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  1. whizzers added a post in a topic avid model A for sale   

    It's also a "Speedwing"
    Bob McCaa
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  2. whizzers added a post in a topic In search for rudder pedals   

    I  have a set of pedals and control sticks out of a B model. They were set up for cable brakes though.
    Incidentally the brake geometry on stock avids sucks anyhow.
    Bob McCaa 
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  3. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    Hey JIm
    Sent you a PM, don't know if you got it. My shipper says $45. Would make it $95 total. Please let me know.
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  4. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

  5. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    OK Jim, your turn. Send me your ZIP and I'll get you a shipping quote
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  6. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    I got out to the airport today. I took a coup[le of pictures, but just now I am having computer issues and can't get them out of the camera.
    I compared the KF pedals to a set of Avid "B" model pedals I have. They are cable brake pedals.
    Here is what I found:
    1. The Avid lower tubes are 3/8 inch longer than the KF tubes. .18 7/8 vs:: 18 1/2 inches
    2. The KF pedals are 1/4 inch taller from the bottom of the bottom tube to the top of the rudder pedal: 7" vs:: 6 3/4
    3. The height to the top of the brake pedal is 9 1/2 in KF vs 9 3/4 inch Avid.
    4 The KF pedals are 1/4 inch wider outside pedal to pedal than the Avid
    5. i  put the KF pedals into an Avid "C" airframe I have and I did not see any interference issues. They fit onto the mounting pads but you will have to drill new holes in something. In the worst case scenario, you might have to make the mounting pads a bit wider, or fabricate new pivots. I do not know if this is a difference between KF and Avid, or the fact that the holes in your Avid are not necessarily in the same place as the holes in my Avid. AS I mentioned, I do not know the condition of the brake master cylinders. If you need more info, call me or e mail me. I will get a shipping quote Monday.
    717 363 7 five five two
    Bob McCaa

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  7. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    Had bad time today. Didn't get to photo the pedals. Will get it tomorrow.
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  8. whizzers added a post in a topic For Sale   

    I don't have the "B Avid pedals handy. When I go out to the airport tomorrow I'll grab them and take some photos for comparison.
    Compared with the "C' model pedals, the horizontal tube on the KF is 1/4 inch shorter than the Avid. The KF pedals are about 1/2 inch taller than the Avid.
    I could for sure make them work, but you might have to fabricate or modify brackets. I doubt they will bolt right up.
    The brake pedal geometry is definitely better on the KF. I do not know the condition of the cylinders. They appear to be old Matco, but they are not marked.
    50 bucks plus shipping.
    Bob McCaa
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  9. whizzers added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    For Sale
    I have the following KF1 parts. Cowl Tank; Rudder pedals w/ hydraulic brake cylinders.; Control quadrant back to and including the mixer. Doors; Turtle deck; some ribs;Engine mount with plate. Fiberglass cowling (repairable) Horiz stab and elevator. Rudder.
    Avid B model sticks and rudder pedals (cable brake set up) Set of radiators for a "C" model. Reasonable offer for any of it.
    I still have the "C" model speedwing airframe. $2500. I am in the process of finishing up the current project. When it is done, HANGAR PURGE!!!.
    Bob McCaa 717 363 7 five five two
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  10. whizzers added a post in a topic Need an IVO ultralight prop hub   

    Spacer went out this morning
      Bob McCaa
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  11. whizzers added a post in a topic Avid Project for Sale   

    I believe it is a MK IV
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  12. whizzers added a post in a topic Avid Project for Sale   

    Front truss top rail measures .625. Top of seat back is .500. There is a metal plate welded in the rear carry through both front and back. Looks to be about 2 inches by three inches. The rudder pedals have a provision for a push-pull rod to the nose gear.
    Something I found, the horiz stab was not off this fuselage. It is set up for the offset rudder, which this does not have. It will take a bit of hot work in that ares to resolve.

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  13. whizzers added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Avid Project for Sale
    This is an assemblage of parts I have collected in the process of rebuilding several Avids. The fuselage is a later model, as it has provisions for a nosewheel. I do not know the history, nor is there paperwork.
    The wings are speedwings, with heavy walled tubing. Everything needs a good cleaning and inspection, but there is enough there to assemble an airplane. One wingtip needs repair. I have the pieces, I just didn't do it as I was considering extending the wings. There will need to be some cutting and fitting done at the horiz stab, and a new set of "v" struts made. That's all the major stuff. There is an engine mount and a rudder. I have the controls. Matco wheels and brakes.
    It is on conventional gear.  I do not have the nose gear hardware. Everything firewall back, $2500. I have too many projects and not nearly enough time to finish them. Time to thin the herd. This is still available as of May 20. I already have two flying Avids, a third about 95% done, and a stretched fuselage heavy hauler waiting to be built. If somebody doesn't get this, my daughter will scrap it when she cleans out my estate.
    Bob McCaa
    Lewistown Pa.  (Aircraft at KRVL)
    717 363 7552

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  14. whizzers added a post in a topic Let's talk gear geometry   

    Yes, Thanks.
    Actually they are die springs from McMaster Carr. 9584K98. They are six inches long, and will compress to 3 inches. McMaster also lists an eight inch spring. I have the numbers for the Ski-Doo springs. 503190854.  They are readily available for about $50 each. I also kept the dimensions for the spring struts, and can make a replacement set without taking the gear back off the plane. I only need to make the spring carriers. Two bolts on each side changes them.
    Incidentally, the Super Cub only has 3 1/2 inches of travel. Measured it myself.
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  15. whizzers added a post in a topic Let's talk gear geometry   

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    Posted just now · Report post
    Update on the gear. One possible fix for existing gear. I had two yokes made similar to the yoke on a universal joint. They were made out of 1 1/4 cold rolled square stock. I threaded them 3/4-16 inside, and turned that end round to give 3/8 inch wall thickness. The fork end I milled out 7/8 inch wide to provide +1/8  wall thickness, and drilled that 1/4 inch.
    I then made new longer axles, but threaded the inboard end to give a tight fit on the thread. The fork was threaded on, then drilled and pinned. I had to make new lower spring strut rods since they are shorter than original. The only issue I had was that the axle end of the spring rod has to be canted a bit to fit to the existing cabane. That and the 3/4 inch tubing AirSpruce provided won't accept a 3/4 inch wheel bearing without polishing it first.
    The top (spring) end of the inner rod should be doubled internally to avoid the hole tearing out. I saw that happen on a Super Cub clone.
    I put the gear back on the plane, but have not tried it yet.
    The other possible fix is to weld tabs to the existing axle tubes. I will try that next.

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