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  1. nlappos added a post in a topic The unquenchable EGT   

    Here is the Rotax page for downloading everything. It is also freshened by Rotax, of course:

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  2. nlappos added a post in a topic control linkage friction   

    As an observation for my Mk IV, there is no friction as such. On the ground the stick feels heavy due to the weight of the elevator, but the motion is free and not at all sticky. I suspect any friction will come from some rod or crank rubbing in the area just aft of the stick, under the seat and into the mixer behind the seat. I would look hard to find it just to be sure.
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  3. nlappos added a post in a topic The unquenchable EGT   

    THe main problem is that we all post what we believe, or what we were told, or what we remember, so it becomes clear as mud. Then we say stuff like "wow it's confusing." No it is not confusing, it is as clear as can be, if we bother to just read what the manufacturer said to do. This is from the installation manual, written 19 years ago:

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  4. nlappos added a post in a topic Magnum transition training   

    One of our members is a very experienced tail dragger instructor who checked me out. He lives in the SFO area, but travels as needed, I think. I bet he could also line up a suitable aircraft for a checkout at Palo Alto, his home turf, if you were willing to travel. Marco Caflisch is his name, he has a facebook page
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  5. nlappos added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    here is the written quote showing that custom brackets are required at $500 for the set. Total for a Mk IV is $2900
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  6. nlappos added a post in a topic Grove gear pics   

    The Grove needs to have the mount shaped carefully. The aluminum beam bends around the upper attach brackets, which are "pillow blocks" that carefully shape the bend as the hard landing is executed, and that bend determines the strength of the gear. When I tried to buy Grove gear they quoted $500 for those aluminum attach brackets (which made the entire gear package almost $3000 (and made it a non-starter).
    If some of those guys who have the gear attach blocks could carefully document the shape, it should be easy to have them machined.
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  7. nlappos added a post in a topic Wide Gear   

    I priced the Grove gear for my Avid MK IV, and it was over $3000 when you toss in the required pillow blocks and such. I tried to talk them down, and got nowhere. The Lowell Fitt (HighWing LLC) gear I bought was about $1500 total, and it is terrific.
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  8. nlappos added a post in a topic Tacoma Narrows Bridge   

    The authorities put the car there, and later a big truck, to try to retune the oscillations. The problem was that the roadbed was too soft in its twisting strength, so it fluttered like a stop sign in the wind. Earlier suspension bridges used strong stiff boxes for the road bed, this one was made lighter and cheaper. See how deep the box that forms the roadbed is on the Brooklyn Bridge, which was built 50 years earlier than the Tacoma Narrows. That deep box prevents the twisting. See the shot of the original bridge, how shallow the roadbed box is, and then see how strong the box is on the repaired bridge, which is the green one closest in the photo (the pylons were not damaged in the roadbed collapse.)


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  9. nlappos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    Nope as long as we are ruining this site for politics, why should anyone answer your question?

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  10. nlappos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

  11. nlappos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    Imagine someone dumb enough to vote for this guy!

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  12. nlappos added a post in a topic New legs for the Avid   

    I redid my old Avid brakes using new thin master cylinders that allow me to get much more leverage between my pedal and the cylinder - see the picture below, the old master cylinder hole is clearly shown, the new hole gives about 21/2 times more pedal force and 2 1/2 times more brake pressure. The only work was to drill the new holes, fit the cylinders to them, and hang the small external reservoir. I did have to shorten the cylinder threaded ends a little to fit the cylinder into the old space.
    I now can hold my Avid Mk IV on the ground against 5500 engine rpm (with a 670 engine, probably about 60 HP) and the brakes feel rock hard when I press.

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  13. nlappos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    akflyer, this was a nice place to escape the crap that infests the internet. Think hard about your decision to let off topic political crap on a regular "hangar" site. It is a big decision you are making to support that crap. Can I suggest that you move it to Hangar Talk, which says it is specifically "A place for non-flying chit chat". That way we can avoid it easily?
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  14. nlappos added a post in a topic Fuel Tank Suppliers   

    I use a baggage compartment tank as my aux fuel, it has a vented cap. It is far lower than the wing tank of course. I use a check valve in the supply line from the aux tank to prevent any down flow, and I use a facet pump that lifts the fuel into the main tank, and feeds it thru a small hole in the wing root so all the aux fuel can do is refill the main tank. That way I don't mess with original, proven engine feed at all. 
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  15. nlappos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    This garbage is what ruins forums. Get rid of it.
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