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  1. oddiedog added a post in a topic Avid Magnum engine mount   

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  2. oddiedog added a topic in Avid Magnum   

    Avid Magnum engine mount
    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on an Avid Magnum engine mount or a shop that can reproduce one? 
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  3. oddiedog added a post in a topic Pre-Buy Inspection Suggestions   

    Hi Ron,
    Do you by chance have a parts list for the Magnum kit? I did go look at the kit in Sacramento. I could not find an engine mount or the interior. If you have a parts list, would you be able to text it to me at 916-320-5665? I would much appreciate it.
    As for the Magnum with floats, I really don't want the floats. There is a trailer along with it. The Magnum fits on the trailer with the wings folded, on the floats. I worry about the engine only having 450 hours over a 13 year period (The first 500 hours were flown in a Cessna 177 RG in the Ukraine. No engine logs except for the last sheet!!!. CAM rust is something to worry about when in a high humidity area and very few hours on the engine. Also, about 300 of those ours were in Florida.
    What are your thoughts on the CAM rust issue? Also, do you think the floats and trailer are worth around $10K? That is what I would probably try to sell them for. Anybody out there needing floats and a trailer?
    Call me if you want to and we can talk about my Avid Magnum options and the trials and tribulations you have gone through.
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  4. oddiedog added a post in a topic Pre-Buy Inspection Suggestions   

    No! Jeff wants $50k for it. It has a half time IO360, grove landing gear, Aqua floats and a trailer for when it is on floats. It looks pretty good but I am worried about rust on the cam (450 hrs in 13 years) and who knows what the engine went through when it was in Europe for the first 450 hrs. I think the price is on the high side but if you want a Magnum!!!!!!!
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  5. oddiedog added a post in a topic Pre-Buy Inspection Suggestions   

    Hi guys. I am going to look at Jeff Levine's Avid Magnum in two weeks. Jim, did you get the pre buy done? Why didn't you buy it? Please let me know what you found. I am going there with cash in hand and I do not have a lot of time. I live in Sacramento and to get out to Duluth,MN is becoming a logistic nightmare. 
    F anybody can shed some light on this plane, please let me know. 
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  6. oddiedog added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    New Avid Magnum owner
    Good day all!!
    I am about to purchase an Avid Magnum and need some help. I need to find an Avid Magnum owner who is close to Sacramento, CA, Shreveport, LA., Knoxville, TN. My insurance carrier wants me to get a check out in an Avid Magnum by someone who has a good amount of time in one. I am certainly willing to pay for whatever time is gained. Can anybody help? I do have a tail wheel endorsement. 
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  7. oddiedog added a post in a topic Magnum   

    To Flydaddy. I have benn trying to reach you in regard to the sale of your Magnum. You have not been answering your phone. Please call me! You have my number. 
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