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  1. BC-Quest-for-Flyers added a post in a topic Funny meme's I saved   

    Had a nice conversation after church with my 105 year old flying aquaintance at the local old folks home- USAAF colonel, I'm  sure he was a young guy 
    the last time "conventional gear" really was conventional.. !
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  2. BC-Quest-for-Flyers added a post in a topic Going over the Mark IV   

    Hello Vance,
    Have followed your progress on this forum with some interest.
    With apologies in advance for being somewhat off-topic allow me to introduce myself:
    Been reading this forum some 4 years.. really enjoy it!   Zero-timer (as a flyer) though I have had a few C172 and C35 Bonanza rides and am a rather serious airplane student.  Buildt several model airframes,  gas control line, gas bicycle and own a Kawasaki 340 with belt redrive I picked up at an estate sale.  Finally got around to joining EAA last year.  
    Don't know why, but several tuesdays before last John B, (Terrys brother) invited me to the EAA chapter 1554 meeting at Treeport  last Saturday- (July 22nd).  So after a bit of wrenching Saturday morning I rode my mountain bicycle the 20-odd miles and... NOBODY was there!   Hmm I thought- they must all be flying or maybe winging their way to the first weekend of Airventure?   No vehicles or planes in sight.. knocked on door of green delta-ribbed building (520 Skyhawk drive) a few times... Some time passed had just rehydrated in the shade and was getting ready to leave and Ken R (tot the owner) came out and greeted me.  He was aparently unaware of any meeting but graciously hosted a meeting anyway and we got pretty well acquainted in the subsequent hours.  Showed me the Protech, (I'd never seen one before) and his Amazing Amphibian.  The latter seemed to me a very high quality build- sort've like something out of the Grumman Ironworks!  20 miles later got home just before dark with one very sore butt and greatly relieved the growing anyerism on my rear tire had not exploded en-route.  Anyhow hope to meet you sometime and talk planes a bit,  hope I can afford to get some certificate and fix? build? something in next few years,  
    John Samuelson,  EAA 1225302
    P.S.  Went to the Cinderella car show again last night.  John B was there.  Turns out that they had a pretty good excuse for not being at Treeport Saturday:  a smok'ng hot deal had come up and they had spent the weekend trailering a Challenger parts plane with a 582 from Vancouver BC to Post Falls.  Terry is such a humble guy I'd never realized in our several prior meetings that he is an EXTREMELY  experienced USAF combat veteran!- his final MOS was refueler not unlike Joey M C5Engineer- of course there was much more which I enjoyed talking to John B.
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  3. BC-Quest-for-Flyers added a post in a topic Ski for my Avid   

    You may wish to check out the experimental "stainless steel breadbowl" saucer tailski concept.   I think I saw that here on AF forums?
    I do live in snow county here in the Idaho panhandle, looks interesting to me but I have no experience in this area, just models
    regards JS
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