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  1. Willja67 added a post in a topic Not an airplane anymore   

    Well as I've never even flown one i guess there'll be nothing to get used to. 
    Got a little more done tonight. I think it looks like I might be on the right track:

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  2. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    I don't believe there are any drawings available for the flaperons.  Some guys have built them though.  Basicly they are an aluminum tube, foam ribs, aluminum skin, and the flaperon hinges.  JImChuk
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  3. japowell added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    My project did not come with the flaperons so I will need to build those also.  Are there any drawings on file that shows these parts?
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  4. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    The Kitfox 4 and later wing rib is a faster flying wing than the earlier undercambered wings that Avid and Kitfox used.  It also does pretty good for STOL performance, so most would say it's a better design then the earlier one.  Problem is that the flaperons on early wings doesn't match up with the Kitfox later style flaperon.  The Kitfox 4 and later also use aluminum angles riveted to the wing top and bottom to carry the flaperon.  Here is an Avid STOL wing with the Kitfox 4 brackets next to them.  Note the difference in mounting of the flaperon hinges.  The Avid Speed wing rib isn't that bad really, some who have put wing extentions on have liked the results.  Also some have built long wings using the speed wing ribs, and claimed to have a faster wing then the Stol wing with nearly as good of climb.  

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  5. japowell added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    Thanks guys for the info.  What would be the advantage of the Kitfox rib over the Avid rib and which Kitfox rib is best?
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  6. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    One can order new ribs from Kitfox for the 1, 2, or 3 airfoil. I just bought 2 for patterns. Pricy, but available.
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  7. TJay added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    I would build the Kitfox airfoil if I was you.
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  8. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    Is the Grove gear that much ($2500) better than the standard gear?  I know it makes landings smoother and ground handling a little less stressful, but so is shelling out $2500 for just the gear.
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  9. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    On my plane they are square clamping blocks that span the front two "float" mounts.  Nothing special.
    On my friend's C-model/Kitfox hybrid they are also square clamping blocks.  The gear sweeps forward negating the need for the very odd looking mounts shown above.  The current Grove website lists the Mk 4 Avid gear at $2519, complete.
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  10. japowell added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Building New Wings
    After getting the new project home, an Avid mod A, to Ohio, I think I'm going to scrap the old speed wings and build a new set of extended wings. Does anyone have a templet or a tracing of the speed wing ribs that I could borrow or get a copy of? Many thanks for your help.
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  11. dholly added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    A little professional courtesy would go a long ways in DC. And I'm talking the real deal, not that "my good friend on the the other side of the aisle" bullcrap either. Everyone in DC has forgotten the Golden Rule but what about the rest of America?
    [edit] Ok, maybe not 'everyone' in DC. Rep Steve Scalise who was shot during practice for the congressional baseball game penned a good opinion piece about democrat calls for violence HERE
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  12. Snipe added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    In the above 3 photos with gear that’s painted red yellow and black it looks like the brackets for the grove gear are homemade. What material is used cold rolled steel? What thickness would be needed? If I go grove I need to build these brackets.
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  13. nlappos added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    The Grove needs to have the mount shaped carefully. The aluminum beam bends around the upper attach brackets, which are "pillow blocks" that carefully shape the bend as the hard landing is executed, and that bend determines the strength of the gear. When I tried to buy Grove gear they quoted $500 for those aluminum attach brackets (which made the entire gear package almost $3000 (and made it a non-starter).
    If some of those guys who have the gear attach blocks could carefully document the shape, it should be easy to have them machined.
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  14. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Avid Flyer C Model   

    Latches are different, but I believe the door frame is the same from the B model to the MK IV.  JImChuk
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  15. lv2plyguitar added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Avid Flyer C Model
    Good Afternoon,
    I am thinking of buying the bubble doors for my Avid C model and am wondering if the doors are the same as the Mark IV doors.
    Thank You,
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  16. Ramos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    Turbo, dholly, I agree with both of you. At least to the best of my ability. One thing is for sure, I would not enter a vocabulary contest with either one of you!
    Anything taken to the extreme makes balance difficult to impossible to maintain. Seems to me that the rarest commodity in Washington DC (regardless of party) at present is common sense. If there was a modicum of common sense in these people, the vast majority of 'extremism' would cease to exist.
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  17. Ronin added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Project #2!   

    Bump, Still available
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  18. dholly added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    Yes it is telling.
    I do believe true liberals used to be advocates of civil, reasoned debate. John Locke, the father of Liberalism, held that "the right improvement in exercise of our reason... [is] the highest perfection that a man can attain to in this life." and that civility -"that general good will and regard for all people which makes anyone have a care not to show in his carriage any contempt, disrespect, or neglect of them"- was the #1 social virtue.
    In a free society, traditional values at least need debate. But today's il-liberal attitude, even at its most intellectual, is thoughtlessly dismissive toward conservative principles and values as if they don't even deserve an argument. Rather than attempt to win tolerance for their own beliefs, they attempt to squelch legitimate debate and redefine mainstream conservative arguments as extremism, racism or bigotry. This, of course, completely ignores the liberal in true liberalism.
    Our founding fathers found this mentality very dangerous, so much so that Alexander Hamilton addresses it in the very first paragraph of The Federalist Papers [a must read, CLICK HERE]. Our Founders believed that without reflection and reason, politics denegrates into tyranny or mob rule. For them, name calling and dismissing the views of your fellow citizens are the tactics of the mob. Both they and Locke recognized we have profound differences but fellow citizens ALWAYS deserve the presumption of goodwill and good reasons. Do YOU?
    This thread is certainly not intended to paint the GOP or conservatives as the model of good moral or political behavior, but I just don't see their willingness to adopt and incite mob violence as a substitute to civil, reasoned debate. Anyone can speculate why liberals no longer engage in reasoned argument with conservatives, but no one can argue whether democrat culture is getting more violent. It clearly is and, as long as that continues, liberals who remain silent and vote for democrats without reason and reflection are voting to increase the violence IMO.
    Remember, midterm elections are a referendum on the party in power. To throw one side out, you need to throw the other side back in. What is the coherent ideology of the democrat party? Is just being against a person vs. policy results enough?
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  19. klares added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    Hey any updates to your plane?
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  20. sioux201 added a post in a topic Nice October   

    I have a set for sale, wheel penetrating

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  21. 1avidflyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox 2 project on barnstormers
    Just saw this pop up on barnstormers.  JImChuk

     KITFOX 2 • $8,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Almost ready to cover. Workmanship great. Everything included to finish. 1991 NIB Rotax 582 • Contact Jeffrey D. Blanton, Owner - located Valley Center, KS USA • Telephone: 316-253-0650 • Fax: 316-946-4369 • Posted October 11, 2018
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  22. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Nice October   

    Skis are in the hangar.  Hope it's to early for them yet....  Here is how I built mine.  JImChuk

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  23. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Nice October   

    Got the skis ready Jim? I need to buy or make a set...
    Jerome, could you send us some more sunny pics? I forgot what it looks like.
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  24. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Nice October   

    This is what I woke up to this morning.  Wife and I were about 30 miles from home last night visiting grandkids, and ended up driving home in it.  3 or 4" of sloppy, slushy, very slippery snow.  Cars were driving 30 mph.  Made it home fine though.  Snow flakes looked as big as golf balls.  JImChuk

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  25. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Nice October   

    I'm glad someone is getting nice weather.  We have been nothing but cold, rain and misery for the last 6 weeks here...
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