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  1. Ramos added a post in a topic To all new kitfox owners looking for parts   

    A guy can get a bad deal anywhere. At the same time, some buyers are never satisfied. The only thing I know for sure is that your post is hands down the longest single sentence I have ever come across.
    Sorry you had a bad experience here.
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  2. Ramos added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Project #2!   

    I'd hate to be an honest man residing in Nigeria...
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  3. Ramos added a post in a topic High Sierra Fly In pics   

    Them girls are gonna make some guy crash.
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  4. Ramos added a post in a topic Belite Chipper Down   

    And not a word about repairs....
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  5. Ramos added a post in a topic Belite Chipper Down   

    James is forging ahead with the design and various kit options. Sadly, in my mind, one thing I have never come across is any information from him in regards to repairing a Chipper. There is a lot of sheet foam and honeycomb in a Chipper. I can see where it would do a good job absorbing energy but question what it means when it is time to repair. As in: If the elevator takes a decent hit, does it compromise everything from the cabin back while a Kitfox/Avid only needs an elevator repair after the same hit? I am very curious about this but don't pretend to know the answer.
    I have no idea if the wreckage was shipped back to James or if it ended up in a Northern landfill.
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  6. Ramos added a post in a topic Repairs & Mods: custom cowl, new gear,etc   

    Golden opportunity. You get a quality repair and get to see how he does it. I put a high value on learning new (old) skills and passing them on to anyone willing to learn them.
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  7. Ramos added a post in a topic Repairs & Mods: custom cowl, new gear,etc   

    The tubing repair video JimChuck posted is very much worth the time to view it. It does talk about a new wonder material called 'asbestos', however! Just use 1/4" plywood underneath instead. To stop heat from travelling too far along the tubes, I like a product called Hot Dam! made by IBS. It is a heat dissipating spray, product #74187 that works very well.
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  8. Ramos added a post in a topic Autumn light over the mountains   

    Way, way more rugged than I would have ever guessed.
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  9. Ramos added a post in a topic Soggy Plugs   

    RE: Starter rope location. How many of us can bend at the waist and touch our feet? Not being critical or snide. I don't have a belly but I am 53 and flexibility is certainly an issue for me. Never having sat in your plane, Vance, is it easier than it looks in the picture.
    On Edit: Oooops, my question should have been directed to Turbo instead of Vance.
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  10. Ramos added a post in a topic OT: Garbage Pail Politics   

    Turbo, dholly, I agree with both of you. At least to the best of my ability. One thing is for sure, I would not enter a vocabulary contest with either one of you!
    Anything taken to the extreme makes balance difficult to impossible to maintain. Seems to me that the rarest commodity in Washington DC (regardless of party) at present is common sense. If there was a modicum of common sense in these people, the vast majority of 'extremism' would cease to exist.
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  11. Ramos added a post in a topic lycoming mod ?   

    Currently, their website only shows the 700E 60hp engine. Might be neat on a Kitfox Lite? They are showing an 'all-in' weight of 121 pounds, dry.
    On Edit: That includes an electric starter.
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  12. Ramos added a post in a topic lycoming mod ?   

    Let's focus on what is really important here: akflyer has single handedly offended (and hurt the feelings of) every member of this forum who is a midget employed by a circus!
    On a lesser note: If I was going to mod an engine for one of these planes, it would be bumping an 80hp 912 to 100hp. Anything other than that makes me a bit nervous and compels me to look at other Rotax options in their stock form. But that's just me, and not a very educated opinion. The HKS options are interesting but what little I have heard is 'smooth running though low on power for hp rating'. Would like to know more about them. They certainly seem to lower the asking price when an aircraft is listed for sale when compared to a comparable Rotax powered unit.
    It's all very interesting. However, I do believe that we can all agree that we should be a tad more considerate of our shortest members around here.
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  13. Ramos added a post in a topic Hood River WAAM Fly-In   

    I snuck down there Saturday afternoon. I saw four Kitfox, one Avid and two Rans S7 aircraft. Very neat for me. I did not get to visit with the owners, they must have been busy elsewhere.
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  14. Ramos added a post in a topic Hood River WAAM Fly-In   

    Well, I will be the idiot wandering around making airplane noises the first half of Sunday.
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  15. Ramos added a post in a topic Hood River WAAM Fly-In   

    It's a very nice setting in a gorgeous part of the country. The museum portion is well worth seeing from time to time, as well. It should be a bit cooler this year compared to the last two. We do have a little smoke in the air but nothing even close to what was here for last years event.
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