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  1. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    Check this out esp the ending...note the engine would not come below 3000 on landing coupled with piss poor brakes and a 25 mph direct crosswind from the right.
    IT was so violent, the left door flew open and my gopro landed in the grass, took me a while to find it.....
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  3. zadwit added a post in a topic Kitfox Sketch?   

    Joey did you try to straighten your bent "bush " gear or toss it in the dumpster?
    Im going to try to straighten mine but it might end up in the dumpster.....
    I goundlooped in a 35 mph cross  wind brakes so worn out they didnt work only to about 2500 rpm, the KF2 has marginal rudder and my throttle stuck at 3300 on landing so in the ditch I went Itwasnt that big of a ditch, amybe 18" deep but I did have 600-6 tires so not much cushion there......
    Tomorrow Ill take the gear off and try to straighten it, if it kinks I might weld in a new peice but keeping it all in align is the problem... at leastithas bolt on GROVE axles so I can shim it some what if I can get close....but the coil spring are going in the nearest lake I can find...

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  4. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    My brake pads are shot....I just got new ones in the mail today, HOWEVER, I installed a new set of Matco W62 wheels and single piston calipers and 800-6 tires and tried that and I had some brakes but not very good. THey were better than the 600-6   with the worn out pads so you are correct... WIth the wide landing gear and some braking it make a world of difference in trying to keep control in a strong cross wind.... If I waited til the wind died down, Id never fly. The only time Ive seen it calm is late at night in the dark and even then not always...daytime 15-25 mph all the time. I read Wyoming is the windiest state in the US...Around Fairbanks Alaska we had plenty of very calm days to fly which made it real nice... you could feel each little vibration in the plane....
    I had a earthstar gull with a 20 ft wing spand, 503 rotax, and I landed at 55-60 all the time in 25-30 mph cross winds, just come smoking in flaps up and being tricycle it tracked pretty straight, just a long roll out, crusied 100 at 6000rpm with a 3:1 "C" box and 66" 3 blade pusher prop... not exactly a stol plane. I would have kept it but no hangars here and I couldnt stand leaving it out in the wind all the time. Still I miss it. IT was a rocket compared to the kitfox.
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  5. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    WHat started all this was a groundloop a few days ago in a KF2 with very poor brakes......I was so upset I was going to just get rid of it... but now I have calmed down and realize I had too many things go wrong and I didnt handle the situation very well.. I should have just landed in a wheatfield but I was worried the tires would sink in and flip me because they are all wet and soggy right now. ANyway I have repairts the tail and have the fabric glues back on. Have to finish the coating process. Same with wing, it was dead easy to fix because all that happened was the droop tip came loose from the rear spar and got a 2" crack in the fibreglas.
    My  biggest challenge is the gear leg. TOmorrow I will take it off and make some form blocks (1") ID and cut in have to support the tube so at to not flatten it and then try to set it all up on a sheet of 3/4" plywood under my tractor and used a railroad jack and see if  I can straighten the tube. Even it it kinks I can cut it out and weld in new.
    THe rear tube is bent slightly at the axle attach point....I have no idea if this will work or not. I have the stock gear I could reinstall but I like the wide gear, it makes it easier to fly. I also ordered a pile of stuff from Matco and Grove today and will work on getting better brakes before I take to the air again..I still plan on selling it but I need to make sure the brakes are as good as I can make them so as to not set some poor fool up for a wreck like me....
    ANy ideas on how to straighten that damn tube. IT is stiff as hell. 1" OD and probably .058" wall guessing

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  6. zadwit added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    OK thanks, I know somewhere in here is the answer and Ill have to mod the brake pedals and or maybe get new master cylinders, slimmer ones that us a remote reservoir but i have to get this solved before I try to fly again... Its just too windy and not eveytime but occasionally I have to get on a brake hard to keep from ground looping......The other day I didnt have hardly any brakes and my plane turned into a merry go round......
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  7. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    poor braking action
    I talked for a while with the engineer at Matco and read all their tech notes. The master cylinders in a kitfox only put out 250 psi at the caliper end on a good day.
    THe brake caliper needs 450 psi to work properly. And to compound the problem, the more you push on the brake pedal, the worse the geometry angle becomes meaning less pressure... so there are several options... install "intensifiers". THese are steel sleeves that fit in the master cylinder and reduce the diameter from .625 to / .5" diameter so the pistion can produce more pressure.... (2) OPTION  is install dual calipers and a dual caliper torque plate at the wheel end. This will likely make the brake pedal travel farther before you feel brakes taking hold but I suspect it will do the trick. This is a common problem in ALaska when large tundra tires are installed...
    The 1st thing I will try is just install new brake linings, break them in and see how well that works... if not good enough, the install the intesifiers and try that, last resort is dual calipers.... I only run 600-6 tires or 800-6 tires or maybe 850x6 buffed smooth tires, no larger.....
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  8. zadwit added a post in a topic kitfox 2 for sale   

    I usually put a block of wood under the tail spring, but I only trailer 1 mile to the airport and the road is smooth. I know there is a lot of weight on the tail with the wings folded...
    Imagine what a kitfox would look like with two sets of landing gear legs!!! Two up front and two in back all with 21" tundra ties!. No more ground loops, can land just about anyplace........probably a lot of drag      An ATV Kitfox!!
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  9. zadwit added a post in a topic kitfox 2 for sale   

    Ill try to straighten the gear, take my time, make the blocks and see what happens....I have some 1" .058 tubing so if I have to I can weld in a new tube.
    The axles are MATCO and bolt on so in a worse case I can shim them to get the gear in alignment but Ill get it close as  I can are right the tail will be a little more work but nearly all the damage is a 6" area around the tail spring mount and looking at it, this is not the FIRST time someone has been in there....!!!!!! I guess that expalins the fabric patchs over that area.....
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic kitfox 2 for sale   

    Thanks for the encouragement ... I never bent a plane in 3300 hours of flying all kinds of tail draggers in Alaska......
    Yesterday I let too many things pile up on me.....The brake pedals are hard but the brakes barely work and this is on 6.00x6 tires... I found lots of dirt in the master cylinders, should have cleaned the brake cylinders as well... ALso I have a NEW MATCO tailwheel but since I was going to sell the plane I wanted to keep it(CHeap skake me!!) I remember as the plane started to swere I felt and heard a pop and now realize it was the tail wheel unlatching.....IT always did unlatch real easy but I never though it would do that in normal flying and it didnt but a hard swere and bangit lets go...
    THe biggest problem was for some reason my throttle are both open(3000 rpm) .. was not that way ever , normal idle was always around 2200
    also the throttle calbe housings are tight in the top of the carb, no slack so something slipped. I see the main throttle controll looks like ithe housing slipped forward so maybe that is it.....everythign happend so fast I never thought about just cutting the engine once I had the runway made.....anyway Ill address all the issues before I fly it again. I guess I learned a lesson,,,I should have ties a string from my balls to my wallet and maybe this wouldnt have happend....
    Also I went back to the airport and looked last night and that ditch is 2ft deep and steep for water drainage....if that was not there, I think it would have just spun around,...
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  11. zadwit added a post in a topic kitfox 2 for sale   

    I ran this engine several times to get the prop set for 6300 static, idle was 2200, FT was slightly rich but I left it because the engine is so low time...
    ANyway when I flew it today, (1) I notice the brake pedal were firm, but the brakes didnt seem to hold very good at all and this waas on 6.00x6 tires...
    (2)There was only about 10 mph cross wind steady so didnt seem too much
    (3)I took off and every thing was fine, but the EGTs were 900 at FT so too rich
    (4) I flew for a while at 85mph and then decided to come in and land. ON downwind, the throttle would NOT come back below 3000!!!! I tried several times, and so I sailed down the runway until I could see I risk running off the end so I gave full power and climbed out.... and came around for another try....I also noticed the wind had picked up to 20-25 mph from my right..... I touched down but the plane didnt slow hardly at all, had I thought this thru I should have cut the engine and dead sticked it in...
    Anyway wat happend next is text book ground loop into the wing with partila power... full left rudder and standing on my poor brake had no effect and so around I went and as I spun out 90 degrees I was leaving the runway and there is a 18" deep steep ditch and I hit that and nearly came to a stop but the left wing tip hit, the left gear leg fwd tube buckled in as happens when the springs bottom out and the tail swun rapidly until it hit the ditch and it twisted the tail spring.
    After I got it home the wing spars are OK, the last tip wood rib that the drrop tip is fastened to is broken on the bottm.
    THe two lower longerons just forward of the tail spring braket the tubes broke but the rest of the frame look straight but Ill look it over better tomorrow.
    The left front gear leg is buckled inward just like Joeys....I called kitfox and they said "
    not out gear" but I know it is from them, previous owner bought it from them. THey said "several  months to get  a gear leg so get in line".they dont care, they just want to sell kitfox 5s or 6s
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  12. zadwit added a post in a topic kitfox 2 for sale   

    left gear legs front tube bent in .. might be able to straighten it .

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  13. zadwit added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    kitfox 2 for sale
    Kitfox model 2, 14 hrs on a factory new 503,factory new starter,new vacuum fuel pump ,I sent the engine to Bob Robertson and had him overhaul it just because it sat around in the previous owners shop but Bob said it looked like new inside and it runs like new.. Still I had him reseal it install new piston and rings and test run it for 2 hrs.... IT has "C" gearbox with 3:1 gear ratio turning a 2 blade warp drive 72" prop, cruises about 85mph, stalls 30 mph. #517 empty weight. Kitfox extra wide bush gear, bolt on Matco axles so different wheels and brakes can be installed.Matco hydralic wheel and brakes, metal header tank with low fuel warning light on dash, electric fuel pump. Replaced every hose and part in the fuel system from tanks to engine. new EGT and Tachometer, battery, Kuntzleman hotbox, bubble window doors, current inspection, runs and flys great. UPDATE: Recent damage in landing accident but easy fix. new price $8000. Engine and prop not hurt, just left gear, left wing tip and tail spring mount. Went thru a 2 foot deep ditch  on side of runway other wise nothing would have been hurt... see photos. Also have extra stock model 4 gear legs and extra set of 8" wheels with King fox tundra tires mounted and matco hydraulic brakes..Ill only be in town 2 more weeks...Have a kitfox trailer but with the wide gear it dont fit on it but could by laying 21 sheets of plywood on top and setting the plane up there...
    Call 907-378-963 two or email me thru this add.

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  14. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    2nd kitfox flight
    I flew my KF2 again yesterday. By the time I got to the airport and got ready it was 25 G30 cross wind and the plane was buffeting around but I went anyway. It hopped right off.
    I put a barbecue thermomemter on the water outlet going to the radiator and my other digital gauge showed the thermostat open at 135(f). I had one strip of tape over the radiator and my temps ran about 160(f). My 3 blade WD prop was shaking a little bit so I bought a "balance master" and what a difference that made. I carefully had painted my blade tips white and I also had a silver line on the face of the blades at the 75% station for setting pitch. Last time I could see the lines jumping up and down at most RPMs. This time with the balance master installed they were steady as a rock adn very smooth.. I need to build a prop balancer and balance my blades. I had a two blade prop and order a spare 3rd blade and installed in a aluminum HPL hub  but I had no way to check the balance.. .I know I Can get it better if I make a prop balancer....
    Stall speed was right at 35 ias. I installed a static port in the back and it made the airspeed very stable even in the gusty air... I didnt hook it up to the altimeter and ROC so they were bouncing around....I can put the flap down to 20 degrees but I dont like the lack or severe loss of aileron takes a lot of rudder and aileron to pick jup a wing. I have seen others use the flaperons to "pop"l the plane off the ground then they retract the flaps....
    5500= about 65mph 6000= about 85 so that is about as good as I can get.. Full throttle was 6300 rpm and about 95 mph.
    The wide bush gear helped on landing but it was still a handfull in the wind.. I wish the damn wind didnt blow some much here but I just need to move where it dont blow so hard..
    Around Fairbanks it might blow 10 mph unless a freak storm comes thru but over here in Eastern Washington it blows all the time like the north slope of Alaska........on occasion it might lay down at night and early morning...
    I could feel the heat from the muffler on climb out but did not notice it cruise.. I have the firewall insulated but some of the hot air was leaking in....on climb only.
    I guess I am pretty happy with it all and all...this is mainly a progress report....
    Mark SMith in washington

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  15. zadwit added a post in a topic We lost Jerry Olenik   

    I just talked to him a few days ago and he said he just got out of the hospital and thought he was not going to get out this time.. I didnt ask or pry because a lot of people has had the flu..still it was unsettling. We talked about the Aerolux props and stuff. He was a definite go to guy who had a wealth of info in his head.....Damnit....
    He turned me onto Jim Carruthers who welded me up a engine mount so I can install my HKS 700 into my Kitfox Classic IV..I just got the mount today and man what a work of art..!!! JIm sure can weld........incredible... not to many can do that any more....Still a sad day learning about Jerry...
    Mark Smith, out in windy Davenport Washington....
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