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  1. LORENZ added a post in a topic Position/STROBE/Tail LED Combo For Sale   

    What brand are they?
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  2. LORENZ added a post in a topic What kind of parts would people want made ?   

    Just use the stock gear and go x" wider and x" taller at static ride height. 
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  3. LORENZ added a post in a topic What kind of parts would people want made ?   

    If I'm building new STOL wings I'd like to stretch the chord a bit. I want as much float at possible.  Low 20's stall speed is very very attractive to all the cool kids these days. 
    As some some point though, it would be easier to just buy a new airplane kit than build new parts for my existing Aerobat. 
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  4. LORENZ added a post in a topic What kind of parts would people want made ?   

    Tell me about those wings
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  5. LORENZ added a post in a topic Nice 912 powered Avid for sale   

    Sold in 2013, crashed in 2014?  How'd you guys come across that news piece and put things together from a 4 year old post?  That's some sleuthing. 
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  6. LORENZ added a post in a topic What kind of parts would people want made ?   

    I'm looking for Tundra gear set on my MkIV.  
    Id buy completed STOL wings in a heart beat if the price was right. 
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  7. LORENZ added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    670 Rotax Rick 92hp NEW Motor $8000 San Diego
    New 670, fresh from Rotax Ricks test bench.  

    - Zero hours never mounted 

    - log book included

    - Pipe included dyno tuned

    - 92 hp dyno tuned

    - Bronz colored Bing 54 Carbs jetted and dyno'd properly 

    - no need to turn over your existing 582 for the case, my 582 only had 21 hours on it when I shipped it over to Rotax Rick for the 670 1 piece crank, new ceramic pistons, new forged rods, and new 670 build. 

    - C gear box is almost new with 21 hours on it and gone over with new motor build

    - Ducati Dual ignition

    - Rotax starter 

    - 670 Rotax stator

    Here's the prices if you bought from Rotax Rick and California Power Supply:  $9100 total [$4750 670 Rotax+$725pipe+$1500 Cbox + $575 starter + $350 stator + $350 Ducati ignition+ $850 Bing carbs]

    Calling or texting is best, no PM's on the forum please, I won't check back enough to give you a timely reply. Use text or a call and I'll get back quickly 

    (619) 300-3351
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  8. LORENZ added a post in a topic Aluminum plate is at an all time low $$   

    We're is he located?
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  9. LORENZ added a post in a topic Please Input on rotax ricks rebuilds   

    I've been back and forth on selling my brand new Rotax Rick 670 and jumping ship for the 912 conversion. Talk me out of it. 
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  10. LORENZ added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    For those that weren't aware the 2016 year 582 Rotax 2 stroke aircraft motor is very close to the same motor as the 1999 model year 670 Rotax minus cylinder bore, rotary valves and the 1 piece crank. The cases are almost identical. The 670 Ski-Doo Rotax is closer to the 582 aircraft Rotax than the discontinued 618 aircraft Rotax was. Some say they discontinued the 618 from the aircraft line beachside it was too similar to the $20,000 912 four stroke Rotax that came market in the same generation. 
    It would have been amazing to have had Rotax continue the 2 stroke aviation line with direct injection. It would for sure cannibalize the 912 four stroke line of engines and the current bottom line net income. I don't blame them from a business perspective. 
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  11. LORENZ added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Here'a a quick google search of the RX1 vs the 670. The 670 HO was legendary. 
    All 670s are not created equal. the 99 670 H.O. was the last rotary valve motor that Ski-doo would put in a sled. the zx chassis would not fit the rotary motors. The engineers at doo built that motor as the last hurah for the rotary and pulled out all the stops. Consider that it dynoed at 138 hp, nearly the same as a stock 2002 reed valve 800 doo. The pipe on the H.O. was a seperate part number only for the H.O. The only aftermarket pipes that would make more power were twin pipes. The ignition had a different advance curve. The clutching was nearly perfect out of the box. The standard 670 was nothing like the H.O. Nothing was quicker untill polaris came with the xc 700 and it would still beat that or the 2001 srx in 660'. I owned #243 Toni H. 99 670 H.O. and after that a 2002 mxzx 800.
    Yamaha suspension technology, that's funny. I had a 03 rx1 as well ad a 07 nytro. I would take the ride of my 97 mxz670 any day over those. the only thing that the yamaha has for an advantage would be flatter cornering. the rotary valve engines sit high in the chassis because of the intake . yamaha leaves a lot on the table as far as engine and clutching.

    i have owned 4 r.v engines that were all bulletproof. 10k+ on two of them. some people are installing them into zx and rev chassis sleds . the ho 670 is a reliably powerfull mill.
    polaris introduced their 700, which was quicker than a standard 670. the ho was a response to that engine. it was fast. the 03 firecats which are the fastest are incredibly fast . the ho actually had quicker drag times.
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  12. LORENZ added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I'm not sure if this 670 tune is full out race spec?
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  13. LORENZ added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    The 670 is no joke, it out pulls the 912 when the 670 is detuned for aircraft use. I can see the 670 out pulling the Yamaha RX1 in a snow mobile race tune. 

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  14. LORENZ added a post in a topic Rotary valve oil overflow   

    If it's fuel and oil getting past the seal from the crank case your running your engine lean. We know what happens when 2 strikes go lean. Kind of a scary think to have happening. 
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  15. LORENZ added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Strobe LED replacement for Avid's stock units
    I have these Wheelands and need a couple lenses for them. Rather than replacing the uber expensive glass lenses, I figured that after 25 years there would be some cheap LED direct plug and play eBay cheap replacements available?  
    Who has a lead on cheap LED replacement?
    The photos are from a bird that I walked by at Oshkosh this year, I have and same strobes and controller mounted behind the seat, and have 2 broken lenses. My bulbs look to be in good condition. 
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