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  1. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    I know I sure wish it was much closer.  I would snatched it up to have some extra Fun! 
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  2. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Avid flyer fiberglass molds for sale on barnstormers   

    Hopefully if Mark from Avid doesn't have these....he sees this post or ad.  Would be Awesome to see the Magnum come back too!
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  3. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Loose Flap Handle   

    It's going Good!  Not as Good as I would like though as it always goes.  Will be posting  progress pics soon.  Its not without some aggravation though but alot of Fun as well!  Cheers Randy 
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  4. Avid Randy added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Loose Flap Handle
    I know in the past there have been several discussions on flap handles becoming loose.  I found this while installing mine and thought I would just throw it out there.  Probably would be more for the ones that bought used already assembled Avids since they would have no idea how or how well the builder assembled the bird. 
    The kit provides you with the F-54 friction washer that goes between the frame and the handle and it has a 1/4" hole in the center from the factory.  In the first photo you will notice the side by side photo of the washer and where it is to be installed.  The center hole is 1/4" but where it is to be installed over the shoulder of the 1/4" bolt hole is 3/8".  So the washer needs to be drilled to 3/8" so that it will fit over the shoulder and sit tight against frame and the handle when installed.  If not like the second photo the only friction that you are getting is against that little shoulder around the bolt hole and that will wear very quickly and become loose for sure if installed that way.  The manual does not reference this in any way so some may have installed as is.  I don't know if anyone has installed this way or not but just thought I would show what I found while installing mine.  The third photo shows washer installed after being drilled and this would allow the friction to be spread across the whole washer from frame to the flap handle.  Maybe this will help someone some day.  Cheers Randy  (I guess the photos got backwards but I'm sure you can figure it out)

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  5. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Control Column Chaos   

    Finally FREE!!!  Not without a lot of aggravation though!  I first started by shortening the connecting link to get control sticks to be parallel with each other and low and behold now the controls bind side to side!  Had not been prior to shortening!  I was flipping MAD after all of this!  Well shortening the link (which needed to be done) now created sharper angles when moving side to side and the same thing that was happening at the bellcrank now was happening at control stick.  The rod bearing shoulders were binding against the lower part of the pivot sockets.  At this point I was ready to throw the whole mechanism in the trash and call for a new one!  I finally grinded of the corners of the shoulders that were binding on all rod end bearings, added a washer between u-joint and bellcrank to allow it to move more freely, grinded off the top of the bellcrank pivot point and placed two washers underneath to raise it an 1/8" or so.  This helped all together to finally have FREE controls!!!  Thanks for all your input!!
    Yeah.....that lasted real long!  Then I installed the elevator control rod and it is so stiff that truly I think I could possibly break the control column if I would attempt to mess around with it that way.  Has anyone had a very stiff elevator control rod?  The bushings were drilled out to 9/16" as directed.  Would it be OK to drill out the first 2 or so bushings to 5/8" to help reduce the friction through the bushings?  That's my only thought of correcting it at this point.  I just don't know how critical it is to have the rod tight in the bushings.  Just seems to be more of a guide than anything else.  Again just figured I would see what you guys think before I may do something that would not be wise or maybe you have a better idea/way.

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  6. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Control Column Chaos   

    Fred/TJay - Thanks for the input on moving the control link to the rear.  I did try that and did not have much luck either but I think I'm going to fix the other issues first and see where this binding ends up at that point.
    TJay - Sounds like we are on the same idea.  That's what I was looking at doing removing some from the top of the pivot point and place a washer or two under to raise it up a bit.  I would never have imagined that the control ink would have been too long but it had me baffled looking at it as the sticks were pointing at each other and the rod ends were bottomed out on the threads.  I think I'm going to shorten the control link and raise the bellcrank first and see how that all works out.  Then revisit the binding of the rod end as maybe some of this will help.  As far as the paint - Thanks but I really can't take credit for that as I had all the parts powder coated and they really turned out Well!  Also nice looking Bird you have....Glad to see it all coming together!  Congrats on the Inspection too!  Has to be a little sigh of Relief?  Cheers Randy

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  7. Avid Randy added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Control Column Chaos
    I don't even know where to start....other than I have been working on this control column for hours and hours and hours trying to get it to fit properly to then drill holes to mount it.  It seems no matter what I do it just will not work completely free as it should.  I am so aggravated that I am pulling my hair out and  ready to just cut, grind, bend, pry, pull etc. to get this thing to work right!  (Hopefully not!) 
    First off, the control stick connecting link inside the control column is too long.  When  the rod ends F-38 are screwed on the whole way the stick pivot sockets still angle inward towards each other.  I guess I'm going to have to cut off some of the threads to shorten the rod/link so things will square up properly.  Has anyone had to do this during there build?
    Then the tabs for the mounting of the F11 control column bracket were welded too high on the cross bar so I had bent them down some and straightened them back out so that it is close to the height of the pass side tabs.  Because of this I added an extra piece of ply under column end bracket so that the control column would be rather level otherwise the bellcrank u-joint would not even fit into the end of the control column.  Figured once I know everything is fitting well I can make a new control column end bracket that is at the correct height to accommodate this.
    After getting the control column level the bellcrank u-joint still strikes the bottom of the control column when entering the end.  The screw head grinds into the bottom.  I can adjust things at  times so that in the neutral and aft positions it will work freely but when moving stick forward the u-joint binds on the bottom.  Also at the same time with stick forward and to the left the F-38 rod end shoulder binds against the bottom of the stick pivot socket as seen in the photo.  It works fine to the right.
    Reading AD #04 advises to reduce bushing thickness of the stick pivot socket forward or aft to help with alignment.  Probably have to grind the front bushing down so pivot socket moves forward and place washers aft to help with the rod end shoulder binding.  With the u-joint binding , it seems the front aileron bellcrank is too low so I was thinking of doing the same thing as the pivot sockets.  Grind some of the upper part of the bellcrank pivot bushing off and place washers below it which would help raise the bellcrank an 1/8" or so and hopefully allow the u-joing to move freely in and out of the control column.
    Just wanted to reach out and see what you guys think about this and if any of you have had problems like this before I go doing something drastic and make deviations/changes that can not be reversed.  Thanks for any info/input.....Cheers Randy

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  8. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Museum of Aviation   

    Looks Awesome!  Have to make a stop there sometime!
    Are you able to sit in some of them? Pretend like your Joey! 
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  9. Avid Randy added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    I would say that strap was a Great addition but it's a shame it never made it to the other manuals!  Thanks to flywise....I bet there will be many of those made/added.
    Ed, glad to see your still keeping at!  Hope all is going well for you!  Cheers Randy 
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  10. Avid Randy added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    I went and pulled my F40 and it is a 3/16" hole in the rod end bearing with 1/4" threads which is what the manual/drawings show.  (Sorry for the reference of the 1/4" hole above as I must have misread one of the original posts as I thought you mentioned you had a 1/4" hole).  Just as Leni mentioned I bet it was a 1/4" originally and whoever fixed it last time put some odd fitting on there and made it work.
    I think your best bet would be to get the correct threaded rod end 1/4" as Leni provided earlier and get yourself a new rod end bearing with 3/16" hole and 1/4" threads.  This would be rather inexpensive and less headache then trying to match the other threads you have now.
    Funny thing is after looking at the drawings and manual some more it shows on my drawing that it is an AN4 bolt through the end of this bearing but that is not correct as it is an AN3 size hole in the control column and the rod end bearing.  I was planning on working on some of this later today on my kit.  Looks like I'm going to have some fun figuring out the mix up!  Cheers Randy
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  11. Avid Randy added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Maybe get a new rod end bearing that has 1/4" hole in the bearing and 1/4" threads and that way it will work with your new 1/4" threaded rod end.  You would have it fixed and its stronger!!!
    Like this one but obviously you can find them other places too.
    Cheers Randy
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  12. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Sun N Fun 2018, April 10 - 15   

    I'm hoping to pull it off next year!
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  13. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Why is this here??   

    That's Absolutely Awesome!  I bet that would make Leni dance!  Would be curious what the large bone is?
    Leni....Awesome site!  No better forum out there!  Keep up the Great Work and do what you want with it, I agree more the merrier! Always another angle/set of views!  Cheers Randy 
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  14. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Parting out A model Avid STOL wing   

    Sorry to hear about your friend!  It is sad to see the plane parted out.  Most people wish they made it that far with these kits and that one actually made it!
    Possibly some pics of interior and instruments.  Might b interested in tailwheel if tsoftware isn't depending on what it is.  What are you thinking for the Hirth?  Cheers Randy 
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  15. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Throwback to 1992   

    You gonna put that in your wife's side of the garage too!
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