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  1. saskavid added a post in a topic F7 part for differential ailerons on Avids   

    The first f-7a bellcranks weren't available until about july of 1996. That is when John Larsen finished his development work and they went into production. 
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  2. saskavid added a post in a topic Picture of your pedals   

    The tubing is 4130 the lathe machined steel is 1018 cold rolled. The bushings are aluminum. 
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  3. saskavid added a post in a topic Another broken flaperon hanger   

    From a appearance stand point this is a well executed repair from what I can see of it. If it looks good chances are it is good. As long as the aluminum is properly conditioned prior to gluing it all together should never bother again. How thick was the aluminum you used to build this reinforcement? 
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  4. saskavid added a post in a topic Picture of your pedals   

    Here are some pics  of pedals in my plane and on a test stand. You will see a few avids flying and using this design. Effective and easy to install but not easy to build .
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  5. saskavid added a post in a topic need advice   

    Well from an appearance standpoint what you have there should enable you to flip that airplane on its back from whatever ground speed you choose to stand on the brakes at.... You have mentioned brake line rigidity.... I am running a clear line called parker parflex 1/4 inch line on my plane rated for only 450 psi or so working pressure and can get all the pressure I need with it. I have used this brake line on a test stand setup just to see what my brake pedal design would do and it gets to 600 psi. Others are running a 1/8 inch line matco sells as well. doesn't seem to make any difference it all works. 
    I've never worked with a kitfox but just eyeballing it I would say static leverage is 3.6 to 1. and the way it is setup there should be minimal degradation with activation. 
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  6. saskavid added a post in a topic need advice   

    Well if this is all you are getting for pressure and holding sounds like air or maybe the caliper is binding on the guides, or both. does the plane have the E style parrelogram brakes or the earlier ones? A lot of guys are filling their brakes from the bottom up thru the bleed screw using a piece of tight fitting rubber hose and a veteranarian srynge to make sure all the air gets out.
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  7. saskavid added a post in a topic need advice   

    So can you hold full power on a runnup or will the plane creep away?do they feel spongy beyond typical flexing in the rudder bars and pedals themselves? If you have air trapped somewhere they won't work for nothing no matter what you do. And it can be dam tough to get rid of it sometimes. 
    Do you have vg's on the tail as well? Horizontal  stabilizer underside just in front of the hinge point?
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  8. saskavid added a post in a topic VGs/ uncambered airfoils and drag   

    What I remember from flight training was 60deg angle of bank expect the stall speed to increase 40  percent over what it was straight forward stall. At 75 deg. it was 100 percent increase in stall speed. 45 deg. is 18%
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  9. saskavid added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    Ya know just to see if it could maybe be done I went to work and designed a mixer for my avid that should produce like 2.7 to 1 differential and still allow the wings to fold without disconnecting the controls.... Everything works.... on paper. Just a matter of getting ambition up and building the components and seeing it if actually works on a physical plane. And that is the reality. Don't have the time and ambition to tackle it. Would take a lot of time or money or both probably. Just not in the mindset to do it. Then there is also the question of how much up travel on the alerion is structurally acceptable. My plane fly's without it. for now.
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  10. saskavid added a post in a topic Pic request   

    Well the trick is to get the activation shaft of the master cylinder as close to the back of the rudder pedal as you can to get max leverage potential. You have a bit of room there to work with. You can tip or cant the tops of the brake pedals a bit further towards the pilot if you are comfortable with how that works for you physically or you can cut the tabs mounting tabs off the brake pedals and weld new ones on where they need to be, put the tops of the brake pedals where you personally like them to make everything work to your personal preference and get the most leverage you can. One thing to try and avoid in any mod is getting a condition known as an over center where the master cylinder actually starts to rotate back towards the redder pedal as opposed to away, where the system then has potential to act like a vise grip and lock itself up. 
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  11. saskavid added a post in a topic Ebay 20% off sitewide today only 03/09   

    Don't ebay that much. Just how often do they actually put on promotions like this?
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  12. saskavid added a post in a topic Which wheels/brakes to use?
    Hey Vance: I would suggest you read this thread to assist you in understanding what can be done and what to expect regarding the brakes you have and how they can be made to work within the limits/understandings of the physics that have been achieved.
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  13. saskavid added a post in a topic Have a Matco TW and not happy how it releases?   

    I'll add this... I run my matco tail wheel with compression springs as I think most people are doing. and like the above video run them loose enough to keep any binding from interfering with the unlocking mechanism. I am also running with a light tension spring in the mix. running it inside the compression spring to keep the unlocking mechanism under a constant spring tension that will ensure the wheel stays locked until I want it unlocked. This is not something matco specifies but after reading in their literature that the mechanism is designed to release with light spring tension.... as well as addressing the reality that without constant spring tension it can come unlocked.... the obvious answer is to do the dual spring setup to accommodate  the mechanism...On my last tail spring setup I got the compression springs for steering the tail wheel too tight and it won't release without some added horsing  
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  14. saskavid added a post in a topic Tig welding steel?   

    Depending on how fussy you are about the appearance of the welds inside you could get a piece of non conductive carbon rod to fit perfectly inside of the pipe shell you are welding on and control exposure to oxygen and give any melt thru essentially no place to go. Coming up with a place to get a piece of carbon rod to fit exactly inside and completely compliment the radius will be a perhaps bigger challenge than it is worth. 
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  15. saskavid added a post in a topic Uncommanded Roll on Full Flaps   

    I concur with Joey"s sentiment.. Don't fly this plane until you get a full understanding of what is creating this anomaly and rectify it. I would suspect some sort of in congruent deployment of the flaps when the flaps are in full position deployment. What is causing it if it is the problem I couldn't tell you.... At a keyboard it is just all speculation. 
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