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  1. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Epoxy structures adhesive
    As per title....I do not have this adhesive to glue the ribs to the spars. Where can I get this and what is it called
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  2. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Our Very own AFF Santa   

    Welcome home, Joey.

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  3. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Our Very own AFF Santa   

    Thanks guys! Watching those guys reunite with their families after a year long deployment on Christmas morning was awesome!! I made it home late last night and did Christmas morning with my kids this morning.
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  4. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Main Spar tube thickness?   

    Main spar tubes !!!! And a few other goodies picked up today......4130 sheet stock, kevlar fiber, carbon. Now I can start to build something. The guys at the supply house let me pick through the pile of tubing to get exactly what I wanted.....concentric and not gouged or scratched. Primo tubes for spars. Also picked up a 48" X 96" sheet of 5052 H32 aluminum to make trailing edge with.....the plywood as shipped for the task weighed better than 12 lds. !!! This thing is going on a diet. Now just need to figure out what to make the aileron/flap leading edges of. Steaming the acft. ply I have didn't work out so well....not good enough to use. May have to buy the fiberglass if someone would sell it to me.

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  5. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Repair   


    I did several repasirs to the Aerothane on my Avid; I read and was told that to put on patches you have to get back to the bare fabric. For small patches I just marked out the area I wanted to remove the paint from and took an awl and scribed on the mark with the awl at a 45 degree angle so it gradually wears a cut line throught the paint without damaging the fabric underneath. Then work the tip of the awl between the paint and the fabric and slide it back and forth under the paint to separate it from the fabric. After glueing on the patch I just taped off the patch area to get clean lines and repainted it without trying to blend it back in. I think it is especially hard to blend the over spray in with Aerothane. On larger repair areas I made the paint lines at the edge of fabric tape lines and paint stripe lines and it is very difficult to notice the repairs if you can do that.

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  6. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Our Very own AFF Santa   

    Thanks Joey, and all those with you!
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  7. avidchh added a post in a topic HACman   

    Remember you still need to use the proper jetting for your base altitude or base range of altitude. The 180's that come with the HACman are like the 165's that come with the stock carbs. If you are flying from a higher base altitude than sea level you would need to jet properly for that base altitude or you are too rich at the full rich setting which is essentially the same as having no HACman in place since the valve is closed entirely. Otherwise you would need to lean out with the HACman at your base altitude unless you fly to a lower altitude than your base. That could limit your max altitude. I fly out of 6000 but can fly to an area close by that's just 3000. Most of the time I fly from 6000 up so I jet for about 5600 and that gives me good leaning capability at 13000 in our mountains. If I fly to the lower area I rejet for that flight.
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  8. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Tundra tires   

    He's got the same ones on his plane now. I think he has the 6" Matco wheels (OEM Avid).

    Mark, I don't think he stocks these, but if you let him know you want a set and he will surely get them on the way ASAP...
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  9. Bandit added a post in a topic Tundra tires   

    These tires would fit on the Matco 6" wheels right? If so tell Brett I would be interested. If we could make a deal I could use them this week.
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  10. Bandit added a post in a topic Merry Chrisrmas, Everyone   

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
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  11. horsepower added a post in a topic Our Very own AFF Santa   

    Amen to that,Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
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  12. akflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Our Very own AFF Santa
    Just had to share... Joey (C5engineer) was part of a "Santa" team that brought home a load of our troops from Afghanistan. I cant imagine the happiness he help to bring to so many kids and families today.

    Thanks for all you do Joey, I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!

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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic Merry Chrisrmas, Everyone   

    Merry Christmas!

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  14. Russ. added a post in a topic Merry Chrisrmas, Everyone   

    Right back at you. See you next Oshkosh. Russ.
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  15. efil 01 added a post in a topic Merry Chrisrmas, Everyone   

    :BC: :BC:
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  16. efil 01 added a post in a topic my mod C   

    thanks for your interest

    I ve got the template of both but in wood, so it is near to impossible to send them cross atlantic...but the butt rib on fuselage is the perfect stol template ! you just need to draw the rib tail(going straight line).
    if you go from scratch it is more easy to change from speed to stol. if you want to keep speed tank, you'll have to make a smooth transition on each wing to keep them symetric, especialy on the underside, this is why i reduced the draggy under curveline.
    For the twist, i have the 1"5 of the speed wing.With the half extention, the wing tip is not ending with too much useless twist, and the flap can still the short speed without extention.(if you have them never mounted, they have their spar going far from the tip allowing to make a large round tip. an other note is the location of flapps, they are the same on both airfoil, just the gap between trailing edge on speed is bigger.
    This is experimental, so i can't be sure of succes until flight, but i'm not very afraid of as it is not ending to major aerodynamics changes

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  17. Av8r3400 added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    Merry Chrisrmas, Everyone
    I'd like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    Fly safe, Fly often, Fly anything you can, but most of all, be sure to have a little fun every day.
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  18. wypaul added a post in a topic Rudder Covering   

    Thanks fellas, I have it covered again and it is good this time.
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  19. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Main Spar tube thickness?   

    Here is a pic of my ribs and the flap/aileron rib. Total estimated cord length is 46". There is no rib portion to encapsulate the spar tube at the rear location either. I did not get the fiberglass leading edge material for the flaps or the ailerons...will probably use 1/16" acft ply for that chore....unless I come up with something lighter. I figure I can steam it ,bend over a form and leave it for a few weeks until it takes a set. There are a lot of things I just don't get...OK the wing design is long proven strong and safe....but what if you made aluminum ribs...and faired the wing together using 2024 aluminum sheet for leading edge? Get a bit closer to a production type, lighter structure? I may invest some time in making a set of dies for doing the ribs...if there may be an intrest in this route of construction. This leads me to want to build a fuse jig...if only my job duties did not get in the way of my dreams/hobbies.
    On a side I am really diggin those attatch to make a set soon. Trying hard not to covet. I really appreciate craftsmanship in any part...not many do. I take pride in my work and try to convey that into whatever I make/build. A friend of mine once are only as good as the last job you turned out.... You think that if I use a sponge to apply West epoxy to the ribs to seal them up it would be too heavy? I relish the idea of sealing them up and adding a strength factor. Your thoughts? The stringers are .500" T-6 ally. 2 false between each rib.

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  20. High Country added a post in a topic my mod C   

    Nice work on your wing design, Im very interested as my kit came with parts for the speed wing and i would prefer the stol but going with what fits the budget your design may be just the answer. I have to make most of my ribs from scratch so I was wondering if you happen to have a template for each different rib (stol and speed the way you've done it). also how much twist did you put into your wings? Thanks and keep up the good work

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  21. dholly added a post in a topic Repair   

    Hi Chris, after all the negative comments about the difficulty blending in repairs with Aerothane I am interested to see/hear how you make out. I just did my own first fabric repair HERE using PolyTone and can't say I'm 100% satisfied with the end result. I wish I had heard about that 'back-taping' tip before I started. It is tough when you have no natural tape line and are forced to blend. But then, at some point, I guess you simply have to come to grips with the fact that just about any repair will be evident to some degree. Hope it goes good for you, best of luck.
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  22. dholly added a post in a topic Main Spar tube thickness?   

    The Avid (all models) and the KF1-3 ribs used the oval shaped cutouts. When the KF went to the new Riblett airfoil for models 4-1050 and up, they changed to the truss style cutout. I imagine the increased webbing of the Avid ribs would prove stronger, however, there is a point of weakness in the Avid rib design that the KF 1-3 airfoil resolved (at least in my opinion). In the pics below, note that the Avid HH rib (w/blue tape on capstrip) has a break in the webbing at the rear spar... see how the capstrip rests directly on the spar. The rear spar hole through the KF1-3 rib web is positioned slightly different and allows contiguous web material between the spar and top capstrip. That HAS to be stronger iMO.

    In any event, many folks have been led to believe that the KF1-3 and the Avid HH/STOL ribs are identical but clearly that is not so. While the profile along the top of both ribs is identical from the very front spar cutout to the end of the flaperon hinge tail, the under camber of the lower rib profile is greater by ~1/4" on the Avid airfoil. That, in addition to the different web design, results in a thicker airfoil section at the rear spar fo the KF1-3 airfoil. Note: the Avid A - Mk-IV wing uses (2) wood stringers vs. (1) aluminum stringer for the KF1-3, my Avid+ uses (2) aluminum stringers. The yellow rib is my KF 4-1200 'truss style' rib for comparison. I be very curious to learn see how your RR rib profile compares to the KF1-3 profile if someone near you has one laying around.

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  23. akflyer added a post in a topic EGT Temps   


    Stick with the 26" lightweight ABW. Randy flys the hell out of his avid off airport using them and loves them. 29s are just adding weight and drag and unless you are planning on landing in boulder piles, totally not needed. If I could justfy the cost, I would have a baby bushwheel on the tail on my Avid. I just cant do it, although I do love it on the Pacer. The Matco 8" wide is a great tailwheel and will give you pretty damn good flotation on the beach!

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  24. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Main Spar tube thickness?   

    Mnat thanks ! Will fab up a set soon...good tip on the 1/4 round addition. A length of , say , 24" spread the load well? Nice looking attatch fittings ...will be making a set of these soon. Interesting rib lightening holes in the links....I will post a pick of the rib I have...has more of a trusswork cutout than oval holes though. I would tend to think that the oval hole would stand more compressive loads. Still not too keen on riveting a flattened tube to the spar for a drag tube....still going to make some brackets like the Kitfox uses for this...using the tube as supplied {.500" O.D.}.
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  25. herman pahls added a post in a topic EGT Temps   

    Sorry for the name confusion.
    Tell me everything I need to know about Airstreaks.
    My sons Pacer has 31 Bushwheels and I need help deciding between 26 and 29 Airstreaks.
    I would like to land more of the places he does.
    We live on the Southern Oregon Coast and land on soft sand and rocky gravel bars.
    I fly a 500 pound model 2 Kitfox with a 582.
    I currently have 22 inch ATV tires with 8 inch diameter Matco wheels and Brakes.
    Matco said it was simple to switch to 6 inch wheels for the Airstreaks.
    We know from the Pacer that bigger Bush wheels cost more, weigh more, drag more and help smooth out the gravel bars.
    Tell me about your Avid and your performance experience with the Airstreaks.
    What tailwheel are you using?
    Thanks Herman Pahls 541 404 6464
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