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  1. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Yesterday  I had rare opportunity to fly this year since weather here is simply not good, rainy, low clouds, windy and usually in combination all of these elelments.
    But yesterday ... nice and clean, though everything covered by snow (my 40 feet wide runway as well). I stayed in the air till dusk.

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  2. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    There is oil tank position more easy to recognize

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  3. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Well, some clarifications
    @ TJay yes, brakes handle is between the seats (red one), due to tricycle landing gear and steerable front wheel it is enough "ergonomic" solution. Turning diameter is really small. And yeas again, shiny fabric on the wings is due to paintwork more close to car painting job. I was long time satisfied but as plane was older, some crackings in paintwork appeared.
    @ wypaul, oil tank is on the front of FW on left side (pilot view), just a little deep position then usually, oil cooler as well on the left side with flap controlled intake. There is "header tank" 1.5 gal behind the seats, excellent solution. Mountains are Nizke Tatry (local language) means Low Tatras (max.6702 feet) and we have High Tatras as well (max 8720 feet) here, just about 20 kilometers / 12 miles north. Mountains are not very friendly to pilots here as they are very steep and not too much opportunities for landing there. But we have some airfields in valleys here, mostly agro-strips (often paved 1300x35-40 feet)  and some air clubs are here as well usually grass strips 2500x200 - 300 feet. Sometimes few kilometers in between them only.
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  4. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    and the same place in October from Stylus as well.

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  5. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    And here you are our mountains, my last season with Stylus

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  6. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Yesterday we had first day in this here with weather not really good, but at least it was possible to take off. So I went to sky for about 35 minutes, but wind at 500ft AGL was very strong, from 30 knots gusting to 50 knots. We are at 1100 ft MSL (airfield) but it was nearly calm and I was able to climb max 3000 ft due to strong turbulence. Crazy weather.
    After landing I put my Bristell in hangar just next to Stylus... and I decided to put some pictures of Stylus here again. Just to show you, how the plane is equipped and how is build, just inspiration.

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  7. Jenki added a post in a topic FAA Guidance for Experimentals   

    Nice story. Very, very similar to our experience here in the middle of Europe.
    Inspector CAA/FAA are probably sort of people without borders. You can find them everywhere / and they are really the same sort.
    That is the main reason why I am out of "certified category of aircraft" even with CPL and air force experience.
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  8. Jenki added a post in a topic Avif vs. KitFox actual versions comparison   

    Thank you very much for such quick answers.
    Well, this is technical part. What I understand is that Kitfox was aiming to higher performance based on bigger aircraft, higher gross weight. But step by step Avid went to the similar way as well.
    Now, what are differences regarding performance, handling etc.
    Sorry that I am asking to much questions but is better to ask to have more clear picture. And here I can find really huge number of experienced pilots and builders.
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  9. Jenki added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Avif vs. KitFox actual versions comparison
    Hi everybody,
    I am wondering if somebody is able to make sort of comparison of actual versions of these birds regarding the most important differences.
    There are many of them here in Europe so maybe even more it is sometimes complicated to recognize what aircraft i can see to fly. I understand that there are differences based on the age/release time, modifications etc. but still, I'd like to know from somebody flying both of them where are basic differences and what is simply nearly the same. Both of them are real STOL, both were born in Idaho (does make sense ) so maybe what refinements and why were done on them and what are real differences...
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  10. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Well, nice discussion.
    Last year I had not too much opportunities. I needed aircraft as my "STOL nose dragger" was already promised to my friend. I was attracted to tail dragger but needed to travel a lot as well. I had idea but finally agreement was broken by provider.
    Suddenly Mr. Bristala, owner of company BRM Aero was calling for something different - I just raised question "do you have anything for me, used plane for example?" And he said, let's go to factory, discuss, what we can do. I had many parts at home, ready for rebuilding my STYLUS, like engine, old analog instruments, small EFIS ... when we checked inventory, we found that nearly all we need we have.On this base my Bristell was born. Old engine, partially old instrumentation, but new aircraft. And tail-dragger finally. One step closer to dream. Tail feathers are very low in position, but landing on mains will solve it partially.
    I have two sons flying as well (not taildragger till now) so we have plenty opportunities for future how to use Bristell once I will be ready to let them fly solo with TDO
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  11. Jenki added a post in a topic Aircraft for backcountry from Europe ...   

    Yes, performance is excellent. It is 75% replica of original German Fiesseler Storch.
    Slepcev started 1994 as far as I know. I flown it only one time, but it was really nice experience.
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  12. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Yes, you are right. This part on the picture is north part of Croatia and souht-west part of Slovenia. The name of this peninsula is Istria, beautiful part of Adriatic shore.
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  13. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    @Richard Smith
    Well Bristell is known even in US just maybe in different community. There are probably tents of them flying, mostly tricycle version LSA and kit versions. One taildragger demonstrator is there as well (red one with carbon luxury cockpit) and definitely one with Rotax 914 engine (Turbocharged) is very often on YouTube as Petite Prince. Overall production  get beyond number 300 in the summer 2017.
    Taildraggers are only a few from this number, maybe less then 10.
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  14. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Well I can't say it is (was) always true ... but for now yes. I am happy. Slow &low is my priority now. Although I am flying 3-4 hours over top in my Bristell to Croatia as well - because of weather sometimes. And then and there again slow&low over small beautiful islands on the Croatia shore (we don't have sea here in my country). This sort of freedom is something. As it is on the picture

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  15. Jenki added a post in a topic My STYLUS... certain Avid/KitFox heritage   

    Hi Ed
    I am old, but not as old as history of last taildraggers aircraft serving in Air Force.
    I can say no, there were no taildraggers at all. I've flown taildragger 37 years ago as the last time (finished 1980) and that time it was about 30 hours mostly on Zlin Z126 Trener and a few hours on Zlin 326 Trener Master with retractable landing gear and CS propeller. Then long time tricycle only and last year (Jun 2017) again taildragger - my taildragger Bristell.
    In the meantime a few thousand hours on "heavy metal", the smallest one was L-29 Delfin, the most comfortable L-39 Albatros, the most challenging MiG-21 Fishbed in nearly all versions. Short experience with MiG-29 Fulcrum and a few flights with F-16 are just "icing on the cake". There were some props during Air Force service as well, mostly from Zlin family like Zlin Z-142 or Z-42 and Z43, Cessna FR172 Reims Rocket (French Cessna), but all were tricycles. I spent about 60 hours (late eighties) in the famous Blanik L-13 as well - but it is different taildragger. So mostly fighters was my job.
    When I finished my service at the end of 2003 there were no real opportunity to continue, even my CPL license lost currency and finally I decided to fly light aircraft. I know, that I will never more fly really high altitude and speed again- but now I can fly slowly and low. And STOL and bush flying became real challenge for me. Still it is more dream then reality, but I am flying about 150 hours per year now and once I will start with real bush flying.
    That all my story.
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