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  1. zadwit added a post in a topic 582 engine in a kitfox 4   

    I will probably end up cutting the back of the cowl to shorten it and then relocating the camloks that hold it to the fuselage....not looking forward to this  but Im pretty sure it will fix things. the top cowl has a lip to fit to the windshield so that might be a little harder to reproduce after I cut it to shorten it...
    The factory list cowlings for about $1000 plus shipping . I might call them to day and ask if there are two different lenght of cowlings...
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  2. zadwit added a post in a topic 582 engine in a kitfox 4   

    I think my cowl is longer from back to front than the 4 piece cowl, the one with the 2 cowl rings on the front.....
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  3. zadwit added a post in a topic 582 engine in a kitfox 4   

    I measure 25-3/4" from front face of firewall where the motor mount bolts on to the front edge of the nose ring cowling
    I measure 23" from front face of firewall where the motor mount bolts on to the front face of prop flange.
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  4. zadwit added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    582 engine in a kitfox 4
    I have this kitfox Classic IV that came with a 503 Rotax. I removed it and am installing a 582 ROtax. WHen I went to install the cowling I noted the engine is so far aft that the prop will not clear the cowling. I added a 2-1/2" prop spacer and the prop barely clears the cowling. I am thinking I might have to get a different cowling at some point.... Any ideas?????
    I point out where the old exhaust was and now you can see the engine is aft of where the cowling was cut to clear the old exhaust...

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  5. zadwit added a post in a topic Matco seals   

    5606 is mineral base hydralic fluid,, DOT 5 is silicon based, not sure what it will do to the brake seals, probably swell them and make the brakes inop.
    Regular car brake fluid is ester base and will definitely  swell the brake O rings.......YOu can do a google search or Ebay search for mil spec H-5606 and you will find lots of it,, 
    ROyco makes it and it might have a different number but look in the fine print for  Mil-H-5606
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  6. zadwit added a post in a topic Matco break seal reference   

    The brake disc are nice and true and the running clearances between the brake pads and the disc is minimal so when I push on the brake pedal it does not seem to travel any farther
    (if it does it is not noticable). IT does improve the braking action but still not enough to hold the plane above about 1/2 or 3/4 throttle....ITs better but still not right....or as it should be.
    By having dual caliper, it increase the surface of the brake pads onto the disc. HOwever if I did it again, I would try the brake intensifiers, they are thin wall cylinders that fit inside the brake master cylinder and make the master cylinder piston smaller thus able to make more pressure...
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  7. zadwit added a post in a topic Matco break seal reference   

    Hi Fred, Sorry about your mishap... These kitfoxs and avids are not the easiest to control on the ground. Mine ate me a few weeks ago and I went the ditch with similar results. If I had decent brakes It would not have happened. 
    Anyway Ill will try  to send a pdf of matco brake down. YOu have the early style brake slave cylinder so you might have to contact Matco by email. They are alive and well in business and very helpful. They told me I need to see 450psi at the brake slave cylinder to get good brakes. I put a buage on and I can only get 200-220psi if stand on the brake extremely hard. I added extra calipers, 2 sets on each wheel and it helped somewhat but still is not the fix. Matco also make an intensifier which is a .500" cylinder that fits inside your .625" master cylinder . Smaller piston makes more pressure. Ive been told by others it only helps a bit... The problem is the geometry of the brake pedal....
    Matco has a complete reseal kit for your old style master cylinder, the one with large reservoir at the top of the master cylinder. This master cylinder is an MC-5, and I was told Kitfox used an MC-4, with a shortened piston rod. I was told if necessary to cut it off a little and rethread vbut I used my old MC-4s and resealed them. Hope this helps...
    I think the O rings are just Buna N oil rings... you can soak one in 5606 hydralic fluid and see if it swells up but Im pretty sure that is what they are..
    If you look at photo 005 you can see I might be able to redrill a new attach hole aft of the existing and get more leverage....will not have proper edge distance but better brakes are needed,.
    Mark Smith in Davneport
    Matco phone is 801-335-0581 in Woods Cross, UT 84087
    FAX 801-335-0581
    070513-072818 matco brake dwg.pdf

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  8. zadwit added a post in a topic Need 582 muffler   

  9. zadwit added a post in a topic Need 582 muffler   

    OK will try him. Thanks again..!!
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  10. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    OK I see the problem... Ill try this fix and see how it works. Thanks guys.!!
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  11. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    So was it the bottom end of the brake cylinder that you moved closer to the rudder pedal mount tube? (the long cross bar that anchors the lower part of the brake master cylinder???? Thanks, Mark
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  12. zadwit added a topic in Kitfox IV   

    Need 582 muffler
    I removed my 503 and installed 582 and now I find I need a muffler like in the photo below the one with the yellow engine mount. The second photo shows my 503 installation in a KF4 Classic airplane.
    Thanks, Mark Smith

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  13. zadwit added a post in a topic Instruments for Sale   

    What is an "E3" instrument?????
    Mark Smith
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  14. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    It has clear lines and I could see the air bubbles go up to the remote reservoir, I pumped a good quart of 5606 fluid thru the system. I carefull moved the brake slave cylinders on the torque pins to check for binding and non found then I lubed them lightlhy with auto disc brake pin lube, a very thin coat. I might be possible for them to cock and bind maybe under pressure but Ill keep[ messing with it and try to figue it out..
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  15. zadwit added a post in a topic need advice   

    It has all Matco W62 wheels and hydralic brakes and brake cyliders with a remote reservoir. I careflully bled the air.. In alaska we put aeroquip 303 hose on a cub for brake lines and it didnt work worth a damn. The brake lines were in fact expanding so the brakes never felt stiff, only soft, they worked but not well. Nowsay people use either ridgid lines or small teflon lined stainless brake line and they work better...
    I installed the double calliper setup as shown by Matco. Still my  master cylinders only produce 220psi if I stand on the pedal hard, very hard... It needs a small diameter cylinder I think. There are brake intensifiers from Matco that make the master cylinder 1/2 piston in stead of .625 dia piston so maybe that will work.....I dont think I can make the top of the brake redal taller as my right foot toe fould on the throttle cable belcrank... I could move that I guess..... Matco says I need 450psi for the brakes to work right....its got me stumped.....mark smith

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