, but the doc has just cleared me of the blood disorder he thought I had; seems it's "only" too many red blood cells, and I get a re-check in 6 months. I may get away on another trip, and if that one's still for sale, have a look at it. There's another guy in that part of the country who is willing to show me his Kitfox; I'd like to look at the different models. I'd need to know who was willing and how to find them.

    Thanks again.

    Anybody else want to comment about cabin room differences between the models?
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  18. akflyerbob added a post in a topic DC-9 WAS THAT THE SUPER CONSTELLATION?   

    Arguably the most graceful and beautiful airliner ever built, the Lockheed Constellation celebrated its 60th birthday in 2003. Conceived by Howard Hughes in the late 1930’s, the Constellation represented the ultimate in airline performance and luxury during the 1950’s with 856 being built for commercial and military customers. Quickly displaced from frontline service by jet airliners in the 1960’s, there are at least fifty-five “survivors†of the mass scrappings of the 1960’s and 70’s, with only C-121C VH-EAG currently airworthy.

    And were powered by Curtiss Wright R-3350

    When I started working in the Cook inlet in 1969, Western Airlines was still flying two of them
    and I was lucky enough to get to ride on them back and forth to Anchorage.
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  19. EDMO added a post in a topic Biggest Dumb Stunt Ever   

    Unfortunately, too many are busy playing video games and watching cartoons, and MSNBC while waiting for their government checks and supplies to come to the door. And, FREE birth control pills???
    FOX news and 2 Rebublican Senators are the only ones keeping up the pressure to find out the truth.
    ED in MO
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  20. C150L added a post in a topic Biggest Dumb Stunt Ever   

    I suppose I should have not opened this thread as I don't need to go all political this early in my day, but,,,,

    I'm there with you. I know this country is on the wrong track and needs to change directions. The choice is clear.

    Then there's Benghazigate. The lies, the cover up. I am just sick over what happened over there. Where was the greatest/most powerful contry/military in the world? "We have those things called aircraft carriers that we can land planes on". Two American heors faught to their dying breath and the most powerful militayry could not (was not allowed to) come to their rescue. Someone needs to be held responsible.

    Come Tuesday night, Wednesday moring, we'll see how blind or in the know US citisens (hopefully) are in this country.
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  21. akflyerswife added a post in a topic Watch it boys, she found us!   

    Lol well this is just me don't believe it come see me...
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  22. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Watch it boys, she found us!   

    Nope. Don't believe it.

    Got to be Leni's spit personality disorder kicking in again.

    I think he's made this "wife" up. He obviously photo-shopped a beautiful girl with that creepy old guy to make that picture. Wimmin-folk don't talk like this.

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  23. lakertreetopflyer added a post in a topic W and B   

    Thanks all

    thats what i need

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  24. EDMO added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I gather that you may have looked at the KF1 for sale? If you are not buying it, then someone else is looking - you could give the phone number and location where I had posted it in "For Sale".
    ED in MO
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  25. EDMO added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I'm not sure about ALL the measurements, like the crossover tubes may still be the same - but the elbow room has been expanded - for instance the KF2 is 3 1/2 inches wider there than the KF1. Easy mod to do there - I widened mine another 6 inches there. You dont just "sit" in these planes - you WEAR them! IMO.
    Rough ground is another story - surely the taildraggers win out there - It takes a real "hard-head" and lots of practice to put - or not put - a nosedragger where the TW guys go - I went with the nose gear on mine because of the heavy Soob and of flying down here in flatland - Takes lots of skill to drive in the mountains and rocks and creeks. (Been there and done that - just relax and follow roads here!)
    ED in MO
    P.S. The highest "mountain" in Missouri is Tom Saulk and 17xx msl - electric company has a big reservoir on top where they pump water to it all night and release it in day time - or vise-versa - to make electric for the red-necks here living in the woods. I was raised in the flood plains of the Mississippi river, and was in the 1947 and 1957 floods there, and couldnt wait to leave and buy a house on the highest hill I could find where you could work at anything except picking cotton!
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