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  1. FredStork added a post in a topic am I crazy   

    Well, that might be difficult, maybe we can agree on "somewhat crazy"... But it is a good craziness!
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  2. FredStork added a post in a topic Engine out outlanding   

    yes I have 2 wing tanks with separate valves and a feedertank with a normally closed vent (only opened to purge air after switching tank after level alert...) 
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  3. FredStork added a post in a topic Engine out outlanding   

    Jerome, you are probably right, you had 2 possible ways to get air in the tank and yes the ram air in the empty tank might have blocked the flow and air could either get in ther or throught the vent or both... So separate valves for each of the tanks is good idea (it also helps to use only one tank and preserve the other one from eventual ethanol contamination).
    Good luck and fixing the issue and thank you for your consideration. Repair is progressing and I should be flying by end of the month.
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  4. FredStork added a post in a topic Engine out outlanding   

    with the 2 tanks connected through a "Y" the 2 tanks should under normal conditions contain fule to the same level. This is most liekly the situation when yountake the plane out of the hangar. Your problem is that fuel flows easier from the left tank than from the right. In flight you see this as a difference in fuel level between the tanks. But if you land and wait a while they will get to the same level again, right?
    Once one tank is empty it is apparently easier to fill the feedertank with air trough the (left) empty tank or through the vent lione of the feedertank. 2 possibilities, either the outlet, fuel line or eventual filer between the left tank and the feeder tank is partially clogged and therefore slowing the flow or the venbt on the tank is not working as expected. You say "ram air tubes", I assume this to be the classic forward facing tube sticking up into the air flow over the wing. Verify that the vent is not obstructed and if that is not the case modify the position and or length on the tube.
    I recomend installing a fuel warning system in the feedertank and a switch between the left and right tank. But note that this will not resolve your issue, you need to find out why the fuel is flowing too slowly.
    Now we get into the controverial part of the discussion... I recomend closing the vent line on the feedertank. It should be opened only to let air out once the level in the feedertank has gone below the alarm level, then switch tank, open the vent until the alarm stops, i.e. the feedertank is again full of fuel. 
    The reason for this is, as mentionned below and in the other string, that with an obstructed, or partially obstructed, fuel line it will be easier for the fuel pump to suck ion air through the vent (or empty tank) than sucking fuel through an even just partially obstructed line. I.e. the danger of open vent lines (other than on the main tanks...) is that while thye are there to let air out they can just as well let air in. It is better to manually controll the air out.
    And yes, glider pilots, as well as hang and paraglider pilots, have the advantage of always knowing where to land. Saved me when I lost my old 532 in flight...
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  5. FredStork added a post in a topic Engine out outlanding   

    Hi Jerome,
    glad you had a safe landing. There is a long string on tanks, connections and vents mith opinions, experiences, pros and cons that you might want to read. I have some ideas about what could have been your issue but would need more details.
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  6. FredStork added a post in a topic 6" Matco rims wanted - preferably from Europe...   

    Thanks, yes, I'm primary looking for second hand deal...
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  7. FredStork added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    6" Matco rims wanted - preferably from Europe...
    I'm looking for a pair of 6 inch Matco rims like the ones on the pictures. 

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  8. FredStork added a post in a topic Need some compassion...   

    Here is, as promised, a pick of the broken landing gear. I think it sends a clear message, "Do NOT land in a ditch". If you have another interpretation let me know:
    But the repair is progressing. I'm refurbishing the landingear that I miraculously was able to collect on the way home (Thank you again Juan!)
    And I have repaired the cowling, now ready for some new paint... And I do have some left...
    The left wheel axis was bent - $hit! - but as I had an order in for Matco for some new brake cylinders (yes, in addition to the crappy pilot I also had crappy brakes) I added a new wheel axis. I'll try to straighten out the old one but they are really short and sturdy - don't think it will be easy.
    Earlier today I sent a tear-dripping mail to our friend Roman at NR Props in Ukraine hoping we will give me a good price on the replacement blades (I have already given him at least 1 confirmed customer).
    I had to cut the bungee cord as the twisted gear blocked it so I will be making new bungees for myself and anyone else in europe who is interested... (collecting requests until Friday when I will be placing the order with Aircraft Spruce).
    If things goes as planned I should be flying again by end of August (and have time for another holiday week with the family in between.
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  9. FredStork added a post in a topic Big wheels and upgraded gear wanted for Avid 4   

    Please post photo of wife. How much does she cost per month?
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  10. FredStork added a post in a topic Matco break seal reference   

    Yes, correct if we are able to push twice as far, or twice as hard, to get the full benefit of the 2 calipers. But the problem we have is not the efficiency of the calipers but the difficulty creating sufficiant pressure through the break pedals.
    In short, you get the same braking result by pushing twice as far, or twice as hard, with only one caliper. 
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  11. FredStork added a post in a topic Matco break seal reference   

    Brilliant Mark, THANKS!
    And yes, better brakes could have helped, probably would have. And I'm not only refurbishing the breaks, I'm reviewing the entire system.
    One thing that puzzles me in your pics is the dual setup. The break pressure you can produce is determined by the foot breaks (and we know that problem) but if you send that to one or two calipers should not make much difference (other than tor wear and heat). You will apply half of the produced pressure in each of them.
    I will be installing the same kind of break cylinders that you have. The good thing with those, compared to those with the built in reservoir, is that they are designed so that they can be connected in series... so I will have a single master break handle on the stick that when used actions both breaks equally (I had a central hand break like that before this before and it works great), I'll use that for equal breaking (landing, holding etc.) and use the individual foot breaks for maneuvering.
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  12. FredStork added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Matco break seal reference
    I'm looking for the correct references for the seals (o-ring) for those (I imagine rather standard) Matco breaks. Do you know Matco / Aircraft Spruce reference?

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  13. FredStork added a post in a topic Need some compassion...   

    I will post picks but keep in mind that there is not much you can do about a properly dug ditch... and I'm not sure the damage is really characteristics (unless for ditch ditching...) for how the gear normally folds...
    Let's keep the better landing gear discussion going! I need to get in contact with someone that understand the deep secrets about landing gear geometry.
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  14. FredStork added a post in a topic Need some compassion...   

    Thank you for your support!
    The Avid Flyer comunity is amazing - half way home I was able to pick up a second hand left side landing gear (and for a bargin)! I will order new blades from Ukraine and have my bird flying in no time.
    Fred - much happier now!
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  15. FredStork added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Detailed landing gear drawings
    As you have seen in my previous post I'm in need of a new landing gear... We have had many and long discussion in this forum in regards to landing gear - maybe this is a good time to change to another model? ... but in despite of long discussions I'm not sure we have reach any conclusion on the ideal setup, or have I missed a post or two?
    Does anyone have
    detailed drawings of the standared landing gear that I could use to have a set manufactured on demand?a landing gear too many, eventually only the left, that I could buy? Not all of our members live on the other side of the enlightened advice on what would be then best gear setup if I go for an alternative solution?Fred
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