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  1. 1Aviator added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Rotax oil pump
    Hi guys I was hoping that someone could help me determine what the top hose bib goes to. I'm new to Rotax and have read everything I can get my hands on and can't seem to find an answer. Thanks
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  2. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 for sale on Barnstormers   

    Ya, almost as good as that Kitfox 1 I listed.  It's only 300 miles from me as well.  JImChuk
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  3. nemesisnxt added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 for sale on Barnstormers   

    Wow, what a sweet deal.  
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  4. nlappos added a post in a topic VGs/ uncambered airfoils and drag   

    Nice! And I love the music!
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  5. nlappos added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    TJay, yes without cowlings a Jabiru will overheat because it is air cooled and the cowls guide the air over the cooling fins. A Rotax 2 stroke is water cooled, a whole different beast. 
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  6. james miller added a post in a topic avid mk iv tricycle and taildragger for sale   

    Thanks for all the phone calls, but now the bird has been sold.
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  7. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 for sale   

    Not sure how much of an expert I am, but thanks for the compliment.  Was just going to add some more info to the add that I forgot to mention.  Gross weight on this Kitfox 1 is 950 lb.  Empty weight is 494.  Bit over 450 useable load.  Also,  one 6 gallon wing tank, and 9 gallon header tank.  Oil injection, oil tank holds about 4 quarts.  Hydraulic brakes.  JImChuk
    PS  annual conditional inspection it good till Sept 1.  
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  8. akflyer added a post in a topic Wing Testing   

    The skyfox (as noted in your attachment) and other knock offs should not be a direct comparison to the Avid or Kitfox.  There were lots of companies popping up to try and grab a piece of the homebuilt pie, and many were not any type of engineers, just guys welding sticks together trying to make a cheaper copy of an existing design.  Think of modern day cheap Chinese knock offs. 
    Kitfox still uses the .062" spars on the latest models with higher gross weights.
    The wood spar stiffeners are indeed spar stiffeners, however, I guess by definition they are also "anti wrinkle devices".
    The VNE change was not just about the counterweights.  The counterweights were after a Boeing engineer did some square rooting and thought that a flutter under certain conditions could develop.

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  9. 1avidflyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox 4 for sale on Barnstormers
    Just saw this on barnstormers.  If Kitfox made them now, this would be probably 3 times as much in cost from them.  JImChuk
    KITFOX CLASSIC 4 1200 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • Firewall back. Yellow powder coat. Never started. Asking 7500 u.s. 1-807-708-2552 Nipigon, Ont. • Contact Shayne W. Copp, Owner - located Nipigon, ON Canada • Telephone: 807-708-2552 . 807-887-2431
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic Wing Testing   

    The early kitfoxs and probably avids had small diameter struts and most important, the carry thru tube in the lower fuselage is what the lower lift strut attachs to and one failed in Australia. There is a CAA AD to check this area for cracks.... This is one reason the GW is lower on early models.
    The second is the tubular spars are .062" wall thickness and the later models its is .083"  I think or close to that...
    Also there is a theory out there that at high speeds with the undercambered wing, the is a downward force on the front lift struts and if you get in turblence, the jury stuts can buckle and then the lift strut buckles and your done.... so Id fly very conservativly with an early model plane.
    THe VNe speed was changed a little when you added the flaperon balance weights on to keep from flutter.....
    F2006B04824 (1).pdf
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  11. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    VGs/ uncambered airfoils and drag
    Here is an interesting video circa 1938 about flat , uncambered and streamlined air foils. IF you look at the flat or undercambered airfoil, at high angle of attack the airflow seperated pretty far forward on the wing. This is why it is important to get the VGs up front, if too far back they are in "dead" air and cant do any good. I think Trent said 4% of the airfoil which I think is only 2" aft of the wing leading edge...
    Also the undercambered airfoil has more drag than most airfoil even at 0 angle of attack. I guess they work on really slow very low powered airplanes but as kitfoxs amd avids got bigger and bigger engines, it reared its ugly head as a drag producer... one last thing and I am not sure it is talked about here but thin undercamberd airfoils can exhibit nasty stall characteristics without any aerodynamic fact I have read lots of accident reports , "I was in a 45 degree bank at 50 mph with 2 on board and it stalled"
    ANyway I thought the video was of interest to all here. IT also shows how slats work...
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  12. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 for sale   

    10 years ago when I bought my Kitfox 2, it was a "barn find".  I thought I was doing well buying it at $10,300.
    But, as in most project planes and those that have been sitting in the barn, there were "plenty too many" little issues that needed attention!
    So to anyone out there who is shopping like I was back then... for a plane like this, all I can say is:
    I wish I would have waited and bought a fully gone through "turn key and fly me" plane like this from an expert like Jim!!
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  13. 1avidflyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox 1 for sale
    Hi all,  Finally getting around to listing my Kitfox 1 for sale.  582 gray head, B gear box, 2 blade Warp drive taper tip prop.  Total time on aircraft is 375.  Engine was gone through at a local shop I've used on 8 or 9 engines before this one about 15 hrs ago.  I got this as a project, you can read about my posts about it here.  If you do a search of my name on youtube, you can see other videos of it as well.  $10,500.  Can probably add a trailer into the mix for a bit more. It is in annual till August 1 if my memory is correct.   I'm in northern Mn.  Listing it here first, then other places later on if need be.  218-two five four-24 zero four.   JImChuk  
    PS  conditional inspection is good till Sept. 1


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  14. Richard Smith added a post in a topic Wing tanks Avid flyer   

    I have full sized aluminium wing tank and all the cad drawings to go with it as we had to get it approved in the UK and it's been in my avid for many years now without any leaks 
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  15. TJay added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    There is no question about it if you want to run any sort of cooling devices under the cowl you need to have the cowl installed or you will hit the red line soon. My Jabiru uses cooling ducts to cool the heads. I tried to run it with the cowl off thinking the air from the prop would cool that engine. Ha Not a chance with in 5 minutes My head temps were close to red line. Installed the cowl and they stay nice and cool.
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  16. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Size of bolts for flaperon hanger   

    Yes sir, 5/8" is what I measured as needing. Thanks!
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  17. Elkonastick added a post in a topic So. Oregon   

    Thank you gentlemen, now if I can keep from bending it while training!
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  18. nlappos added a post in a topic Size of bolts for flaperon hanger   

    Nope, those are R9, and that is the too-short bolt. I had the same gig on an annual 2 years ago and ordered the R10 from Aircraft Spruce, so the nice to have 2 threads will show. The R9 is 9/16" long the R10 is 5/8". I bought 22 of the AN526-632R10 and became a happy camper.
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  19. nlappos added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    Serious ground runs today, and I installed the belly radiator that has been on my hangar shelf for 2 years. Yesterday I went to over temp 180 degrees in about 5 to 6 minutes of ground run (OAT 87 degrees, cowlings off). With the belly radiator I ran for 20 minutes today and the temp stabilized after about 12 minutes at 165 or so.
    To support the radiator, I used 2 U-Bolts thru the cockpit floor, hooking over the diagonals that go from the center aft to the sidewall. I put the bolt thru the plywood, below the carpet where it didn't interfere at all. I used a cut-away rectangular channel mounted to the U-bolts, and then bolted the radiator to the channel. The channel is about 2" in depth, pulling the radiator down a bit for cleaner air (yes, and more drag). Silicon tubing connected the radiator to the pump output, and the return goes to the right nose radiator.
    I set the warp drive to 15 degrees of pitch at the tip, and today ran to full throttle in the chocks, and got 5970 RPM, which is close enough for me to take it to flight. EGT and fuel flow are working fine, so I should get good performance data for the group.High speed taxi tomorrow, if the winds behave.

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  20. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Central California Strip Flying   

    Thanks Owen! I’m in no way wanting to hoard the strips to ourselves. I’ll gladly lead anyone around our West circuit. The issue arises when  someone we’ve never met sees this, decides to go, has a run in with the land owner or worse an incident and then the land owner cuts us all off. I’ve seen it too many times. When are we going flying? 
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  21. Osprey220 added a post in a topic Central California Strip Flying   

    OK Joey - Sorry.    
    I'll go back and pull the coordinates.
    Kind of a shame.
    In New Zealand almost all the flying is strip flying and pilots crowd sourced a great collection of strip coordinates on an online map to increase everyones safety, enjoyment and grow the community.
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  22. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    Glad to hear from you Ed!  
    x 3 what Ramos said too!  Throw a post occasionally with the little wise cracks....always fun to read.            Wishing You The Very Best  Randy 
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  23. Avid Randy added a post in a topic So. Oregon   

    Good looking Bird!  And Good looking Engine!  Wish I had that one!  Maybe someday....
    Have Fun Training in it!  I'm sure your going to Enjoy it....... especially since it yours!  Motivation is a big factor and I believe you just Acquired it!  Cheers Randy 
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  24. akflyer added a post in a topic Well I'm back..... Video shows importance of pre flights   

    With all the cameras out now that you can pick up for around 20 bucks its beyond me why everyone does not have one in the tool box.  Pulling the springs and popping the elbow out will save you from having to pull the manifold and you can get a good look at the piston running the camera into the y pipe. 
    I picked up one that uses wifi to the phone and the picture and video quality really surprised me.  Run it down the plug holes as well to look at the cylinder walls.  I can see it fine on my phone, but going wifi to the laptop and having the big screen is much easier on the eyes.

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  25. Avid90 added a post in a topic Wing tanks Avid flyer   

    Stephen, PM me your address.  I'll send you a tracing of the Avid aluminum tank I have (6 gallon).
    Charlie S.
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