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  1. Avid Randy added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Ebay 15% off sitewide today only 03/20
    They did it Again....Very Unusual!
    Ebay 15% off sitewide today only 03/20 till 7 pm Pacific Time.  Just type in PSPRINGTIME as coupon code.  Every little bit helps!  I used the last 20% offer and it worked Great!
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  2. Avid Randy added a post in a topic MKIV Flight Testing   

    Glad to hear your having Great results with the wings!  I'm waiting back from Mark at new Avid to get my extended kit so I can install when I get that far.  It will be Great to have both worlds STOL and extra speed!
    Not good to hear you almost had an incident even after doing all the cleaning out of the tanks.  That will make me want to clean it out several times!
    Awesome to see the little one involved!  Can't wait to let my girls sit in it and go for a ride!  Plane looks Great too BTW!  
    Cheers Randy 
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  3. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Ebay 20% off sitewide today only 03/09   

    Yep....and it works too!  Just ordered a new com/radio got the max $100 off!
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  4. Avid Randy added a post in a topic FIREWALL BLANKET???   

    Av8r3400 - That is what I will be looking at is the 28 gauge .016" sheet.  Putting the blanket on the inside I think does make sense as you mentioned keeping it out of the elements of the engine compartment.  With that being said, I'm sure the intent with blanket on outside was to keep any radiant heat from a fire from passing through the metal firewall and into the frame and other components attached.  But a clean stainless firewall I think looks rather sharp and having blanket on inside should still bear some insulation benefit rather than burning up.  I have a Piper PA 22-20 project and it has the blanket on the inside of firewall (need to get rid of this project to make more room for new project).
    1avidflyer - I appreciate the lead but I'm hoping to get it for Free (Probably Not) since I never charge the company a finance charge for the money they constantly owe me.........
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  5. Avid Randy added a post in a topic New 582 installation   

    Looking Great!!  Can't wait to get to that point.....but just starting so gotta long way to go.  Hopefully we will get to see your first flight soon!  Cheers Randy 
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  6. Avid Randy added a post in a topic FIREWALL BLANKET???   

    Thanks for the info.  I was wondering what size would be best but would agree if thats what they use then that is good.  Never thought to look at Spruce to see what they offer.  
    I'll check with my guy and see which type of stainless he recommends.  I'll post some pics and weight comparisons when I get it back.  Probably next week or so.  Need to go try to get some money from them anyways!  That's a Good Barter!   Randy 
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  7. Avid Randy added a post in a topic FIREWALL BLANKET???   

    Another Great idea that I was considering but on the fence about.  I was suprised when I got my kit how thin and cheap the firewall metal was.  I seen somewhere someone else had used stainless steel and thought about doing it but wasn't sure if that would have any other effect except add weight.  I think it would be much cleaner looking than that cheap sheet metal. 
    I work with a Stainless Sheet Metal Co several times a week.  Guess I have to get the firewall to them now.
    You have now made my decision.  Thanks for the push Ed! 
    Cheers, Randy 
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  8. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Instruments for Sale   

    I would be interested in the switch and VSI (if Buckchop doesn't take it) first to him though.
    Thanks Randy 
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  9. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Powder coating   

    That's Awesome to hear!
    I'm taking alot of my metal parts to be powder coated on Friday.  Was hoping for the Best but now I feel much better about it for sure.  Thought it would hold up good seeing they use it alot on well used parts.
    Can't wait now.....
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  10. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Electric Trim   

    I have not called them yet but was planning on this week.  Just didn't know if anyone had any problems or recommendations based on personal use.
    I will try to call tomorrow and see what they recommend.
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  11. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Avid Drawing for Inspection??   

    Attached are drawings I made for you.  Use what you like.  Check your numbers and if anything is different I can change it and shoot it back to you or if you would want anything added as well. 
    I attached both JPEG and PDF.
    Wish You All The Best With Your Inspection!!!
    Avid Flyer Mark IV Color Drawing.pdf

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  12. Avid Randy added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Electric Trim
    Interested in any information on electric trim for the Mark IV. 
    Curious what electric trims any of you may have used and what length of travel works best with the Mark IV style trim tab?
    I would looking at ordering a Ray Allen but was not really sure what travel would work best.
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  13. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Another Long Time Lurker   

    That Sounds Great!!!  #1. I don't need a stretch for the 912 and #2. That the extended speedwing seems to be going well for Joey and your personal results in the great performance.  I was already planning on adding VGs too.  So it sounds like I am starting down the right road with the upgrade to the wings to end up with a Great Bird.  Guess I need to reach out again to Mark at New Avid and get the parts I need to extend my wings before I get started on the wings.
    Again thanks for all your input regarding the 912.  I really would like to have the 912 as it being a 4 stroke but was leaning back to the 582 obviously for cost reasons.  But after some of your info I definitely would prefer the 912.  Have to see how it all works out.
    No worries about pushing the 912 I appreciate all the info as it helps to prepare for the right decision down the road.  If you do see a good deal out your way please let me know.  I would just have it shipped.
    Thanks guys
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  14. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Belly pan   

    Sorry I have been wanting to post this for you for a while but just keep forgetting to pull out the belly pan and unwrap it to take a pic.  I just purchased a complete Mark IV kit and this is the belly pan that was in the kit.  Maybe you already made something but I wanted to make sure to get this out to you in case you have not. 
    After unwrapping it seems it was beat up a little through my transfer/transport or during the last 26 years of storage who knows.  I included several photos for your review.  It is 33 1/4" wide x 24 5/8" long.  The 24 5/8" is the length with the bend in the front.  When flattening out the front edge (as much as possible without distorting) it measures 24 3/4".  The bend is 3/4" and I would guess it to be 45 deg.  I did not get the degree but if you really want it I can measure.
    Wishing You The Very Best On Your Build!!!  I'm Looking Forward To Mine!
    Randy from PA

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  15. Avid Randy added a post in a topic Another Long Time Lurker   

    Thank you for all your insight between the different engines.  It definitely gives me something to mull over!  I really would like to have a 4cycle as they are a little more forgiving but I also know that most of the time anything well taken care should/will last longer.
    I used to race motocross many years ago through the 2 cycle era and what a pain in the ASS at times with the 2 strokes.  I was constantly rebuilding the head from the piston marring it all up.  I'm going to go out on the limb here and say I think that the motocross was a lot more demanding on the engine in a sense due to constant RPM changes in very short intervals.  Compared to being in the air where there is more constant RPMs overall.
    So I do really understand what you are saying in regards to these engines especially taking into consideration your going to be in the air and not on a track on the ground.  I have read many success stories with the 582 including yours and many unsuccessful stories as well which makes me question some of what I would like to do.  I have a comparison chart between the 582/912 but just can't seem to find it right now.  It basically shows through the TBO of the 912 (including everything that needs to be done to it) the 582 wins hands down with costs even rebuilding every 300 hrs.  So I think that is what is still keeping me hanging on to possibly try the 582 at least for a while.  Initial cost and maintenance costs being better the whole way through.  In retrospect as you mentioned there is a lot less down time due to much less maintenance with the 912. 
    I was thinking that you had to do the stretch to get the 912 to work?  Maybe with all my reading about different topics I might have gotten mixed with all the auto conversions and all.
    Anyways I do appreciate you taking the time to give me your opinion and info from experience on this topic.  I'm sure we will converse more about this while moving forward on this project.
    And Yes it is a Mark IV with all that I can tell with the paperwork and the key features and parts account for it.  Yay!!!
    Again Thanks for your input and kind words
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