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  1. dholly

    If you wanted to cheap out with less work, you could just repaint the frames and use the two-sided black tape Kitfox recommends for installing windows. A rivet in each corner and you're done, the tape would cover the holes and nobody but you would know!

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  2. NorthIdahoAvidflyer

    Adam, Joey Myers lives near you and knows a ton about these planes. He is out of town right now but I will let him know you are looking at an Avid. He has two. He most likely knows of the bird you're looking at.  I'll have him post here and you guys can take it from there.

    Good luck and welcome. 

  3. 1avidflyer

    Avids are nice sporty airplanes.  They are light and nimble.  More like a sports car compared to a family sedan when compared to a heavier GA airplane.  They will make you pay attention on the ground, especially on pavement if it's a taildragger.  Obviously look at over all condition.  Look to see if there is any indication of rot on the extended ribs that act as flaperon hangers.  Is it a 2 stroke? What model?   JImChuk

  4. NorthIdahoAvidflyer

    I plan to fit the old lexan and outer aluminum skin together with clecos and use that for a pattern. Once I get the new lexan fitted and drilled with new holes I will take the frames out and tig weld the old holes shut. Once that done the frame will go out the powder coater for a new shiny white coating. It should look good when finished. 

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  5. NorthIdahoAvidflyer

    Turns out that center bar was aluminum and it was glued in place. I was able to knock both bars out easily.

    The holes around the bottom of these doors are so bad out of alignment that I'm going to weld them up and re-drill new holes. I guess since he could not see through the outer metal skin that he just drilled whoever he saw fit. 



  6. AFlyer

    Hi there,

    I am interested in an Avid which I found on Internet. I plan to check it out sometime soon. I am mechanically inclined, but I have never built an aircraft, and have never flown an Avid. I plan to bring a pilot friend with me, but he hasn't flown an Avid either, nor is he a builder. The aircraft looks good on photo, and is flying. Is there any particular areas we should pay attention to?

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


  7. EDMO

    Oh yes - take your screens and drains out of tank and replace them with plugs before sloshing - make sure holes are clear before installing them again,   EDMO

  8. EDMO

    I don't know about temperatures - use it according to directions.

    Just turn the tank every way but loose, and take time to let it run everywhere.  When you finish, and set the wing level to dry, be sure and wipe around the top inside of the filler neck - We had a job trying to put the cap on once because of the stuff being there. 

    For the first few hours after use, be sure and check your filters and gascolator - we had tiny bugs of it show up in the gascolator in an Ercoupe - looks like tar specks.   Maybe ours didn't cure good?   Maybe sloshing a gallon or two of gas and draining it out of tank before hooking it up?    EDMO

  9. neflyer15

    Avid Update:

    Raw materials for flaperons are in! It won't be long before a few sets are built and ready for kits or parts orders! Materials for STOL wings are on order as well. 

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travels to those on the road or in the air this week.



    Mark Mendick



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  10. tx_swordguy

    Ok I have decided to try the caswell stuff on a 15 gallon FG tank in the wing of my avid. My questions, I figure there are baffles in the tank is there any special way to get the epoxy around the baffles to the end of the tank? I bought a qt which is supposed to do up to 20 gallons should I get more to make sure there is enough being moved around? It has been in the 50-60 degree range will that be a problem in setting up? I do have a kerosene heater that I could aim at the wing as I turn it . What about doing two full coats? The leak was showing up at the pivot pin area for the wing so I am thinking it is in the trailing edge area of the tank, 

    THanks guys would have been better if it happened during warmer weather I guess just wondering if it is doable now.

  11. jared payne

    Does any body know why you could not use rear back brake slave for toe brakes, maybe off a larger bike. Maybe  you cant plumb them in line? The larger bikes are around 4-600lbs and they have a mechanical dis advantage with the large rear wheel.

  12. flywise

    Hi, have  a look here, this has been already discussed on this forum...

    My experience is that the landing gear is a little fragile, especially if you're landing on grass...




  13. NorthIdahoAvidflyer

    While I had the winshield apart I decided to remove the old dash cover and put something else on. Got this at JoAnn Fabric for $3.00. It’s trunk liner.  It’s also used to cover speaker boxes. One can of 3m spray adhesive and I was in business. 



    Is that a rotax 912  I see?

    Yes Jared it is a 912. :)

  14. 959

    I saw these floats on barnstormers for sale there aerocet 1100 for a Kitfox never mounted.

    I wanted to know how hard it would be to mount on a Avid MK IV

  15. MN Kitfox 2

    You folks are turning this into a yahoo forum :wacko:

    I don't like it either.  Just trying to counter some bad info.  Somebody had to say something.

    But I'll sign off on this one now.

    I've said my piece.


  16. EDMO

    Apprently I fixed the camera issue. My camera had a HDR on the screen. I turned that function off and now they load fine. 

    Yep - Guess "Too many Pixies" whatever that is!  Ha!  EDMO

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  17. EDMO

    The windshield is done. I’ve tried to post photos last night and this morning and for some reason they load then it throws up an error. This has been happening a lot lately. Sometimes I try it several times they all of a sudden the photo will load. Any ideas?

    One of our members had that problem a while back - I can hardly turn on or know almost nothing about the puter or site, but one of our other members got one of his photos somehow and discovered that they had too many "pixels" - anyway, too big for site - so he reduced them in order to post them.  Donno if this helps or what to do about it.  EDMO