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  1. Av8r3400 added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    Since everyone is sending money, I sent you a bill for the Mangy to grace your website.
    I don't want you getting a big head about this...
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  2. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Nice work!
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  3. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

    Thanks for all the replies so far! I'm hoping for the 550 range but I think that's pretty optimistic.
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  4. C5Engineer added a post in a topic LEAF Shipping Cost   

    We went through this California Power Systems a while back and the owner got involved and listened to our concerns. Their shipping prices and packing techniques were outrageous. They are now one in the same with Aircraft Spruce. I have gotten my last few orders from the Corona Spruce facility in 2-3 days with USPS first class shipping that came in at under $5.
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  5. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid on Barnstormers   

    Revmaster dry weight: 170 lbs (probably does not include exhaust) .  
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  6. Brodstol added a post in a topic LEAF Shipping Cost   

    Just checked California Power Sports and now this is more like it...

    Leading Edge has the best prices it seems from CPS and Lockwood at least for my 582 goodies but I think I'm losing out on any savings and then some if I have to pay premium UPS shipping costs.
    Sorry for the rant, it just really shocked me when I got the invoice with my shipment today.
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  7. NorthIdahoAvidflyer added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Looks great Mark!  Keep up the good work. 
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  8. neflyer15 added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Ribs, ribs, and more ribs! STOL and speedwing ribs are complete and spars are on the way. Wing kits and piece parts will be available soon. Flaperons are in progress this week and next.
    Feel free to email if interested in ordering parts.
    Keep warm, fly safe, and have fun!

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  9. Brodstol added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    LEAF Shipping Cost
    So I ordered some gaskets and small parts from Leading Edge Airfoils which weighed less than two pounds which was shipped in a box the size of a shoe box. I was charged $25 for shipping and handling using UPS! What's worse is that they don't give any quote/estimate of how much shipping will cost. Anybody find a way around this? They give USPS as an option but I didn't choose it since it seemed like there'd be hidden fees in using something other than their "preferred" shipper. I love their website and selection but man I'll have to look elsewhere if this is unavoidable.
    For reference here's what they say on the website:
    DELIVERY (STANDARD GROUND): Most orders are shipped UPS Ground and require a street address and a daytime phone number, unless it is more economical to ship USPS. Delivery of items in stock normally takes three to five business days. Shipping costs for orders are calculated using actual UPS shipping charges, plus a $3.00 handling fee per order. An additional $10.50 fee applies to propellers and oversized shipments. Please note the maximum weight per package for UPS destinations is 150 lbs. Maximum size is 165" length and girth combined (once down and once around the package). Oversize designations are given for packages with combined length and girth exceeding 84" (and less than 30 lbs.) and also 108" (and less than 70 lbs.). There are additional charges for Oversize packages. UPS also charges a $10.50 handling fee for packages measuring over 60" in length. Propellers typically incur the $10.50handling fee.
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic Seat construction   

    A lot of supercub seats in alaska have that  added. with long range tanks ina cub yuou canstay up for  6-8 hours non stop and so the flared sides and higher bak on the seat help.
    Still after 2 hours in a supper cub I always wanted to roll inverted and hang by the straps for a while....!!
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  11. Bandit added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  12. Barry Cole added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Left wing finished! Ready for fabric. Now I will be doing the same process on the right wing, but making faster progress using some quicker processes that worked well on the other wing.


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  13. Neloner added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  14. EDMO added a post in a topic 912s for sale in england   

    Wondering if someone in UK might have a database of stolen serial numbers?   EDMO
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  15. Jenki added a post in a topic Avif vs. KitFox actual versions comparison   

    Thank you very much for such quick answers.
    Well, this is technical part. What I understand is that Kitfox was aiming to higher performance based on bigger aircraft, higher gross weight. But step by step Avid went to the similar way as well.
    Now, what are differences regarding performance, handling etc.
    Sorry that I am asking to much questions but is better to ask to have more clear picture. And here I can find really huge number of experienced pilots and builders.
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  16. Richard Smith added a post in a topic 912s for sale in england   

    There have been a lot of rotax engine stolen in the UK so just be very careful 
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  17. marksires added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  18. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 912s for sale in england   

    I guess there is a chance they are legit, if you knew someone over there who you trusted to handle the money, shipping, and have a look at them, maybe.  But I would be scared of anything.  Although, I once sent a guy 2000 miles away that I had never dealt with $8000 for an engine, and it all worked out good.  You pay your dues and takes your chances...... JImChuk
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  19. EDMO added a post in a topic 912s for sale in england   

    I haven't checked out the ads you mentioned, but there should be hundreds of military, used, "run out", 912 engines.  I think they were used in drones - some drones were used for target practice.  Maybe used in other Countries too?  Could be timed out or from wrecks?  One guy in Front Royal, Virginia was selling one that was probably military surplus "never flown" but maybe used in test bed.   I think that some of the early ones now have expensive ADs too.  I am probably the most uninformed about Rotax engines, but Buyer Beware!   EDMO
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  20. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    912s for sale in england
    Check these out... craigslist London and Craigslist Aberdeen. Type in "rotax 582" or just Rotax
    There are a couple of nice looking 582s and some 912s it a scam??? More likely these are salvage engines from wrecks....prices are too bad but not sure if you pay duty  on shipping them to the states....the seller offered FEDEX shipping which is good....take a look and post back what you think... blue head 582 are hard to find in the US it seems...
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  21. efil 01 added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  22. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina engine replacement   

    As it stands now, I have two a new 912 ULS engine at the canadian dealer (very expensive and they would only give me peanuts for my engine) or go to and they would go over my engine, install new cylinders (100Hp bore) pistons, a high performance camshaft and a fuel injection, and gear the engine from 2.27 to 2.47. giving me better than 100 HP, lighter weight (-8Lbs) and a thoroughly checked through engine..
    Problem with all the official rotax dealers, they refuse to install or warrant the high compression Xtra pistons. So if I have my engine gone through them it would come out as a 80Hp 912 and nothing else......
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  23. jared payne added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  24. EDMO added a post in a topic Very cool Tool mat   

    Rubbermaid will.   I should have said that instead of plastic.   EDMO
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  25. LSaupe added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

    535 lbs
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