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  1. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Flaps   

    There should be a piece of leather between the two plates on the flap lever and where it attaches.  Tighten up the bolt that holds it all together, until it stays in place while in flight, but is still able to be moved.  Some guys have notches, but I never found it was needed.  JImChuk
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  2. Avidharleyflyer added a post in a topic Flaps   

    Full flaps

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  3. Avidharleyflyer added a post in a topic Flaps   

    No flaps
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  4. Avidharleyflyer added a post in a topic Flaps   

    no flaps
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  5. Avidharleyflyer added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Does anyone have pics of their flap lever and are there any notches or some way of “setting and forgetting “? My flaps don’t have any way of staying where i set them.... so im landing with full flaps with the flap lever behind my right knee trying to hold it there while working the peddles. There’s got to be a better way. Pics to follow when i get to the airport 
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  6. Avidbayoufox added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Kit fox raven clone
    Hi i have a raven clone its 450 empty 850 loaded wondering if anyone can give me some info on what prop would work best 1835 hapi vw 60 hp front drive told it has to be a wood prop dew to engine pulsations so that it would not break the crank any info would help thanks 
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  7. lv2plyguitar added a post in a topic Where did you fly today?   

    Very cool.  Switching to lotus floats after this weekend.
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  8. saskavid added a post in a topic need advice   

    Well if this is all you are getting for pressure and holding sounds like air or maybe the caliper is binding on the guides, or both. does the plane have the E style parrelogram brakes or the earlier ones? A lot of guys are filling their brakes from the bottom up thru the bleed screw using a piece of tight fitting rubber hose and a veteranarian srynge to make sure all the air gets out.
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  9. flattie45 added a post in a topic Where did you fly today?   

    On the 2nd I finally had the floats back on, and so on the 3rd I was up in the Kenai mountains.
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  10. biplanejocky added a post in a topic New Kitfox owner from Colorado   

    Good morning. I'm glad to see another Kitfox/Avid owner in the Denver area. I live in Aurora, CO and have an Avid Mk IV out at Front Range Airport. Let's connect.
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  11. zdf182 added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    New Kitfox owner from Colorado
    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.  I bought Jim Chuk's Kitfox 1.  Thanks Jim for a great experience,  your a class act!  I'm sure I will have lots of questions and this looks like a good place for answers.  If anyone lives near the Denver, CO area it would be nice to network with some Avid/Kitfox owners.  Also I am working on a roughly 1400 ft. dirt/grass strip on my property if anyone has suggestions on good grass for it or would like to come shoot some landings when its smooth let me know.
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  12. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    Hey JIm
    Sent you a PM, don't know if you got it. My shipper says $45. Would make it $95 total. Please let me know.
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  13. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic need advice   

    Don't know what to tell you on the brakes, I think you are right about smaller cylinders giving more pressure.  More travel on the pedal also, but it's really a matter of leverage.  I'm picking up a Kitfox 3 project on Friday that has a new mount for the 582.  I'm sure it's the same as would go on a Kitfox 4.  I won't be using the 582 so the mount will probably go up for sale.  JImChuk
    PS  If you look at the engine in the picture I posted, you see the mounting locations for your new style of mount on the sides of the engine directly below the ends of the exhaust manifold.  I sure wouldn't go drilling any holes in the engine without having the mount right there with me.  I can't imagine that the holes are in the wrong spot, unless someone built the mount wrong.  Was the mount made by Kitfox?  I'm sure they know what they were doing.

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  14. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    sorry for the late reply... I cant hold the plane with the brakes above about 3000 rpm even with dual calipers on each wheel . I installed a pressure guage on the wheel cylinder and I am only seeing 220psi if I stand on the brake pedal really hard.... I talked to matco engineering and he said the brake pedal geometry is wrong, however looking at my brake pedals, they are stock kitfox IV pedals and I dont see how to get any more mechanical advantage.....A small master cylinder might make more pressure....Im stummped for now....
    I removed my 503 rotax and am trying to install a blue head 582 new engine... I have a different mount coming that has two vertical rails on each side and 4 small aluminum brakets that bolt on the corners of the engine...even that Im running into problems.. I have 3 of the mounts on but the left front side of the engine has one 8mmx1.5mm bolt and one hole is smaller and off center . I know I have to drill and tap and new hole and I am guessing with the mount so it is horizontal and vertical with teh engine....the new hole would be right next to the smaller hole but if I use that the mount bracket will be crooked.....
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  15. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    I called him today, but had to leave a message as no one answered.  I should have tried a bit earlier this evening as well, but now it's probably getting to late.  JImChuk
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  16. alan von Stark added a post in a topic Overheat on grey top 582 Avid C Type speed wing   

    Thanks Nlappos that looks much nicer than whats slung behind the Type C speed wing
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  17. nlappos added a post in a topic Overheat on grey top 582 Avid C Type speed wing   

    I just upgraded to Rotax 670 and added a belly radiator. I used an older kitfox one that Edmo sent me, they also sell them on ebay. I ran two U-bolts thru the floor that circled the two diagonal steel members that go from the center of the pedal area out and back to the outer frame. You can see one of them peeking out in the photo. I used a 1.5" x 3" aluminum box, as a mount, cut away to lighten it but also to get access to the bolts. The hose is 1' ID high temp silicone form Amazon, really flexible. It needs to be 2" lower, doing that this week.

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  18. akflyer added a post in a topic Scouting new Sheep Hunting Spot   

    Me has a very good idea of where you are but I will never tell.  I am too darn fat to be climbing mountains!  You have your work cut out for you mr.  As always, awesome pics Randy!!

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  19. NorthIdahoAvidflyer added a post in a topic Scouting new Sheep Hunting Spot   

    Amazing!! I hope you don't mind me stealing one of those pictures for my work computer
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  20. akflyer added a post in a topic Avid Meetin Germany 2018   

    Very cool!  Its all about getting together with friends. 

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  21. akflyer added a post in a topic Couple Kitfox for sale in AK   

    A bit high on the price for what he has....
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  22. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Overheat on grey top 582 Avid C Type speed wing   

    I don't think that piece of piece of fin tube radiation will do very much.  It's used in hot water house heating systems.  But then I've been wrong before.  The Kitfox belly radiator will cool the 100 HP 912 engines by itself.  JImChuk
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  23. Elkonastick added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Couple Kitfox for sale in AK
    My buddy sent me this.
    There on a Facebook page. Motorcycle's ~ ATV's and More.   In Soldotna
    Motorcycle's ~ ATV's and More, Soldotna - Facebook Search.url
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  24. alan von Stark added a post in a topic Overheat on grey top 582 Avid C Type speed wing   

    Thanks AKflyer I'm beginning to think along those lines myself.
    I'm wondering if a small additional belly radiator might help and what what would be the problems involved with doing that?
    There is a kind of belly radiator which is a copper tube with some ally fins stuck to it which all looks a bit questionable and the air intake hole looks very small to me especially when the carbs are sucking from the same source. The radiator just looks too small and the space behind it seems to be way to close to the firewall for the hot air that's passed through the radiator to exit efficiently .
    I'm considering cleaning up the radiator air exit space by adding a few curves and maybe cutting an air inlet slit in the side of the cowling to better direct the air into the radiator.
    There must have been a few guys who have been there before done that and got the tee shirt and if they have been able to make it work without changing to the MKIV cowlings and radiators I'd like to try that first.
    It makes me wonder how such a set up was passed in the first place on what to me seems to be and incredibly well designed and aircraft.
    But hey I've made a few boo boos and mistakes as well in my time

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  25. PW_SD added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    We are pulling for you, Ed! 
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