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  1. flyingjester added a post in a topic Custom Trailer for Avid   

    yep, heading up there next week.  LOL JK
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  2. flyingjester added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Custom Trailer for Avid
    this is a custom made trailer that was made specifically for an avid.  I don't have any need for it.  $1000 or best offer.  located western pa 15756 zip and have title in hand

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  3. flyingjester added a post in a topic help with Hysol   

    thanks for all the info.  now I just have to find someplace that actually stocks it by the quart for a reasonable price and reasonable shipping
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  4. flyingjester added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    help with Hysol
    New avid owner and i'm having difficulty with this hysol.epoxy  i want to order the 9460 which is what was used in my plane.  I've only found a couple of places that deal with 9460.  the new answer to the glue is 9430 and it's not one to one ratio.  the question is will the 9430 work and perform the same as 9460.  thanks in advance
    avid flyer
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