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  1. jbowaaf added a topic in 4-strokes   

    new viking 110 -- honda fit core conversion
    i've been following this new conversion by the well known, sub converter, jan eggenfeldner.  this time he's using the honda fit core with mods to make it airworthy, using all his knowledge from the sub experience.  he's located his factory in central fla & seems to be doing really well. he began shipping engines back in early 2012 & now has flying machines from several big kit sellers (incl just ac  & kitfox which are very similar to the avid design. )  he just added an all metal kitplane from new zealand (i think), that seems also to be related to the avid design, with folding wing.  visit his web site for all kinds of vids & info.  if i were ready to buy an engine for my fat avid i think it would be jan's viking. seems a good fit for the larger plus size. jan had a display at sun n fun.  fyi.  john bowman, prvlle, la.
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  2. jbowaaf added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    Floor boards, is it me or are they terribly flimsy. Maybe I have the wrong boards...shutter to call the that really, they amount to that of the same strength and thickness as that old seventies paneling you use to use in lieu of paint.

    My question is do I have the wrong boards?? I am highly circumspect about the use of these...see for your self....

    Sorry pic to be in next post

    Keep your flaps down!!
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  3. jbowaaf added a post in a topic Wheel/Axle installation   


    Thanks very much for the machinist advice.

    one Gear down, completely packed and locked on the axle. YAHOOOOOO!!!

    Okay as to posting the pictures, yes, I am going to Photobucket the whole thing as well as maybe setup a webpage for the build...have to see about last....not too literate round these parts...fangled computers....

    Its hard for me to post here as if I try and load more than two pics it times out...site doesn't like coonasses

    Either way Ill grind out a way.

    Speaking of grinding, well cutting (hacksaw through steel 1140) then grinding smooth, the ol' coonass is out there as I speak...ops type, cutting our new spacer.

    Not sure about ability to post this but I would like to start a builders assist thread part to this site. I did a complete video of my installation of the RT MLG wheel assembly. Its heavy file wise so uploading I don't know about but I would have killed for this much information at the start...thinking maybe other poor schmucks out there like the LSU adoring Gift to the Cajun skyscape.

    Let me know what you guys think...even if its to post detailed pics with experiential information along with...much like a narrative...
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