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  1. Ramos added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    Prayers sent, Ed. Hope that is okay, not taking them back. Jon
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  2. Ramos added a post in a topic For Leni   

    We used to play around doing stuff like this way back in college classes. NONE of us ever got even close to having the kind of control it takes to end up with what is pictured. Great way to practice when you get tired of sticking one piece of scrap to another.
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  3. Ramos added a post in a topic It runs! HKS   

    Sure don't know anything about HKS engines but it sure sounds smooth!
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  4. Ramos added a post in a topic Belite Chipper Down   

    Not much altitude for a go-around but no other options by the sound of it. Tough luck for James, right there. I believe he currently has a 80hp Rotax with an aftermarket kit giving him either 100hp or 114hp. Will be interesting to see what he learns about his design in regards to crash landings. He just went from theoretical results to actual results, most likely to the benefit of future owners. I wish him, and the design, the best of luck.
    I know he uses lots of honey-comb aluminum in the build with pieces bonded together. I would like to know the mechanics of deconstruction and rebuilding with this material and the cost.
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  5. Ramos added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    Belite Chipper Down
    The Belite Chipper that James flew to Alaska went down yesterday while still up North. No details yet, but James reportedly walked away. Will be interesting to learn the particulars of the incident.
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  6. Ramos added a post in a topic Caption Contest   

    A behind the scenes snapshot of Fabio wearing the latest in men's headwear at the Milan fashion show. Looks like he is ready for the 'runway'.....
    Aircraft Addiction Symptom # 42: You spend so much time thinking about airplanes, your mind actually manufactures one....
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  7. Ramos added a post in a topic Control Column Chaos   

    Hmmm, that ain't no feller. There was a feller but he was killed and eaten by the gal in the picture.
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  8. Ramos added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    If you want an airport all to yourself, come on out to Wasco,Oregon. Airport 35S, 3,450X60 feet. No services and no aircraft other than two spray planes that should be about done with Spring work. We are about 50 miles East of you and nine miles South of the river.
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  9. Ramos added a post in a topic Converting airstream trailer into hauler   

    Yeah, I was going to say that cutting up an Airstream is almost as sad as the widow parting out the late husband's plane here recently, LOL. Certainly a neat idea, though.
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  10. Ramos added a post in a topic BeLite Floats   

    You are probably right. I would guess honey-comb aluminum and foam board. Did the article say what the outer skin would be? I have somewhat closely followed BeLite since they had a presence on the web. James has some interesting ideas in regards to design and materials. Seeing his ultralights evolve into the Chipper, makes me want to keep up with whatever comes next. I know form follows function but, at present, the Chipper still has a fairly 'board & slab' appearance. Hard to get past that without impacting the build-time figure. His instrument offerings may be what keeps him in business while he develops his aircraft kits. One thing is for sure, James has way more brains than I have ever pretended to have!
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  11. Ramos added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    No doubt, great young artist. If it were for me, I would have him exaggerate the 'balloon' nature of the mains. Not knocking the young man, he's just more familiar with cars is all. I can barely manage a smiley face with pen and paper....
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  12. Ramos added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    Awesome attitude, Mark!
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  13. Ramos added a post in a topic Ebay 20% off sitewide today only 03/09   

    This thread cost me $82.00 but at the same time, it saved me $37.00 over what I would have spent in town. Thanks for the heads-up as I would not have come across it otherwise.
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  14. Ramos added a post in a topic Bad Landing, Failed Landing Gear, Missed Inspection?   

    In this case, 'flack' would mean negative comments/feedback.
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  15. Ramos added a post in a topic Blue Ridge Community College   

    Sorry, I can't resist any better than some of the other guys here. A flying aircraft works just as well as a non-flying one for a static display, other than fluid containment. I also agree with what Mark is suggesting. If it IS to be permanently grounded, expose some structure and moving parts.
    I will follow my previous comments with this: I absolutely applaud your efforts to bring new, especially young, people into aviation. I also trust that you know your business way better than I could ever pretend to know it!
    Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.
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  16. Ramos added a post in a topic Super STOL XL build   

    Reckon 'removable' was so the handle(s) are absent while covering, then bolted on and left in place. I'm just taking a stab at it, since guessing is kind of fun sometimes!
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  17. Ramos added a post in a topic Need help   

    I have had good luck with the rope-trick myself. If you are worried about twist, use the cylinder closest to the end being worked on. Goes without saying, leave plenty of cord hanging out of the spark plug hole...
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  18. Ramos added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Heck, I'm arguably the least experienced/least knowledgeable person on this site. FWIW, I won't give a penny to any vendor who's tone puts me off. I honestly like what I see in the MA product line. However, slinging mud is a horrid form of promotion.
    Sing the virtues of your product and leave the insults at the door.
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  19. Ramos added a post in a topic How many MPH does a belly radiator cost?   

    Can't help with the radiator question. However, for best results, you need to use the correct bait when ice fishing. Open up a can of peas and set it next to the hole in the ice. Sooner or later, a fish will come up to take a pea. Smack him with a club and wait for the next one....
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  20. Ramos added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Vintage Avid Prome video.
    I got a kick out of this. It starts out by asking that you adjust the tracking on your VHS player! Figured some of you might enjoy seeing it. Kind of neat, considering Avid is in the process of a re-birth right now.
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  21. Ramos added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Nice looking website, Mark!
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  22. Ramos added a post in a topic How to keep the Catalina alive   

    Mark, I feel completely confident saying that, to a person, everyone here wishes you nothing but success in regards to your' Avid venture. Obviously, the cat IS out of the bag. That's by your own admission, LOL! I would strongly suggest that you make a commitment to yourself to check in here once a week, regardless of whatever else is going on. That is the only way to keep the rumor mill in check. When people hear nothing, all that is left is supposition. Besides, with the wealth of Avid specific knowledge on tap here, you could end up with one heck of a 'support group'.
    Best wishes,
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  23. Ramos added a post in a topic How to keep the Catalina alive   

    Please don't think I am trying to pizzle on anybody's parade. Just curious what you all think the bottom line is as far as Avid, with or without the Catalina, being 're-introduced'.
    I figure it would be a non-starter considering the expense and the existing competition. No factory, no crew, no equipment and designs that stopped evolving when the doors closed. So, Avid would be duking it out with Kitfox, Rans, Just and others. They would have to be 'X' amount better or 'X' amount cheaper to snag market share. Yes, the Catalina is fairly unique but it would not, could not, be inexpensive. Plus, it's a small part of a small market.
    To my way of thinking, Avids' best hope would be supporting the kits and completions already out there with updates and improvements. I think you have to do that for a few years, steady. When that is solid, come out with a new model with various build options.
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  24. Ramos added a post in a topic Another Wing Spar Question   

    At least we know who to blame for the high cost of mule rent!
    Two sides to this fence. Just have to decide what side makes the most sense in your own mind and go with it.
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  25. Ramos added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Just remember, and I am sure you know, that silica is not anything you want in your lungs. Awesome set up, just make sure you are protecting your innards!
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