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  1. nlappos added a post in a topic Very cool Tool mat   

    $130 for three plastic trays??  I know who is the shark in shark tank!
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  2. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Mk IV Major Change and Upgrade   

    I am checking with the Warp Drive folks. Some literature says ok, some says not (70" max for 3 blades). Thanks for the heads up.
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  3. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Mk IV Major Change and Upgrade   

    I have an exhaust modified from my 582 system by Mike Hair. I'll let you know here how it fits. I think it looks generally like this for an upside down Avid Mk IV

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  4. nlappos added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Avid Flyer Mk IV Major Change and Upgrade
    Well after my illustrious gear fail landing last October, I have gathered the parts and will be getting her ready for flight in mid to late Feb.  I pulled my 582 (using a Harbor Freight hydraulic table, which was surprisingly easy.) I packed it up in a big plastic tub sold at Walmart, using about 5 pillows as recommended by 'Rick".
    I shipped it to "Rotax Rick" Ron Davis, and he swapped parts and is sending back (4 weeks later) a zero time 91 HP 670 engine with my C box. I will also install a Warp Drive 3-blade 72" Prop with Standard blades, nickel leading edges and HPL hub, ground adjustable, and a new set of wide Lowell Fitt gear with my old 8.00 x 6 wheels and brakes to round out the major items.
    I will keep you all informed of how it goes, I will drop back to Phase 1 for 5 hours, and take careful notes.
    I am now based at Parowan, UT, so that 6000 feet will make the 91 HP mighty welcome.

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  5. nlappos added a post in a topic fuel flow, engine monitor, water temp guage, engine cushions   

    I use a marine fuel flow sensor and gauge (Navtron F210) that I bought on Ebay, but they seem to be scarce now.  Aircraft Spruce sells a few gauges with sensors that run about $350 that seem to be perfect.
    The fuel flow and totalizer is terrific for any cross country work. You set the tank quantity, and it reads actual fuel flow, as well as ticks off the fuel you burn from the total. Mine is accurate enough to really trust.
    Here is the aircraft spruce that might be best for Avids:
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  6. nlappos added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    I think the header tank was drained by the engine, which quit when the header was empty. The header was not refilling, because the pressure difference (suction) from the main side was too great.
    I drew up a simple sketch of the single tank Avid system

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  7. nlappos added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Your fuel system is identical to mine. It is accurate to say that the holding tank serves as a debubbler, and not a vent. Any bubbles rise to the top, and you release them on the next preflight inspection. I believe my summary above is correct, in that the negative pressure from the missing cap  stopped the flow, and that the electric pump would fight this "suction" while it was on. Clearly the Rotax air pump didn't have the suction when acting alone.
    Again, great job handling the emergency, and also documenting the results for us all!
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  8. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid Fuel/Gas Cap   

    Here is the thread that attacked this subject . I use a Stant cap, this thread has some good photos to nail that down. Need to add that vent tube to the cap, with drill and epoxy.

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  9. nlappos added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Emory Bored, You read what I meant and not what I wrote, thank goodness! Every time I hit Enter I learn something new. I fixed the screw up.
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  10. nlappos added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    What a great job getting it down. Nice piloting!
    Classic fuel problem: The loss of the gas cap would remove the positive pressure on the gas in the tank, which helps force it down the tube to the header, and replaced it with a big negative pressure (which also whips the gas all over the wing). This probably caused the gas in the line to backup. If the header tank was then your fuel source, and was not being fed by the mains, it would exhaust in only a few minutes (a header tank made of 2.5" spar 20" long holds about 100 cubic inches, or about .43 gallons) at 6.5 GPH (edited) in climbout, the header will drain in no more than 4 minutes.
    Cure? Gas cap retention, and an electric fuel pump that continuously feeds the Rotax pump (don't feel guilty, I bought one 2 years ago and it is on the shelf in my hangar, doing nothing to help!) A 4 psi pump can pull the gas enough to help break the "suction" that probably caused the problem.
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  11. nlappos added a post in a topic I'm still here   

    I run back to your note that the flow from the wing tanks is low. (" I have to force feed the wing tanks to the header to get the flow to start using an outboard motor squeeze bulb for now.") That is not at all normal, check for debris and blockage at the fittings at the tank bottoms. A small screen might be there and that gets flakes of stuff that blocks it. I had to clean out mine annually.
    The wing tank, header tank system works really well, and should be your default configuration, IMHO. It works well.
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  12. nlappos added a post in a topic BRS on an Avid   

    EDMO, I really agree, the landing speed we have is so slow it is almost like the wings are our BRS.
    But Jwhetnall, I also think it up to each of us to assess the risk and get a solution. I know I spend a lot of time spotting one field and then the next, and a chute could relax me a bit! I looked up Second Chantz but the web site seems dead.
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  13. nlappos added a post in a topic BRS on an Avid   

    You know, I really agree with the feelings on this post, and am too cheap to spend $6000 on a BRS, but OTOH, what a great story you could tell about coming down on that silly chute!
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  14. nlappos added a post in a topic avid cooling   

    On the recommendation of another guy on this forum, I found that green solution that they sell for car radiators that makes the water wetter actually work (Hy-Per Lube Radiator Additive). I replaced my coolant 50% mix with pure water and added this stuff and I was 20 degrees cooler (still not perfect in 100 deg weather, but much closer.

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  15. nlappos added a post in a topic Landing light options   

    I can't help but believe the arrays of small lights are not the right way to go for a landing light. Small bulbs don't project far, and a lot of them will have lots of lumens on paper, but won't throw a concentrated beam very far.
    One bright light with a big reflector behind it, of the same total lumens, should throw a spot that travels farther and stays concentrated.
    As soon as I can I will post a picture of the 25W LED spots in action at night.

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