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  1. Gunderson added a post in a topic Airventure   

    I'll have my SkyRaider II 424MG camped near the UL Red Barn again. Arriving Mon-Wed depending on when the MN tailwind comes.  I won't be hauling a grill but stop by anyway
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  2. Gunderson added a post in a topic Passed FAA Inspection   

    Did my first flights in the Cozy last week.  Learned a few things:
    CHTs hit redline by pattern altitude if I climb at Vx -- have to flatten it out and fly faster for adequate cooling.
    My radio works fine on the ground, but is hard to hear when I"m in the air.
    The aluminum cover on my fiberglass nose gear strut doesn't want to be epoxied to the strut since it doesn't stretch when the strut flexes -- fortunately it didn't depart.
    Landing on a 5500' runway in calm wind is easy, even with a 90 knot approach.
    This thing is fast!

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  3. Gunderson added a post in a topic ADS-B   

    Finally pulled the trigger after uAvionix started shipping last month.  They ended up separating the ADSB transceiver ($1000) from the position source ($400) since many will already have a WAAS position source built into an EFIS or other NAV hardware. I don't so I bought the two piece package. Very compact and light. I put the magnetic mount GPS antenna on top of my battery box retainer strap in the top rear of the cabin, and ran coax out to a dipole midway out the right wing.
    The transceiver monitors my KT76A Mode C to snoop the squawk code and altitude for complimentary re-transmission with position added on UAT 978MHz, and delivers traffic and weather via WIFI to my Android Tablet running Avare EFB (free app).  A Galaxy Tab A, $150 new, provides a very nice and bright 8" display for moving map and navigation via Sectional, WAC, or a variety of other map options, up-loadable free from Avare with the latest FAA map data.
    Won't be using the 'out' capability until I get my Transponder tested and certified, but can start using the 'in' as soon as I start flying it next month.

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  4. Gunderson added a post in a topic Passed FAA Inspection   

    Thanks Mark. Yes it's a long haul. The kit planes have a leg up in that dept.  I'm on the forum and have benefited greatly from it. Marc Zeitlin lined up transition training for me.
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  5. Gunderson added a post in a topic Passed FAA Inspection   

    It's the so called 3 place, and it's still pretty snug.  600 lbs useful so 3 place is debatable.  The 3 place has the same gear as the Long EZ, so that's the limiting factor for GW.  The gear were redesigned for a heavier load for the 4 place.  I asked for a larger test area since ground gets chewed up pretty fast at 200 mph and it can glide 25 miles from 10,000'.  I also asked that it include Cumberland, WI since they sell Swift Fuel 94UL; 100LL is hard on my low compression Lycoming and auto fuel can dissolve my epoxy tanks if it has the wrong additives. I'm trying to get some local airports to carry 94UL.
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  6. Gunderson added a post in a topic Passed FAA Inspection   

    Thanks EDMO.  I like the little one too, but it's not much for distance.  There's zero mission overlap on these two birds.
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  7. Gunderson added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    Passed FAA Inspection
    My FAA DAR showed up Saturday to inspect my Cozy.  I now have a certificate and operating limitations and test area for phase 1.  Nice big test area, almost the entire NW quadrant of Wisconsin.  I have a handful of my own squawks to address yet and have lined up transition training during an unrelated trip to CA in mid June, so first flight will wait a while.  Found a Cozy owner who is a CFI and who trains in his own airplane; he (Raven) also happens to be an F-16 and F-35 test pilot at Edwards AFB. I worked for 7 years on F-35 avionics so expect to take some crap for that from him (the software still sucks, I did hardware, so I'll blame the software too (and Lockheed for closing their Minnesota facility mid-program and losing a good chunk of their avionics team).

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  8. Gunderson added a post in a topic 503 Motor plate   

    I've got a SkyRaider plate available for a 503. The outer engine mount holes are about 6.75" x 9.0".
    Came with my project as the original plate used for a time before changing to a plate that moved the engine forward a bit to fit a starter between the engine and firewall. 

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  9. Gunderson added a post in a topic Ski flying pics   

    Yes, those are Hans' photos.  I met him at Oshkosh last summer.  He stopped by my place in his Taylorcraft on his way back to BC.  In addition to local adventures in his Sky Raider, he also flies that Taylorcraft all over the place,  including once to the southern tip of South America. 
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  10. Gunderson added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Ski flying pics
    A friend sent me these great shots of flying on Vancouver Island.

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  11. Gunderson added a post in a topic Avid Catalina photos   

    Looks like Casey Curtis' Catalina, which I tried to buy in 2011 with a bucket of cash and my Piper Clipper.  That's a beautiful Catalina, maybe the best ever. Glad to see someone is enjoying it in lake country.
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  12. Gunderson added a post in a topic Transponder/instrument panel   

    Here's a KT76A in Skyraider II panel. That's a narrower panel since seating is tandem rather than side by side.  You can lay out your panel any way you like. My KT76A tray is bolted to the panel face by two screws on each side, and is supported in the rear by a stiff rubber bungee around the top frame attaching to each rear corner.

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  13. Gunderson added a post in a topic Old SkyRaider II guy   

    Hi DH, yes, I use those lift rings to hoist the SRII up to the rafters in my hanger, which gives me room for one more toy, and will come in handy for switching out tires and floats.  I'm designing float rigging that will have 4 fixed attach points mating to the axle and main strut float fitting so I'll be able to just pull off the tires and set it down and attach with 2 pins and 2 axle saddle caps. I'm attracted to the idea of flying off of water, and I've read just enough Jimmy Buffet to be enamored of the Widgeon--lucky you.
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  14. Gunderson added a post in a topic Old SkyRaider II guy   

  15. Gunderson added a post in a topic Old SkyRaider II guy   

    Yep, I recall. I still intend to make it to Madelia after I get my Cozy out of Phase 1.
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