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  1. FredStork added a post in a topic A 1900's board game   

    Great (and very decorative)! So what happend at the different steps? 
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  2. FredStork added a post in a topic F7 part for differential ailerons on Avids
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  3. FredStork added a post in a topic Scimitar Propellers   

    Works well and looks great!
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  4. FredStork added a post in a topic Repairs & Mods: custom cowl, new gear,etc   

    10 dollar spinner... I got a 12 cm half sphere iceream mould of the web Perfect snug fit on the hub plate, drilled a center hole and spray painted it. 
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  5. FredStork added a post in a topic New Airport is open   

    Top secret airport apparently... I get the same message when clicking (also) from France..
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  6. FredStork added a post in a topic 582 enricher   

    So when you say "enriching system" do you mean a primer system that inject a small amount of fuel directly in the carburetor like this "primer kit":
    or the choke that is normally built in to the Bing carburetor and pulled by a cable?
    The primer works well but is unpleasant as it brings fuel right to the dashboard and as they have a tendency to leak... not nice...
    The chokes are hard to pull but with a lever installed it works fine:
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  7. FredStork added a post in a topic Cutting off the motor mount   

    Hi! What is your concern with the engine upside down? The only real issue I see (and have experienced now on my second upside down 2 stroke) is the tendency to to get oil in the spark plugs when not flying for a longer time (but we have the solution to this, just use "P" model spark plugs).
    The lighter the Avid is the better it behave and the more fun it is to fly. I know everyone want 4 strokes today but personally I think even the 912 is too heavy. 
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  8. FredStork added a post in a topic MY AVID Mk4   

    Very impressive! 
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  9. FredStork added a post in a topic Landing at my home strip in Blighty   

    That looked pretty good to me Alan. I guess after Flitzer G-ERTI anything is easy to land!
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  10. FredStork added a post in a topic Mk iv or C?   

    It is most likely a model C with later modifications retrofitted. Upgrades like luggage compartment, horisontal split cowling (both "D"), and round rudder (not sure when it was introduced) are very frequent. Model C Serial numbers are in the range 250 - 900 according to most sources. There is an avidflyer.wikia page that list the serial number ranges and major differences.
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  11. FredStork added a post in a topic Reduced Dihedral   

    If it ain't broke don't fix it...
    I know some would argue we are "experimental aircraft" and should therefore not bother what someone else is doing - but this doesn't sound like a good idea.... Turbo list some good reasons.. to start with... 
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  12. FredStork added a post in a topic Would you use it ?   

    Very true. One simple and cheap thing that could save you when the unbalanced prop ripps the engine mount is a safety cable connecting the engine to the airframe behind the firewall.

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  13. FredStork added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    I’m running a Simonini Victor 2 since several years without any issues - and I am in contact with serveral owners around the world (but none in the US) with the same positive experience. It is a modern 2 stroke engine but with higher power and lower consumption than 582. Mine give 92hp and consume 13 l/h. This model is no longer sold, the corrent model give 100hp and similar consumption. Same weight as a 582, similar price and the same attachment point (but the shape of the engine might require some modification to the engine mount.
    More info on my blog...
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  14. FredStork added a post in a topic Cabin Heat   

    You know how to test it! ;-)
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  15. FredStork added a post in a topic Cabin Heat   

    Well, maybe we should define “sufficient”... as mentioned I would suggest one of the larger models unless you engine is running really hot even below freezing... Mine don’t so the result is not “warm” but rather “less cold”. But as you don’t really start undressing in an Avid the extra degrees are really pleasant and do make a difference.
    But you and Buckchop... if you plan to dry a wet dog a cold winter day this might not be the solution...
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