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    Check out the thread "ANR headset. Is it worth the money?" 
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  2. PitFox added a post in a topic ANR Hedset - is it worth it?   

    I was talking to John McBean recently and I was telling him about my radio/headset issue. He made the statement "even the best radio is only as good as your headset." I believe he was right on target. I have an old Delcom handheld radio out in my shop that I've had for probably 20 years. KTTA is only about 7 miles away and I can listen to every plane that goes and comes. I've always noticed how some come in loud and clear and others not so much. Often I can hear lots of engine noise. I'm convinced their headsets are the #1 cause. The difference in my radio with the Lightspeed Zulu 3 verses my old Avcom headset is like night and day. I'm not trying to push any one brand of headset over another. Whatever works best for you! But even the best radio is worthless if no one can understand you. And I can't think of the words to describe how much I like the ANR feature. James Thomas 
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  3. PitFox added a post in a topic ANR Hedset - is it worth it?   

    I have the Lightspeed Zulu 3. I made my choice after realizing my "el cheapo" headsets were not doing a very good job. I could hear pretty well and they transmitted just fine on the ground but at cruise rpm no one could understand a word. The transmitter was picking up so much engine noise from my 912 I had to throttle way back to be heard. They didn't work very well with the intercom either. One of my friends has a Cub Crafters S/S and has a spare Bose he wasn't using. He handed them to me to try. Man, what a difference. As soon as I hit that ANR switch I became a believer. Several of us were doing a flyout for lunch that day and I was able to communicate clearly with one of our group 13 miles away. Problem solved! The Bose is great but my buddy with the C/C Cub had retired the Bose in favor of the Lightspeed Zulu 3. He said his Cub is extremely noisy and the Lightspeed does a better job keeping the noise out. I went with the Lightspeed based 1st on cost. Bose list for $1095, Zulu $850. Number 2, I like the Zulu's larger ear cups. They seem to keep the noise out better even with the ANR off.  The carrying case with the Zulu is better. The Zulu cords are better. They're very comfortable.  I like the Bose but even if the cost were equal I'd still chose the Zulu. I've never been any more pleased with a product, so pleased I ordered another for my passenger. I'm not one of those wealthy pilots so the cost hurts but I think they're a good value. James Thomas  
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