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  1. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic How to rebuild a Bing 54 Carb   

    The correct web site is for the carb kits.
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  2. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic How to rebuild a Bing 54 Carb   

    Great how to! I'll be ordering the carb kit soon. Thanks for taking the time to make this write up.
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  3. MnAvidFlyer added a post in a topic New owner of an old Avid Flyer A   

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the replies. I made some gust locks on the side of the highway in the dark around 10 pm that night from the supplies I brought with me. One set was some hanger rods with a foam swim noodle covering and the other set was a couple cardboard tubes taped together. I'll have to work on a better set as suggested. Thanks
    I truly appreciate all the info given by you guys because I am on a steep learning curve to get this airplane up in the air. This airplane has had some interesting maintenance done over the years...
    I have alot of experience working on 2 stroke snowmobile engines, mostly Polaris, and felt that this Rotax 582 ran like crap...when it would finally even start. I pulled the air filter to check the carbs and saw they were 3/16" out of sink. No wonder it wouldn't start! Thanks for the parts info C5, I will be overhauling the fuel system completely.  I need new choke and carb cables and will be going through the carbs. I adjusted the sink on the round slides and now it runs smooth down to 2200rpm. Still needs some work...can't believe it was flown this June.

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    New owner of an old Avid Flyer A
    Hi guys,
    Getting back into aviation after a 13 year long respite.  I was an A&P working for Northwest Airlines in 2003 when I got a layoff notice my  Decathlon 8KCAB had to go... always wanted another airplane that was more affordable.
    I always thought the Kitfox or Avid would be a great aircraft and the folding wings were just the ticket to save on hanger fees of $150-200 a month. I bought a Kitfox with trailer off ebay four years ago up in ND and upon arriving found out there was no Airworthiness Certificate. Sale canceled!
    Well the search is over, "for the time being". Two days ago I picked up an Avid Flyer model A out of KC, MO. The plane was last flown in June of this year. It's a well built Avid that has been poorly maintained for about 13 years. The list of repairs is growing and I haven't started the inspection yet. The only documents I received were the logbooks so I have more maintenance questions than answers. Looks like this forum will be a great asset. 
    So I picked the aircraft up on Thursday down in Kansas City at a small farm strip and half the  airport showed up to help out with the sale. What a great group of pilots. If it wasn't so HOT I would want to move down there and build a hanger. The Avid had been owned by four different pilots throughout the years at that grass strip. Some flew it alot and some not at all.
    We loaded the Avid on the trailer tail first with the wings level. Padded it and tied it down well. Tied down the stick to keep the elevator level with the airflow.
    The trip home to Minnesota was interesting because there was a huge supercell thunderstorm passing through Iowa. My timing was right because I threaded the needle through a short break in the weather. The other problem came around 300 miles of the 400 mile trip.
    It was a very dark night and I was trying to keep an eye on the Avid with the mirrors when I noticed the r/h elevator was flopped down. Oh no, time to pull over! Damn, the tube cracked and split at the elevator control horn weld. I bent it back, supported both sides and was back on my way home.  I'm thinking I may have been lucky that it happened on the trailer and not in the air!
    I was excited to fly it right away but I am now planning on doing a thorough Condition Inspection. Time to dust off the O/A welder and brush up on my fabric repair skills. This Avid should be a great  aircraft when I'm done. 
    I'm thinking about strengthening the elevator horn area so this doesn't happen again. I can't believe how thin walled that tubing is! 
    One more thing... are there any Kitfox/Avid owners in the Twin Cities in Minnesota?  I would like to go for a ride first before taking my Avid up solo. I just took my BFR in a CC Sport Cub yesterday and it was great getting back in the air . It felt like I just flew last week but it's been three years. I got the bug again!
    Happy flying guys, 

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