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  1. donhallwr added a post in a topic Avid tricycle gear   

    One year and 5 months later and the AN4-32 bolt broke in half.  Evidently I have two choices:  drill a bigger hole and use a bigger bolt (which may take a couple of years to break), or figure out some other way to connect the rudder shaft to my front wheel.  Suggestions?
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  2. donhallwr added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Subaru water temp
    Water temp in my E-81 is running too close to 240 with full throttle cruise and climb.  Cools down to 200+- with reduced rpm.  Doesn't run hot all all on the ground.  Took the radiator off and checked it out, changed thermostat to new 160, and new radiator cap.  Checked temp on the ground, gauge reads 170-175, laser sensor shows 172, installed a baffle over the radiator to redirect more air through the radiator.  No change.  Running out of ideas.  Might just wait until fall for cooler weather.  Didn't seem to have any problems until this summer.
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  3. donhallwr added a post in a topic Museum of Aviation   

    Robins Air  Museum is an awesome stop if you're in the area.  We're having a Fly-In and Open House at KPXE in Perry, Ga., (about 8 miles from the Museum) on Armed Forces Day, May 19. If you're in the area, stop by and visit.
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  4. donhallwr added a post in a topic Insurance question   

    Thanks, Bandit..... My insurance agent and I both appreciate the info.
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  5. donhallwr added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Insurance question
    Getting a new insurance agent, and he had a question I couldn't answer.  Never thought about it actually.  "What is the difference in a Mark 4 and a Bandit?"  We read engines, but my Bandit has neither of the Rotax listed (has Subaru). Is there a simple answer?
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  6. donhallwr added a post in a topic Subaru E81 head needed   

    My 'miracle worker' in a (somewhat) local machine shop managed to repair my amateur work.  It was probably an easy fix for a pro, but I appreciate his work.  Reinstalled the head today and ran the engine for about 10 minutes.  Afterwards, no oil, water or pieces of metal were on the floor underneath, and very little blood, so I'm counting this as a victory.  Will run it for a while longer tomorrow and then recheck my torque on all the bolts. Advice from this forum (thanks, EDMO), and offers of finding parts are just fantastic. I appreciate all you guys! 
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  7. donhallwr added a post in a topic Subaru E81 head needed   

    Willis, I may not need to replace mine.  Will know Monday.  Have a fantastic machine shop in the next town and he thinks he can take care of my mess.  If that doesn't work, will get back with you.  My soob is a '82-84, 1800. 
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  8. donhallwr added a post in a topic Subaru E81 head needed   

    Studs broke off/stripped when exhaust pipe met immovable object.  Unwisely, I decided I could put helicoils in myself.  Aluminum can be ground out pretty quickly if you're not careful. head needed. 
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  9. donhallwr added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Subaru E81 head needed
    Looks like I'm in the market for a 82 Subaru E81 head.  My exhaust manifold (where the pipe connects) is close to unusable.  An A&P tells me it 'might' be OK for awhile, but probably not for long.  I'd rather replace the head than take a chance on the piece giving way halfway to wherever.  So, if anyone had a left head for sale or know of one, please let me know.  I've emailed Zodiac to see if they have parts for sale, but haven't heard from them yet. 
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  10. donhallwr added a post in a topic Warp drive props???   

    Have an E81 on my flyer.. Will check out the website (Warp) and see if that will explain things.  If not, guess I'll start out at 10 deg and test from there. 
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  11. donhallwr added a topic in Forum How-to's   

    Warp drive props???
    Have new Warp drive props (3).  Sent a protractor along with the blades, but my Avid manual only describes a wooden prop.  Using the protractor, I can (theoretically) set any pitch I want.  Great!  Trouble is, I don't have a clue what pitch does what.  Any advice from the pros on this site (which is most everybody but me, I think) as to what pitch for best climb would be most appreciated.....
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  12. donhallwr added a post in a topic Big collection of Avid parts in Idaho   

    Realize this is an old post, but would like to know if you still have the warp drive props (blades).
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  13. donhallwr added a post in a topic Takeoff and Landing styles   

    A little off the subject, but I find that the tri-gear (which a few of us have) is easier to land if you treat it like a taildragger.  And with a 5000' runway here at PXE, I can do my three takeoffs and landings (for night currency) in one circle of the field.  Takeoff, get to a hundred feet, land, stop, takeoff, get to a hundred feet, land, stop, takeoff and do the pattern.  Try that in a Bonanza!
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  14. donhallwr added a post in a topic New panel   

    dholly: I bought a holder for the iFly, then dismantled it and used the part I needed.  Will try to figure out what I used and let you know.
    Bandit:  Read you loud and clear... Hardly ever looked at the analogs after I got used to the Avid, and probably won't look at the EFIS after the novelty wears off.  It was kinda like climbing a mountain.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.  This is my first experimental aircraft.  Have had to have an A&P looking over my shoulder ever since I've been flying, and now that I don't have to, I'm having a ball fixing stuff that don't need fixing to start with.  That same panel in my prior Tomahawk would have cost me around eight to ten grand and I probably have less than $2000 in the whole Avid panel.  Justified?  Nope... Fun?  Absolutely!
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  15. donhallwr added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    New panel
    Spent the last 3 or 4 weeks updating my panel.  Not completely finished yet, but enough to post a pic anyway.  Using the Talos EFIS and an iFly740 gps.  Had to keep the water temp gauge, not too many of the EFIS offerings have a water temperature setting.  Also kept the tach, oil and egt.  Replaced the handheld with a MGL V10 (the little square box in the middle); highly recommend it!  Still have to label the breakers, light switches and put in an "experimental warning" on the panel.  All in all, a highly illuminating experience.  I now know why avionics guys charge so much for their labor.  And the Bandit is so very easy to work on.  With the cowling, panel and top off, it's 95% stand-up work.  Still took me three hard weeks and a pint or two of blood (I learned not to cut zip ties with a sharp angle).  Also recommend the Talos.  The people at were absolutely great to work with.  I have both screens on swivels so they can be seen easily from either seat.   Was able to remove the vacuum system (all tubing and horn) as the gyro is electronic.  The 740 has internal sensors and a screen for analog-looking digital instruments for a backup (just in case), but both screens have 5-9 hour batteries.  And spending over 5 hours flying the Avid is something I'll try to avoid.  It was fun, but I don't think I'll try it again......

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