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  1. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Nice October   

    Got the skis ready Jim? I need to buy or make a set...
    Jerome, could you send us some more sunny pics? I forgot what it looks like.
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  2. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Greeting from Ohio   

    Good luck with your project. I am really enjoying flying my Avid A. They are a great little plane.
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  3. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Nice October   

    We are getting a lot of rain lately in Minnesota. Send us over some sun and I'll send over a little rain...
    The plane looks great!
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  4. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Bendix King Skymap III good or bad?   

    I just set it up on my phone...Wow can't believe it is free! Thanks guys!
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  5. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic New legs for the Avid   

    I did most of my primary flight training in a Super Cub with heal brakes. They work ok but I am not a fan of them.  I prefer toe brakes because they are easier to use.
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  6. MnAvidFlyer added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Posted my Avid Flyer A for sale
    AVID FLYER A • $11,500 • FLY RIGHT NOW • Avid Flyer A airplane N#990MP has recently had a "Conditional Inspection" completed. Currently flown 4 hours since 9/4/18 inspection. Has a current A/W Certificate, Current W&B, Current Registration and Phase 2 Operating Limitations. Airframe 975TT Engine 229SOH. Times will rise as it is being flown. Also includes up to date airframe and engine logs. Includes maintenance docs on airframe, engine and SB's AD's. Rotax L/C 582 grey head 65HP w/C box electric start. Warp Drive 3 blade Carbon fiber prop Std hub Hyd brk. 8x6 tires. Folding wings like a Kitfox! Flys and performs Great! $11,500  • Contact Brooks Letourneau, Owner - located Farmington, MN USA • Telephone: 612-460-8487 • Posted September 18, 2018 

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  7. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic First Flight Avid Flyer A   

    Yeah, you and Trent Palmer better watch out! Haha
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  8. MnAvidFlyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    First Flight Avid Flyer A
    Hi guys,
    I finally flew my Avid Flyer A for the first time today after owning it for 2 years. After alot of work and alot of research my dream has come true. I would like to thank everyone on the forum for taking the time to give your input with your own perspective regarding these airplanes.
    While everyone may fly them a little different, one can mold his own techniques from all the information shared.
    They are incredible machines that are very challenging and will greatly develop ones flying skills. The CC Sport Cub I just got my BFR done in seems so tame now.
    The wealth of information available here is invaluable. Thanks to all who have uploaded  documents, because buying an airplane and getting zero supporting documentation makes maintenance a challenge...
    The plane flew great. I trimmed with the flapperon setting. Hands off! For a couple seconds anyway...haha
    Tried a wheel landing first. With the extra speed and power that was interesting. It took some time to get it slowed down.
    Tried a full stall next and that worked better because of the slower speeds. I'm still crossing the threshold at 60mph and it wants to float for quite a while. I may come in a little slower next time.
    15 TOs and landings so far...
    It was a great day at a classic grass strip airport...Stanton, Mn.
    I love grass!

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  9. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic News about Ed (EDMO)   

    ED, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Your contributions are missed.
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  10. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Compression numbers ?   

    I prefer to use a basic compression tester on a 2 stroke because the is only two places for the air to escape, past the rings or head gasket.
    On a 4 stroke a leak down test is better because it has four places for the air to leak by. Intake valve, exhaust valve, head gasket and rings.
    You can open the throttle to listen for air leaking past the intake valves. Exhaust pipe for exhaust valve issue. Oil cap for a ring problem. Bubbles in the coolant for a head gasket failure.
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  11. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic New legs for the Avid   

    The pic link doesn't work. My bad...
    Do you have a picture of the damaged gear and fuselage?
    Thanks, Brooks
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  12. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic New legs for the Avid   

    Looks great Jim!
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  13. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic New legs for the Avid   

    That's a nice setup! Those springs look stiff...what is the rate? Have you calculated your total wheel travel? spring travel?
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  14. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Wicks 10% off Paint and Coverings   

    Thanks for posting! I was about to order some Randolph colored dope. Unless...someone has some Randolph Z-7245 SUN VALLEY IVORY they are looking to sell.
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  15. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    I really like the secondary bungee setup. I was thinking of doing something similar to lessen the load on the seat truss in a hard landing.
    The off road race trucks use a hydraulic damper on their bump stops to gradually slow the suspension travel rate when bottoming out. It reduces broken parts. Unlike our limit cables which try to immediately stop suspension travel at full travel.
    Thanks for sharing!
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