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  1. tcj added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  2. tcj added a post in a topic kitfox vs Avid on landing roll out stability   

    Tailwheel Rigging, Youtube
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  3. tcj added a post in a topic Merry Christmas!   

    Santa forgot his pilot's operating handbook at our house last night.  I made a PDF copy of it.  Click the PDF link and impress your pilot friends with your knowledge of the Mark I and II sleigh.
    Merry Christmas from Ellensburg,
    Tom Jones

    Pilot_s Notes Sleigh I & II.pdf
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  4. tcj added a post in a topic Throttle cable supplier or make my own   

    These cables and throttle quadrants look interesting.  The cables wouldn't fit the kitfox throttle reverser bell crank.  You would need to use one of their Throttle quadrants to attach the pull cable.
    Web page
    cables and splitter brackets Cables.htm#THROTTLE_&_CHOKE_ASSEMBLIES
    Throttle quadrants Cables.htm#THROTTLE_&_CHOKE_ASSEMBLIES

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  5. tcj added a post in a topic Annual Condition Inspection (Engine and Airframe Separate?)   

    I can't remember ever seeing any mention of a log book for an amateur built experimental plane in the regulations.  My operating limitations mention "The records" for recording completion of the phase one flight test hours and "Maintenance records" for recording condition inspections.
    I keep an EAA Amateur Built Aircraft Log Book for the airframe stuff and an Engine Log EL 13P for the engine.  I record the condition inspections in both books.  Both for my own information and in case I ever install a different engine and or want to sell either just the engine or air frame.  I figure it ads value too.
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  6. tcj added a post in a topic Rotax 582 spark plug gaskets   

    I never did understand the purpose of a CHT on a 582. My 503 CHTs run about 350 to 400 F with a maximum limit of 480.  Minium before take off is 200.  Dave lockwood gave me a free Rotax hat for knowing that.
    Rotax lists the CHT on a 582 as optional.
    Normal: 110 C - 130 C or 230 F - 270 F Maximum: 150 C or 300 FMax. Difference: 10 C or 45 F
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  7. tcj added a post in a topic Busy couple of work weeks   

    I have really enjoyed seeing those operations in the sky the past couple weeks.  A few days ago we were in Yakima and a couple C141's...I think...were making approaches to Yakima airport in the smoke from wildfires.  It was very impressive!  Thanks!!!
    I noticed your photo of the Carbon Glacier on Mt. Rainier.  Here's a photo of the Emmons Glacier my wife took one year ago on Aug 25 2016.  It's around the corner to the left of your photo.

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  8. tcj added a post in a topic First flight in my Champ   

    It probably feels like you're driving a truck.
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  9. tcj added a post in a topic Want to buy   

     Mike, I worked in a ski Doo shop for a couple years and rode ski doos for 25 years before i bought my kitfox kit.  I knew the engines inside out.  The operation of a two stroke in an airplane is a lot different than in a snowmobile.  The best thing I did was order this Video. "Deep Inside your Rotax 2 Cycle Engine" 
    The Mike Stratman articles are a must for two stroke flyers too. "The proper care and feeding of the Rotax Motor" A lot of the articles are on line at the link, but not all of them.  He wrote 62 articles that were in the back of all CPS catalogs until 2009 when he sold the CPS company.  If you can find one of the old catalogs with the articles in it, grab it.  CPS is now owned by Aircraft Spruce.

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  10. tcj added a post in a topic Fuel pooling behind oil-injector on Rotax 582?   

    Check the screw holes to see if they go through the engine case into the crankcase.  If the engine gets flooded there can be a few ounces of raw fuel in the crankcase.  It could drain out, especially the lower hole.
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  11. tcj added a post in a topic 991CD and me   

    I would get rid of the firewall blanket.  It was an option on the early kitfoxes.  It provided some sound deadening and was installed with the top edge extending  past the edges of the fire wall a little to act as a seal between firewall and engine cowling. There are better materials available for both those purposes from Aircraft spruce if you want to replace it.  I don't have anything on my kitfox firewall for sound deading.
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  12. tcj added a post in a topic 991CD and me   

    Those bushings are Nylatron.  FWIW the kitfox part number for a model 4 is 14001.  The OD of the rudder tubes on a Model 4 are 3/4" if that helps any.
    Nylatron® NSM Nylon is the best bearing and wear nylon product available today. This proprietary type 6 Nylon formulation is produced using Quadrant's Monocast® process. Solid lubricant additives impart self-lubricating, high pressure/velocity and superior wear resistance characteristics. Nylatron NSM was developed specifically for demanding applications where larger size parts are required. It is ideal for bearings, gears and wear pads.In wear applications, Nylatron NSM lasts up to 10 times longer than standard Type 6 nylon
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  13. tcj added a post in a topic 991CD and me   

    I don't think it has oil injection.  That little oil reservoir is the rotary valve oil.  The small blue lines into the carbs are primer lines.
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  14. tcj added a post in a topic 991CD and me   

    I would replace the bungees.  The bungees should hold the gear legs tight up against the belly with two 200 pounders in the seat.  It looks like the hose clamps are to hold those extra rubber bumpers to take up slack in those bungees.  Just the hose is what is meant to be there.
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  15. tcj added a post in a topic 991CD and me   

    Reading the fabric stamp upside down and reversed I can see:
    I can't read what it say before the SEE, so maybe an STC number?
    Old Stitz Polyfiber systems used Ceconite fabric.
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