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  1. NorthIdahoAvidflyer

    Well fellas the day has finally come. Tomorrow at 11:00 the DAR will show up to inspect my plane. She’s looking good and all the needed materials are ready. I’ve spent the last three days going over every inch of that plane cleaning and completing a condition inspection. I found four bolts installed backwards in the control mixture and the back of the fiberglass seat pan was not secured. Nothing major but the checklist I used was tailored for our planes and very helpful. 

    I want to thank a lot of you on here for helping me along the way. You guys are the best.   

    Wish me luck!!








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  2. TJay

    Spars still all in great shape with no damage even after having to cut out the tank. Has anyone delt with ?

    Think Joey/ C5 installed them. Shoot him a message

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  3. Av8r3400

    I've thought about this too.  I think the "normal" VGs for a wing may be too large for a flapperon, but the theory is sound on their operation.  They would help if you are having flapperon inversion issues...


  4. Avidharleyflyer

    Jim, since i didnt get a build manual with this plane and am not familiar with the wing construction, is the tank structural? Its riveted, bolted  and epoxied . Hoping i can get it out without replacing one of the ribs.  

  5. 1avidflyer

    I have some Kitfox aluminum tanks, but as long as you went through the effort of opening up the wing, I would find a fiberglass tank to put in.  Aluminum tanks were subject to cracking from the flex in the wing.  I would run an add on here, TeamKitfox and barnstormers for a fiberglass Avid wing tank.  Kitfox tanks are slightly different but would probably work as well with some slight fairing.  I think Doug H had a post where he showed the differences in the wing ribs between the Avid and Kitfox.  JImChuk

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  6. Jenki

    Dear friends,

    this is not Avid or Fox flying but I decided to share this video I took in March at the end of my business trip through New Zealand. My job is ATC systems (Air Traffic Control Systems) development and support so I had opportunity to work for AirNav New Zealand shortly. I finished my trip there by excellent flights to Milford Sound and back to Queenstown. Beautifull mountains, clever pilot - strong memories for me. I have only iPhone video but still nice enough.

    and second part


  7. chopndrag

    I couldn't find anyone near me so I ended up reading as much as I could about my mk4 speedwing and since it's a tri gear I picked a nice day and went for it. The plane takes of like a rocket but it's so much fun to fly. I wouldn't recommend what I did with a taildragger since they are a little squirly on the ground . I flew a ton of lsa planes so I kind of had a idea what to expect. Good luck with the transition training they are definitely fun to fly . 

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  8. Yamma-Fox

    I'm no expert either, but if i were noticing some loss of roll authority near stall speed I'd try it.

    The peel and stick ones should be pretty easy to take back off if you don't like it.

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