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  1. True, im not sure how much cooler it would be at the oil cooler. I measured mine at the oil filter. 

  2. As far as the weight question. There are so many weight numbers. Like fire wall forward installed weight or engine and drive weight so im going to assume that when you say"final weight" your asking the weight with everything on it istalled on the plane. Mine come out to about 160 lbs. Thats with carbs exhaust bottles radiator ready to fly. So if your familiar with the weights of the 912 it is about 15 lbs heavier. 

  3. 257 degrees is a lot hotter than Ive ever seen on my oil. If I remember currectly it runs 10 to 20 degrees hotter than the coolant. I would check your plumbing to your oil cooler. The yamaha oil cooler seems to do a pretty good job. No flight reports on the new Apex gearbox yet. I have switched gear manufactures and I awaiting another set of gears to test the clutch. The first set that the clutch was tested with showed no visual wear except on the sprag races. The hardness was no where near what I specified. The new gear shop, hardening shop and grinding shop are locally and I can check up on and control quality standards a lot easier. 

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  4. This is not a new concept NSI and a couple other gearbox companies did this. As far as windmilling in flight, it will be the same as running a centrifigal clutch.

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  5. Thank you, I cant take all the credit I havent done much of the programming my buddy helped me out with the cnc programming based on my input. 

  6. I couldnt answer that question. Maybe jim hensel knows this. But until someone really figures out the 2011-2017 wire harness I think I would use the 2006-2010. The wiring and accesories are completely different between these group of years. Part of why the hp increase maybe because of power valves in the exaust which I cant imagine us using. I dont think anyone has even started looking at the later model harness. The good news with redrive options is the cases are the same so if someone ever tackles it we should have a drive

  7. The FF intalled weight of the RX1 with everthing on it is aprx. 165 lbs depending on radiator and header choices. The Apex should be about 8 lbs less. The 912 FF is about 150 lbs. The 914 is aprx.175lbs. These weights are aprx. And I would love to hear anyone chime in on their actuall measurements. As a reference bare engine weight of the RX1 is 118 lb. So add carbs, airbox, radiator, exaust, ecu,voltage reg., oil, coolant. Gearbox/adapter and misc. Plumbing.

  8. 80 to 100 lbs lighter for a firewall forward compared to a  0-360. So one might have to hang lead in the engine compartment to maintain CG.

  9. I am conservatly saying that it is cabable of 150 hp continious and 200 Hp. Intermitten. Thats not to say thst it wont handle more than that.

  10. I am still supplying the RX1 to C box adapter at this time. I think the Apex will be a good alternative in the future but there is somthing to be said about the simplisty of carbs. 

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  11. Being a Vet. Myself I appreciate that and feel the same for my Vet. Brothers and Sisters. 

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  12. The prop. Turns the same direction as the 912. Or the opposite direction as my RX1 set up. Yes there is an extra gear to get the prop centerline closer to the head to make it easier to cowl

  13. Prop length is up to 82" and prop bolt circles are. 75mm, 100mm and SAE 1 or 4 3/8"

  14. Im sorry I didnt answer a previous question as far as price, I'm tring to keep this option the same or close to the same as the RX-1 adapter and gearbox price which is around $3000 depending on how much the C-gearbox costs. Here is a front view at the mounted angle to engine.

    Front 2.JPG

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  15. Here is the solid works rendering of the completed integral APEX gearbox. I have to do a bunch of testing before I offer any for sale. I'm not taking any deposits until I prove it works well and get some flight testing in. I'm going to be doing initial testing without a clutch to see how it starts and stops. The initial ratio is 3.11:1. 

    ISO 2.JPG

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  16. Greg, I talked to you on the phone one time and that was to try to get Jodys Skytrax adapter to work with your one way clutch and your clutch wouldnt work purely dimensionaly. I could of went online and posted to everywhere that looky here everyone his stuff doesnt work it was dimensional incorrect but i didnt just because i figured you werent familar with my adapter and you needed to work out the bugs. Now looking back on this situation thats exactly what you would have done. We never discussed all the things that you supposedly "taught" me. I shared with you my plans for the future (Apex gearbox) and some of my thoughts and you shared some of your insights. I kind of that at the time that we were sharing knowledge to collectively make this yamaha redrive thing better for everbody. Now that you have out right lied about multiple things on our correspondence among other things i will never talk with you on the phone or work with you to solve somones redrive problems. I am reluctant to do this because everone suffers but I can not allow you to slander my reputation and not for fear that i wont sell somthing to someone. I have met so many great people just making these little parts as a side hobby and there is no reason that someone should make up such things about me. You have allready started talking bad things on my new Apex gearbox and i havent even started the testing phase yet. I have high hopes for it but who knows testing could reveal all kinds of flaws and i could end up with a pile of scrap for the metal bin but one things for certain I wont be offering any for sale until i prove that they are a good alternatve. I am very interested in who had any failures of my adapters. To my knowledge there has been none with the exception of a oil weep on a few adapters and I am aware of one rotax c gearbox bearing failure (Steve Henry) that happened after 100 hours and it was not catostrphic he noticed excessive play in the clutch drum on preflight. We attributed this failure to the type of lubrication used and possible damage during a gear change out. He is now up to about 350 hours many of which flying at wot during competitions and 180 hp for take offs using nitrous. I am aware of his rubber rotax hardy disk coming apart but thats not to say one cant use the these ive used one my plane for over 200 hours now with no issues. Plus that is not a catostrophic failure either since the c box is design to eject the rubber pieces out the large holes in the side and continue to drive the 2 couplings by direct contact. I am not making any claims that this setup will go for thousands of hours because its an unkown  and I am unwilling to make up fake facts but at this time but it seems to be working pretty good so far. I would be happy to discuss any and all failures that you know here on this forum. We owe it to anybuilder considering one of our PSRU options. I however wont get in a debate with you on your skewed engineering data. I hardly have enough time as it and i dont want to use what little i have in negative arguments its not productive for anybody.


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