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  1. Turbo

    My model c has the belly radiator and no provision for cabin heat.  There apparently have been several arrangements for in-cowl radiators.  The one that I currently favor has one radiator mounted behind the starboard-side motor mount strut.  This allows a  simple radiator mount, along with a very neat setup for cabin heat - just a little valve-box/dump on the firewall.  But man, that rad is darn close to the firewall!  Does anybody have this arrangement, and how well does it work?  What are the specs for the radiator?  It's clear to me that a good in-cowl arrangement will save drag and fuel over the belly rad.  I'm also thinking that instead of a fixed gill to exhaust the hot air out the bottom, a sort -of  variable cowl flap could reduce cruise drag while allowing for lots ot airflow for climb.  Of course it would likely make removing the cowl kind of a pain.  Gotta work on that.  I'm not too keen on the dual-rad-in-nostrils approach.  Vibration, and so many opportunities for leaks.

  2. LSaupe

    Ran across this add on Barnstormers and thou

    Kitfox 3 912 taildragger

    KITFOX 3 912 TAILDRAGGER • $14,900 • AVAILABLE • Kitfox 3, almost done, all new coverings paint powdercoating widebody bubbledoors needs finishing • Contact James O. Kopf, Owner - located Honeoye Falls, NY USA • Telephone: 5854781625 . • Posted February 5, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser• Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad

    ght I would pass it along.


  3. Jenki

    Yesterday  I had rare opportunity to fly this year since weather here is simply not good, rainy, low clouds, windy and usually in combination all of these elelments.

    But yesterday ... nice and clean, though everything covered by snow (my 40 feet wide runway as well). I stayed in the air till dusk.

    Resize of P1010213.JPG

    Resize of P1010200.JPG

  4. FoxDB

    I don't know what phase of building or flying your in but FYI I added a manual trim that  just spring loads the controls since my plane was at flying stage. Have been happy with it.

  5. Dusty

    I have  around 400 hrs of mainly off airport landings ,at and above gross weight on a Highwing gear,many of my landings have been suboptimal:(.Any gear will break under the right conditions.Lowells gear isn't a true bush gear and could be refined in a few places ,but overall is up to the task intended.I believe at times we are asking well beyond the original design of our aircraft.Any improvements to make our versatile aircraft better can only be a good thing,but there is a finite limit !

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  6. akflyer

    For what it is worth, I offered to sacrifice my plane and to beat the shit out of this gear and my plane PRIOR to them labeling it "bush gear"  I was declined and as a result many sets of gear were sold with many of the exact same results.  Bent planes and pissed off pilots.  I could start cranking our gear tomorrow and sell them as "bush gear" but I don't fly off manicured grass strips and I refuse to sell something I don't have 100% confidence in to put on my plane and really beat the crap out of it.  Bush gear on a hangar queen tested on grass and improved strips is an oxymoron to the utmost degree.  I truly hope you are not one of the guys that is soon posting pics of a gear failure and a bent up fuse.

    I know that I like to learn from others mistakes.  I damn sure don't have the time nor money to make them all myself.


    Your calcs show the total load.  Do they take into account the bending moments and how those total forces are applied and to where?  Did you actually look at the pics that Bob posted in his write up?  Did you actually look at the bending of the tubes with MINIMAL force applied? 




  7. akflyer

    As I said before.. I would much rather trust the computer models than the real life pireps, pictures and heart aches that multiple pilots have endured.  I would also not trust the bent gear I had to straighten or the testing I have done myself.  I would not trust the other guys that have actually modeled it and pulled and prodded.  To each their own.  Please make sure that you grease every landing and please don't try any off airport work unless your insurance covers helicoptering out the bent up fuse from a remote strip.



  8. nlappos

    Here is a full analysis of the Lowell Fitt gear. It shows that the spring is not too stiff, it is sized just right for the design conditions (8 feet per second drop at gross weight) and it does not go solid until you exceed that drop and get about 4 G's on impact. Note too that he has addad a cross bar across the top of the Cabane strut so the two aircraft sides now have additional bracing from the side forces the gear puts on them as it shoves the longeron inward.

    Fitt Gear.jpg

    Gear 338S.jpg

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  9. akflyer

    If you are putting a turbine in your KF or Avid fuel burn is the least of your worries.  You are doing it to be bad ass cool.  That engine along with the Kool prop with Beta would be bad ass for playing around.  Practical, no, cool, yes. 



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  10. zadwit

    mine is a botton mount.....Ill try to post some photos later today....this is a photo I took before I removed the old engine. You can see how close the elbo on the exhaust comes to the mount. IN fact KF factory shortened the elbo to clear the mount... Im thinking the only real way to fix this is get a newer mount that holds the engine different and allows for clearance....

    The bluehead is Daves install from Eastern Canada. He has the later mount for KF4. THe cowling support tube is not in the way. YOu can also see where Dave welded and extension to the header pipe and claims to gain 700 more RPM which could be true.....IF I try to run my elbo on the outside of the cowling support, I would have to hack up my cowling something terrible to make it all clear and fit. Still tryhing to figure out exactly what KF changed because Daves cowl and mine Look the same, the radial engine look cowling,,..

    8 Daves mod to 582 exhaust to get more power.jpg


  11. LSaupe

    How much room do you need to get back?  I know they had a tighter bend (smaller radius) on the connecting elbow to alleviate some of this.  Header length can be important, especially on a tuned exhaust as it can change the power band, so you do need to exercise some caution and sort it out.

    My Model III did not have the reinforcement either.  No problems at 150 hours.  Only significant load might be when braking.  However many folks have accomplished and it is probably good insurance.

    Do you have the side mounting or bottom mounting on your crankcase?   Friend has a Model 2 with original 582 and no issues with exhaust clearance, so maybe if you can get some pics and measurements I can check against it.  My Model 3 was side mounted, but I think his is bottom mounted.

  12. efil 01

    mine is allen 4A with short travel (about 12mm) btw all is matter of geometry and depends of the actuator bell crank length on the tab. It simply works with 12v connexion. the major difficulty is to build a cage in the control surface and a bubble .

  13. LSaupe

    I installed the very same setup.  Worked great and it did safe my bacon once.  Got distracted with some company during preflight (closed my tank valves after initially opening - cant recall why now).   Anyway, the light came on during run up.

    The 2nd tank fitting, aft of the vent fitting, assuming sight glass?


  14. zadwit

    I already pulled out 12# of wires and relays and old guages that I dont are right the panel is thick aluminum way too eventually Ill do somethign with that at well. This plane weighed 515# when I got it so dont want to add any more weight .....I like simple...

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  15. zadwit

    I need advice.. My 1990 KF2 does not have any reinforcements on the rudder pedals. THere are no cracks in 700 hours but they are not reinforced. How critical is this????

    Also my new "Y" header pipe from my 582 BH is about 1 " longer than the old one that was on the plane. I cant make it fit without interfereing with the cowling support tubes that hold the engine cowl.....Has anyone seen this before??? Maybe I have an old 532  Y pipe????Ill try to get some photos tomorrow.

    I looked at a model IV classic kitfox and it has a completely different engine mount... that is probalby what I need if it will fit a model 2 kitfox. then the exhaust if clear of the engine mount....puzzled in Washington..




  16. Avid Randy

    I have not called them yet but was planning on this week.  Just didn't know if anyone had any problems or recommendations based on personal use.

    I will try to call tomorrow and see what they recommend.

  17. EDMO

    The inspection that requires a new registration, builders log, W&B, three views of the airplane, and application for airworthiness and a program letter. :)

    I may have to do what you suggested EDMO and write in the measurements. Attached is a photo of what I have.


    Avid Flyer refurb 11 another paint option.jpg

    I can read those dimensions - What's wrong with this one?  EDMO