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  1. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    I really like the green and black!!!! Mine being black it really loves the sun in winter, thaws out quick!!!!
    KF1 #0021
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  2. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well not part of that Pietenpol Club yet but looking good so far. And wife caught wind of me wantin to buy the planes, and so far im not sleepin in the garage.  Hahahaaaaaa 
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  3. Buckchop added a post in a topic History of the Avid   

    I also say a GREAT read!!!! Good info and history for a new guy like me.  Thanks Bucky
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  4. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well dont tell the wife, but i may have made a deal on 2 Pietenpol Air Campers.  One is still an unfinished kit that was started with all the wood fuse, wing ribs, and tail work done. And all paperwork/build prints,  Other one was a reg and flyin plane, that had been updated to a continental motor, but has been in storage for close to ten years and still looks pretty good and complete. It was used at one time to haul potatos from Delta Alaska to outlieing villages around there long ago the pass seat is built to haul cargo with a nice snap on cover for cockpit opening.  Hope to look at it again this weekend or middle of this comin week. Ill snap some pic also.  Oh and they belong to same buddy i bought my KF1 from. The complete one was sittin next to my kitfox when i bought it but wasnt for sale then.  Not sure what ill do with them if i end up with them yet.  Hahahahaaaaaa 
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  5. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Cool great info to have Jim, Thanks.  I just havent tried to rev it up more than about 3500 yet since i resync the carbs. Had some cold weather, then snowed like hell for 3-4days got a good 14" in that time, and now its -26 again, airport here says we have had total of 74.8" of snow so far this winter, But anyways,  I will get to that soon i hope with some warmer weather and sunshine. 
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  6. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    No i just reved it up to around 3500 with tied to durango just to test it at moment. Ill test it farther without it tied down while i taxi up and down runway. 
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  7. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well not sure on that havent looked to b honest.  But in callin manufacture they said to try wrapin red wire around plugwire 1 time then wrap redwire around black part of wiring where red wire comes out of 3 times and try.  So far looks to b workin right with just a startup and revs to 3500 with plane tied off to my durango. Hope to try more today after i resync carbs.  Problem i was having was seemed tach was reading WAY higher rpm than engine was running, but only above 3000.  Manufacture tech said to try that and if that not work its mayb because i have a 2B tiny tach and my plane has a 532 with points ign i may need an older model tiny tach.  
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  8. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well weather has warmed up some here, so got the plane intown playin with it taxin on the new skis ect.  Seams found out why my tiny tach dont seem to read right after chattin with manufacture yesturday. But didnt get to start her up and try so thats my plan today after a few hunny-do's. Hahhaaaaa 

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  9. Buckchop added a post in a topic I have always wondered " what if "   

    Don't know if this will help much. Or if correct. But I was informed not to follow the sec 43 for ski riggin in ruff/wilderness flyin.     I was told once u set all ur riggin to put 60lbs of pull on bungies to keep ski tip up in flight and rear cable tight.   And for my riggin I followed Atle Dodge paperwork.  Does that sound right or wrong? 
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  10. Buckchop added a post in a topic Newbie   

    Well guess I'm a little late on sayin hello, welcome. As u can c I'm pretty new here also, and I've got more help and info from the people here than I've been able to find here in town.   Don't seem to b very may avid/kitfox owners/flyers in Fairbanks that I've meet yet.  Well I'm in Ester which is 6 miles other side of Fbks from u. mayb can BS sometime, I have my Kitfox #0021 parked at Metro Airfeild getting use to taxin and keeping her straight.  Lol  
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  11. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    My skis are NOT ATLEE DODGE SKI's. (Only the paperwork for riggin basics that i didnt follow)  They r stock 1980's-90's vintage SkyStar Skis.   And MY install of the ski's was reason ski broke NOT the ski or the ski makers fault.  
    Buckly S. Largent  
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  12. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well really messed up here and i forgot the top cable from the top landingear mount to the top of the spring.  Max strech is 3"-3.5" and i had it streched to 12". So was WAY to much preload and a bad turn spot around mayb.  Hahhaaaaa so make sure u check your cables for your skis guys!!!! This could have been way bad!!!!

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  13. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well they mayb have had them rigged wrong from original owner, (i just reinstalled them rigged thier way) in the paperwork that came with plane versies the info that "tcj" listed in forms for SkyStar.  Ill have to compare notes to ight and c what i find. 

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  14. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well got my ski's on and a few bushin made on the lath for the inside and outside of ski so nut would tighten up and take a cotter key. Looks awesome so today took her outside shop to taxi a bit and have some fun, went about 200' from shop, and found a dirty (F___in) rotten hardpack tire track after some soft snow/overflow while turnin around and broke the left front of ski right off.  Only the plastic on bottom holdin it together now. There is NO metal structure in those skis all made with fiberglass and very thin IMO.  Ill b takin them off and installin something eles.  Ruined my day but not givin up yet, mayb some landis skis.  Hahhaaaaaa well anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! 

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  15. Buckchop added a post in a topic Snowy Cabin in the Woods   

    Ohhh heck yea that's a real good one!!!! I'll spread that joke around to!!!
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