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  1. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic Subaru Turbo   

    I agree with you 100%.
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  2. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Yamaha Apex Skytrax Adapters   

    An update due here since Teal has now finished extensive ground testing (over the past few months) with this gearbox and now has it off to Steve Henry for flight testing.
    Teal is also accepting deposits on gearboxes and I'll remind him to come in here and post up the details.
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  3. Turbo added a topic in Two Strokes   

    Cross-shaft gearbox leak
    Hi guys,
    My greyhead 582 has begun to leak oil, apparently out of the cross-shaft gearbox, as the level keeps going down in the little reservoir, even with the plane sitting in the garage.  This happens over the course of several days.  I am inclined to continue flying the plane locally, keeping close tabs on the oil level.  Is this a dumb idea?  That gearbox is deep within the engine, and I imagine a near-complete teardown would be required in order to renew the seals.  Ergo question #2:  Who in WA or OR works on these engines?  Not too many snowmachine shops down here, I reckon.  Thanks, Turbo
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  4. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Avid tricycle gear   

    The connection to the rudder is largely to compensate for P factor on takeoff before you lift the nosewheel. The assembly is adequately strong for this purpose. The stock nosewheel assembly is a castering (sp?) type similar in concept to, but looks nothing like the RV style. The centering springs are just to center the wheel during flight and to make sure it is pointed straight for initial touch down of the nose wheel. Most likely the bolt is breaking because you are "turning" the plane on the ground with rudder rather than using differential breaking to turn the plane. 
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  5. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Rotax 582-90 Parts for Sale   

    I 100% agree with Larry.
    Not to trying at all to insult your decision. On the surface it seems like a very good one. Reliable and inexpensive engine on a plane that seems an ideal match. But it isn't. The engine weighs too much for the airframe, and you will need to put weight in the tail to bring it into a nicely flyable CG. Any performance gain you hope you will gain will be lost in excess weight and reduced useful load. The performance of these planes is SUPER weight critical if you desire good short field takeoff and landing performance. 
    A lot of horse power with associated weight may give you a nice flying plane that goes fast and works good for runway to runway flying, but running at or near gross all the time completely spoils what the planes were originally designed to do. Just ask me having completed a trip to Oshkosh and back in my Avid at gross weight! Worked super well but NOT an awesome performer at getting off quick or landing short!
    if you want 80-100 HP Rotax is a great choice but even the Rotax will require a small amount of weight in the tail to bring it into an optimal CG. Rotax 80 HP engines are coming up on the market frequently for GREAT prices. Many are buying them and installing a piston/cylinder kit which boosts the power to over 100 HP while still being able to run regular gas. IMO this is the best 4 cycle option for the larger Avids (MKIV Fat Avid etc)
    if you want four stroke reliability at an optimal weight and balance, and are willing to live with less power HKS is a great choice, but your performance will be a bit less than your 582. More like in between 582 and 503.
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  6. lv2plyguitar added a post in a topic Subaru Turbo   

    In my opinion you can’t have to much power. Don’t know the cost but added power will save you in certain circumstances. 
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  7. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic Bing carb top adjuster/90 degreen tube   

    What was your final solution to you cable issue?
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  8. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic Going through the Bing Carbs   

    What is the power difference between the dual Bing carbs and a two barrel Holley?  I'm sure there has to be a weight difference getting rid of the heavy manifold.
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  9. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic Hirth F30 100 HP   

    I'm sorry I can't help you with your question, but I am curious as to where you are in your build.  I'm hoping it's up and flying and doing great.
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  10. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic U.S. AIRFORCE BIRTHDAY TODAY   

    I know this is a year late, but the birthday of the US Air Force is actually Sep 18, 1947, not the 15th.
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  11. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Rotax 582-90 Parts for Sale   

    I have a friend (non-computer guy) looking for 582 - Avid components.  I will forward you list to him.
    If you've been on the Yahoo forum for a while you know that the VW will be a long, frustrating uphill battle.  I can't name a single successfully flying VW in the Kitfox/Avid community.  I can name several who have tried and either given up and parted out their total project or went with a different engine after much frustration and expense.  
    I wish you luck with it.
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  12. donhallwr added a post in a topic Avid tricycle gear   

    One year and 5 months later and the AN4-32 bolt broke in half.  Evidently I have two choices:  drill a bigger hole and use a bigger bolt (which may take a couple of years to break), or figure out some other way to connect the rudder shaft to my front wheel.  Suggestions?
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  13. C5Engineer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    70” 3-Bladed IVO left hand IFA prop
    70” Ivo ultralight In-Flight adjustable with high pitch blades. Suitable for a 3:1 or 3:47 box. Comes with harness and switch. Also includes 2 spare motors. Only thing needed would be the brushes and one nylon insulator which are available from Ivo for about $25. This prop can also be used as a ground adjustable if you purchase the front hub assembly. Blades are in used but good condition. It is the older style motor assembly and wiring harness but I tested it and cleaned and greased the gears it’s ready to run. Asking $750+ shipping. They are $1600 new. Goes on Barnstormers this weekend I wanted the flaperon guys to have first dibs. 

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  14. C5Engineer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    GSC 3-Bladed Hub (no blades) $100
    GSC 3 Bladed Hub $100 Shipped

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  15. Bartman1959 added a post in a topic Subaru Turbo   

    It's a KF 5 I'm looking at, and already has a Soob in it, and flying.  I'm trying to find out if adding a turbo would be worth the time and money.
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  16. alan von Stark added a post in a topic Tyres for Avid speed wing   

    Thanks guys
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  17. dholly added a post in a topic Just joined the Fat Avid Club   

    Variety is the Spice of Life!
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  18. Gene L added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Rotax 582-90 Parts for Sale
    Hi, Avid and 582 flyers. I’ve been following the Yahoo Avid group for several years but am new to the AvidFoxFlyers website.
    I’ve been flying a 582-90 powered Avid Mark IV Aerobat for a while and have enjoyed the plane greatly, but last year the Rotax suffered an in-flight connecting rod failure with only 200 operating hours on the engine. I’m now replacing that engine with a VW and so have a lot of 2 stroke supplies and 582 parts that I would like to get out of my hangar. I’m asking half or less than the cost of new replacement components.
    The connecting rod failure caused the piston to be slammed back into the lower crankcase so the crankshaft assembly and lower crankcase are un-serviceable but the remaining engine parts are available for repair or replacement. The core engine can be parted out or sold as is.
    Some other components available besides the core engine are magneto end starter and components, HAC module and a Bing 54 carb with the HAC vacuum tap, water temp gauge and sensor, PowerFin 3 blade 68 inch ground adjustable prop, 2 stroke oil, spark plugs, Avid MK IV 582 radiators, engine mounts & injection oil tank, Key West voltage regulator, and other 2 stroke support items.
    Please check the following for a complete list and contact me off forum if interested.
    Gene Letourneau
    Hendersonville, North Carolina
    Avid Mark IV extended span Aerobat, N227TG
    Rotax 582-90 Parts for Sale
    200 hour 582-90 core engine sold as is (un-serviceable upper crankcase and crankshaft), $900
    ignition units
    exhaust with bolt on exhaust clamps,
    carbs with spare jet needles and needle jets and various main jets,
    thermostat with gasket and bent cooling outlet
    Other Components
                  Avid Flyer injection oil reservoir, $5
                  Avid Flyer Mark IV radiators with radiator cap assembly & overflow bottle, $160
    Avid Flyer 582 old style engine mount, $50
    Avid Flyer 582 dyna-smooth engine mount, $50
    PowerFin Model F, 3 blade 68 inch ground adjustable prop, $600
    3:1 Type C gear box, $250 - SOLD
    Magneto end starter, cover, gear, adapter, damper & starter relay, $900
    Mikuni dual output pulse fuel pump and rebuild kit, $25
    Key West voltage regulator, $35
    Bing 54 carburetor with vacuum tap for HAC, $200
    HAC automatic mixture control module $30
    Westach water temperature gauge & sensor, $50
    K&N air filter clean & oil kit, $10
    Eight BR8ES & four BR8EV spark plugs, $30
    Quaker State/Pennzoil 2 stroke oil – Forty 8 oz bottles, $40
    5 position ACS ignition switch, $50
    Kwik Tune tool, $5
    582 tool bag, $5
    Two primers, $10 for both
    Core engine components, if parted out
    Water pump, $100
    RV oil tank & cap, $35
    Oil injection pump, $100
    Two Bing 54 carburetors with spare jet needles and needle jets and various main jets, $200 each
    Two Ducati ignition modules, $150 each
    Thermostat & gasket, $60
    Right angle cooling outlet, $25
    Cylinder head, Mod 90, $400
    Two cylinders with sleeves, $500 each
    Rotary valve, shaft & gear, $150
    Rotary valve cover, $170
    Oil pump gear and mounting flange, $100
    Magneto/generator flywheel, stator plate, coil, $650
    Ignition pickup, $70 each
    Exhaust – muffler, connecting elbow, manifold with bolt on exhaust clamps, $450
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  19. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Just joined the Fat Avid Club   

    I ended up changing out the small Rotax oil cooler with a larger Setrab oil cooler and it reduced oil temps to those specified by Rotax. I did this right before flying the Fat Avid to Oshlosh. We flew in some pretty brutally hot temps out there and oil temp remained within spec.
    It was a hectic few days before leaving for Oshkosh that I did not know if I was going to be able to go or not, but in the end I decided to just head that direction and see how it went and the Fat Avid got me there and back!
    I'm not going to call the Fat Avid finished quite yet, but since it made the flight from Washington to Oshkosh and back without incident, I can call the build a success.
    I think I will slow down on the Fat Avid and just fly and maintain it for a while and start working on the Magnum project.
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  20. flywise added a post in a topic Kitfox Highwing gear on an Avid???   

    I have installed a G-meter in my Catalina...and a usual soft / good landing on a hard runway shows 1.3-1.5 G (remember there is NO shock absorption on the Cat besides the tires).
    A hard/bad landing will show about 1.9- 2.1 G's
    Hope that helps a bit..
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  21. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Subaru Turbo   

    Not a sales pitch here, but the Yamaha comes in at about 30- 40 lbs less than a Soob... with 130-150 HP.
    Lotta work to do a custom install, but one fella out there provides a semi complete FWF package for Kitfox.  With a motor and all costs taliied up you'd be looking at right about $10k.
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  22. nlappos added a post in a topic Tyres for Avid speed wing   

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  23. nlappos added a post in a topic Kitfox Highwing gear on an Avid???   

    Yes, the 600 is half of 1200, because there are two gear! My MGW is 1150 but I rounded up.
    I agree, you have to work the bungee spring rate which is hard, because it is all scrunched up in there and probably not linear at all. The rest of the Avid geometry is easy to analyze. I bet the bungee gear is dandy at this too, it is just a bit too narrow and therefore not as stable on the ground.
    4 g's is a pretty hard whack, and involves 12 feet per second landing sink rate, which is 50% higher than Cessnas have to meet. I have hit the ground at 4 g's in experimental helicopters, it is not easily forgotten! 
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  24. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic Subaru Turbo   

    What model Kitfox?  A Subaru is heavy enough.  Adding a turbo to an early plane could mean adding ballast to the tail.
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  25. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox Highwing gear on an Avid???   

    Thanks for the info Nick.  Just one question though.  If I'm reading this right, in the upper left corner of your drawing, you show weight at 600 #   My plane weighs right at 600 lbs.  Of course when I add fuel and my fat butt, it goes up from there.  Add someone else, and we will get up to a maximum of 1150 gross weight.  But then I got thinking, well there are two landing gear, if each one does 1/2 the weight, that's close to the 600lb you mention.  I'm confused.  Just for comparison, it would be interesting to see the numbers on a bungee gear.  I'm imagining that would have to involve real drop tests though, cause how else could one accurately  figure the stretch and movement  in the bungees.  Thanks for getting my brain working (or at least moving) this morning.  :-)  I wonder how close some of my landings come to that 3.8 Gs you show???   I never set the ELT off anyway.  Well not lately anyway..... JImChuk
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