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  1. Turbo

    I agree with Nick.  Nice, decisive flying Jenki!  One nice feature of the Avids is their ability to essentially levitate when power is added!

  2. Yamma-Fox

    Short hijack here...  One of my favorite books written by an Alaska flying warden back in the 70s and 80s.  Great stories in here and this topic reminds me of one where he was holed up in a shack with crazy winds... the (supercub?) was actually flying in the tiedown ropes!  Read the book to see the rest of the story when they decided to fly it out!

    And BTW my favorite story is Chapter 18!  Just about died laughing!

    "From a Bush Wing: Notes of an Alaska Wildlife Trooper" by Stephen Santiago Reynolds.

    Start reading it for free:



  3. Willja67

    Anyone interested in this custom cowling I was building? Not going to be using it. Seems a shame to waste that much work so I'll let it go for $20. That's less than the materials in it. The workmanship isn't very good or at least I learned a lot doing it. Probably chop it up and toss it if no one's interested. 

    Build thread here:


  4. Fly-n-Low

    Mine is right with the pitot tube out on the wing.

    I was landing a Scout that pulled to the right (bent tail wheel spring) and I got a crap in my calf just as the tail hit the ground. I thought I was going to have to turn it over to my friend in back, but I suffered through it though. I hate a damn crap. I drink a lot of OJ and other juices to combat it.

  5. nlappos


    That is one heck of a story! Nice piece of flying on your part to decisively pour on the throttle and make the airplane fly! 

  6. Browning

    Im not. I’ve done my research and received instruction from some very accomplished local pilots who have had excellent results with the 670 and the standard sled ignitions. I know there is plenty of disagreement here. I will be installing the engine and working through the final steps soon. My mentors have given me a tone of head starts down to almost the exact set up that works. Hopefully I am able to duplicate there success. It’s basically a 100 hp engine for under 2000. Got the starter on today. Need to drill and tap holes for the pyros. When your ready to go buck I will tell you everything I’ve learned. 


  7. akflyer

    I went home for a day in the middle of my hitch at work for an EAA fly in BBQ.  While I was there I hit the local rubber supply place and all they had was 3/4" 60 shore neoprene.  

    Back up.. Since I got the bird back in the air a few weeks ago It had a vibration I was not liking.  I rebalanced the carbs and prop and still had a nasty vibration going.  Now back to the above story.

    By the time I got home I had 2 hrs before the BBQ so I went to the drill press with 2 hole saws in hand that would give me an almost perfect fit to the original dimensions.  It took about 15 minutes to cut out all the needed donuts then a few minutes more to drill out the center holes with a 5/8" bit.  If I had to do it over again I would have heated up a piece of 1/2" tubing and melted the hole into the center but I was pressed for time.  The 4 smaller rubbers were still a tab large in diameter so I ran a bolt through them and tightened a nut on them, chucked them up in the hand held drill and ran them against the sanding wheel.  in seconds they were the perfect size!

    I got out to the plane and loosened up the 4 mount bolts till the engine was sagging down a little then pulled one bolt at a time and swapped the rubber mounts out.  Tighten it all back down, safety wired the bolts and hit the starter.  SOOOOOOO much better.  The spinner was staying in one place and not bouncing up and down like it had been.  Shut down and put the cowl back on and went for a quick flight.  I am happy to say that I have my bird back and I am happy!  

    Until I really got to thinking about this thread it never occurred to me to swap that rubber out.  For anyone who might be chasing a vibration issue think about doing this.  It cost me 65 bucks for enough rubber to make multiple sets of mount pucks and a couple hours of my time.



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  8. Allen Sutphin

    They are around occasionally. Just keep looking and one will pop up. Not as many as there once was, but be ready to buy. They don't seem to last long on the market.

  9. Allen Sutphin

    My manual stated that a static port located on the left side of the fuselage would make the gauges more accurate (yea, right) and one was installed when I got the project. Since I had all the plumbing I figured why not. Flew my challenger for years with it just being open behind the panel.  Never had an issue with it like that. Hindsight, no more static ports in the tail.

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  10. Swingwing


    I'm Nick and new to this Forum. I have decided that a Kitfox is going to be my next project. I live close to Reading, PA and have a grass strip in Northern, PA (PA71.) I have been flying for 30 years, mostly Cessnas. Currently I have a 182 for hauling the kids, dog and all their crap. The Kitfox would be my "fun plane" that would allow me to get in and out of my strip when it snows or in the Spring when it's wet. I have built a Kolb twinstar, rebuilt a basket case Rotorway and refurbished two Cessnas. At this point in my life I don't have the time to commit to a new kit so I am searching for either a partially built Kitfox, a light wreck or one in need of some TLC. The ideal project would be a strip, repair, new panel and recover.(Model IV-1200 or newer- 4 stroke)  Also would consider a flying one if it is a quality build in excellent condition.  I'm in the process of cleaning out my shop and selling some toys to make room, so I have some time to find the right plane. If anyone got or know of a Kitfox that fits my specs let me know.

    Thanks, Nick

  11. Turbo

    Does anybody have a provision to tie the stick forward for such conditions?  I'm thinking this might allow one to get out with the plane facing the wind, then walk the windward wing thru the turn to downwind.  Prop stopped, of course.  Most likely you wouldn't be able to muster the leverage for that direction change though...?  Provision to lock either side's brake could make this possible, perhaps.

    Just a thought, maybe a bad one.

  12. Allen Sutphin

    Holy Crap, Batman! Was putting in the static port in the tail (the one I forgot while covering) and thought I was going to have to call 911 to get me out. A 6' person was never meant to crawl back in the tail and attach a static port on the side. Of course the perfect leg cramp hits at the right time. Gives new meaning to the term "squirming like a worm on a hot rock". What do most use as a static port?  I did learn a whole bunch of new words.  According to the build manual it goes pretty close to the handle on a model 2.

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  13. wypaul

    Hey Larry dallas And I are thinking we might be into that.  We were thinking mid July but we want to make air ventures so maybe this would be better.

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  14. akflyer

    Sweet!  Love to see a new one flying!  Don't be afraid to crack that throttle open when starting it.  I normally don't need to hit the primer when starting it hot.  If you do flood it open the throttle wide open and crank it till she fires off.



  15. akflyer

    for comparison, cub mounts, 180 mounts (including sea plane with additional brace) and the avid mounts.  The avid mounts have 2 to 3 times as many bracing tubes for an engine 1/3rd the weight and even less TQ.  


    Avid mounts.jpg

    pa-18 mount 2.jpg

    pa-18 mount.jpg

    180 mount.jpg

    180 mount2.jpg

  16. Yamma-Fox

    Oh and it always amazes me how strong steel is. When I was building my mount I kept asking myself if it will be able to hold 500-600lbs of thrust.  Then I realized that it really comes down to merely the THREADS on the AN4 bolts / nuts!


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  17. Yamma-Fox

    From some of the Yamaha mounts Ive seen (that are working just fine) and also my old highly cantilevered sub NSI mount, I would say that the most other mounts must be overbuilt.

    Maybe draw something up that is very lightly built and run it through a FEM / FEA program to see what it is calculated to hold up to.

  18. KenKelso

    She Flies, follow this link for the video:

    No snags and no adjustments required but I am having trouble restarting the 582 when hot, plugs are getting wetted. Any tips on shutdown procedure would be welcome.


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