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  1. C5Engineer

    Congratulations to Jack (logtruckdriver) for being within 2 lbs of the actual weight of my MKIV. Jack guessed 602 and and she came in at 604. Honorable mentions were TheBriman at 601, MarcusofCotton at 612, and JimChuk at 594.

    The big gear, 8.50's, double TW spring, Matco 8" tire, and the Poly Tanks added more weight than I thought. Pretty happy with the empty CG at 12.2". It's quite a bit further aft than my B model. At 1150 gross that's a useful load of 546 lbs. Two 200lb guys and full fuel won't put it at gross. I filled it to capacity today and it holds about 20.5 gallons with the 4 Ridgerunner Poly Tanks. That's 3 hours with a solid reserve so that should get me by on the Idaho trips. Did taxi testing today and tested the radio. Everything seems to be working well so far except when I transmit on the radio my electric trim LED goes out. Going to have to hunt that one down. DAR is a week away!.

    Screenshot (28).png

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  2. Av8r3400

    AS a note to everyone:  This plane has not moved yet.  The owner passed away and the ownership of the plane is going through probate litigation now.  Once that is settled the son of the owner plans to sell the plane.

    I have not been able to get into it's hangar for any details, but as soon as I am able I will find out as much as I can and post it here.

  3. RDavidson

    Finally got her flying again and the engine is running great!  Learned a lot about the engine. But the thing I am most excited about is that my tail actually flies now!!!  Those VGs worked awesome!!!  I actually got to trim nose down today!  I will make a separate VG post once I get some good numbers, but WOW!  Best money spent yet!  And the cheapest upgrade by far!!!

    One of my buddies took some pics





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  4. dholly

    Would love to check out your project!  I am still open on my return date so if there are people I can meet and projects I can see I can extend a day or two or 10.



    Well, if you can stay until Jul 23-30 you will be able to check out 10's of thousands of very cool peoples and projects! :BC:

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  5. Brodstol

    I went to Lowes and found what you mentioned C5Engineer. It's a 3/8" ID hose but I think it'll work great, it's in 10' bulk at around $10. Also they had 1/8" and 3/32" clear orangish colored hose labeled "Mini-fuel" so I'll be using the 1/8" line for my primer and carb lines. Lowes had an all around great selection of clear hoses. I went to NAPA for my 1/4" and 5/16" Gates fuel hoses as well as 1" Gates radiator hose. It was a successful day for hose shopping and now I got all new rubber for my airplane.

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  6. akflyer

    Looks like I will be at OSH April 17~21st attending the EAA leadership workshop.  Going to have a little time to kill so I am tossing this out there to see if anyone will be around the area that wants to get together to have some drinks and lie about how good we once were :lol: