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  1. RobS added a post in a topic Oshkosh 2018...Who’s going!   

    Oshkosh map . . .
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  2. RobS added a post in a topic Watch the plane crash   

    Additional details at this site. Looks like the guy seen in the video was just trying to get away from the impending disaster.
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  3. RobS added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    Diagram for KF

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  4. RobS added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    My solution probably won't work for you as I failed to remember your wings are already covered. I created a slot from the bottom side of the rib to insert the aluminum plate and plan to Hysol and rivet it in place - which requires access to the entire rib.
    This post from another thread on this subject provides a reasonable solution for wings that are already covered. Look at the next to the last post by wypaul
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  5. RobS added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    Tonight, I'll post some pictures of what I'm doing with my MK IV. I'm using a single piece of aluminum flat stock and had to Dremel a slot to insert the flat stock into the rib (beyond the tail).
    Saw pictures of someone else who did this the same way, but can't find the post.
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  6. RobS added a post in a topic California Power Systems 2-Stroke Tech Articles all in one place   

    Sorry to hear this, but glad you're ok! Hopefully no damage to anything more than the prop.
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  7. RobS added a post in a topic Push Those Pedals!   

    This post on TKF may not address your specific concern, but it explains how moving the mounting bracket back changes the rudder pedal angle and makes it easier to stay off the brakes (see post #32). It seems somewhat counterintuitive, but actually makes sense and for a good solution. I have long legs and my knees will still be in my lap, but I believe this approach will help keep my toes off the brakes. And there's lots of other good rudder pedal info in this post.
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  8. RobS added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    If this is the only time you'll need a portable band saw, you could rent one for about $20/day. Seems like it would be worth the $$.
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  9. RobS added a post in a topic Nose ribs   

    I had to remove all of my MK IV false ribs (both wings) due to the aluminum leading edge being a real mess. With a heat gun and patience, I was able to remove them all, clean up the spar and then put them back in place. A taut line from wing tip to root made placing them back at the correct height pretty straight forward. And then I replace the aluminum with a thin veneer of plywood.
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  10. RobS added a post in a topic ANR Hedset - is it worth it?   

    I have the original Lightspeed Zulu and it was well worth the cost. It does a great job on the noise cancellation, is very lightweight, and super comfortable.
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  11. RobS added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  12. RobS added a post in a topic Transponders and Airworthiness inspections   

    Joey look at Section (d) (4) of this CFR - I think you may be ok to list it as INOP and get the inspection as is - seeing "you're the person "appropriately rated to perform maintenance".
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  13. RobS added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    Someone had a Very Bad Day
    Looks like a Maine Warden Service pilot had a very bad day. And these are the guys who tell the public at this time of year, make sure the ice is safe before you venture onto it!
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  14. RobS added a post in a topic Landing Gear Option   

    Yes, a really nice setup, but very expensive!
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  15. RobS added a post in a topic Southeast Wisconsin   

    Welcome aboard!
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