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  1. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Another Long Time Lurker   

    Thank you for all your insight between the different engines.  It definitely gives me something to mull over!  I really would like to have a 4cycle as they are a little more forgiving but I also know that most of the time anything well taken care should/will last longer.
    I used to race motocross many years ago through the 2 cycle era and what a pain in the ASS at times with the 2 strokes.  I was constantly rebuilding the head from the piston marring it all up.  I'm going to go out on the limb here and say I think that the motocross was a lot more demanding on the engine in a sense due to constant RPM changes in very short intervals.  Compared to being in the air where there is more constant RPMs overall.
    So I do really understand what you are saying in regards to these engines especially taking into consideration your going to be in the air and not on a track on the ground.  I have read many success stories with the 582 including yours and many unsuccessful stories as well which makes me question some of what I would like to do.  I have a comparison chart between the 582/912 but just can't seem to find it right now.  It basically shows through the TBO of the 912 (including everything that needs to be done to it) the 582 wins hands down with costs even rebuilding every 300 hrs.  So I think that is what is still keeping me hanging on to possibly try the 582 at least for a while.  Initial cost and maintenance costs being better the whole way through.  In retrospect as you mentioned there is a lot less down time due to much less maintenance with the 912. 
    I was thinking that you had to do the stretch to get the 912 to work?  Maybe with all my reading about different topics I might have gotten mixed with all the auto conversions and all.
    Anyways I do appreciate you taking the time to give me your opinion and info from experience on this topic.  I'm sure we will converse more about this while moving forward on this project.
    And Yes it is a Mark IV with all that I can tell with the paperwork and the key features and parts account for it.  Yay!!!
    Again Thanks for your input and kind words
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  2. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Another Long Time Lurker   

    Your Very Welcome!  I will try to keep active with progress on the site as much as I can.  Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for your kind words
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  3. Avid Randy added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Another Long Time Lurker
    Randy Himes from Southern PA.
    I have been a long time follower of the site on and off at times but always soaking up information wishing to sometime build or own an Avid.  Been following the Avids since around 1998 dreaming of flying one someday.  Roughly three weeks ago I finally bought a kit that was a complete practically unstarted Mark IV.  Only the fuselage was painted and that was it.  Returned today to pick up items that were missing after doing an inventory of the parts.  Funny thing is......it was some large items that should not have been missed like the tail feathers & prop but also a box of many small items.
    1992 Avid Flyer Mark IV #1199D Speedwing Tailwheel  (fuselage painted white & red) Currently no engine but was to be a 582 and will probably still go that route
    Possibly looking at trying to get extension kit from new Avid for the speed wings, maybe add nose wheel to convert back and forth as see fit, would like to do added width option that Jim Chuk did to his.
    Looking forward to soaking up more info moving forward and getting answers to my many questions to come through the process.  Thanks to all on the site so far!!!
    Trying to finish the garage it is going to be built in so I can have some Building FUN!  Should start building in next few days since I now know I have just about all of the parts. (only a few missing)
    Randy from PA

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  4. Avid Randy added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    Thank You for such a Great Site for all of us to use!  I have been following it for a long time and always wondered how to contribute to it.  My own dumb fault for not asking!!!
    Since I have not contributed in the past I just sent you a large donation through PP to contribute to help keep this site running.  
    Since I finally got my kit a few weeks ago (after all these years ) I will be relying on this site for information and answers to questions going forward for sure!
    Thanks Again
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  5. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Instruments forsale   

    What would you take for all of them?
    Thanks Randy 
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  6. Avid Randy added a post in a topic avid mk iv tricycle and taildragger for sale   

    It works the same way on a phone too.
    Just bought a kit or I would've had an interest in yours.  Did your original kit come with the nose gear mount or did you fabricate something to work?  Curious as I'm looking at doing something to possibly add nose gear.  (Ed your not alone! ) Randy
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  7. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Complete Aircraft, Original Mk IV Speed Wing Kit   

    I'm surely hoping so!!!  I would like to have the wings extended for a little extra safety margin but wasn't sure what the availability would be out there.  Left an email with Avid and have not heard back from them and then tonight got an email.  Mark advised Speedwing Ribs are ready and in stock to be used for an extension kit.  Just not sure what else it will take so will be working with them on that.  I definitely would like to do the widening of the fuse like Jim Chuk & Jared Payne did for extra shoulder width.  Yes for being basically 26 years old it is in rather good shape.  Few parts missing but I think we will be able to make it through it.
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  8. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Complete Aircraft, Original Mk IV Speed Wing Kit   

    SOLD!  Thanks for the lead Paul.  Mr. Early was Super nice fellow.  Kit all packed up and ready to head to its new home for completion. 

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  9. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Complete Aircraft, Original Mk IV Speed Wing Kit   

    Any more info or answers to questions?  I'm about 2 hrs away straight up 81.
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  10. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Complete Aircraft, Original Mk IV Speed Wing Kit   

    Do you know is it a tricycle or have the option?  Any pics?  Does he have all parts except engine or what is missing?  Thanks Randy
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