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  1. FoxDB added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Plans for skis
    Does anyone know were I can get plans for skis. I have time but not money to buy skis. So I would like to build them. I am interested in fiberglass type. Thinking of a foam core covered with glass.
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  2. B1RD added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Sorry about Logbook question
    I looked back about 12 pages and found Joey's Post about exactly the same thing I was asking. Thanks for all the great Info in between too.
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  3. B1RD added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Aircraft Logbooks
    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to go about updating the Airframe and Engine Logbooks for my Kitfox? It came with a Combination Airframe/ Engine Logbook that has almost nothing written in it. The aircraft Kit is number 359, and was sold in 1991. it was completed in 1999, and certified in 2000.
    It was sold three times over the years before I bought it in 2010. The Logbook only has one Annual/Conditional inspection written in it on 4/20/2006.
    There are no other entries. There are builder logs, and written descriptions of the time flown off in testing, and flying off the first 40 hours.
    The aircraft has 235.3 hours on the Hobbs, and the Annual in 2006 indicated it had 235.3 hours on it at that time. It had been in storage for several years when I bought it. I have recently performed a great deal of work on the aircraft, like installing the ELT and Remote Switch for same in the Panel, I re-wired the Transponder to the Master Switch since it was wired directly to the battery. I replaced the Battery, I flushed the cooling system and replaced all the hoses, I replaced all the fuel lines and in-line filters, I overhauled the Gascolator. I drained and replaced the Gearcase Oil, I replaced the Spark Plugs. I replaced the Hobbs Meter as it was non-functional with 235.3 hours on it. I replaced the weather-checked tires with new Nanco 21X12X8 tires, repacked the wheel bearings and checked the brakes. So, after all of this work, I find that all that is left needing done is the Bungee Cords (which I have on hand) and then take it for it's Annual/Conditional Inspection. It runs Great! Smooth and Powerful. In general, it looks to be in very good condition. I would simply like to use the New Airframe, and seperate Engine Logbooks that I have to record the history of the plane, and begin keeping better track of it's on-going Maint. Can I simply do a Narative History at the beggining of the Logbooks, and carry on from there? I was going to enter the replacement of the Hobbs Meter, and record the time, and then carry forward from there too. Any Input would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
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  4. BryceKat added a post in a topic Back up fuel pump   

    Hi Herman,
    I don't use anything in addition to the pulse pump & gravity. When I purchased my mkiv w/582, it had a filter and an on/off valve in the line just one foot from my right (and only) tank. I removed those because
    1. There is a finger strainer in the 90 fuel fitting that would catch anything coming out of the tank and also the 2 little filters after the pulse pump.
    2. There was an existing on/off valve on the instrument panel.

    The previous owner had put what could be too much resistance in the fuel system.

    Good luck,Bryce
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  5. herman pahls added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Back up fuel pump
    Is anyone using a back-up electric pump on their 582's in the event the pulse pump quits?
    I flew a 532 for 450 hours with no issue, but I now spend most of my time in the air close to the ground.
    I was considering using a electric Facet pump between the gasculotor and the pulse pump.
    Thanks Herman
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  6. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Thinking about buying, what do you think?   

    Too much money. Seen lots of early flying Avids lately go with 582's for less than 13K. The 532 is a boat anchor these days steer clear. Mechanical brakes suck might as well drag your feet. They would barely stop the airplane at idle. I had them on mine and went to hydraulic and there's no comparison. To do it right your looking at a grand plus in parts for the upgrade. I have not met ANYONE who kept their speedwing. They either extended them or went to the stol wing. The 25-50ft extra takeoff you speak off is unrealistic. With the HKS your gonna have a takeoff roll like a C-172. The one I'm familiar with had a takeoff roll twice mine and he cruised about 10mph faster than me. I could outperform him in any aspect except wide open straight and level. I'd pass on this one and find a flying one for the same price or less with a 582 and STOL or extended speed wing. Pull the motor, sell it for 3-4K as a FWF kit and you'll be in much better shape but unless your only flying off long pavement strips I think your gonna be disappointed in take off and climb performance. IF you could get that one for 8K with no engine you'd be in much better shape. Here's my thread on swapping from Mechanical to Hydro brakes. Including the gear, wheels and tires, and brake parts I was into for $1500. Keep your eyes open they come and go frequently on Barnstormers.
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  7. 3benny3 added a post in a topic Thinking about buying, what do you think?   

    Its a new kit. I noticed that, not realy sure. Not sure on the tank, which is best? Won't be getting it with the engine. Would converting the brakes to dual hydro's be a easy and good upgrade, or are the cable ones fine? I like the straight trailing edge and the diamond plate floor panels if they are aluminum.

    I have had a rotax 2 stroke before. Although it was a good engine, I really like the HKS since its a 4 stroke and uses less fuel(and not mixed!) Would really like a turbo but don't have that much to put on a engine, plus found a 300hr 700e for $6000. The cruise speed is why I like the speed wing, I think it makes up for the 25-50ft extra on take off and landing for the speed going somewhere IMHO, what do you think?

    If I was to get it for around $8000 would that be a reasonable price?

    Thanks, Ben
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  8. dholly added a post in a topic Thinking about buying, what do you think?   

    Is that Avid a new kit build or a re-build? Odd, kinda looks like the interior fabric is painted? Are the wing tanks F/G, alum. or poly? What is the Rotax worth, ie. engine hrs etc. is overhaul soon? You say "abnormalities", but looks pretty straight forward stock to me. The straight trailing edge vs. cable is a good thing!, and metal floorboards are easily rectified if you feel they are too heavy.

    Why a HKS 700e, do you have one already? Uses the engine mount and thrust angle as the Rotax, right? I know KF-III owners flying that engine claims it works well on the airframe, and at least a couple on the Avid Yahoo list also said the same for the lower gross Avid Flyer models. With the speed wing it might not be the super STOL some are after but I bet it would cruise along near 100 with a pretty frugal fuel burn.

    IMHO, I agree the plane as it sits is a tad over priced. Since the listing on BS is nearly a month old, it would suggest others agree. But then again, if it doesn't say Firm, so it's only an asking price! If I was close and looking for a project with a good head start, I would certainly go check it out in person if possible. Simple enough to repaint that orange to yellow, or sell off the Rotax and hang an HKS. Assuming it is a new build with good workmanship, you could have a really nice plane and I doubt you would get hurt on a resale if you could bring it in ~$15k or slightly over w/ a new or low time HKS.
    So how much time and $$ ya got?
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  9. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Thinking about buying, what do you think?   

    Looks like a nice airplane from the photos. Maybe a little heavy with the diamond plate interior...

    Price does seem a bit high (IMO) at $13k. That amount should buy a finished, flying Avid C with a 532 or even a 582 in it.
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  10. 3benny3 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Thinking about buying, what do you think?
    Does it look ok? Any thing I should look for? It says its a C model but has some abnormalities so I'm not sure? Would be putting a HKS 700e on it if I get it, would that be a good choice?

    AVID FLYER MODEL C • $13,000 • FOR SALE • Here it is, just a little work and your ready to fly! I started this project in Oct 2010 and this Avid Flyer Model C is over 90% complete. 532 Rotax dual-ignition. One hour break-in time. Speed wings with smooth leading edge and straight trailing edge, like the Mark IV. Wing tanks, Tundra tires, new Custom seat and Topgun curtain. Chrome floor pan. Wings wired for lights. New lexan for windshield, prop and everything to complete project.


    Hope this is a ok place to put this. I' sure you get a lot of these so sorry, but thanks for any help.
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  11. Bandit added a post in a topic Fare price for FWF package ?   

    What is the differance between a Grayhead vs a Bluehead? Joey, did you have Rotax Rick rebuild yours?
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  12. akflyerbob added a post in a topic Anyone tried one of these lights??   

    First let me appologize to Wild, The lights are great for what they do, do.
    But, It was "me" who considers a landing light something that lets the pilot
    see where he is going to land and not let the people on the ground see he is coming.
    However these lights are great for being seen and I will sertinly use them for that.
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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic SLIME in Bush Tires   

    Alaska bush wheels has a product they put in their tires that everyone seems to swear by. I have not had any issues with the Nanco tires, but we did with the kingfox tires. It seemed with those one side or the other would be low every time we went to fly.
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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic Anyone tried one of these lights??   

    Hey wild, nice to see you over here! I should have a report on these lights after the weekend!
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  15. C5Engineer added a post in a topic SLIME in Bush Tires   

    I had a slow leak around the bead of one and added slime..fixed it up and on my other I landed at Johnson Creek and found a piece of wire in my tire. I used fix a flat on that one. Nasty mess whenever I have to tear it apart but it's holding air for now. I would not put it in just because. Wait till you need to if ever.
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  16. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Fare price for FWF package ?   

    Paid $3500 for mine similar hours. Mount, cowl , radiator, gearbox, warp prop and all the other odds and ends. This was 5 years ago. The grey head has depreciated since then too.
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  17. Bandit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Fare price for FWF package ?
    I know where I can get a FWF package with a 582 greyhead that needs a major, with about 600hrs on it. What would be a fair price for it? It is a local package not far from my place.
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  18. FoxDB added a post in a topic SLIME in Bush Tires   

    I don't know what is normal practice but I put slime in my 21x12-8 tires to prevent a flat. I had Goat Head stickers in them after I landed in our airport's grass strip. That got me concerned.
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  19. B1RD added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    SLIME in Bush Tires
    Does anybody have an opinion on using SLIME in Bush Tires (Nanco 21X12X8) on a Kitfox? I just had them mounted and the old weather cracked KingFox 21X12X8 tires had SLIME in them. Just wondering if it was in there because of a slow leak because of the weathering, or if it is normal practice by Bush Pilots to help seal Thorn or Sticker punctures. Thanks for your interest... Bob
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  20. BryceKat added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    OK Gang,
    It's getting dark here in the northern hemisphere earlier and earlier, which is cramping my style of evening flying! I have
    no landing lights, though i do have strobes and position lights, but they're
    little help when landing in my dark pasture. Now don't get me wrong, i'm not
    planning on taking off into the dark, although that is some nice flying time! I
    just want something available in case i am out after it gets dark, think

    Does anyone have any successful experience lighting up their avid?

    I have a 582, which puts out about 11 amps. I have a small atv battery for now,
    but am planning on going to a larger battery (lawn mower/small car size).

    The research i have done so far points to these units
    Obviously, there is going to be one helluva Amp draw when these are on, but with
    a bigger battery and the short duration of use, they might work. Lets assume i
    have the larger Battery to help with the demand, when i turn the lights on, is
    the ignition still going to fire? The main reason for my choice of these lights
    is the output and the price, which can be had for around $120. I can't justify
    $500 for the Hid and Led (w/ enough power to use as a landing light).

    Alright, i let the cat out of the bag, let's have some fun figurin' this one
    out! Thanks, Bryce
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  21. wildirishtime added a post in a topic Anyone tried one of these lights??   

    I really wouldn't equate them to an LED flashight, they are a strobe system with a Landing light mode.
    The video over on our website shows them pretty well (scroll to the bottom of the page).

    They are bright durring the daylight for being seen by other aircraft - we feel they are adequate for
    for operations before dusk and the wigwags are tremendous in getting attention. We do not
    officially make any statements about their use as FAR night lighting for liability purposes, but they
    definately get your aircraft seen, and for $39 that's cheap insurance for most of our customers.

    Thanks again for your interest everyone, and if you have questions check out the video demo at the
    link above and don't hesitate to contact us at the website for questions.

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  22. jackak added a post in a topic WANTED EFIS or EIS   


    I installed the MGL mini-extreme in my panel. I got power to it for the first time last night, WOW! Talk about pretty, like Christmas morning, color, clear, and nearly all the info you can ask for. I'll try to get some pictures when I have power to the radio and transponder.

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  23. SuberAvid added a post in a topic WANTED EFIS or EIS   


    I put the MGL E-1 and Flight-2 instruments in mine. They have an amazing number of functions so between the two of them and a slip/skid ball they give you about everything you need and more for a VFR plane. Extremely light and less cost than the full blown Enigma or others.
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  24. akflyer added a post in a topic Silver Salmon Creek   

    dang! Well I am either hitting the lodge next week or going to juneau for a deer hunt with a buddy.. I am thinking that Montana is a much better place to hunt. I miss the white tail hunting down south!

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  25. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Silver Salmon Creek   

    It is a pretty amazing place down there Leni; I look forward to doing that trip again. Hopefully Jack will be in the air by next summer and we can all meet up for a few good camping adventures around the state.

    I look forward to some more outings this winter when the water gets hard. First I have to squeeze in a deer and antelope hunt in Montana starting this
    Thursday for a couple of weeks, Woohoo.

    Let me know if/when you can do some trips to the lodge, etc.
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