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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    Grove gets theirs from Matco.  So does Rans.  I talked with the folks at Matco today about the axles.  Of course, they don't make the various axle sizes with the same bolt pattern so little adapter plates would be needed for anyone wanting the bolt on 3/4" axles.  Can use the same bolt pattern for 1.25" and 1.5"
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  2. EDMO added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    Grove makes several sizes of bolt-on axles with different bolt patterns too - Not to mention that there are used Cessna, Piper and other bolt-on axles you can use with their wheels or others.  I totally agree that the original 3/4" axles are not going to last if you are heavy and bumping rocks, etc.  Isn't that is what Bush Gear is for?
    BTW:  I have some new Kitfox 3/4" axles if someone needs them - may have a set of Cessna or Piper axles too - forget what size.   Check Kitfox prices and send me a PM.   EDMO
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  3. Neloner added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Hmmm, cant seem to find a schematic, I know Ive seen one somewhere. Guess ill crawl behind the panel and have a looksie. Hoping its a gauge issue and not a generator issue!
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  4. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Icom A-5 Error message   

    Thanks Nick. The A5/A23 and newer used the clone method to transfer info. 
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  5. Barry Cole added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Yes, I ended up with 8 inspection rings.  Thanks for that good advise!!
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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Everything on my bird goes through the amp gauge so I know how much juice everything is pulling and it also shows when charging or a flashing light if its discharging.  Its an EI gauge of ? ?  vintage.  It is heavy though and will get tossed soon and replaced with something much newer and lighter.

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  7. marcusofcotton added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Maybe... it depends on how it is wired. Most cars for instance, will only tell you the amount of current going into or from the battery. The devices that are running will not register. I've seen airplanes with the ampere gauges wired like flywise says and I've seen them like most cars have. As Chris  stated, one really needs to have a schematic to know what it should be reading. But it definitely should be reading. :-)
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  8. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    Dude...The amount of (quality) work you are getting done and the speed you are doing it amazes me. I am jealous. Your shop isn't bad either :-)
    BTW, how difficult was it to remove your spar stiffeners? I'm about to tackle that on my plane. I want to replace the existing stiffeners with longer to hopefully reduce wing flex.
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  9. akflyer added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    One other thought.  Put on more inspection rings at potential places you will have to get to.  Pitot tube, strut brackets etc.  Don't cut them out till you need to get in there (at some point you will) but now is the time to put the rings on really easy at opposed to doing them later when its all nice paint and you have to get in there for some reason (joey is not the first person to blow the line off the pitot tube connection in the wing)  I think I ended up with 9 ring locations on each of my wings so I could get in and inspect things in the future if needed.  Another place to think about putting them in is where the drag tubes attach to spars.  The bent and flattened tubes have a known history of cracking and breaking so being able to get in there to look or possibly repair is kind of nice.

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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    Looking good.  I do have one thought though.  With the sticks being straight I don't think you will be able to get full deflection on the roll especially if you have a passenger.  They are curved and offset for a pretty good reason.  I do have a spare stick and a tubing bender that will bend them without deforming the tube so I could make a couple sticks for you if you would like.  I would hate to see a lot of work go down the shitter and you get hurt because you could not get your leg out of the way to give full input on short final and a gusty cross wind.  Mine only had 1 stick when I got it and I tried using a straight stick on the passenger side so my son could fly... that lasted about 1 minute into the flight and I pulled the pin and the stick.
    That leads me to thought #2 on the passenger stick using a quick pin to hold it in will make it really easy to the passenger to get in and out and put the stick in place once in the seat.  Or if its a larger person with meaty thighs you can pull the stick and shove it under the seat.
    I am very interested in how it performs with that engine as well.  Akflyerbob has one being rebuilt at the factory right now to put in his Mod II KF.  I am hoping it perfroms like I think it will!
    Keep at it, you are getting close to getting her in the air.

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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    For that matter... for the guys that have 3/4" axles on the tube gear now it would be easy to put a flat plate on the end of your 3/4" axle you have now then bolt the new larger axles onto that plate.  A gusset or two and your in business pretty darn cheap.  The new gear would already come out with the plate welded in place so you could choose what size axle you want to bolt on.

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  12. akflyer added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    And more thought goes into the gear design. 
    While perusing parts on Aircraft Spruce I saw all the bolt on axles that Matco makes.  It would take a ton of jig work out of the equation if I built the gear to accept these bolt on axles then you can easily decide what wheels and axles you want to use.  1.25", 1.5" or .75".  For guys that want to go with big tires and are not wanting to be replacing axles all the time you can pick up a set of used clevelands or even new Matco wheels pretty cheap and have a complete bolt on upgrade for better braking power and axles that don't bend.
    Your thoughts?

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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Hey Neloner,
    With your master switch OFF you should see the needle on the zero mark.
    when you switch your master ON you should read a discharge on your gauge (needle showing about 2 amps left of zero). As soon as you have started your engine your needle should go to the positive charge side (right side of zero) and recharge your battery + feed the electric consumers. You will have a higher reading just after starting and when your battery has fully recovered, your reading is going to show the actual electric consumption of the different consumers you have switched on.
    If your alternator or regulator fails you will read a negative value (left of zero) even with engine running.
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  14. Chris Bolkan added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Can you post the electrical schematic or go in and trace it out and post? Impossible to figure out anything without knowing how it is wired. beautiful panel by the way!
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  15. Neloner added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Amperage reading- 912
    Ok, so my electrical skills are probably my achilles heel of wrenching on planes. Have a 912ULS in the plane, runs great, but I have no reading on my amperage gauge when its running, or ever for that matter. Needle does not move. All the connections on the rear of the gauge are made and it lights up with the panes. What readings should it be showing when running or not running with the master on?

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  16. EDMO added a post in a topic check out this little plane   

    TJay,  I will be interested to know what you fly your "KF1HH" at during Phase 1 - (Have you thought about using that model number?) - I think it should handle some heavier loads than the standard.  Guess you will put it up to some safe and practical weight? 
    Have you got an empty weight on it?  EDMO
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  17. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

    I've got huge respect for builders like you who get things done.  There are two kinds of people in the world it seems, those who get things done and those who don't.  I fall into the latter class. 
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  18. sky4play added a post in a topic check out this little plane   

    You're right... That could be a good discussion. I think I have wandered into the realm of opinion over fact...
    Although I will say, that I carry little trust in the numbers manufacturers put out. When I flew gliders....every year
    they came out with a new glider...the numbers had to be better than the year before (or why would you buy it)
    After awhile they had to stop, because the gliders couldn't keep up with the numbers they were generating...
    With that said...I think they have a 1320# limit...because that is what is allowed...
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  19. TJay added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

    Gotta feel good.
    Time to head east to your playground? Or don't people fly and gather in Idaho in the winter?
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  20. TJay added a post in a topic check out this little plane   

    That could be a good discussion. 
    Why is it that all of these aluminum bold or rivet together air-frames that I see all have a gross weight of 1320 but the old 4130 frames like all our early kitfoxes and avids stop at 1200 Is it usually the landing gear that is the issue
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  21. nlappos added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    New Rotax 670 Install
    I unboxed my 670 today and started the install. I will use this thread to report 670 specific item for the group
    Rod Davis, Rotax Rick zero time engine. Job looks great, high quality, neatly packed, all accessories and hardware. 
    Mounting- standard Avid 582 brackets fit properly. Looks like it will slide in easily. Details to follow.
    Weighed everything:
    670 engine 89.5 lbs
    Starter and housing plate 5.5 lb
    Bing 54 carbs 4.0 lb (2carbs)
    Dual air filter and clamps  1.0 lb
    total 100.0 lbs

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  22. nlappos added a post in a topic Icom A-5 Error message   

    Full reset? Here is from the Icom site. No A5 shown, but maybe one method will work. GL!

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  23. Turbo added a post in a topic INVERTED TAIL RIBS QUESTION   

    CL of 4 is possible with slats and flaps.  For a single-element airfoil the max is around 2.2 for Reynolds numbers of interest to us.  A former colleague, Bob Liebeck, used variational methods and boundary layer theory to develop a series of airfoils that establish what is possible.  Even worse than the 5-digit NACA airfoils, they have a very nasty stall..  They lose a lot with just a few bug-splats, and are not suitable for use on fabric-covered wings.   
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  24. C5Engineer added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

    Well I was issued my Airworthiness Cert on Jan 27 and I now have 4 hours on the bird. Today the wind was really ripping so I took advantage to see how slow it would it go. I hovered over the airfield with a groundspeed in the teens for about 20 minutes. Going downwind I opened it up and let it rip and I hit 126 mph groundspeed. I've never seen over 110 in my B model EVER even in a dive. Pretty impressive to see a 110 mph speed range on a 600 lb plane. I'm finally happy with my prop pitch so spinner goes back on next time I'm out. I'm ready to venture outside of the pattern with it as everything is working  really well and I'm gaining confidence in it every flight.
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  25. sky4play added a post in a topic The Marine Aviator   

    Even Scarier....That sounds exactly like the ex wife I left in Palmer 
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