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  1. Gfry added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Lexan or Maragard
    Hi All,
    So whenever you talk about clear doors, everyone says Lexan. Lexan is just a brand of polycarb and pretty cheap as well.  However Margard is part of the Lexan product line which is a lot more expensive and much more scratch resistance.  Surely a more scratch resistant product would be better?
    Has anyone here any experience with using Margard instead of standard Lexan?
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  2. Gfry added a post in a topic UK Newbie   

    Yes it does have the tail wheel horns on the rudder.  In general fly's really well.  Few niggles like the flaperons are not rigged quiet right and the prop pitch is slightly off.....both jobs that I am working on tomorrow (20th March).  AOA was wonky on the port wing so winding out the rear strut by 720 degrees solved that one.
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  3. Gfry added a post in a topic WANTED: Avid door latches and handles   

    Sure did buy Simons.  Few little niggles to sort out, but in general a mega bargain.  Would be interested in any Avid parts you have.
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  4. Gfry added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    WANTED: Avid door latches and handles
    Hi All,
    I am looking for door latches and handles for my Avid MK IV.  Currently it only has a handle on the port side door which is from a house door! and the latches on both sides are worn and barley catch.
    I am in the UK, but happy to pay for international shipping.
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  5. Gfry added a post in a topic UK Newbie   

    Possibly.  Still need a tail wheel.
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  6. Gfry added a post in a topic UK Newbie   

    I take it you did not form the slight bulge in the lexan that you used?  If you did, how did you do it?
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  7. Gfry added a post in a topic UK Newbie   

    Tell you what, lets go halves on a taildragger kit and you can have all the nose pusher stuff of my aircraft....I will pay the shipping.
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  8. Gfry added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    UK Newbie
    Hi All,
    So I decided to buy bargain of an Avid MKIV.

    It has a high hour 582 bluetop (255 hours).  Compressions and bearings are all good so I am not overly worried....especially as I paid less than $6k for it.  It is ultra different to flying Cherokees 6's which I am used to....but it is massively cheaper for simply burning holes in the sky just for the fun of it.
    It used to be a tail dragger but some monster converted to a nose pusher.  A few things I want to do it:
    1) Convert it back to tail dragger.  I have seen some undercarriage options from Airdale, but they don't respond to email or answer the phone.  Does anyone know if they are still in business? or anywhere else I can get taildragger kit from?
    2) I want to replace the doors the Perspex or whatever it is called these days.  Again anyone know where I can buy a set from?
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