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    Hey Don...Im new to this site.  I'm in Port Hope (about a 3 hour drive southeast of you) and building a Catalina. Serial # 124-A.  I just finished covering my wings.  I would love an opportunity to come and see and chat with you about your plane. 
    Many thanks,
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    New Avid Amphibian/Catalina Project
    Hi. I'm Mark.  Ultralight Flight Instructor for 15 years.  Living an hours drive east of Toronto.  Just bought Avid Catalina Kit Serial Number 124A. I'm the third owner of the kit.  Looking forward to having a forum to ask lots of questions!  Just hung a Rotax Rick 670 on it with his custom exhaust.  The new head, should allow for a hp rating of about 97. Glad to have something more than the 65hp...and not add a ton of weight.
    Attached is a photo album i've started.  Interested in hearing from as many Amphib flyers as possible.  I have chopped the droop tips off my wings and have already picked up the full lotus sponsons.....but looking for info on the rigging of the sponsons...angle of sponson....length of tubing etc. Also looking for a way to clean up the wing tips. Anyone have tip covers?
    Cheers. Mark 905-376-4231
    Photo Album Link
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