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  1. donhallwr added a post in a topic Big collection of Avid parts in Idaho   

    Realize this is an old post, but would like to know if you still have the warp drive props (blades).
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  2. donhallwr added a post in a topic Takeoff and Landing styles   

    A little off the subject, but I find that the tri-gear (which a few of us have) is easier to land if you treat it like a taildragger.  And with a 5000' runway here at PXE, I can do my three takeoffs and landings (for night currency) in one circle of the field.  Takeoff, get to a hundred feet, land, stop, takeoff, get to a hundred feet, land, stop, takeoff and do the pattern.  Try that in a Bonanza!
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  3. donhallwr added a post in a topic New panel   

    dholly: I bought a holder for the iFly, then dismantled it and used the part I needed.  Will try to figure out what I used and let you know.
    Bandit:  Read you loud and clear... Hardly ever looked at the analogs after I got used to the Avid, and probably won't look at the EFIS after the novelty wears off.  It was kinda like climbing a mountain.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.  This is my first experimental aircraft.  Have had to have an A&P looking over my shoulder ever since I've been flying, and now that I don't have to, I'm having a ball fixing stuff that don't need fixing to start with.  That same panel in my prior Tomahawk would have cost me around eight to ten grand and I probably have less than $2000 in the whole Avid panel.  Justified?  Nope... Fun?  Absolutely!
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  4. donhallwr added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    New panel
    Spent the last 3 or 4 weeks updating my panel.  Not completely finished yet, but enough to post a pic anyway.  Using the Talos EFIS and an iFly740 gps.  Had to keep the water temp gauge, not too many of the EFIS offerings have a water temperature setting.  Also kept the tach, oil and egt.  Replaced the handheld with a MGL V10 (the little square box in the middle); highly recommend it!  Still have to label the breakers, light switches and put in an "experimental warning" on the panel.  All in all, a highly illuminating experience.  I now know why avionics guys charge so much for their labor.  And the Bandit is so very easy to work on.  With the cowling, panel and top off, it's 95% stand-up work.  Still took me three hard weeks and a pint or two of blood (I learned not to cut zip ties with a sharp angle).  Also recommend the Talos.  The people at were absolutely great to work with.  I have both screens on swivels so they can be seen easily from either seat.   Was able to remove the vacuum system (all tubing and horn) as the gyro is electronic.  The 740 has internal sensors and a screen for analog-looking digital instruments for a backup (just in case), but both screens have 5-9 hour batteries.  And spending over 5 hours flying the Avid is something I'll try to avoid.  It was fun, but I don't think I'll try it again......

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  5. donhallwr added a post in a topic T6 Ride   

    Flew a Texan in Seattle a few years ago.  Yep, loud.... Yep, fun.... Guy told me to keep altitude and airspeed and I could do what I wanted.  Had a ball for 30 minutes, rolls, steep turns, dives..... Was so damn nauseated when I finished, I almost didn't make it back to the airport.  Had a tight hold on the barf bag.  Old ears just can't handle it anymore.....
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  6. donhallwr added a post in a topic Sun n Fun Avid   

    Finally found my camera..... N258LN

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  7. donhallwr added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Sun n Fun Avid
    Who was pilot in the Avid at Sun n Fun last week?  Watched him do circuits at the light sport runway.  Pretty sure it was a Soob engine (had the same exhaust stacks as I do).  He was flying in winds that I probably wouldn't have flown a Bonanza in!  Great job, whoever you were!  Took a picture and will upload it tomorrow.
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  8. donhallwr added a post in a topic PRIVATE FORUM - Think Again!   

    No, no......  Gore did it!
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  9. donhallwr added a post in a topic Subaru exhaust pipe   

    Exhaust pipe braces:  The straps and muffler clamps probably added 4-5 ounces to the bird.  Still, since they're so far up front, I'll redo my w&b sheet next weekend.  Didn't see any difference other than (maybe) a skosh more trim.  Not sure about that.  At least this way, if the other one does break off, it won't fall on somebody's cat.  (Can.t make the one pic show vertical.  You're just going to have to look at it is on the bottom.   sorry).


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  10. donhallwr added a post in a topic Subaru exhaust pipe   

    Took the pipe to a local muffler shop and had the crack welded.  Thanks for the idea.  The tech said metal fatigue was evident in the upper part of the pipe, probably due to vibration.  I'm going to set a brace about 6-8" below the manifold to try to alleviate the vibration on both pipes.  Will post a pic afterwards.  This forum has saved me a bunch of time, and probably money too.  Appreciate all you guys.
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  11. donhallwr added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Subaru exhaust pipe
    Wanted:  Right EA81 exhaust pipe.  Mine has the EGT connection, but I could drill that if you have one without it.  Mine broke right below the flange and might be able to have it welded (my welding leaves much to be desired), but would rather have a new or good used one.  Having one break in flight really gets your attention! 

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  12. donhallwr added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    40-hours endorsement
    Finally!! Have my 40 hours completed.  Is there a particular wording on the 40-hour endorsement I'll put in my log or is it a general "The aircraft is safe and flyable" type statement?  
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  13. donhallwr added a post in a topic Blank panel for Bandit   

    Called and left message, but seemed to have gotten two numbers.  Anyway, will take it.  Send email with amount and how to get money to you.  Thanks for the reply.
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  14. donhallwr added a post in a topic Blank panel for Bandit   

    Nice, Jay.... Looks like 75% talent and 75% experience..... and in my case, I'd need another 75% luck.
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  15. donhallwr added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Blank panel for Bandit
    Where would I be able to order/obtain a blank panel for an Avid Bandit?  Want to redo my panel and a blank would be the easiest way to go.
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