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  1. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    I think you'll find that the races will tap out of the aluminum wheels, using a drift or socket, fairly easily without the need for heat.
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  2. FoxDB added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    Do to the difference in thermal expansion (Aluminum being greater). I would heat the hub with a heat gun and the race will come out easier.
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  3. EDMO added a post in a topic Sport Aviation   

    Agree totally - An old EAA member - paid the $20 extra to get "Experimenter" mag and then they changed the name, AND THEN, claimed to have "merged" it with Sport Assination.
    If I didnt get "KITPLANES" mag every month I would go nuts.
    KP is filed, SA goes in trash.
    ED in MO
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  4. Av8r3400 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Sport Aviation
    How many of you here at AFF are EAA Members? What publication(s) do you get from them?

    What do you guys think of Hightower's new Sport Aviation? Here is a posting I just put up at Team Kitfox. The thread was started by a EAA staffer looking for opinions about the magazine several months ago.


    Chad - I know you must be a busy guy and we appreciate your checking in with us here every once in a while (though you haven't in a couple of weeks).

    I just got my most recent Sport Aviation (SA) and I had to resurrect this thread to comment.

    What an absolute disappointment.

    Not one feature article about an experimental airplane in the entire magazine. The beautiful cover shot of the Pitts Special got me in and in the first paragraph of the article the author admits the plane only the cherry on top of the article (not a prominent part - an afterthought). Another human interest story. The Staggerwing (Museum) story with little aircraft content, and on and on.

    Then to top it all off a $100k electronics makeover of an AZTEC?? Who are you guys publishing to? Because I surely don't get it.

    The first "meat and potatoes" mention of airplanes is 100 pages in, with the builder reports. At that it's only little paragraph descriptions.

    Do you guys publish a magazine about airplanes anymore? Is there technical content in the war birds or classics publication that may be of interest to people who are building and flying EXPERIMENTAL aircraft?

    Speaking as an officer in a large and very active Chapter, I can tell you I am not the only person who is of this opinion. I hear it from my membership at virtually every meeting and function we hold.

    If you want to publish an aviation human-interest, sociology journal, more power to you. I wish you well. Just let it be known to the people there that you have tens of thousands (if not more) members who would love to have the old SA back - technical content, feature articles about airplanes or building techniques or kits or engines or ...


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  5. birddog486 added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    Motion Industries is usually reasonable and if they dont have it on hand they'll have it next day in most cases. I think they have several locations in CA.
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  6. skypics added a post in a topic VGs   

    The "inversion" is caused by flaperons deployed too steeply (more than 15 degrees. The reversal is cause when the wing actually begins to twist from the excessive flaperon deflection. Besides weight reduction the B52 G and H models removed ailerons and use spoilers instead. The B52 wings are very flexible and can twist with ailerons.

    I have my flaperons (trimerons) limited to 10 degrees deflection and reversed the bellcrank to the micer to give much more aileron/flaperon deflection at slow speeds.

    Avid B STOL 3850 hours
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  7. EDMO added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    They are usually cheaper at a bearing supply house, like Bruening Bearings. That is who the auto-suppliers buy them from, and jack up the price.
    ED in MO
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  8. EDMO added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    This may be one time I partly DISAGREE. Heating the inner race on the axle MIGHT be OK if too much heat is not used.
    I would never put a torch on an aircraft wheel.
    Torching the outer race actually makes it tighter as it expands. Cast iron auto drums are a different matter. To remove a pressed in or shrink-fitted part, you normally heat the outside part and use ice or dry ice to shrink the inside part. This is done on nose forks by freezing the tube and putting the aluminum fork in hot water, then the tube can be pressed out.
    ED in MO
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  9. EDMO added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    The inner race should be easy. Clean the inside of the wheel and use a brass punch and hammer and keep going around the outer race until you drive it out. Put the new race in the same way, or, you can drive the race in with a tube or pipe that is slightly smaller. Schedule 40 PVC will work too, if you find the right size.
    A press will work too, but manual press is better - you can ruin a wheel with a hydraulic press.
    Something else that helps, is to freeze the outer race (the big one) before you drive it in, and the inner race (the small one) should be as warm as you can get it without torching it.
    ED in MO
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  10. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    Joey - When I was running the Douglass wheels I priced the seals and bearings from my local NAPA or Car Quest (I don't remember which). The bearings were expensive (~ $30 ea) and would have to be ordered, but the seals were available - I did replace them several times because you wreck them removing them to pack the bearings.

    To find them at the car parts store all you need to know it the .750" inside diameter and (I think) 1.500" outside diameter. They should be able to look them up in the bearing book from there. If you can find a dedicated bearing or automation supplier they may have them on hand, even.
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  11. High Country added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    I've replaced LOT's more races than I care to count from when I owned my mechanic business. try tapping on them with a punch if they don't come heat up the race real hot with a torch keeping the flame just on the race. once its real hot it may just fall out if not it shouldn't take much tapping to get it out.
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  12. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    I heard back from the eBay seller it's one bearing and one race in the box. Wonder how much fun it's gonna be to get the old races out.
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  13. EDMO added a post in a topic TINTED WINDSHEILD QUESTIONS   

    Thanks for the info. One FAR used to list the minimum light transmission for windsheilds and side windows.
    When I put the lightly tinted bronze side windows and dark bronze sunroof in my Ercoupe, the IA at my next annual made me read a newspaper thru the side windows before he would pass them. This test is not in FARs, but practical, I guess. There is very little difference from the inside when looking out, but sure helps to keep the sun heat out.
    BTW: When I used to have Certified planes, my favorite FAR was 21.303(b), if I remember right. This lets "owner made" parts to be installed in a plane, provided that they are "equal to, or better than" original parts. It further states that the owner does not actually have to make the parts, but must cause them to be made. This was a great deviation FAR, IMO. Of course we dont need it for AB-experimental planes.
    ED in MO
    Edit: Forgot to answer your question: Most any plastic vendor can get smoke or other color sheets.
    There is a real cute Pink, if you are so inclined. HA!
    Sometimes you can get Lexan, and others may have Plexiglas which is less desireable until you want to break your way out of a wreck, then you dont want Lexan.
    Hopefully, you will never need to do that - so stick with Lexan which is less prone to cracking.
    I dont think that "off-brands" are as good as the original "Lexan", so try to get that brand even if it costs a little more.
    I used to buy my bronze from Cadillac Plastics, but sure that Grainger and other companies have the tinted sheets.
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  14. EDMO added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    Been a long time since I bought bearings, but normally the box contains, inner race, bearing cage and rollers in one piece, plus another piece which is the matching outer race. Dont think they are packaged seperately, as they are a matched set.
    ED in MO
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  15. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    For those that have bought Timken bearings before any idea what you get in the box with a set like this? Thinking it's probably one bearing and race but not sure. I contacted the seller on ebay too.
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  16. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Looking for some landing gear part numbers   

    Having a tough time finding those bearings online. Spruce doesn't carry that part number. Went to the Timken website but it's about the most un user friendly site I've ever seen.
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  17. 4aplat added a post in a topic Happy Independence Day   

    Name of the ship

    Name of the captain (in the past !!)

    link with july the 4th ?

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  18. akflyer added a post in a topic Happy Independence Day   

    Happy 4th everyone!

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  19. High Country added a post in a topic TINTED WINDSHEILD QUESTIONS   

    Ed here is what I found in the FAR's regarding windshields it didn't specifically say how "dark" it could be there is a link at the bottom to where I copied this from. Someone else may have better info than I do, if so lets hear it. hope it helps. I saw a real nice home design in idaho city recently that had a nice smoke windshield first time I had actually seen that. It was a real lite gray and seemed to work great for the front. While on the topic where might one look to get the smoke lexan?


    Sec. 25.775 — Windshields and windows.
    (a) Internal panes must be made of nonsplintering material.

    (b) Windshield panes directly in front of the pilots in the normal conduct of their duties, and the supporting structures for these panes, must withstand, without penetration, the impact of a four-pound bird when the velocity of the airplane (relative to the bird along the airplane's flight path) is equal to the value of V C,at sea level, selected under §25.335(a).

    © Unless it can be shown by analysis or tests that the probability of occurrence of a critical windshield fragmentation condition is of a low order, the airplane must have a means to minimize the danger to the pilots from flying windshield fragments due to bird impact. This must be shown for each transparent pane in the cockpit that—

    (1) Appears in the front view of the airplane;

    (2) Is inclined 15 degrees or more to the longitudinal axis of the airplane; and

    (3) Has any part of the pane located where its fragmentation will constitute a hazard to the pilots.

    (d) The design of windshields and windows in pressurized airplanes must be based on factors peculiar to high altitude operation, including the effects of continuous and cyclic pressurization loadings, the inherent characteristics of the material used, and the effects of temperatures and temperature differentials. The windshield and window panels must be capable of withstanding the maximum cabin pressure differential loads combined with critical aerodynamic pressure and temperature effects after any single failure in the installation or associated systems. It may be assumed that, after a single failure that is obvious to the flight crew (established under §25.1523), the cabin pressure differential is reduced from the maximum, in accordance with appropriate operating limitations, to allow continued safe flight of the airplane with a cabin pressure altitude of not more than 15,000 feet.

    (e) The windshield panels in front of the pilots must be arranged so that, assuming the loss of vision through any one panel, one or more panels remain available for use by a pilot seated at a pilot station to permit continued safe flight and landing.

    [Doc. No. 5066, 29 FR 18291, Dec. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 25–23, 35 FR 5676, Apr. 8, 1970; Amdt. 25–38, 41 FR 55466, Dec. 20, 1976]
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  20. High Country added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Happy Independence Day
    Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful 4th of July, and Thank to all of our military servicemen and women and their families. our hats are off to all of you. We are so Blessed to call ourselves Americans and to partake in all of the Freedoms we have.

    2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
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  21. FoxDB added a post in a topic MATCO BRAKE LINE SIZES QUESTION   

    The original builder used it in a thinner wall. I changed it to this when I installed my bush Gear.
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  22. EDMO added a post in a topic MATCO BRAKE LINE SIZES QUESTION   

    Never thought about 3/16 - Guess it works OK or you would have changed it by now.
    ED in MO
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  23. EDMO added a post in a topic MATCO BRAKE LINE SIZES QUESTION   

    Thanks for the info - Those Aeroquip lines are expensive. My only concern was that the nylon would be too stiff and interfere with the caliper actions. I know that ballooning causes losses of pressure.
    ED in MO
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  24. saskavid added a post in a topic MATCO BRAKE LINE SIZES QUESTION   

    Ed I would try to avid rubber lines at any point in the the installation if at all possible.You will always get some degree of ballooning effect then requiring more fluid and travel from the master cylinder leading to leverage decay and a reduction in available power.
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  25. FoxDB added a post in a topic MATCO BRAKE LINE SIZES QUESTION   

    I used the 3/16" O.D. tubing per this Link

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