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  1. FredStork added a post in a topic Flaperons   

    Is there no modified bell cranks for the KitFox like the F7A bell cranks for the Avid?  
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  2. FredStork added a post in a topic low fuel warning device???   

    just thinking out loud here... not sure how that one works but guessing ultra sound... and if so maybe that, like anything operating on hight frequencies, could generate radio interference... I have a 6 liter header tank with a level alarm that goes off if the level starts to go down (i.e. just On/Off, not actaully measuring the level) It is just a magnet floating around a stick with a magnet triggered switch in it. 
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  3. FredStork added a post in a topic Avid Skis for sale on Ebay   

    Just pay in cash, the wife will never know...
    Here is a pic of the long wheel axis that I can’t see in the photo. Make sure to get them...
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  4. FredStork added a post in a topic Avid Skis for sale on Ebay   

    I can confirm that "the skis on the plane is just a sample pic" - as it is my plane and I not selling my skis! NEVER!!! 
    Whoever not buing the skis will one day regret it! So when you do (buy them that is), make sure they include the long wheel axis that goes with the skis. Can send photos if needed if the son selling his fathers stuff is not up to speed on what is a part of the kit.
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  5. FredStork added a post in a topic Covering started.   

    "just a part of the polyfiber game" says he who used Oratex and, once covered, was s done... 
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  6. FredStork added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Rims, master cylinders and silencer - Europe only
    I have some stuff for sale (but only in Europe due to shipping...):
    6" inch rims with drum brakes for 25 mm axes.  Like new, used for 3 flight, brakes never used.167 euros each new, selling both for 235 euros plus shippingMatco MC-A4 (i.e. short model) master cylinders (Aeroshell/DOT5).  Excellent condition, mounted, tested for a few flights, changed to master cylinder on the stick.155 euros each new, selling both for 215 euros plus shippingRotax 2t silencer. Good condition, 127 euros new selling for 50 euros plus shippingCall me, mail me, love me,
    Fred (in France)

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  7. FredStork added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Short flaperons, to fly or not to fly?
    A friend has bought an Avid “project”... the original speedwings have been extended - but the flaperons are still the short speedwing model.
    Is it safe to fly with the short flaperons?  Would it be a problem, a big difference?
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  8. FredStork added a post in a topic Avid Catalina for sale on ebay   

    My wife is also approving - probably just to prevent me from buying it...
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  9. FredStork added a post in a topic Wing tank question   

    I have already seen this (on a speedwing). Half of the left wing tank was used a storage compartment for fueling tube, fuel tester, a rag to wipe off after fueling etc. -  i.e. stuff that don't smell that good and you don't want in the cabin... I think I'd rather have the extra fuel capacity.
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  10. FredStork added a post in a topic Snowplay   

    And time for yet another film - not a typical "FRED STORK FILM" but a really nice envent I wanted to share:
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  11. FredStork added a post in a topic New build flight test HELP   

    I'm not sure my French ultra light license would allow me to legally test fly a speed wing in the UK - particularly not after April 12th (internal European, and not very funny, joke...)...
    I did learn to fly mine by myself (trained on nose wheel) and had almost no hours when I did it. This is not to brag but just to say that it ain't that hard, and should , quoting from above, be a breeze with any previous tail dragger experience. I also did the test flights after my complete rebuild myself. 
    Most Avids in the UK are speed wings and if you really think you need it help it should not be that hard to find.
    But, I'll try to find another reason to why you should bring me on a flight in your Chipmunk - I'm sketching on a "tour de Britain" and I'll pencil in Fen End Farm...
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  12. FredStork added a post in a topic Brake - dual calipers?   

    Right.. so being wrong is a good thing... so by installing a second caliper I can double the braking force.. Thank you Jerome! 
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  13. FredStork added a topic in Avid Magnum   

    Brake - dual calipers?
    Any point in installing a second caliper?
    In theory, with the pressure provided from pressing the brake cylinder being the same, adding a second caliper would give half the pressure power per caliper, compared to signle caliper, and therefore the same brake power. The only difference being that the brake power is spread over double the brake pad surface. As long as the brakes are not heating too much the brake power should remain approximately the same.
    In theory - but theory and reality does not always align... 
    I'm looking for real life experience in adding a second caliper (while not alos changing the rest of the installation).
    Did it make any difference? Nop, a little, some, night and day...
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  14. FredStork added a post in a topic Snowplay   

    Feels pretty good to have inspired Trent... And I have a strong belief in the power of sharing ideas.
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  15. FredStork added a post in a topic First Flight   

    That is the best advice you can get. 
    There is speed where you transition from tailwheel to rudder authority (the other way around when landing) and it is not a sweet spot so don't seach for it. Taxi slow and full throttle when deciding to take off. At landing just let her roll straight until she slows down. If you have individual brakes - don't touch them... And yes, grass...
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