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  1. Yamma-Fox

    Thanks Greg.

    I gotta give you credit for posting up and correcting errors in your earlier data.

    And those estimates above at least do agree better with what we are seeing in the field, which makes them more credible.


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  2. Mohawk Aero

    GOOD NEWS!  I finally found the part number for the Rotax C gearbox bearings:  25mm, 6306.  Using this info I updated and found that 90% of the bearings will last to 1000 hrs TBO.  Whew, that's a huge relief.  


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  3. akflyer

    Yes I did look at the pics.  I can't speak about the Jab engine, others here have talked about that.  Looks to me like a C model with MK IV upgrades.  At least the doors are C model doors but it looks to have the speed wing and MKIV cowling and rudder.  I would for sure get it checked out by someone that knows Avids and have an instructor or competent Avid pilot take it for a spin before buying.  The only speed wing I have flown was an extended one and I loved it. 



  4. EDMO

    Great info Fred.  Looks like with that exhaust you would want to use front radiators instead of a belly radiator?  EDMO

    Yes, and that is what I have (had already). Depending on how your belly radiator is mounted you might have to adjust it, maybe slide it a little to the side to get out of the way for the double pipes. I don't think belly radiator is a showstopper.

    Agree - Maybe a shield to deflect exhaust heat in area in front of belly radiator?  EDMO

  5. FredStork

    Great info Fred.  Looks like with that exhaust you would want to use front radiators instead of a belly radiator?  EDMO

    Yes, and that is what I have (had already). Depending on how your belly radiator is mounted you might have to adjust it, maybe slide it a little to the side to get out of the way for the double pipes. I don't think belly radiator is a showstopper.

  6. FredStork

    My stone is making waves...

    To my knowledge there is no "factory" built mount for Simonini that would fit Avid or KitFox but with fittings identical to Rotax 582 you can either reuse, or "easily" find, an engine mount that will almost fit. Much easier to modify an existing mount than to create one from scratch - particularly if you want to save the rest of your installation.

    As mentioned, the rear end of the engine is wider than a 582. 


    I made a new back plate, less protruding, and moved the ignition coils. If you have a "free air" mount, like on a trike, you could in most cases just remove your 582, bolt your Victor 2 on and have the engine changed over the day...


    About the exhaust.. One of the reasons you get high power is the tuned exhaust pipes, Yes, exhaust pipes. And yes, the installation of the 2 pipes, rather impressive, can create some concerns... But if I can do it, anyone can... What you don't see in detail on the picture below is that the rear attachment of the pipes can extend downwards if pushed by the (traditional bungee) landing gear. 


    However, Simonini is aware of the double pipes being a potential issue so they propose a single pipe system as well now, much like the one for 582. You will loose a little power but with the 100 HP version you can afford that (or take the 110 HP version...). But having the pipes end behind you, rather than in front of you, is - sound level wise - nice. The belly is also much cleaner than before... 

    Ed, I'm not sure what you meant by "other stuff"... I reused my radiators and radiator mounts, changed nothing. I had to make a small "bump" on the belly of the cowling but other than that... no "other stuff"...

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  7. EDMO

    Ouch there is only about 2000 dollars in materials to build a new set of wings.  The boys here could easily walk you thru building a set with tons of pictures.  Just a thought

    Kitfox wings are only a foot shorter and the tips are better, and lots more of them around. IMO.   But, I agree with TJay - Vancouver, Bellingham or Seattle should have tubing suppliers and wood ribs are easy to make - Buy better spar inserts from Just Aircraft, or pay more from Kitfox.  EDMO

  8. EDMO

    Can the gear box on that engine be turned 180 degrees?

    I was just about to ask the same question TJay - He shows both engines that would be mounted plugs down, like Avids - Kitfox mounts theirs plugs up with the gear box rotated 180 degrees.  EDMO

  9. FredStork

    Can I throw a stone in the pond?


    Simonini Victor 2 Plus (the current "smallest" Victor 2 model) give 100 HP and weights ~20 kg less than a 912 (~7.5 gallons of fuel), consumes 12-13 liters/hour (like a 912). Compared to the 912, other than half price (costs like a new 582) and the already mentioned 20 kg less, you can also change to a light weight battery as you don't need a heavy lead battery in the tail for CG... (another ~1.5 gallon of fuel..).
    It uses the same fittings as the 532/582 and the propeller axis comes out at the same position but the engine mount might need some minor re-modelling as the rear of the Simonini is wider than the Rotax. You can reuse the radiators from your 532/582.

    I know Simonini is almost unknown in the US. I have only 150 hours on mine (the old model with only 92HP...) and it works like a charm. The power is there, no question about that, and no issues to report. I have been in contact with a number of Simonini Victor 2 owners and no one has any (first hand) issues to report. The only problem I have had is that excess oil accumulate in the spark plugs (mounted heads down, I had the same issue with my 532...) but this appears to have been resolved by a slightly different design of the cylinder heads in the current 100 HP model. A friend just installed one 100 HP in his Avid and he is very happy with it. 

    To be clear, I have no relation to Simonini, I'm just sharing my experience (you can find more info on my blog, link in my signature). Nor do I have anything against Rotax, but when I got the opportunity to replace a 30 year old snowmobile engine with a modern engine I took a chance I have not regretted. Ok, maybe I have something against Rotax, maybe I got tired of the taste after getting fed Rotax morning, lunch and dinner every day...and paying it through the nose...


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  10. FredStork

    I'm just about to put my skies on... taking off and landing on snow is a different feeling, very smooth... In my last video I went to a few mountain airfields where I plan to return on skies this winter and ski myself (I just added a ski rack to the side of the plane..).

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  11. EDMO

    How about one of the Nationwide furniture moving companies - "United Van Lines?" - If there was an 18 wheeler going from Indiana to Seattle, or Vancouver, and had room on his load, that might be a possibility?  Dispatchers know where all the trucks are coming from and where going to.  They pack good too.  Just a thought.  EDMO

  12. 1avidflyer

    I believe there is a website called or something like that where you can advertise for someone to haul your stuff across country.  Might be worth looking into.  The price you got seems real high, if you could find some one going that way with space, it should be way less than that I would guess.  JImChuk

  13. 1avidflyer

    Just ran across this video while surfing utube for Avid or Kitfox videos.  Lots of Finish people in my area, although I'm not one of them.  Good people though, and also obviously have good taste in aircraft.  I'm not on skis yet, but have several inches of snow on the runway.  Lakes are all froze, saw fishermen out on the ice with ATVs today.  JImChuk

  14. flywise

    Hey everyone,

    I really am interested in buying a set of Catalina wings but.....they are in Batesville, Indiana. I am on the west coast up in Vancouver. I have inquired about shipping cost and the price is pretty hefty..3400-4200us not including the crates (that is shipping only in usa, not across the border)....Me driving the round trip is a 8-10 days endeavour (1500us fuel+food+ motel etc). Flying in / driving back a rental same price..

    Does anyone have a suggestion or idea in regards of shipping/moving aircraft parts across the US??

    I really appreciate your suggestions at this point

    Cheers, Laurent