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  1. Gunderson added a post in a topic avid catalina flight   

    That's beautiful.  Nothing to edit out on that one.  Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Gunderson added a post in a topic ADSB - What are people using?   

    I have the setup I shared here:

    I don't know of a lower cost solution if you already have a Mode C Transponder.  It has worked well for me.  I get traffic and weather on my Android tablet using Avare, one of the few free Electronic Flight Bag apps, which I also like -- gives me free sectionals on my tablet and Airport Facility Directory info -- not as user friendly or full featured as Foreflight, but awesome for free.
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  3. Gunderson added a post in a topic Advice on Instrumentation for experimentals   

    I used an MGL Xtreme EMS in my Cozy to replace the TACH so I could get 4x EGT/CHT, digital tach, fuel flow, manifold pressure, OAT, Carb temp, and engine compartment temp all in that one instrument and it has worked really well.  The MGL Xtreme EFIS doesn't cost much more and gives you all that plus built in GPS derived bank angle and if you add an external AHRS will give you full PFD.  Engine information requires a remote box that connects to engine sensors and the remote box connects to the display with a serial link.
    -Marlon G
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  4. Gunderson added a post in a topic Oshkosh 2018...Who’s going!   

    Chris, I would recommend landing at the grass UL strip and camping there by the Red Barn.  You could also do the Ripon approach, land on one of the long runways, and camp in the Homebuilt camping area.  But one advantage of the UL area is they don't charge you a camping fee (at least they haven't for me the last 6 years) since they aren't getting enough UL/ former fat ULs coming in these days.  All other aircraft camping areas require a minimum 3 night camping charge currently $27/night I think (per aircraft).
    That sounds like a great flight. If you and your group want a place to overnight on the way in or out of Oshkosh, I'm in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area 250 miles NW and can arrange a few beds at my place and/or other EAA chapter member's places, airport is 21D.  I'm flying my Cozy this year so won't be in the UL area but will certainly be down there often.
    Marlon Gunderson
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  5. Gunderson added a post in a topic Oshkosh 2018...Who’s going!   

    There are usually a handful of Avid/Kitfoxes camped by the UL Red Barn.  There may be some scattered around in the Homebuilt camping areas but I'm not aware of any place other than UL camping by the red barn where you would find a cluster of them.
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  6. Gunderson added a post in a topic Oshkosh 2018...Who’s going!   

    Avid/Kitfox LSA and LSA-like EAB should land via the UL arrival procedures to the grass UL strip to camp in that area by the UL Red Barn.
    Immediately north of that area is Vintage camping for which a 170 is probably qualified--check your year, but the parking crew often isn't all that discriminating.
    I used to fly in with my Vintage Clipper and, along with a VAC sign to request Vintage area camping, I would also have a sign that said "Row 102"  (or whatever row friends had told me they were parked) and the parking crew would always send me to that row.   I don't recall what row number is immediately north of the UL/LSA area so you'd have to figure that out.  Here are pix of a Cessna just one row north of where I camped in the UL/LSA area, and another that shows a perspective of the Red Barn and UL tents with Vintage just north of it, beyond the balloon.  So you could park your 170 right next to the area where any Avid/Kitfoxes would be.  LSA that don't fly into the UL strip could be parked scattered in HBC.
    I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone who wanted to camp with their plane be turned down and required to go to an alternate, but if the field is closed for an accident you have to go to an alternate.  I have heard of transient parking (day visitors, GAP, VAP, HBP) filling up but not camping areas.

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  7. Gunderson added a post in a topic Hanging from the rafters   

    I have eyebolts in place of the wing swing pins and that works well if you don't often swing the wings.  They aren't quick disconnect.  My Skyraider has a horizontal mounting hole in front of the rudder that was intended for connecting struts to the folded wings; I use this attach point for lifting the tail.
    I didn't have a pic of the eyebolt, but dholly posted a photo on another thread: 
    I used a cheap electric hoist like this: 
    and mounted it in a triangular frame as shown in the photo.  3 pulleys at the far end of the frame distribute 2 cables down to the eyebolts and one cable running back along a rafter to another pulley on the rafter right above the tail attach point.

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  8. Gunderson added a post in a topic Skis installed   

    I saw your video was featured on Barnstormers this morning.  I hadn't seen it yet.  Very nice.  Thanks for sharing. 
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  9. Gunderson added a post in a topic BasicMED   

    The hearing test is a series of tones sent to one ear or the other of different frequencies and volumes, and you are asked to raise your left or right hand when you hear a tone in that ear.  My doctor didn't say I had tinnitus, he just said I had lost some hearing in a certain range of frequencies, something to monitor in the future.  But by doing the test I realized that with the headphones on and all sound blocked out, I had a light ringing in my ears that I hadn't noticed before, and it was difficult to hear tones in the range of the frequency of that ringing. 
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  10. Gunderson added a post in a topic BasicMED   

    I went BasicMED as soon as it was available last May.  I've had the same GP for 25 years and told him he had new powers now, which was the first he'd heard of it.  My 3rd class was expired for a couple of years since I didn't need it after trading my PA16 for a SkyRaider LSA, but I needed it back before I could start flying my Cozy last June. Timing was perfect for BasicMED coming on line for me.  The GP was cooperative, the process was easy, and my insurance covered the exam (whereas it would never cover the first class exam with an AME in the past).  Coincidentally I discovered in the hearing test portion that tinnitus had snuck up on me without me noticing but I'm very aware of it now.
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  11. Gunderson added a post in a topic Another Newb in the Pacific Northwet   

    Welcome Art!
    I too used to work in Aerospace (avionics for Lockheed Martin), own & fly a Shortwing (a Clipper).  I eventually became disenchanted with having neither STOL or useful XC cruise with a Piper Shortwing, and paying someone else to do maintenance/CI, so replaced it with an Avid/Fox derivative for STOL and a Cozy for speed, both homebuilt so I can do the maintenance and CI.  Hopefully your C model is registered LS rather than EAB so you can train into the maintenance role.
    Marlon G, Lake Elmo, MN
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  12. Gunderson added a post in a topic Data plate   

    You might want avoid listing any information you don't need to, especially weights and addresses, as they may change.
    The only information required to be on there is builder’s name, model, and builder’s serial number per 45.13.  Which as you'll see doesn't include build month/year. This might help: Also keep in mind that the forms for application for airworthiness must match EXACTLY.  Capitalization, hyphens, commas, whatever.  It has to be the same. The blank plates you'll get from ACS will have blanks for all kinds of info that is not required.  You might want to make your own plate with just the required 3 items.
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  13. Gunderson added a post in a topic Airventure   

    I'll have my SkyRaider II 424MG camped near the UL Red Barn again. Arriving Mon-Wed depending on when the MN tailwind comes.  I won't be hauling a grill but stop by anyway
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  14. Gunderson added a post in a topic Passed FAA Inspection   

    Did my first flights in the Cozy last week.  Learned a few things:
    CHTs hit redline by pattern altitude if I climb at Vx -- have to flatten it out and fly faster for adequate cooling.
    My radio works fine on the ground, but is hard to hear when I"m in the air.
    The aluminum cover on my fiberglass nose gear strut doesn't want to be epoxied to the strut since it doesn't stretch when the strut flexes -- fortunately it didn't depart.
    Landing on a 5500' runway in calm wind is easy, even with a 90 knot approach.
    This thing is fast!

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  15. Gunderson added a post in a topic ADS-B   

    Finally pulled the trigger after uAvionix started shipping last month.  They ended up separating the ADSB transceiver ($1000) from the position source ($400) since many will already have a WAAS position source built into an EFIS or other NAV hardware. I don't so I bought the two piece package. Very compact and light. I put the magnetic mount GPS antenna on top of my battery box retainer strap in the top rear of the cabin, and ran coax out to a dipole midway out the right wing.
    The transceiver monitors my KT76A Mode C to snoop the squawk code and altitude for complimentary re-transmission with position added on UAT 978MHz, and delivers traffic and weather via WIFI to my Android Tablet running Avare EFB (free app).  A Galaxy Tab A, $150 new, provides a very nice and bright 8" display for moving map and navigation via Sectional, WAC, or a variety of other map options, up-loadable free from Avare with the latest FAA map data.
    Won't be using the 'out' capability until I get my Transponder tested and certified, but can start using the 'in' as soon as I start flying it next month.

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