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  1. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    Flying brick is about right, but the gutter stuff is cheap and uh.. durable HAHA! everytime I pick the thing up I'm amazed it can get off the ground at all. I'll find some one who will enjoy it, thanks for the idea!
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  2. racegunz added a post in a topic 582 Exhaust   

    Before I sold my Rans with a 503 I used VHT ceramic based paint on the exhaust after bead blasting and using the VHT primer as well, it looked nice after about 10-12 hrs,then i sold it. There is a specific burn in procedure and it has to be followed or the paint won't cure right. The stuff sure looked nice, proper prep and burn in are the keys to it lasting, try it out.
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  3. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    I'll make an inventory if you think it sounds like stuf you want the short list from memory is a complete and flying durastik with a tower hobbies .46 bb and a back-up motor os .40 that the mount is broken on one bolt hole, this has a 6 channel radio that is fm and only about 5 years old also tower hobbies brand. a project durabat that is incomplete but have the wings fuse and gear,empennage. Accessories are just alot 12vlt starter various servos glow plugs ect. also have another radio have to check it out but I think it's a 4 channel fm futaba. actually I'll take less for it cause shipping will be pricey! I haven't flown the plane or played with the T-Maxx since I got into my accident now that I have the Waga-bond and the cub project I need to let it go, would be stuff better suited for a beginner not someone already into it like you. I just hate to see it sit until it's no good. Merry Christmas fly safe!
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  4. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    I'll sell you all my r/c plane stuff for 250.00 right now! I will probably do the internet thing again, someday.
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  5. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    Well the guy came through and was true to his word I cashed the Bank Check today, he even repaid me for the shipping, happy not to have to drive to MN to get my money! Still I'll think twice before I do any more high dollar internet deals again. Merry Christmas everyone!
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  6. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    Remind me not to have dinner with you if you're pissed! The bad thing is after a few experiences with fellow aviators like this do you trust any? I mean a bad car part or something similar is bad enough but you don't just coast to the side of the road in a malfunctioning airplane,(well not very often anyways)
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  7. racegunz added a post in a topic Buyer beware   

    Well the fella has the mags back and has them on FEEBAY now, he says he has sent me a bank check so we'll see. On a brighter note I took a jug off the lycoming I bought this summer and it's in great shape! Good thing cause I can't afford to rebuild one.
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  8. racegunz added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Buyer beware
    Okay I know this is not about Avid/kitfox, but I have to tell you guys this, I sold my Rans and missed several deals on Avids/Kitfoxes ect. and finally sealed the deal on a Waga-bond, needed work but over-all was built well and I have an o-235 that will eventually go on it nicely. That's all background, here's the tale Since the Wag has unsheilded eisemann mags 50+ years old I saw a pair of real low hour 4301 slicks on barnstormers, called the guy right up and made the deal, I recieved them after much adoo with the Thanksgiving mail slowing it all down. I pulled the mags from the box and removed the plastic packing and instantly I noticed that one was noticeably different from the other the case was slightly different the finish although newish was just different. Then came the closer examination first a 7 digit serial number compare to a high numbered 8 digit, how old is this 4301? a different data plate totally SLICK ELECTRO INC. What friggin year was that??? were 4300 series mags even made then??? a closer examination revealed an overstamped model number! this was a 4201 mag albeit low hours but still an older discontinued model. I am pissed I'm not shocked but I've lost a little more respect for humanity.
    Called slick, guy says no 4300 series have a 7 digit serial number and he can't even remember when it was called Slick Electro but his best guess was mag was made in 1980. I already have 50 year old mags so gee aint' it great to spend 1200.00 bucks to upgrade 20 years. I really didn't think the guy I bought them from is a crook and he is supposed to refund my money as soon as I can get them back to him, he says an A/P sold those mags to him, now i can understand a non mechanical guy missing the signs but there's no way the A/P did. So anyhow the moral is you have to watch out for yourself cause no one else can be trusted. Fly safe everyone.
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  9. racegunz added a post in a topic joke thread   

    There was anoher UCLA study on the most popular sexual position for longtime married couples.

    The position surprisingly was "Doggy Style"

    The man sits up and begs, while the wife rolls over and play dead.
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  10. racegunz added a post in a topic rotax 582 not geting spark   

    Try unplugging the connector coming from the coils/charging system there could be chaffed wires grounding out the CDI's. Careful though don't fire it up without the plugs grounded to the engine somehow you can blow the CDI that way. If you have a multimeter maybe you should just check the CDI grounding wires in that plug first to see if they are shorted to the frame or open, safer that way. If that doesn't work then you probably need to get some of the rotax manuals to OHM check the CDI and the coils, they are easy to find online. Look up (ultralightnews.com) lots of helpful rotax stuff there.
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  11. racegunz added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    What's wrong with Barnstormers site???
    Does anyone else get re-directed to some quirky squirrel mail site, or is it just me?
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  12. racegunz added a post in a topic 40 hrs phase one is done!   

    double post
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  13. racegunz added a post in a topic 40 hrs phase one is done!   

    Another inspection too? Will they issue another AW certificate afterwards? or update it to include this engine type as well as rotax?
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  14. racegunz added a post in a topic 40 hrs phase one is done!   

    Forgive my ignorance but how would they (I think they refers to the FAA?) know? Personally I think the 40 for a new experimental is a good idea now that I've been through it, but if I upgrade an engine or change type, is there paper work involved other than a log book entry, I was under the impression that it was more of an honor system with the testing.
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  15. racegunz added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    40 hrs phase one is done!
    Thanks in part to the members here helping me iron out my tach problem I have finished my phase one testing, I finished today with a 2 hour flight starting at dawn and power -on and off stalls and slow flight,(they do go hand in hand). I have a couple of quick clips on youtube under the same user name I have here if you want to take a look. Fly safe!
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