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  1. zadwit added a post in a topic Need 582 muffler   

  2. zadwit added a post in a topic Need 582 muffler   

    OK will try him. Thanks again..!!
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  3. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    OK I see the problem... Ill try this fix and see how it works. Thanks guys.!!
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  4. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    So was it the bottom end of the brake cylinder that you moved closer to the rudder pedal mount tube? (the long cross bar that anchors the lower part of the brake master cylinder???? Thanks, Mark
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  5. zadwit added a topic in Kitfox IV   

    Need 582 muffler
    I removed my 503 and installed 582 and now I find I need a muffler like in the photo below the one with the yellow engine mount. The second photo shows my 503 installation in a KF4 Classic airplane.
    Thanks, Mark Smith

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  6. zadwit added a post in a topic Instruments for Sale   

    What is an "E3" instrument?????
    Mark Smith
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  7. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    It has clear lines and I could see the air bubbles go up to the remote reservoir, I pumped a good quart of 5606 fluid thru the system. I carefull moved the brake slave cylinders on the torque pins to check for binding and non found then I lubed them lightlhy with auto disc brake pin lube, a very thin coat. I might be possible for them to cock and bind maybe under pressure but Ill keep[ messing with it and try to figue it out..
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  8. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    It has all Matco W62 wheels and hydralic brakes and brake cyliders with a remote reservoir. I careflully bled the air.. In alaska we put aeroquip 303 hose on a cub for brake lines and it didnt work worth a damn. The brake lines were in fact expanding so the brakes never felt stiff, only soft, they worked but not well. Nowsay people use either ridgid lines or small teflon lined stainless brake line and they work better...
    I installed the double calliper setup as shown by Matco. Still my  master cylinders only produce 220psi if I stand on the pedal hard, very hard... It needs a small diameter cylinder I think. There are brake intensifiers from Matco that make the master cylinder 1/2 piston in stead of .625 dia piston so maybe that will work.....I dont think I can make the top of the brake redal taller as my right foot toe fould on the throttle cable belcrank... I could move that I guess..... Matco says I need 450psi for the brakes to work right....its got me stumped.....mark smith

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  9. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    sorry for the late reply... I cant hold the plane with the brakes above about 3000 rpm even with dual calipers on each wheel . I installed a pressure guage on the wheel cylinder and I am only seeing 220psi if I stand on the brake pedal really hard.... I talked to matco engineering and he said the brake pedal geometry is wrong, however looking at my brake pedals, they are stock kitfox IV pedals and I dont see how to get any more mechanical advantage.....A small master cylinder might make more pressure....Im stummped for now....
    I removed my 503 rotax and am trying to install a blue head 582 new engine... I have a different mount coming that has two vertical rails on each side and 4 small aluminum brakets that bolt on the corners of the engine...even that Im running into problems.. I have 3 of the mounts on but the left front side of the engine has one 8mmx1.5mm bolt and one hole is smaller and off center . I know I have to drill and tap and new hole and I am guessing with the mount so it is horizontal and vertical with teh engine....the new hole would be right next to the smaller hole but if I use that the mount bracket will be crooked.....
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic Sea Foam in wing tanks OK?   

    IT was so fine you could not see it but it plugged those paper filters right up...
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  11. zadwit added a post in a topic Sea Foam in wing tanks OK?   

    I just didnt know.. .Vance Simmons told me so I replaced all my paper filters with screens and no more problems.
    Yes, sea foam in the wing tanks. I was trying to clean out the varnish from the stale gas and sea foam did that but it plugged the paper fuel filters......
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  12. zadwit added a post in a topic Sea Foam in wing tanks OK?   

    I used to overhaul lycoming and continental engines in Alaska....I saw lots of lead sludge in the engine especially in the crankshaft bore...There is too much lead in teh fuel and it gets into the lower parts of the engine.....not good...anyplace with centrifugal  action will make the lead precipitate out and cause problems esp with roller bearings.....Id limit my use, keep the engine leaned when flying, use lead scavenger agents like TCP or other treatments and change the oil whenever it get dark or green colored.....a little lead is OK. one gallon of avgas 100 to 9 gallons of cheap unleaded car gas will raise the antiknock index up to around 100 in testing we did up there... but any more lead than that , not good...
    having said that, avgas 100 is stable and will sit in a tank for a long time, 2 or 3 yrs and still work, not so with car gas...
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  13. zadwit added a post in a topic Sea Foam in wing tanks OK?   

    Ive used sea foam for years... I bought a ridge runner that sat for 4 years and had stale fuel in it even though the last owner put stablizer in the fuel.
    Anyway I sloshed several cans of sea foam in each tank and drained it all out. Then I filled with fresh gas and put sea foam in  to help clean out the carbs. I had it running just fine. Then I flew it....about 1 hours. I noticed my fuel pressure guage was at about 4psi and starterd to get lower around 3 psi, then after another hour down to about 2 psi ... I thought it was the fuel pump so replaced it.. same problem....I had in line filters(paper) and the sea foam and varnish in teh tanks plugged the filter.. It would not gravity drain and was very hard to blow thru. Replaced the filter and 2 hours later same problem.. so DONT USED SEA FOAM with paper filters.....
    I have screens in all my locations now and no more problems... I guess the fuel goes thru the screen and gets burned up in teh engine.... Sea foam is good, it will clean things out but it will also plug up a paper filter of which most are....
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  14. zadwit added a post in a topic need engine mount for KF4 with 582 Rotax   

    I think this is the mounts and stuff  I need,,.,.for a kit fox 4 with a Rotax 582 engine

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  15. zadwit added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    need engine mount for KF4 with 582 Rotax
    I desperately need a kitdfox 4 engine mount for a 582 rotax engine.... I am in Davenport, Wa.
    Thanks, Mark Smith
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