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  1. flywise added a post in a topic Avid C HH wing build 101   

    Hey Wyatt, just get the correct size  Jo can install using a couple wrenches / need for the tool (no space anyhow)
    Hope that helps
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  2. akflyer added a post in a topic Hello from Utah   

    If it is an A model you have a lower gross on it and it would best serve you to keep it LIGHT!  I would be more tempted to throw a 503 on it than a yammy if you want to be able to fly with more than half tanks.  

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  3. Bandit added a post in a topic 503DCDI on a MK4 STOL   

    You are correct,  the Bandit with a 503 might not be a good 2 place airplane.  My Champ is a super airplane to give rides in. Plenty of room, great visibility. Climb out isn't anything to brag about, but it sure is fun to fly.
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  4. 3CW added a post in a topic Avid C HH wing build 101   

    Thank you very much for your reply. I Googled Jo bolts and I guess and would have to buy the whole shebang tool and all for 2 rivets. Did you buy the kit? I saw $490, rivets were about $2.50 apiece.
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  5. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic "Bush Gear"   

    Gosh! What are we going to discuss now?  We can't talk about brakes, bush gears, or plop and drop landings, without offending someone. How about fuzzy little puppies?  Well, everyone I've picked up had fleas.  Meanwhile, I got the fox covered and now the hundred yards of finish tape to go on the fuselage. Except nobody's paying me 7K to cover this one. Talked to a guy down south about a model 1 for a friend of mine. Evidently legal except for expired conditional insp. Ser.# 54 with original covering, drum brakes, and mostly original w/503. Was on the coast so corrosion concerns me on the tubing. About the max price for a model 1, so I recommended a pass on this one. Stored for last 2 years. Some things just aren't adding up for it to be a viable prospect.
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  6. Doublecluch added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Hello from Utah
    Well hello everyone. Jeff here from the great state of Utah . I've been lurking around for some time, doing my best to absorb as much of the wealth of information here as possible. Now that I've signed the paperwork and bill of sale on my new Avid flyer project over the weekend I decided I should sign up and start  an account . Should be delivered sometime this week and I'm super excited. I say project because it's been deregistered (that's going to be fun) for a few years and needs  upgrades like, a transponder, probably a better radio, adjusting the seat so my 6'2 frame can fit, reorganizing the panel, bubble doors, and probably the biggest project removing the 1912 Volkswagen and throwing hopefully hey Yamaha Apex out front. I need some more horsepower for this altitude. Hopefully the little fella can handle it. I believe I'm dealing with an Avid Flyer model A. It's serial number 146. Since this is the introduction I'll be posting all of my questions on other threats. Thanks in advance.
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  7. Pascal added a topic in Avid Model C   

    possible new builder
    Hi all
    I am currently looking at an Avid Heavy Hauler Model C kit purchased in 1990 and almost completely built. however it has been sitting in a basement for the last 20 years in its unfinished state and has been collecting quite some dust over time. So in order to finish it I would probably need to take alot apart just to clean it all out and replace things like 30 year old fuel lines and such.
    I have a few questions to thos of you flying these beautiful little aircrafts. but before i start with my questions, here is why I think the Avid Hauler might be a great Aircraft for me:
    I live in Switzerland and therefore like flying in our Alps. Especially in the winter when the Glaciers are covered in snow i would like to have an airplane with Ski's that can take me to the glaciers for some touch and go's and some landings. I've been doing this so far with a Jodel (100hp, 750kg MOTM and pretty close to MTOM with the skis attached and 2 people inside with full tanks for a day of joy) which i would consider being at the lower end performance wise as it is neither a real STOL airplane nor is it particularily powerful. I think the Avid Hauler with its slow stall speed and light weight might be more ideal for this kind of flying.
    Now here are my questions:
    - the Kit is equipped with a silver head rotax 582 which was purchased together with the kit in 1990 and has run a few times in the meantime.. for as much as I konw about engines, this engine can be considered dead and in need of at least an overhaul probably requirign lots of parts due to corrosion damage. Is it even worth overhauling such an engine or am i better of buying a new one? If new, could I at least keep the gearbox, carbs, starter, oil injection and exhaust from the unused but old engine?
    - is a 582 powerful enough to get the avid up into the alps and take off from snow covered glaciers (with a downhill slope of course) at about 9 to 10k ft?
    - everything except for the later added MK IV cowling is already painted but the paint job is really ugly (looks like a candle, and the color looks more like that of a layer of primer). is it possible to re-paint the aircraft or will I damage the fabric covering for sure when slightly sanding the current paint job for better adhesion? also how much weight would a second paint job add to the airplane?
    - are there any pilots in this forum with a similarly equipped (rotax 582) Hauler who live near or actually in switzerland and would take me up for a test ride so i can get a feeling of what the finished airplane would be like?
    - i am 6ft (1.83m) tall and when i sat into the airplane down in the cellar i noticed that I had about 2-3cm of air over my head. I have to say that the seat cussion was just laying on the bottom of the fuselage, so this is not going to get better when it is properly mounted.. I thought i could maybe form the acrylic glass of the roof section a bit and create two "dents" to add some headroom for the pilot and passenger.. has anybody done something like that before?
    - is there any source to get a set of skis? sadly the current onwer did not order skis with his kit.
    that's about it for now.. i am currently trying to estimate the work and more importantly the funds required to get that avid flying finally.
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  8. Buckchop added a post in a topic Nanco/matco   

    $300 ill box up nice, U pay shippin, total weight is 38lbs without shipping box, from 99725 zip code 
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  9. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic "Bush Gear"   

    Actually, I made mine climbing power poles 60 hrs a week for 30+ years! Plus doing A&P work on the side. So I think I paid my dues to be able to walk down to the barn and go fly. I do enjoy watching the videos, but understand not everybody has the means or ability to do it or even the desire. I don't drink, chase women (wife won't let me) so flying is my escape.
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  10. Matthewtanner added a post in a topic Who has pull start with clutch   

    If you can start your bird from the cockpit I’m impressed. I can only assume my geometry is off, because I have to put chocks behind my tires
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  11. Willja67 added a post in a topic "Bush Gear"   

    Do I detect a massive amount of jealousy?
    I don't know all the back stories of these guys but let's just summarize a couple of the most prominent that I do know a little about and have actually met and talked to:
    Mike Patey, came from a very large relatively poor family. When he and his twin were about 15 they got a business license,  rented their neighbor's tools and started a business building redwood decks for people and continued to be entrepreneurs from there. Mike went to college to get an engineering degree but the pace was too slow for him so he studied on his own. He's built over a dozen planes. Point being he paid his dues. He earned what he has. He put the time in to become the skilled pilot he now is. 
    Trent Palmer:
    As a teenager started filming with a camera rig on a rc helicopter and developed it into the business he now has. Used the skills from his business to become popular on YouTube.  The guy obviously has a work ethic if he can spend 18 hrs a day for a week straight upgrading his plane. Does he have all the knowledge necessary to do everything to his plane that's been done to it? No, but neither did Mike Patey at that age. The guy is obviously a good pilot and has obviously spent time developing that skill. And he seems like a really nice guy. I met him at an airport and he let me sit in his plane to try it on for size.
    As for the other flying cowboys I know less of their backstories but a couple of them were Alaska bush pilots and a few others own their own businesses.
    I get sick of people tearing others down that paid their dues to get where they are. This is America there are opportunities if you want what they have figure out a way to go get it. If I'm not willing to work as hard as Mike Patey or Trent Palmer I don't deserve to have what they have.
    Here is a lecture by Mike's twin brother at a local university. It's a good place to start off you want to follow their path:
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  12. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 503DCDI on a MK4 STOL   

    Just last night I was looking at a video I posted to utube years ago.  My flying partner and I were flying the MK IV with a 582.  He was learning how to fly the plane and we were on skis.  Airspeed was just under 75, and rpm was at 5400 something.  Airspeed was pretty accurate.  That plane weighed 585 lbs empty.  The two of us together had to be all of 400 lbs with the winter clothes and all plus we probably had 10 or 15 gallons of fuel.  Total weight would have been around 1050 or more.  I think between our posts Mark, (bandit) one can get an idea of the difference between the 503 and 582.  Nothing against your plane Mark and I really hope it doesn't come across that way, but if the original poster wants a real life comparison, maybe he just got it.  I get a bit silly at the end.  Maybe it's the joy of realizing I'm still alive!   JImChuk
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  13. Turbo added a post in a topic Who has pull start with clutch   

    I'm a little old guy with the pull starter.  It's not that hard, and I don't have the clutch, although it does tire you out.  Usually, if it doesn't want to start, it's oily plugs.  I passed on the clutch for safety reasons. If the engine stops, a freewheeling prop is very draggy, so your ability to glide to a better landing spot is very limited.  A low-inertia prop is a better answer.  But yeah, gotta chime in with those advocating letting him try it first. 
    Funny, JimChuk, but I find it easier to start seated.  My cord pays out about 8" before engaging the engine.  This is critical to making it easy to do while seated.  Gotta loosen the seatbelt first, though!
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  14. Turbo added a post in a topic Guy Jumps Out Of Kitfox Before It Crashes And Walks Away   

    Ignorance on parade!  It's amazing how little most folks know about airplanes and aviation!
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  15. Bandit added a post in a topic 503DCDI on a MK4 STOL   

    Ground speed is 69mph. Empty weight is around 480lbs. I run my engine pretty hard, below 5900 rpm its  flies a little tail low. When I give rides I run a little below WOT. I like this combination, but I am easy to please. I just learned the characteristics of my airplane and learned to fly it. I don't worry about all the technical stuff. Just like Leni said, I have spent 1100 hrs in the seat so I am comfortable flying the Bandit with a 503 in it.
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  16. Bandit added a post in a topic "Bush Gear"   

    I agree with you Allen. Those flying cowboy dudes egos are as big as their pocket books. They aren't the normal common everyday pilots like 95% of the people on this forum are.
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  17. jackak added a post in a topic Nice Evening of Ice   

    Nice shots Randy. Surprised that there's not more snow there.
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  18. Torch added a post in a topic Avid Airdale with Harley engine on barnstormers   

    I don't mind a V twin between my legs but I have 40 years experience with various models of Harley Davidson engines and I don't see this as anything but a novelty. Would be a dam nice airframe to put a good powerplant on. Did it sell ?
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  19. akflyer added a post in a topic Keep it light hand prop   

    Be careful with Lion.. They tend to explode not just melt down.,  There are much safer technologies out there.

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  20. akflyerbob added a post in a topic Changing or adding your avatar picture   

    Sorry to tell you Jim, but my paypal has been hacked 2 times.
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  21. flywise added a post in a topic Avid C HH wing build 101   

    Hey Wyatt,
    your 'impossible ' rivet install may be solved by installing an aircraft grade Jo bolt. Below you'll find a video to show you how they are installed. The principle is the same as a pop rivet but instead of just pulling a shaft through the rivet body, the Jo Bolt uses a threaded shaft and a disposable nut (breaks when pull pressure is obtained). In the video they show you the install using a tool (no space for you) but I have installed Jo bolts with success using two spanners (one holding the nut and one turning the threaded shaft until it breaks). It is a bit slow to install in a tight place but I am sure it would work on your strut fitting .. The Jo bolts are much stronger than pop rivets.
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  22. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Changing or adding your avatar picture   

    I haven't been able to access my profile for years! 
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  23. Buckchop added a topic in Two Strokes   

    Questions 580?? 582?? 583??
    Not sure if this has been discussed but i didnt have much luck surching, there a guy here has a 1994 mach 1, with what he says is a 580 with rave valves. Then another guy here has a 670 rave valve motor and it has the correct case on mag side  
    Whats is the difference of a sled motor and aircraft motor, ive cn them listed as 580,582,583,670. My son has a buddy with a skidoo 500 with rave valves also and its about the same vintage,  
    so should we b buying up them earlie sled motors that have the right mag side case provisions? Rotax Rick buys 670 sled motors and mods them for aircraft use inside and adds 582 electronics. 
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  24. 3CW added a post in a topic Avid C HH wing build 101   

    Hey guys,
    I was hoping to hear from someone in regard to my questions of applying glue to the stiffeners or not. In my opinion, for what that’s worth, I don’ feel they can move when the strut attachment is riveted. I do have a good snug fit on the inside of the spars. The instructions say nothing about glueing them. Ed did mention it though. Also, I haven’t figured out how to get that rivet under the clip. Can’t get the rivet gun in there to pop the rivet. 
    With the spar attachments clecoed in place, I did go ahead connected the wings to the fuselage. Plumb bobs/string line on the leading edge and triangulation from the tips to the tail prove I got a good result. I did this with the wing tanks in place on a dry fit. When glueing the ribs to the spars the washout was set to 3/4”. It was mentioned that the tanks were made with a twist to allow for washout. They do. At the time, didn’t think it would be a problem, but the spars do have a bind. Not bad, but a bind. The left strut was made at the factory to be adjustable and the right was not. I did modify the right strut to match. The adjustment will hold the bind, but to relieve it somewhat, the washout will increase to a 1 1/4”, the book called for 2”. I am pretty sure I’ll have to modify the jury struts too.
    I’m heading out to clean the fuel tanks with 1 gal acetone:1 gal AV gas. After sloshing it around we’ll leak check and further flush by filling them up with fuel. 
    I would appreciate guidance anyone can offer.

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  25. nlappos added a post in a topic Keep it light hand prop   

    Great words, akflyer. I am waiting for one of us to pack a few Lion cells in a brick for about $50, slap on a monitor board, and create a 4 pound 30 AH battery. Heck, I might try that myself.
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