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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic 3 plane T-6 formation practice   

    damnit man... nice way to spend the day!... now go learn how to land your kitfox

    Nice vids Steve keep em coming!  I should have a bit of KF vids edited and ready next week.  Right now my airplane progress has been hampered due to getting the snowmachines out and ready to ride for the year.. should start on the plane again tomorrow.
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  2. 84KF added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    3 plane T-6 formation practice
    1 minute, 30 sec.
    T6 3.wmv
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  3. eskflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Avid Kitfox 8" Wheels
    The original wheels are made by Douglas and the part #is 001-01 . these are 8x6 3b-3n 3/100 , you have to drill then other 3 holes .
    Also you have to weld on the lugs for the brake rotors.

    For a heavier wheel use part # 001-02
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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic How to arrive at the airshow   

    nice!.. Is that one of the birds you do maintenance on?
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  5. 84KF added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    How to arrive at the airshow
    This is an initial test of some home-made video. stand by.....
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  6. akflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    What to do if your member account was deleted
    I have been getting alot of registrations in the last week that look like bots signing up.  I just deleted several accounts after emails were not returned etc.  If I deleted your account, please shoot me an email and I can re-instate it.  I dont want to have to review each new member who wants to sign up, as it will slow down the regisration process, however, I may have to bump up the registration requirements (security) if they keep hitting me hard.


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  7. kl7jw added a post in a topic another day in paradise   

    A boat up there on the saltwater would be nice.  I've thought about it, but I know that there's no way I can work one commercially and come out ahead financially.  What with the permits (or lack of them), licensing, cost of fuel, and limited seasons, a guy just starting out don't have a chance.  I've also considered a 35 to 45 foot sailboat (with an engine on board too) as a summer home in southeast AK, or Prince William Sound, but then I get to thinking about the cost of maintaining one and quickly lose that ambition.  Guess I'd better stay with a little airplane and be happy!  ;D 
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  8. akflyer added a post in a topic another day in paradise   

    Oh I have taken out many "pukers"... I grew up commercial fishing the inlet.  Started off setnetting on the West side on Chisik Island, then we went to Drifting and Long Lining... Long Lining was my favorite as you never know what you will be bringing up.. Nothing like being on hour 36 with no sleep hauling in at 2:00 am bringing in halibut after halibut gaffing them as they hit the stern and tossing them in the hold, kinda like a robot at this point... then all of a sudden a 30' baskin shark comes up from the depths of hell and scares the ever loving crap outa you...or a 16' salmon shark.. a cousin to the great white.. that will wake you up!  Oh the good ole days..  Wish I still had Dads old boat and was passing the secrets of fishing onto my kids.. ONe of these days I will buy another one.
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  9. kl7jw added a post in a topic another day in paradise   

    Wx sounds about right in AK for a halibut fishing trip out of Homer!  Last time we went out, there was about 10 people on board and all but 3 of us was feeding the fish, none of them had a line in the water.  The winds were about 20-25 kts. out of the west, but the charter boat guy said he wasn't worried.  Turned out that he was right.  It was a bit rough at times.  I think we were out there in November if I remember correctly.  It wasn't near as bad as a deer hunting trip we went on out of Valdez.  In January, we were aboard a 42' boat.  There were six guys and the boat captain.  we did real well with the weather up until the boat captain decided to go home about 2 weeks into the trip.  That flower of his family decided to make a run for Valdez from Hinchinbrook Island with 40 knot winds.  We made it back in but it was not a boat ride that I ever want to do again.

    John Hart
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  10. eskflyer added a post in a topic Was "High EGT...."   

    Well the fuel iussue is finally done and working . When i rejetted for our colder temps It turns out it was just to damn rich and was creating a flamew front going by the egt raising the temps, and then flooding the engine out at wide open throttle . when i rejet back to normal sealevel It runs like a top and egt are ok . GO figure . I am installing a airfuel ratio gauge so i can see just where my jetting is versus the egt gauge . It should read 14.7 for the best performance but i would like it to be around 14 for peace of mind and variance in temp and altitude. well see and I will give a update.

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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic another day in paradise   

    that is not right and pretty much breaks all the rules of Man law 101.... wait no it doesnt, rule 37 says you must rub your cool vacations in your frozen buddies face... you are in the clear I guess....

    Ill let you know how the flight was over 100000000000 jagged rocks and pine trees

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  12. 84KF added a post in a topic another day in paradise   

    I'll send ya a weather report from Key West soon.... 

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  13. akflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    another day in paradise
    well it looks like it will be another day in paradise here... great for flying.. 6 degrees and winds 23-38.  Nice balmy -32 chill factor.  Oh well at least I am on the ground wishing I was in the air instead of the other way around..

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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic Alaska WX   

    That is one hting that kinda sucks for me over there... no cabin at this time so no sitting in the blind and having a few toddies... gotta fly in and out so it is coffe or Monster energy drinks till I get home!

    One of these days I will get a cabin over there, but the feds have made it pretty much impossible.. you have to inherit one that is existing no new construction..
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  15. kl7jw added a post in a topic Alaska WX   

    Damn!  What was I thinking when I said "Lot's of fun, and too much beer!" ?  (I guess I WASN'T thinking.)   I shoulda said ALMOST enough beer.

    John Hart
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  16. akflyer added a post in a topic Alaska WX   

    There is no such thing as too much beer on a hunt!  That is basic man 101.  I have not hunted the susitna flats, but I give the redoubt flats hell every chance I get!

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  17. kl7jw added a post in a topic Alaska WX   

    Good luck on the duck hunt!  I sure enjoyed that down around the headwaters of the Susitna while I was in AK.  I used to go with the guy I worked part-time for.  He had a duck camp out there complete with floating cabin and propane heat.  We used to fly in to it with a C-185 on amphibs, and spend a week or so.  We would also fly over to another small lake and hunt from a blind.  Lot's of fun, and too much beer!

    John Hart
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  18. akflyer added a post in a topic Alaska WX   

    real weird..we should have a few feet of snow.. the most we had was 7" last week, but now it is high 30's and raining.. no snow left.. 

    Oh well, that just means I get one more crack at duck and geese when I get home next week if it stays warm...Would really like to start riding the sled one of these days soon.
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  19. kl7jw added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Alaska WX
    How's the weather up in Soldotna, AK today?  I talked to Eddie Trimmer up at Willow, AK last night.  He said they have no snow on the ground and that the temperature was at +40 degrees.  Kind of strange for this time of the year.  He said it had snowed earlier, but had all melted.

    John Hart
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  20. kl7jw added a post in a topic A real soldier   

    Well, my parents were legally married to each other.   And even though I was a Warrant Officer, I didn't do this one.

    John Hart
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  21. akflyer added a post in a topic A real soldier   

    so which one were you?

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  22. kl7jw added a topic in Jokes   

    A real soldier
    A long time ago, at Ft. Rucker, AL the Officer Student Company consisted of an entire square block of the old WWII barracks.  Any and all Officers and Warrant Officers that were assigned to F. Rucker for a course of instruction were assigned to the Officer Student Company for administrative purposes.  The ranks of the Officers and Warrant Officers ranged from Lieutenant General all the way down to the Warrant Officer W1.  Upon reporting to the Officer Student Company, an Officer would sign in, then be directed to an old barracks building that housed personnel, travel, and finance.  In processing would be completed in less than an hour, then they had to walk across the parade ground that had been turned into a parking lot to the other side of the block to be issued the books and study material for the course of instruction that they would attend, which usually consisted of a double armload of material.  One older Warrant Officer that had been in the Army for 25 years already was returning to his car with both arms full of books and material when he was approached by a Second Lieutenant.  The lieutenant had not yet completed flight school, but he chose to admonish the old CWO4.  The Old Warrant Officer stood there while the Lieutenant chewed on him for not saluting, then the lieutenant directed the old CWO4 to put the books down and render a salute.  The CWO4 complied, then picked up his books and stood up when the Lieutenant asked, "What have you got to say about this?"  The old Warrant looked the lieutenant in the eye, then said, "When you get home tonight, tell your mommy you talked with a real soldier today." and walked away as the Lieutenant stood there with his mouth open and a look of disbelief on his face.
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  23. kl7jw added a post in a topic Dinner Yesterday   

    If I sell the house, I'll move to Soldotna!  ;D  I just put it on there because.  Hey, if somebody wants it I'll sure let it go.  Maybe, just maybe my wife will agree to another move to Alaska.  We've only moved 36 times in the last 46 years!
    John Hart
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  24. akflyer added a post in a topic Dinner Yesterday   

    lol..I took it easy at dinner last night.  It was a balmy 15 with winds 20-58... today is the same but gusting 62.  Another day of sitting in the office watching a whiteout outside.. Phase III emergency travel only an that must be lead by a loader or grader..Real nice out there.

    I see you have the place up for sale.. just changing locations in the area or moving to another state?
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  25. kl7jw added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Dinner Yesterday
    As usual, I ate too damn much of that turkey and cornbread dressing with giblet gravy.  Probably should have gone hunting in AK instead!  Got to get outside, but it is cold here in OK.  It got down to 28 degrees F.:

    John Hart
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