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    Subaru EA81 Engine
    Hello everyone, 
    A friend of mine is upgrading his Citabria from the 0-235 to an 0-320 and has offered me his engine at a reasonable cost. Therefore Nellie's Subie (BushCaddy R80) is available and it includes everything, ..just about. The engine has 30TT on it as of today and this will keep going up since I will be flying it until sold. Fuel consumption is about 3.5gal @ 4200 to 4500rpm cruise. If someone wants to fly it with me in my BushCaddy you are more than welcome to do so. If you want to see and hear it fly right now - click the links below.  
    Anyhow, here is a short list of some of the goods; 
    Weber 32/36 Carburator, Johnson 2.1 to 1 Reduction , 3 bladed Ivo 68" Propeller, Engine Gauges (white faced), Engine Mount, Muffler, Manuals, spare parts kit. Basically everything firewall forward - Engine can be crated (at your cost) and prepared for shipping if so desired. Asking 2,750.- CDN 
    For questions please reply within and serious inquiries/offers can be directed to one 2five0 seven0six 9four9six
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  2. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Hello everyone, 
    Well we finally melted out of the snowbank and are appreciating some warmer temps in the Cariboo Country. Winter is nothing but a faint memory and the skis have been replaced with the Tundra's. Here is a few clips of Willis flying the "Frozen Nose Fat Bastard" or as we now refer to it, the "Screamin Demon" on skis. The RX has performed well (outperformed the rest shall we say!!). Nothing fancy on the editing, I left the sound in original to give a better idea. 
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  3. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Carb Heat on EA81 Holley/Weber set up   

    Just a quick little update here on the upgrades. 10+ hours of fine ski flying was to be had with not a single issue. The belt never moved, the bolts are all tight, it starts and runs better than it ever did with the Rotec TBI. Still a touch on the lean side, but that can be solved with a jetting change. My 68" IVO might be a tad short and in due time there might be an upgrade to a new prop. Or maybe even better, total upgrade firewall forward now that Teal is getting close with his new drive system. 

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  4. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Yamaha Apex Skytrax Adapters   

    Congratulations! One should really place this piece of fine art on pedestal in the Smithsonian for the many to see. But even better will be the enjoyment of the few lofting them to cool places even though it is hidden under an aircraft cowling. Having had a chance to fly Willis' Fat Avid with the 1.O RX conversion I can't wait to see what 2.0 brings. Looks like it's about time to bring an end to my Subie days here and start thinking heart transplant for Nellie!  
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  5. bcbushcaddy added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Ridge Runner 3S for sale
    Hello everyone, 
    Took on this project about 2 years ago and all I got done is to overhaul the top end of the 503 I was going to use in it. Just too busy and time to clean out the shop. Could be crated (for cost) and shipped if so desired. More info available here or you can reply via the forum. Funds are in CAD. Serious inquiries only please! 
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  6. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Subaru EA81   

    Hi Randy, Avidfoxflyers,
    It is back in the air and its been almost too flawless, ...makes you wonder what's next? Rolled in about 5 hours thus far and lets just say every upgrade done is a positive. Changed the Rotec TBI to a Weber 34/36 and solved starting and flooding issues. Engine runs just the same and no change in power or fuel consumption is noticeable. If there is any, it seems to have a bit more pizazz overall, quicker response maybe. 
    The Johnson Redrive was completely disassembled, remachined and new bearing put in place. There was numerous issues, biggest one was the crinkle paint powder coating that would allow washers, bolt heads, to wear into the paint and loose torque specification. furthermore the box structure was not true and hence the bearing/shaft alignment was in a slight V - speak a few thou and we, the machinist and I, believe this might have been the trouble of the walking belt, the overheating of the rear bearing and pre-mature wear of the bottom shaft going into the bearing housing. Make a long story short the belt sits in place through all RPM's and loads and everything runs the way it should for once. 
    I have been around the Johnson Re-drives since the early 90's and recall that the plans version never called for any paint. They were straight aluminium and it was only the purchased drives that had the powder coating. If you have a powder coated drive and have similar issues, think we have a cure. But further testing is do be done. Forgot to mention that the starter bracket was also fixed and now has better clearance and alignment with the ring gear. Below photo with the spotting work done and during reassembly. 

    Here is a photo of "Nellie" with Willis' (Marshawk) Yamaha RX powered Fat Avid in the background. About the only time I've ever been a nose ahead since he converted to the new engine :-)) 

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  7. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    REALLY?! I've been following this threat with great interest as I had the opportunity to see Willis' (Marshawk) Yamaha Conversion come to life with Teal's help. I don't have a re-drive or Yamaha yet, ..but don't think it will ever be bearing a Mohawk sticker.  Just my .02 cents! ;-) 
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  8. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Subaru EA81   

    Thanks Randy, ..it can only fight me for so long! There is definitely some machining and tolerance issue's on my drive. While minor and nearly undetectable by the common builder/non machinist it was just ever so enough to cause these problems. Hope we have the "run-out" issues corrected and it will be smooth turning from here on forward. Just waiting for the lakes to freeze up around here to provide some additional runway lenghts and option for those first "check frights" with all the new parts. Stay tuned, pictures to follow of some of the work and issues corrected.  
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  9. bcbushcaddy added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    Carb Heat Box Failure
    Hello everyone, 
    Just a quick heads up that while flying with a student yesterday in his PA-17 powered by a C-85 I had a partial engine failure in the circuit. We were working on runway changes so at time of the failure a bit further out on downwind as usual and unable to return to the pavement, safety concerns with houses, power lines, highways etc. 
    Anyhow, as I showed him once more pre-landing power reduction by pulling carb heat prior to throttle reduction the engine nearly died. Also the carb heat cable came out slightly further as it used to. I immediately pushed the nose down a bit, pushed the carb heat back in - no change 500 - 700 rpm rough at best. Reduce speed to best glide, look out below, check fuel, 3/4 tank, fuel valve on, bla bla bla ..while slowly sinking towards unfriendly terrain below. At this point I started cycling the engine and after several cycles it seemed to stabilize at about 1900 - 2000 rpm, ..time to look for a landing site, open terrain below and possibly nurse it back to the airport. No luck, can't maintain altitude so out over a small valley we go to get additional heights in the sinking game. It is also fairly open and has a few frozen ponds (barely frozen) in it that can be used as a last resort scenario. But no power lines, roads, houses, and if needed a bit of room to select the best bad place there is, since there really is no good ones. 
    Knowing of an old airstrip in the area and realizing that going back to CZML was a no go we decided to use the old field. It has some fairly tall trees at the approach and a new fence (hard to see near dusk) about 1/3 down, ..never mind its all we got. Over the trees we go, lean it over into a nice slip towards the fence, level off, flare, touch down, roll out, full brakes, watch the ditch, big rock, bull wallows and and we come to halt, ..best of all right side up and not a scratch on the plane. 
    After shut down and inspection I put my fingers up the hot air bleed hole of the box and immediately could feel the butterfly valve laying on the bottom of the box. Upon removing the filter it was rather obvious that some really poor workmanship was to blame and a secondary, possible 3rd repair and brazing failed - see photos. It partially occluded the intake and reduced the amount of air needed for the engine to run properly.
    So if anyone is using an old carb heat box, they are now 60 years old, things fail, don't be afraid to check it good on your next annual. Look at the welds!! Anytime you pull that filter, give that Butterfly Valve a good hands on wiggle, not just a visual. Ideally spend a couple hundred bucks for a new one and get a peace of mind with it.  And also, anyone telling you that certified engines are better than your Rotax, Subaru or Yamaha, because they never fail, ..I beg to differ. Certified Aircraft engines have problems too and I could go on for some time listing issues here. But the point here is, that a look is good, a hands on wiggle better and new box ideal. So for all those on this forum or maybe your friends that are bombing around with an old C-65, 75, 85, 90 you name it, ..maybe check that old airbox and the welds. Was a first for us, but there is lots of them out there. Stay safe! 

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  10. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Subaru EA81   

    Thanks EDMO, it is actually good input as it leads to yet another discussion and thats on the benefit of the lower bearing. My first ever Johnson re-drive built from plans and parts also did not have the lower bearing, nor did several other belt drive systems such as Stratus or even Raven if I remember correctly. The biggest problem for me is the paint job, looks good but really bugs me for tolerance and ability to trust the torque settings over time. Next, and I will have to check that yet, is to micrometer the Subaru Crankshaft Flange and possible "runout" into the shaft end inside the front bearing. Let's just say that the tolerances used in the machining of the drive (way back when, 80's, 90's) are not quite CNC and what one might expect of being made today. And it's experimental and there should be a certain expectation that it will work but might need some fine tuning. And there is the fact they were built as a one of at the time and there is installation variations from builder to builder no doubt. Anyhow front the shaft has been sleeved, going to post some photos next time and hopefully some more info on the runout issue if there is any. 
    Thanks again EDMO, ...hang in there! With best wishes, 
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  11. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Subaru EA81   

    How many guys who read this forum are flying a EA81 with a Dave Johnson "Reductions" drive and what is your experience with it? Seems like mine has a few machining issues which showed up in pre-mature wear (14hrs TTE) on the lower shaft - Front Crank Bearing. My lower front plate (housing) had a hump left from cutting/milling and it loaded the lower front bearing/shaft. I'm getting my plate milled and the shaft having a steel sleeve/collar placed where it slides into the bearing as the 6061T6 is simply to soft it seems to take the load. Notice the space in the enclosed photos below. While it all fit on assembly, the bottom plate was a tight fit and I believe it caused a minor misalignment of the shaft and initiated the wear. As I understand from other forums and users of the Johnson Drive, I'm not alone in this. Hence my question here!
    Not looking for keyboard opinions but solid EA81 user/flyer feedback! Thanks, Willy T.  

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    Couple of photos from the new manifold, Holley-Weber Carb and Carb heat system. Working with a manual choke and only needing 2psi initial start ups were absolutely the easiest ever and the engine ran smooth. Thus far I adjusted only the idle set screw and I have done several more starts and short runs. No flights yet, since my Johnson Re-Drive is not happy, ..therefore I'm not happy.  Getting noise (stethoscope) from all three bearings and a severe clicking by hand-pulling the prop from the rear main bearing. More to follow. 

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  13. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Recommended bungee for a fat plane?   

    Regular hardware store bungee cord is not advised as it is simply too flexible. Bungee's ie. shock cords comes in all different patches, sizes, flex, you name it and sourcing it consistently is at time a bit of a task. I fully agree with using Aircraft Spruce as a trusted supplier or you can sweet talk the good folks at Kitfox and order a set for your Kitfox4-1200  ;-) or 5 project. Just to show you that this is not an uncommon issue here is a somewhat dated PDF. I'm sure Avid in its days went through similar problems. And these problems still exist today but as "Red Green" would say, ..remember, we're all in this together! 
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  14. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Where can I get this thermostat?   

    Try www.ipsco.org  you might find something suitable there. 
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  15. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Subaru E81 head needed   

    ..let me check with Willis (Marshawk) but I think there might be one around if you cant find anything closer. 
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  16. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Carb Heat on EA81 Holley/Weber set up   

    Thanks EDMO, got the block organized and the problem with the car intake filter housings it their size. Just don't want to re-invent the wheel here if someone has already a good and working set up. 
    TJay, I (we, Marshawk included) had some issues with the regulator needle valve and seat where fuel would bypass and drown/fuel lock the engine. The newer version has gone to a flat and grooved O-ring vs the older conical/floating O-ring style. Part of this problem was a (new) worn leaking main fuel shut off valve. I've been back and forth with Paul at Rotec on this matter and finally pulled it off to be shipped out for a service/upgrade in Australia. Customs decided they liked it and are still hangin on to it after 6 weeks. I like the TBI but it will not go back onto my Subie.  It will most likely end up on the Corvair, ..if it ever gets back that is. When those TBI's are tuned right they do run great, but make  sure you have the latest or upgraded version. And if you ship anything to the land of AUS make sure the value declared is under 1000.- At this point I'm in the wait and see mode here and even if it comes back I'm not quite ready to give up on it yet. Maybe I'm just to stubborn :-) 
    Despite what you might read about Rotec, my experience with them has been very good. 
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    Carb Heat on EA81 Holley/Weber set up
    Switching from the Rotec TBI 40 to a Holley/Weber on my EA81. ANYONE got some good photos of a working/flying set up? Thanks! 
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  18. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Carb ice on a Stratus Soob with Bing carbs   

    I can certainly attest to the fact that the EA81 Subaru will produce Carb Ice with a Rotec TBI 40 even given the stock water-cooled (heated) manifold. And YES there is a longer story to this but that one might need to go into the Dumb File folder in time. 
    My general feeling, ..if hasn't yet, it doesn't mean it never will. 
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  19. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic Ridge Runner 3S   

    Looking for a picture on the rear pilot rudder pedal installation. Little stumped by the all the parts and how they are supposed to fit. Thanks! 
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  20. bcbushcaddy added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    Ridge Runner 3S
    Any builders, owners or active flyers of RR3S on this forum? 
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  21. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic 503 Motor plate   

    Hi Gunderson, 
    I am looking for a plate for the Ridge Runner 3 and think yours might be a close fit. However, measuring my engine mount holes C->C I get 6"7/8 and 8"7/8 respectively. And I need to take a look at the starter configuration on the 503. I'll get back to you, if it looks like its the one. 
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  22. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic VGs? Who has them and do you like them?   

    Hello Maddin, 
    This is a 2 person job, so bring a helper.
    Place a Drywall square/Carpentry Square (with extension) on the bottom of the wing (long side) and up tight against the leading edge (short side). Measure parallel to the bottom edge the proper distance. If I recall the VG placement is 8% - 12% (?) of cord, in your case 8.3cm to the front edge of the front VG's and 12.5cm to the rear edge of the rear VG's. That's how we placed them on the Kitfox 4.
    String 2 lines, use black sewing thread and tape in place. Make sure you do this inside and the string is very tight. Place your VG's in the proper Guide Paper and alternate every 4 VG's. Dont be afraid to press down on the VG's when you glue them and make sure its not too cold out either. 
    Do a test flight prior and note your temperature, speeds, rpm's, climb rates, etc. Place the wing VG's first and fly the aircraft and note the new parameters. We are looking forward to the report. Tails section VG's; Describe the problem and why to you need them? I remain fully convinced on the 701 Tail VG's but dont think the Kitfox 4 needs them. Like mentioned in a previous post, it all comes down to CofG, Center of Lift on the wing, load distribution, engine weights, H-stabilizer settings, and the list goes on. In either case only do one upgrade at the time and note the differences. 
    If you have any doubt with the enclosed please refer back to the original VG instructions for your aircraft, as "staggering" is an unproven installation of VG's. We can only second the experience as encountered by a previous Kitfox 4 owner for the staggered installation and neither discourage nor encourage any such attempts on similar or different airfoils/aircraft.   
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    Subject to temperature the manual says 15 minutes between the Poly-Brush and Morning to Afternoon for the silver Poly-Spray. Best I could find...
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  24. bcbushcaddy added a post in a topic VGs? Who has them and do you like them?   

    Hi Guys, 
    We have installed about six sets of VG's with varying results. I agree wholeheartedly with the statement ...it depends what you are looking for. PLACEMENT: Last set went onto a Kitfox 4 in a Stagger Fashion and it yielded the best improvements yet. Photos and a little write up in the KF4 section of this forum. Thinking why they worked better in stagger is probably the fact that 50% are fore and the other 50% are aft, hence as the wing angles the effect is in a broader range of effectiveness. Just my guess, but about the only way I can explain the stagger findings (1) vs the straight (5) installations. 
     I'd be tempted on the next set to go with the stagger again, this time put the front edge of the VG near the front% of cord and the tail edge of the rear ones near the aft% of cord as recommended. Flaperons don't count as part of the wing. Last I looked they seemed like control surfaces to me. 
    Lessons learned; Unless someone has the pretty much the exact same bird, W&B, rigged the same the results will vary from plane to plane even on the same type, model. That much we figured by now. Looking forward to hear about your findings...
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  25. bcbushcaddy added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Congratulations Scott!
    Proud to announce that there is another bonafide "Kitfox - Flyer" amongst the crowd. Scott P. completed his Canadian ULPP here recently with us and is the proud owner of this beautiful Kitfox 4-1200.
    After a few years absence from giving instructions/training in a Kitfox I almost (..NOT!!) forgot how much fun they are. 
    Safe Journey's Scott and post a few cool landing sites from the northern Rockies!  

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