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  1. Hawth200

    I'll have to check out the Team Kitfox site. I will send you a PM for Lowell's contact info. I appreciate it!

    How do you like the Highwing gear? How does it compare to the stock setup? How much wider does it set the main tires?

  2. chopndrag

    Thanks , hopefully a little more. Before them I was getting around 120mph and the gps was reading 116mph or so . I could tell in the pattern a big change in the controls. They were a lot more responsive at all speeds especially slower. I'm still working out bugs but hopefully I'll be back to flying away from the airport soon. I have ro make a set of throttle cables and it's definitely not fun. 

  3. 1avidflyer

    I connected the four pin connectors from the trigger coils to each module and # 2 module worked with both of them but only on coils 3 and 4.  That would indicate to me that the trigger coils are working.  # 1 module never worked with either set of coils, and the third coil I tried only worked with the #3 and 4 coils.  With the third module, I didn't try both four pin connectors, but it worked with # 2 module,  so they should be good.  The numbers I put on everything may not match the manual, I just took some tape and labeled everything so I could make notes that made sense as I tried different combinations of parts.  I did check the trigger coil gaps, and they seem right to me.  JImChuk

  4. flywise

    Hey Jim,

    did you check the ignition trigger coils?? The gap is critical and they should have a certain resistance.

    Hope your trigger coils are good as they cost an arm and a leg @ Rotax..


  5. 1avidflyer

    Ran across this guy on utube, don't think I'll ever take up that kind of flying, but it is kind of neat in it's own way.  He has a series of videos of a 5 day race he did last year where he flew about 1000 miles out west, and won the race in the process.  In this one he goes up to 15,000' in this paramotor.  Anyway, I thought it was kind of neat. If you get bored, skip ahead to the 9 minute mark, he's back on the way down and goofing around.  JImChuk


  6. 1avidflyer

    I think Lowell at Highwing will make more of the cabane landing gear.  He recently made me a cabane to fit my Avid Flyer cause the one for the Kitfox is to narrow.  I've talked to him recently, and it seems he is up to making more of these landing gears even though his partner is not working on them anymore.  If you need his contact info, I can get it to you.  Or if you're on the Team Kitfox site, you can PM him there.  I had picked up a Highwing gear a guy had bought for a Kitfox but never used.  JImChuk

  7. Hawth200

    Thanks so much for the pictures. Nice to see an example of how to reinforce the seat truss.

    Yes, I figured I would have to get inside the covering to splice in the rib and then will probably sandwich the rib with aluminum to add some strength. 

    Does anyone know of anyone making the wide stance landing gear for this plane. I've read about Highwing LLC?

  8. 1avidflyer

    More testing, and it looks like I have two coils and one module that are not working no matter what combination I tried.  Even tried a different module from a different engine.  Still progress though.  Tomorrow, I'll borrow two different coils and see If I can get back to firing on all 8 plugs.  I'll also check bad module and coils for broken wires.  JImChuk

  9. 1avidflyer

    Don't know if you've been reading the other posts, but here are a couple of ways to address the rib tails, and one thing to do to the seat truss once it repaired.  This is with these rib tail repairs, you need to get inside the covering.  Another approach that doesn't involve getting inside is to glue and screw two scabs on, one on each side of the broken rib and sandwich the flaperon hinge between them and the original rib tail.   JImChuk

    PS  if my memory is correct, the top tube in the MK IV seat truss is 5.8" od.  



    New MK IV 045 (Large).jpg



  10. Hawth200

    Thanks for the heads up on the 0.35 wall thickness, that helps.

    The seat truss is bent on the left side. I imagine I will try to beef up the area a bit while I'm at it. I'm hoping it won't be too difficult of a repair. The rest of the airplane is in excellent condition, it was flown very little, only 80 hours total flight time. The only other damage I will need to address is the two outboard flaperon attach ribs. They were broken off. From what I'm seeing this seems to be a chronic problem with this model.

    I'm located in Central Ohio. 



  11. 1avidflyer

    Bit of an update that sheds a different light on things.  Today, I ended up using a timing light, and found that I don't have spark on either side of the two coils that I thought were half bad yesterday.  Funny that I was able to get an rpm reading on the tiny tack, but there was no spark according to the timing light.  Anyway, knowledge is progress.  Like a monkey trying to put different shaped objects in a certain shaped opening.  Now if I can just remember which one's I've tried already.   I did try different plugs on the two that I thought didn't fire last nite,  and also shortened the plug wires by 3/8" at the caps.  Some one said that if the plug wire is bad, it's almost for sure bad at the end where it goes on the plug.  No joy with either of these trys.  JImChuk

  12. wolves200

    I have a model B, and all what I can say is that Avid is a pretty little airplane, only complain I will make is that leg room is a problem, I`m 180cm tall and have problems with the pedals and placing my feet correctly, one time I did a ground loop without impacting anything simply because while applying brakes on a my short strip the tip of my right toe(shoe) got caught in the framework and I though I was braking but I wasn´t so I did a left hand ground loop.-

    I´m hesitant to go for the bush gear because it´s taller and I recon it will take less to bend the legs;

    are you going to install all the mods you had in the B model? such wingtip vortex, etc, etc, etc??





  13. Hawth200

    I'm new to this forum and am enjoying reading all the good technical knowledge.

    This is my first post, I just thought I would introduce myself and share my MK IV project with everyone. I purchased this plane a few weeks ago and haven't started repairs yet. It was ground looped by the previous owner and sustained damage to the fuselage and seat truss at the left main gear. As far as I can tell it has the standard MK IV landing gear, the extended speed wing and is Subaru powered with Warp Drive prop.

    Does anyone know the tubing sizes and wall thickness used in the seat truss and fuselage longerons at this location. It would be nice to know so that I can source material before tearing into it. Also, I'm looking for recommendations on what landing gear to consider going to. I'm not sure I want to spend the money on a grove gear, but a wider cabane style gear may fit the bill. Thoughts?










  14. whizzers

    have a set in central pa.  Make an offer Shipping may be costly.

    Also have turtle deck, engine mount, horiz stab, elevator, and rudder. Control sticks Mixer. pushrods,

    717 363 seven five five two


    Bob McCaa

  15. Yamma-Fox

    Your a tough SOB Ed!   I remeber you've been through a lot in this life, but maybe that was all special training for this big fight right now.

    This one's been extra tough but I'm not worried!   See ya back here soon!

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  16. flyboy01

    I just uploaded a new video that overviews what has to be done and the fiberglass work on the cowling, I did forget to mention that I do need to straighten the upper portion of the cockpit where the wings attach and replace tubing on the door trusses which straightened in about a hour with a C-clamp and some square tubing.  I plan to do a video dedicated to straightening and replacing tubing since the only other one I could find was from the 1940's.(!)

    Sorry about the intro and outro quality...

  17. 1avidflyer

    A couple of months ago, I picked up a 912 that I knew had some ignition issue, but the price was right, and I figured I would try to work it out.  I mounted the engine on a temporary test stand over the last few days, and had it ready to run today.  I didn't have the chokes hooked up, so splashed a bit of gas in the carbs and then put the airfilters back on.  It turned about 1/2 revolution and fired off!  Died almost immediately, but I gave it choke on the carb closest to me, and tried again.  It caught, and stayed running that time.  That was nice to hear!  It went from a possible boat anchor,, to a possible engine to fly behind.  It seems I've sort of found the ignition problem, ran out of daylight before I could try a few more things, but this is what I've found so far.  The bottom spark plugs on #1, #3 cylinders aren't firing.  Both of those plugs fire off the same ignition module, but different coils.  Can a coil be bad on just one side?  and what are the odds of it happening to two coils at the same time?  Going to get some new plugs tomorrow, and I'll try changing the plug wires if the plugs don't do it.  Anyone have an opinion on the coils being half bad?  There  is only one wire coming into them from the module, and a ground wire going out, plus two plug wires..... Thoughts?  The way I isolated the ones that weren't firing was with a tiny tack.  I had one wired up temp. for a tack, and then I hooked up another one and started putting it on one spark plug wire after another.  Showed an rpm on all but the two I mentioned.  Any thoughts?   JImChuk


  18. Turbo

    Fred,  I did not notice that "strip".  Sounds like a lower-altitude pass is in order. Orientation to wind looks correct.  However, when I blew up the pic on my tablet, it did not look like an airstip.  The aeronautical chart shows no airstrip there.

  19. Turbo

    Great Idea,Vance!  Do I hear the rumblings of a NW fly-in?  Wouldn't it be great to put faces to the names, and get to know the many Avid fliers in our area!  Not to mention getting in-flight pix of our birds!   I see, flying with THE MACHINIST you got some great pix of your beautiful bird!