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  1. Dusty added a post in a topic Aircraft for backcountry from Europe ...   

    When the Slepchev Storch was released in the early nintys? there was a video of one demonstrating slow flight, what made It even cooler was a person on foot running beside it We have a rotec powered one at a local field which I believe isn't far off flying.
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  2. Dusty added a post in a topic 582 gray head engine destroyed by overhauler   

    I assume the failed bearing  was onto the rotary valve drive not the pto? If the standard is as bad as discribed I would contact the alleged butcher with a please explain. 
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  3. Dusty added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    the poor Russian pilots must have had a hard time on long flights Ed
    Hey is the avid fox p39 forum
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  4. Dusty added a post in a topic What gear is this??   

    If practical put a bar between the front mounts (I think this has been covered in another thread)as there has supposedly been some failures here.
    I am in the process of getting rid of the die springs and replacing with rubber(there arn't many options here in NZ) but I have found sparex cab mounts s62248 that are a perfect fit.300 grams per side vs 750 grams for the steel and have provision for a band to tune the setup .I will post when fitted in the next few weeks
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  5. Dusty added a post in a topic fiber tank sealing   

    The Avid has 3? Baffles so you may not get right into your tanks through the root rib?
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  6. Dusty added a post in a topic Luga Propellers   

    Would the results change much in cruise with a draggy plane like a kitfox versus a slippery plane Rv?
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  7. Dusty added a post in a topic 615 kts groundspeed   

    we're all metric here Ed but still us feet and knots when flying.I guess it's all about international standards 
    But they can never force us to fly nose wheel 
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  8. Dusty added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    We flew up to have a look at this avid the other day.It has 12inch spacing on the ribs 7/8 lift struts,the elevator has been fitted with a inset elevator and still has the sling seat.
    My main concern is a bracket for the oil tank piping that is riveted to the lower carry through,is this acceptable and normal?
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  9. Dusty added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    Confused, yup I'm also having to convert Stone Age pounds to 20th century metrics
    1150 is ok but 1200 would be better .thanks for all the help guys.Slowing  down In turbulence (and having full tanks)is always a good idea it's the occasional clear air nose bleed slam that's the worry.
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  10. Dusty added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    I see this aircraft listed as a STOL,so assuming 1150 pound ?it should have storage behind the seat?
    there are some images online (ZK JFR)if that is any help.
    max weight is a consideration as we usually  fly heavy and can have some savage turbulence (no one likes g meters here )
    i hope hope to get a look later this week.
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  11. Dusty added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Mk4 Gross weight
    I'm not real familiar with Avids but have been asked to have a look at one  for a potential purchaser.
    the c/n is 1206c  this Is listed as a heavy hauler. From what I can see from researching this forum is,to be a Heavy hauler the c/n has to end with a c? The ribs need to be 12 inches apart and spar wall at .83
    The gross weight  for a HH should be 1150 pound?Is there anything else I should be looking for ,have I got my facts right?   
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  12. Dusty added a post in a topic Replacing windshield   

    While your screen is out consider painting or wrapping satin black vinyl around the 2struts from your dash top as these reflect on the screen and can ruin some photos.
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  13. Dusty added a post in a topic Replacing windshield   

    Both my aircraft have screws into a Captive nut in the glare shield ,works well also put a moulding along the lower edge to keep the rain out .
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  14. Dusty added a post in a topic KItfox 1 vs KitfoxIV tail section size   

    My 3 has the small tail which I assume is similar to your 1.  The adverse yaw only becomes a problem on a long cross country in turbulence  as I am working all the time to keep the ball centered. The later  mixer could possibly minimise this.
    I don't see much difference in xwind ability with my big tail 4 unless I three point which isn't advisable with the smaller rudder which is blanked in wing turbulence. The taller tail isn't affected as much.
    My 3 has the small wing tanks but if it had the big tanks inertia may factor into the tail swing(my brother has a 4 with the small tail but big tanks and is definatly more wandery in the tail)
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  15. Dusty added a post in a topic Recommended bungee for a fat plane?   

    My gear is slightly toed in but hasn't been a problem but she is a bit squirrelly,I intend to put a grove setup on in the next few weeks but i don't want to make it too easy for the instructors or students
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