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    Checking all available insurance providers, but looks like high is normal.  Such is life.... Edmo, do you (or anyone) have performance data on the tri-gear?  V speeds, stall speed, etc?  Performance data off the internet evidently is quite generic.  Would like some real-time data if I could get it.  Understand all are a bit different, so nothing would be gospel until I give it a try this weekend.
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    Bandit with Subaru engine
    Buying a Avid Bandit with a 100-HP Subaru engine.  Just getting conditional at the moment, so nothing much to write about except superlative workmanship from the builder.  Has very few hours, so wondering if anyone could chime in on performance and/or handling in a similar bird.  Have flown Tomahawk for the past 9 years and will have a bit of a learning curve.
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