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  1. added a post in a topic How to rebuild a Bing 54 Carb   

    WOW, excellent post.  One of the most informative and well written "how to" post.   The pics are excellent. 
    Thanks a ton for sharing this.
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  2. added a post in a topic Ivo in flight adjustable on 582   

    I know this is a bit dated, but it is a great thread and very helpful to guys like me who are new to all of this and are trying to learn what works, so thanks to everyone who posted....
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  3. added a post in a topic Arlington 2016   

    There was not one KF or AVID on the field that I saw.   There were 3 or 4 Zeniths and a Just Aircraft Hilander, and the Rocky Mountain brought up there S7 and there was a Rans S-6ES too.
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